Thursday, 6 September 2018

part 2 : Sensual Seduction (AR)

Walking down the street to her office, Ridhima bumped into a girl. "Ohh' I'm so sorry" Ridhima apologized. "No, no.. it was my fault.. I should have looked where I was going' see I'm kind of in a rush to get to work'" Both crossed the road together, and to their surprise both were entering the same building. "You work here too!" both said at the same time. "Yeah I work here, but I've never seen you before" the girl claims. "Well actually I just started yesterday' I'm Armaan Malik's new assistant' Ridhima' Uhhh' Ridhima Chadha". Ridhima said unsurely of the last name pulling her hand forward for a shake. "OMG you're a Chadha also'" Instead of shaking her hand the girl came forward and hugged her, happily. "I'm also a Chadha' Muskaan Chadha to be exact" she said breaking out of the hug. "We are gonna have so much fun' we'll go shopping together' have sleepovers' by the way where do you leave.. You know forget it' I'll take it later' we'll be like sisters'." Muskaan said smiling and excitedly. Ridhima was shocked by her' She really liked Muskaan attitude' she was free, and expressed everything truly by the looks of it.

Ridhima entered her room' no wait their room' well mainly Armaan Malik's room, she just had a small portion of it' Not finding anyone here, she checked her watch' hmmm 9:30 and Armaan Malik isn't here yet' she thought walking towards her desk. She sat down, wondering how she got this far, all without her dad's help. Her dad always wanted another son' He already had one, Rahul, her elder brother' but that wasn't enough satisfying, when he had heard that he was gonna have a girl, he wasn't very pleasant. Shashank Gupta had a strong belief that women were meant to keep the house in control' obey their husband, and fulfill their needs'.Shashank Gupta has two empires' he wanted a second son because after his retirement each son will look over each empire. Rahul already started his job' but Shashank never allowed Ridhima to look over the second empire' Now all Shashank wanted was to get Ridhima married and let HER HUSBAND look after business'

Her thought were erupted  by the opening of a door. Out came a girl from Armaan Malik's OFFICE BEDROOM' She had a bed sheet covered around her, and all over her shoulders were bite marks, and hickeys. "Bye baby' call me if you need anything else' I had fun last night'" the girl screamed happily walking away. Ridhima was shocked to see that girl' the girl didn't even want Armaan' She probably had sex all night' but their was no fear or regret on her face' Ridhima tingled in disgust that some women were like that.

Not feeling like working Ridhima sat like a bum on her chair. "Ridhima can you get me the file for Sharma industry's please.... " Armaan asked drinking from his coffee. "Get it your self' "Ridhima said lazily. Armaan looked at her shocked'. She was his assistant' so why isn't she assisting him. Ridhima had just realized what she said' Damn! Why do I keep forgetting I work now'. I'm independent' and now I'm not the boss.. Shit! " I.. I mean.. I'll get it.. sorry about that sir..' she said getting him the file rapidly. Armaan smiled at her misconception' He had never met a girl, who worked for him actually shut him up like Ridhima did yesterday' His thoughts were removed when suddenly Ridhima slammed the file on his desk' "There you go.. any thing else SIR'" "Yeah.. um actually when I came out of the shower today, my bed sheets were missing' Can you please order some new bed sheets for me'" Ridhima looked at him in' I'm his assistant now his wife or house maid.. WTF is wrong with him' and plus doesn't he know that girl wrapped herself around the bed sheet... and left' "Why would I order bed sheets for you' This is your personally matter, and why cant you order your own bed sheets" Ridhima said in a rude and attitude tone. "My, my' you sure are a bossy thing when it comes to work' what do you think of yourself' as the boss or something' sorry to break your dream honey, but you're an assistant and I'm your boss' okay' so go order some bed sheets for me' or else' " Armaan said pointing his finger at her. "Or else' or else what Mr. Malik, your gonna fire me' huh!". "No' no, I'm gonna come and sleep with you' how would you like that, even though I know you wouldn't mind'" He saw Ridhima fuming with anger, which was freaking him out' "I'm just kidding' no need to get so serious" Ridhima was about to say something' but then stopped realizing that she needed to keep this job badly. "I'm sorry'. I'll order your bed sheets right now' by the way if you want your old bed sheets, I can ask your girlfriend to give them back'" "Girl friend? Which one?" Ridhima looked at him in shock' which one' he has more than one' "Uhh' the one you slept with last night'" Ridhima said pointing at the bad. "Ohhh' so she took them' uhhh.. what's her name' Serena, Tina' Minaa' well what ever it is' I don't want their dirty germs on my sheets' so please get new ones'"

