Tuesday, 25 September 2018

part 2 : Unknown Truth

"my- my.. a Hottie.." she screamed in her mind as she looked at the most handsome man she had ever seen in her life and why not?.. when you had to go to all girls school and college you are bound to get excited ..

"Are you okay miss?" the guy asked her still holding her by her elbows as riddhima stood in front of him like a dumbo fluttering her eyelashes with a smile plastered on her lips. At that point of time all she could wish was her knees to go weak and the guy holding her but her knees weren't even shaking but supporting her like a rock. She was cursing milk that carol made her drink every day. "that's it from today onwards I am not gonna eat or drink anything that contains calcium. my knees aren't even shaking a little bit. How am I going to fall now.." she was cursing herself not realizing that her cursing was a bit too audible.

"you want me to hold you??" guy asked suppressing his smile .. "Aww..those dimples so cute.." she said poking his cheeks with her finger. Touching him made her come out of her dream world and she looked at the smile which had turned grinning at her idiocity. She covered her mouth with her hands realizing what she had done . This has to go in the book "the most embarrassing moments of my life" by riddhima. She had her share of embarrassing moments but this was the limit. She made a fool of herself in front of someone who she hardly knows. Hearing the cab honking and the driver shouting at her, she released herself from his grip and ran towards the cab. Not ready to even turn a bit, she couldn't control herself, turned to look at him and saw him waving at her grinning shamelessly.

She reached the office on time and sighing entered the office, still trying to erase the morning incident from her mind. She met Mr. Khanna who gave a brief intro about the work and the working environment. She is suppose to be the new PA of Mr. Gupta but since he is out of town and she is still inexperienced, she was told that she'll be assisting MR. Malik, PL, of the project they are working upon and very close to Mr. Gupta. Her cabin was just beside Mr. malik cabin and anyone in the room can clearly see her cabin. After completing all her paperwork, she settled herself on her chair and stood up the next second when she was called inside. Taking the notepad and the pen, she knocked on the door and entered inside. She looked in front and saw him sitting on the chair, his face hidden behind the file.

"Good morning miss. Riddhima.."

"good morning sir." She said looking around the room, inspecting everything from the furniture to the walls to the paintings. Everything was organized perfectly and even she was impressed not knowing that he was watching her every move from the corner of his eye.

"so how is your first day, I hope you aren't bored yet. You know this office has a reputation of being one of the boring places in the corporate world."

"no sir, it's not at all boring, in fact I am enjoying myself" she said but this time something caught her attention. She felt she had heard this voice before. But where, she couldn't figure out. She tried looking at his face, which was noticed by him and he was trying to suppress his laugh , waiting for the perfect moment to show his face.

"why are you so desperate to see my face??.." he asked still hiding behind the file. Closing the file he looked at her face. Riddhima gulped seeing the same man sitting in front of her, grinning at her. She felt her knees shaking and the next second, the pen and the notebook fell down from her hand. She fell down on the floor with a "THUD". He ran towards her to hold her but got a bit late.

"OUCH.." riddhima winced in pain rubbing her bottom as armaan stood beside her gazing at her not knowing what to do.

"you can atleast give me your hand" riddhima retorted seeing him watching her in pain and not helping her at all. He quickly gave her his hand and lifted her up as riddhima nostrils flared in anger.

"anything else… SIR"  he felt the taunt in her voice but didn't said anything. He knew he shouldn't have stretched it this much and annoy her but he was enjoying watching her annoyed face which according to him was quite funny and adorable. He shook his head negatively and saw her leaving the room.

"AH..it's going to be so much fun Miss.Riddhima" he told himself going back to his chair.

"that idiot, moron, stupid, jerk, freak…what does he think of himself and I actually called him a Hottie..he isn't even close to Hot..i hate him..and what's wrong with you" she looked at her knees.. "when you were suppose to go weak, you weren't even shaking and when you had to support me you betrayed me..two embarrassing moments in one day…EXCELLENT and still I have 5 hours to left. GOD knows how many times more I'll be making a fool out of myself.." she had such beautiful dreams about her first day but for her this day was totally turning out into a nightmare which she wanted to get over with as soon as possible.

Lunch time was like a blessing in disguise for everyone and riddhima was no different. She was really looking forward to meet other employees . She opened her bag to take out her lunch but not finding her lunch she realized that she forget to make anything as she was late forgot her breakfast. She was cursing herself for the mess she is in right now; if I hadn't slept till late nothing would have happened. Holding her head in her palms with the elbows resting on the desk, she was looking at the ground when she heard someone calling her .. "Miss. Riddhima..".

