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part 2 : You Best Thing Ever Happen To Me(ss)

Part 2 – The Only Touch On Me should be yours

As wedding was just 4 days away Armaan’s friends were meant to come to be there with him on his big day but such was a friend of his name Sheena. She arrived 4 days before only while other friends that were meant to come along were missing from her side as she enter Armaan’s house. Armaan asked her about her being alone when they all planned big time when they got news about his wedding and she explained him the emergency they all got one by one due to family or work so they will be coming a day or two later. While she was free she came not dropping with all of them. They both talked some sometime and then Armaan told Sheena that he have made her arrangement in nearby hotel, hearing it she got surprised.

“Why hotel Armaan suddenly, I mean we have planned to stay in your house till the day if you forgot” she asked him. “I know Sheena we all have planned it and I haven’t forgotten about it but for now I have made your arrangement in hotel as you know it’s just me in home so your staying here won’t be a good impression of yours on my nearby people. I don’t want them to talk rubbish about you.” Armaan explained her making his words shape in such a way that made it look like he is so much concern about her image. “it’s okay Armaan its 21st century no one will be minding in others business everyone in Mumbai is running in their life so much they don’t have time for their loved ones so for others forget it. I will be staying here only. As I don’t want you to stay alone in golden days of your life” She dismissed his suggestion when he roll his eyes whispering to himself “Who is concern of people I am concern about myself as I know you very well you will ruin my relation”
Sheena saw him talking to himself so she asked “Did You said something” Armaan instantly compos himself and said “it’s okay Sheena I have a habit to be all alone in life so it won’t be big matter to me. Let’s get you into the hotel so you can rest for the day.” Armaan said and moved out taking her luggage with him outside so she have no other choice but to follow him. Armaan parked car in the hotel parking in which he have made her stay arrangement moving towards reception they were when one of the helper of the hotel collide with him. He stood there for a while to hear the apology from the person as Armaan’s cloths were spoiled.
After a while Armaan was standing in front of the desk of reception looking angrily at the person standing on the other side of the desk ready to bury him alive. “How can you do this? I have booked the room then how can you gave it to someone else when you have already taken advance from me. What kind of hotel this is… call the manager right now” Armaan was so much angry that his tone have increased gaining lots attention but none stop. Manager wasn’t called out due to some reason. Getting no other option Armaan took his booking amount back and walk back with Sheena trying to get some other hotel for her but it seems all are full. Getting no other option he took Sheena in his own home letting her stay there only giving her the room downstairs as his was upstairs.
They both retired to their room, reaching her room Sheena lay on bed with legs hang down and staring at ceiling with evil smile on her face.
Talking to herself she said “What do you think Armaan that today every hotel was full in the city. No Armaan you are so wrong, none of them were all of them have numbers of rooms vacant. You have cost me so much Armaan, just so that I can stay under the same roof as you made me pay so much money to those receptionists. But its will be all worth it after these 4 days when you will be all mine. As I have always loved you and wanted you to be just mine but you never gave a look at me in that way always denying me. But now I will get you by hook or by crock. And that why everyone have got some work poor them they gave me the responsibilities to book everyone travelling now they are sitting home thinking there is no flight to get them here but they don’t know they have number of flights there is no storm in Mumbai but poor they who don’t know this. Hahahah”
While back in Armaan’s room as soon as he reached in his room he called ridhima to let her know about Sheena staying in his house as every hotel room seems to get occupied fully. Ridhima smiled at his thought of letting her know about it before hand only while Armaan felt relaxed knowing that now ridhima know so no matter what others say. After a while they both had some lovey dovey talks before going to sleep.

Next day
Ridhima woke up early the next day then usual replaying yesterday’s talk she hand with Armaan she thought to pay a visit to him with some breakfast cooked by her. She knew Armaan have told her about Sheena but she doesn’t matter to her all matter to her was Armaan so after his respect towards their relation from past few days made her adore her Armaan more.  So today she thought to surprise him with yummy breakfast so she moved towards kitchen preparing his favorite she placed it in tiffin and then moved to freshen up before setting to start the day. As it was Sunday everyone in the house was sleeping so she left house with a sticky note on fridge.