Ridhima looked at him in utter shock' He didn't even know his girl friend's name or even who the hell he slept with last night' She had a brand new question on her mind that might answer a lot about him' "Uhh' do you get brand new bed sheets everyday?" hoping for an answer. Armaan looked at her surprise, "OHH' look who caught up' I'm surprised you know so much in one day'. Impressive." "So does that mean every morning I'm gonna have to see that girl run out of your office?" She asked. Armaan slightly chuckled "No' you'll see me with different girls'" Ridhima looked at him in shock and disgust' Okay Ridhz' too much info'. Just get back to work' Without saying anything, Ridhima rolled her eyes and walked out. "Ohh.. before you leave can you also order some pillows for me" He asked. "Whatever you want Armaan SIR'" she said not looking back' "Hey' what's up with all this Armaan sir and all that crap' please call me Armaan' I seriously hate it when people call me sir makes me sound old' and come on 26 is not old'"

January 6th 2009,

Dear Diary,

Today was a normal day, although it did start out as weird. I mean new bed sheets everyday' EWW! And get this new bed sheets because different girls every night.. UGH! Then things got all normal again, then again was it really normal. Armaan was annoying as usual, but for some reason it doesn't really annoy me' It's actually fun to have him around' maybe not fun, I just feel happy' okay happy isn't the word to describe it' I fell independent when I'm with him, he gives me order and all, and I feel responsible' But he is very irritating, once he gets into his arrogance mood' Like today'

"Uhh. Sir I need yo'" I looked at the scene right in front of me, I saw him shirtless, feeling slightly awkward. As he turned around I also turned in embarrassment. Feeling my heart skip, it felt as if somebody was banging on drums inside me. Feeling somebody take a hold of the file from my hand, I felt his fingers brush against mine. Oh God at that moment I thought I would get a heart attack. Why cant her wear a shirt' I mean this is an office' how would it feel if you have a boss who's hot and supper sexy, and isn't wearing a shirt' I looked up and I realized that I was in his bedroom' Oh god, this is so thwarting ' I'm in my boss's bedroom' with him shirtless, and his every touch was driving me crazy' What do I do'

He took the file out of my hand and placed in on the table beside. I looked down and suddenly felt fingers crawling along my waistline. I gasped for air, but for some reason the more I tried to breathe, the more breathless I was getting. As his hand caressed my waist, I felt his hands going under my blazer and my tank top. He pulled me closer causing my hands to land on his chest. His fingers were kneading through my bare skin, as the distances between our bodies were decreasing. His lips lightly brushed against my cheeks, as he led down and up. Soft, moist and hungry lips, he had. I felt myself going crazy' My feeling felt unbearable to hide' the question was, what type of feelings were they'

I felt my self-tiptoeing to get up to his level, and my neck arching, as his lips caught mine. With one hand still on my waist, he raised the other one and held my face. Rubbing his palm up and down my face, he started kissing me harder, sucking on my lips, so hard I felt my blood vessels break. It wasn't the pain that hurt, it was more the a sea of pleasure and lust' Lust, that's it' My hands went around his neck, enabling him to get closer, if he didn't I would have broke the kiss' but no, he went deeper inside my lips. I thought it was me who was only getting into the moment, but looks like Armaan got even crazier'

I broke out of the kiss gasping for air, but Armaan wasn't ready to stop' I mean seriously how long a person can hold his breath' I swear he can break the record of holding a persons breath. Looks like Armaan wasn't pleased of breaking out, he held my hands behind my back, pushing me roughly, closing the door with my back, and locking the door. Kissing me harder than before, I felt his tongue find it's way to mine. As they played around, Armaan disheveled our fingers into one another. This time he broke the kiss, but he didn't stop, his lips rubbed down my neck. There was a different feeling there' Every place he touched had different feelings' He kissed my collar bones, one by one' okay I really lost control then' I kissed his chest.. leaving damp prints on there' as he kissed around my neck, I felt my fingers digging into his back' as I scratched him. He moaned in the pain' but never stopped kissing me'

I felt a knock behind my back, turning around, I found him standing in front of me' Ohh God this was all a bloody dream' I felt so real, so intense' and the worst part is, I was enjoying it' I was enjoying the feeling of him touching me' is this even legal'


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