Her head snapped up and he was standing in front of her with a look of concern on his face. "Yes sir." Riddhima stood up from the chair and looked at him..

"Aren't you going for lunch?…"

"no actually I am not feeling hungry. I had a heavy breakfast" she lied crossing her fingers. She had this habit of crossing her fingers when she tries to hide something or when she doesn't want to speak the truth. She hated when people used to tell her that she is lying. She didn't like the word "lying" at all and had her own ways of defending herself.

"oh okay.." he turned to go but stopped when he heard her stomach growling. She saw him stopping and knew that he had heard her stomach . She closed her eyes in frustration and opened her eyes and saw him grinning at her.

"I know you aren't hungry but I think your stomach is.." he was so enjoying teasing her. He didn't remember the last time he had so much fun. Although he was known as the strict boss but since morning when he met her for the first time, he couldn't stop himself from thinking about her. He was thanking god for making his morning so beautiful and so lively. 

" so miss riddhima let's move we don't have whole day" he looked at her nervousness and fidgeting her fingers. She didn't want to eat with him not coz of the morning incidents but it felt a bit awkward to eat with her boss that too when she hardly know him. She doesn't even know his first him and didn't want other to make up some kind of stories about her. Even though she had been through so much that it will hardly affect her but it was her first day at the office and she doesn't want anyone to pinpoint at her on the first day itself.

"no..no..sir..it's okay..i'll eat something.." she was looking at the ground while speaking.

"first of all don't call me sir..do I look that old, I am just 25 and I am still a kid  that's what my mom tell me.." a smile appeared on her face and watching her smiling , he smiled too.. "hi , I am armaan.." he said putting his hand forward. Riddhima looked at his hand and after a bit hesitation, bought her hand forward.. "riddhima.." she whispered ..

"I know your name is riddhima..i am your boss and I am the one who" he stopped midway realizing that he was about to spill the truth. "come on riddhima don't be a spoilsport, today is your first day and I am giving you a treat. After all it's not every day I get a compliment.." riddhima blushed at his comment . She knew what he was talking about. "hottie" she told herself and picking her bag went out for the lunch. 

Riddhima stepped out of the car and looked at the restaurant in front of her. She had never seen such a big and lavish place so closely. She had seen in films and newspapers but never in real. Armaan handed the keys to park his car and holding her hand took her inside. The manager knew armaan very well, riddhima gussed when she saw them hugging. She was sitting at the corner table which was hidden from anyone's gaze. She was looking around the restaurant when the waiter placed the menu in front of her. riddhima smiled at the waiter and opened the menu. Looking at the prices, she asked for a glass of water and gulped down in one go. Armaan came and sat in front of her looking at her shocked face.

"riddhima are you okay?" He asked looking at her confusingly.

"sir…I mean  armaan are you sure we can' afford it..i mean it's so costly here and you don't have to spend unnecessarily on me..i mean.." she was cut off by armaan as he placed his hand on her.. "riddhima treat is one me so don't worry about the price.  Order what you want to eat.You know you are the first person to have actually said this to me otherwise my friends, they just wait for this opportunity to empty my pockets.."  he said amused by her. With each passing second he felt some kind of attraction towards her. Although it was too soon, but he couldn't control this feeling that was slowly growing inside him. The lunch was mostly silent with riddhima only answering him in monosyllables. He tried to make her feel comfortable, but being her first day he knew it will take time for her to open up. He cracked nonsense jokes laughing on random things just to make her feel at ease. Riddhima on the other hand was starting to enjoy her company. She never thought that her boss will be so much fun.

The whole day passed smoothly without causing riddhima any more embarrassment. She was getting bored looking at the time. Armaan had already left after the lunch saying he had some important work to do and she didn't know anyone else to pass her time. As soon as the clock stuck 6:00, she grabbed her purse and ran out of the office. She was dying to meet Carol and tell her about the first day. She took the bus and got off at her stand. She started moving towards the house when her phone rang. Seeing an unknown no. she picked up the phone and heard a manly voice on the other side..

"leave the job if you want to know about your real parent's.."

"who's this?? and what kind of sick joke is this" she said angrily. She saw people staring at her coz of her high-pitch voice.

"you don't know me but I know each and everything about you..if you want to know about your parent's just leave this job.. you leave the job and I'll tell you about your parent's" he said and ended the call.

"HELLO…HELLO" she shouted on the phone but heard the beep. She looked at the phone and keeping it in her bag moved towards the house not knowing that a pair of eyes were watching her.


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