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Part 2 : The Breeze of the Beach (os in 2 parts)

I stood there slightly confused for a moment until it dawned upon me. I felt like a fool! A complete fool! I glanced around and saw all those idiots laughing at me. It is not the first time they were laughing at me but for the first time I felt low and upset. Well, getting betrayed by your best friend is not the best thing in the world is it?

I glanced at Armaan who looked horrified. As he saw me stare at him, he sent signals as if not to believe them. As if I would ever trust him again. I walked up to him and slapped him right across his cheek that it turned a bright red. The whole beach fell silent. By now not only were those idiots standing around us but also other friends and family. Armaan looked up and his face was displaying a blank expression. I couldn't bear to even look at him anymore. Especially, when I had thought there could have actually between something between us. Now I knew it was nothing but a whole load of crap.

I immediately stomped off from there after giving him one last disgusted stare and I didn't miss the sight of everyone around us giving me evil stares as I was at fault. Well, they obviously hadn't seen the whole show. But what hurt me the most was that even my own parents were giving me disapproving looks. That was it. I couldn't stand it anymore. The dams broke and before I could know it tears had started overflowing so I ran away from there immediately. In the background I could hear my parents and some friends calling my name but I couldn't care less anymore.

Half an hour had past and I was in the public toilets trying to wash my face so that it didn't look like I was crying. I tried to look as unaffected as possible when in fact I was in every possible way.

After the scene at the beach, I didn't have any other choice by run and hide myself in a cubicle in the toilets. I did hear people looking for me but I didn't respond to their calls. I had spent the last half hour crying and sobbing uncontrollably in my own privacy. I told myself that I shouldn't be crying but that is when I realised that I had already fallen in love with Armaan. I felt disgusted with myself but the more I tried to deny it, the more I felt for him.

After trying to make myself look as normal as possible, I headed out onto the beach. I knew my eyes were bloodshot red but I couldn't help it. If anyone even giggled at me, I was sure I would burst. As soon as I opened the door, I alarmed at the sight that greeted me. I could feel my eyes already starting to tear up.

It was Armaan. He was looking straight at me in anger. Why was he angry? Aren't I supposed to be the angry one here? However, his eyes were also bloodshot red and I could easily tell that he had been crying. I knew him that well; a bit too much for my liking I would say at this current point in time. But why would he be crying? Odd; maybe Maya dumped him. Or was he even going out with her in the first place?

There was a kind of cold war going between the two of us. He was still glaring at me and I was glaring back at him. I burst into fits of laughter just at the thought of this. He looked at me strangely but still continued glaring at me. I don't know why that happened; it wasn't even funny but I just had an urge to laugh. Maybe I have gone mad as well as falling in love. Well, it is mad to fall in love with Armaan considering that he betrayed me. I soon controlled myself and I looked straight into his eye. I smirked and spoke breaking the cold silence between us.

"Why are you angry? I'm sorry, Armaan! Did I spoil your little prank?"

His face immediately softened and before I knew it he was laughing his head off. I stare at him confused at first but soon I realised why he might be laughing. It was probably my voice. I had tried to sound sinister but it obviously didn't work.  I stood there trying to fight my urge to stop my lips curve into a smile. He just looked so adorable. As much as I hated him and was angry with him, at the same time I couldn't help it but still love him. Trying to control his laugh, he spoke.

"Man, Ridz! Don't even try and change your voice to try to be evil. You know you can't do it to save your life! You sounded worse than Maya!"

At the mere mention of Maya, my smile turned back into a frown. Giving him one last disgusted glare, I stomped off from there not really knowing where I was heading. I suddenly felt a strong arm pull me into a corner. I knew it was Armaan. What was his problem?

He was glaring at me again. He looked quite angry but at the same time he seemed a bit agitated.

"What?!" I asked irritated with his behaviour.

"Look, Ridz, I can't believe you just ran off after listening to what those girls said!"

"What do you mean?" I was confused.

"I mean, you believed Maya when she said that it was a bet but for once you didn't ask for clarification from me. You didn't trust me but believed someone you always hated. That hurt a lot."

"What are you trying to say?"

"You still don't get it? That Maya just made up a load of crap to make you hate me and you successfully fell for it!"

"Why would she do that? She likes you!"

"She did that because I told her that I loved someone else whom I did love at that time"

Just then realisation hit me hard. He loved me. That explained the kiss and Maya's lie. I looked up at him guiltily. He just looked away in frustration. He hated me now and I knew it. I ruined his trust and now I know he wouldn't accept me anymore because he said "whom I did love at that time". I felt awful. Worse than when everyone laughed at me. My perfect day was now completely ruined.

I felt my eyes water up uncontrollably and my vision was blurred. Nonetheless, I asked him another question...

"If you did love me, then why didn't you tell me? Why did you have to kiss me like that scaring the hell out of me?" My voice cracked up a bit and I was sure I would burst out any second now. And as if on cue, tears started falling from my eyes.

For the first time, he looked at me guiltily. Well, it was his fault too. He raised his hands up to wipe of the tears on my face. Relief washed over me as I realised that he had forgiven me. But I still looked up as if questioning him because he hadn't yet answered my question. Noticing this, he spoke up.

"I have always been in love with you Ridz! Don't ask me how or why! It just happened. I knew I couldn't live without you. But I was always scared to confess to you my feelings. I was never sure if you ever liked me beyond than just a friend. So I tried to give you some clues just to see if you responded to them. That's why I asked you for a dance at that party last month. I noticed that since then you have been behaving quite differently with me. But I couldn't yet confirm. So I had to go to the last solution which was trying to make you jealous. I watched you the whole day today and I saw you getting really jealous seeing me with those girls. That did it. I was completely sure you loved me to."

He said all that with a dreamy look. I was amazed. He loved me so much for all this time and yet I didn't know. But there was something else.

"You haven't answered my second question yet! Why did you kiss me instead of just proposing to me straight? It would have made things more clearer!"

"Well, I tried to make it special. You know, a bit more romantic because we were both at the beach and to top it all we were in the water. I just couldn't drop the chance so I..."

"But you didn't confess!"

"I was going to straight after! But we had to be distracted by that stupid..."

He looked away annoyed again whilst I looked at him guiltily.

"I'm really sorry Armaan"

"Shut up Ridz! You believed her and..."

"I love you, Armaan" I said quietly in almost a whisper but Armaan didn't seem to notice it.

"You didn't even tru...wait...what did you say?"

"I said I love you Armaan!" And without even letting him speak, I pulled him right in for a kiss. He stood there shocked for a bit but he soon responded. Breaking out of the kiss, he had a cheeky smile on his face but then he straightened his face again.

"I'm sorry too, Ridz! I should have told you before and..."

"No, it's OK! We were both at fault so let's just quit the apologizing, OK?"

"OK. I love you, Ridz..." He said putting his arm around my waist.

"I love you too" I replied resting my head on his shoulder as we walked back to the beach where everyone else was. I knew everyone was staring at us when we came back. But I couldn't care less. I was too occupied in my Armaan-thoughts. Armaan sat down inside the half broken wall I had built earlier and pulled me onto his lap in the process. I saw everyone other than those spoilt brats smiling at us. Everything felt so perfect. I snuggled up closer to him. I knew I belonged here.


5 years later...

Aah! The breeze of the beach just made me feel at home. I took in the smell whilst in the background I can hear my husband chatting to our 3 year old son. I turned to look at them and guess what? They were still seated in the car.

"Armaan, get your bum out here quick!"

"Ridz, the beach isn't going to go anywhere! You go and we'll follow behind!"

Follow behind? Did I plan a beach trip just to enjoy it on my own? I planned this trip so that we can have some FAMILY TIME. God, why does this always happen to me? I glanced back at him and he was back into his conversation with Arjun, our son. Suddenly, an idea popped into my mind.

"Arjun, come let's go to the beach!"

"No Ma! Buzee!"

"If you come now, Ma will buy you an ice cream..."

"Iche cweem? Yesh Ajun want!"

And with that he pushed himself off Armaan and came and held my hand as if dragging me to buy an ice cream. I smiled to myself and followed him. In the background I could hear Armaan groan and follow us annoyed. I turned around and saw him make a face.

"Armaan, stop being a kid!"

"I'm not being a kid, you are!"

"Shut up, Armaan!" With that, I pulled his arm trying to make him catch up with us. He soon caught up and held my waist with his arm as always.

"OK, sorry Ridz! I love you!"

And as always I rested my head on his shoulder.

"I love you too!"

Life couldn't get any better.
The End


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