Reaching his door steps she rang the bell which got opened with the Birju Kaka (the helper). Greeting him warmly as he was older then her she asked him “Good morning Kaka, Where is Armaan.” Blessing her with his hands on her head he said “Good morning Beta. And Armaan beta is in his room”
Ridhima smiled at him and said okay “I will go and see him and this I have cooked for him and you. Can you please set it till I come back waking him up” kaka look at her “I could have cooked beta why you take so much tension” ridhima knew he won’t bug until she blackmail him emotionally “Now can’t I even cook for you two” making a small sad baby face she asked him which always melt him. “Okay you can I won’t say anything” ridhima smile widely seeing kaka giving up.
In a while ridhima walked up the stairs to wake up Armaan, with wide smile she open the door of the room to see Armaan was lying on the bed with a girl lying beside him with her face covering Armaan’s as if they both are kissing each other. Seeing this Ridhima’s smile shade away in seconds and she closed the door before descending down the stairs. Sheena who have walked out of her room to start her day saw ridhima entering so she run up towards Armaan’s room pulling her over gown out throwing it carelessly on floor she climbed beside Armaan carefully not to wake him up and moved her body in such a way that made it look like they both are making out while unknown to anything Armaan was sleeping. Seeming ridhima leaving with smile wiped out of her face Sheena did a small victory dance in her mind. But as soon as ridhima have closed the door Armaan woke up with sound and saw Sheena lying beside him. He was shocked to see her in his room lying beside him “What are you doing here in my room like this” Armaan asked her getting out of his bed instantly.
Sheena tried to look innocent in Armaan’s eyes said “Armaan I came to call you in your room but my leg slipped on the rug and I fall on the bed.” Hearing her Armaan asked “Why you wanted to call me” Sheena looked at his face for second then rolling her eyes she said “Because ridhima have come so she asked me to call you so... That’s why” hearing Armaan’s name he almost ran downstairs with jump in his feet all happy just hearing about her visit, wanting to meet her instantly he skipped steps in between descending down.

He looked around in living room thinking she will be sitting their but finding her missing from there he made his way towards the kitchen while calling her at regular interval. He never got the reply from her on her name called but he do found her in kitchen making coffee from him and herself. Armaan smile seeing her work in kitchen so perfectly as if she already owns the place. Happy with his own thoughts he moved behind her hugging her from behind he placed a kiss on her neck before resting his chin on her shoulder. “I love you so much ridhima. I love you so much. But I am upset with you….” Ridhima keep making coffee without turning around but hearing him saying he is upset with her when it should be other way around she turn to face him to say something but Armaan didn’t give her chance to speak as he himself continued  “It you right ridhima. Everything related to me be it cooking for me or fighting with me, whether to wake me or to walk in my room anytime in day or night it’s all your right then why you asked Sheena to call wake me up. I have given this right to you only to wake me from my sleep as I want to see your face constantly in dreams at night and in reality in morning. So never ask anyone else to wake me up, it’s you who have to do that all your life now.”
Ridhima who was in dual side mind got the side she have to believe on to. So without any word she hugged him back saying “I am sorry next time I will surely keep that in my mind” Armaan smiled with her words “And for today’s punishment you have to cook me breakfast” Armaan said giving her sweetest punishment ever. Parting from him she looked at him saying “Punishment accepted beforehand only. See I got you your favorite” she said showing him the tiffin she got from her home. Armaan smiled widely kissing her forehead he said “Then I will rush and freshen up before it gets cold and you will feed me. I will be back in 10 minutes” saying so Armaan ran towards his room to freshen up just as excited as kid who going to get his favorite toy soon  making the way for smile to walk and settle on Ridhima’s lips.

Sheen who was searching Armaan ridhima to know what ridhima would be saying to him, she saw Armaan running back to his room from kitchen. She wasn’t able to see his face so she predicted they had fight that made Armaan run away leaving her behind making her happy. She moved towards kitchen to look ridhima who have straight face getting to know Sheena’s coming towards her.
Straight face with hint of anger dropping from her eyes made Sheena happy thinking that she have succeeded in her Step one. While ridhima was left behind making coffee for herself and Armaan.

After 10 minutes back in hall
Sheena saw Armaan on the last step of the stairs while ridhima was just stepping out of the kitchen with laid breakfast in plates and coffee cups in tray so taking in the opportunity Sheena once again tried to get closed to Armaan. So she faked twisted ankle faking a screaming gaining attention from both Armaan ridhima. Armaan who haven't saw ridhima coming out of the kitchen reached Sheena to see what happen to her. As Armaan reached up to her she saw ridhima watching them so she faked pain asking Armaan "Armaan I twisted my ankle can you please help me walk" Armaan nodded his head trying to put her one hand on his shoulder he supported her to walk but she have other plans so she told him that its paining her more to even moved her leg even a bit. "Armaan it’s paining even to move my leg. How will I reach to my room" left with no option he picked her up in his arms to put her on her bed for rest.

As she felt Armaan picking her up in his arms to put her to bed she looked at Ridhima’s expression secretly and smiled evilly to see anger flooding out of her eyes as if her gaze could have burnt alive to dead. but she care least about her all she want is Armaan in her life and she is in his arms right now and soon it will be forever thing to be in his arms she will make sure of it. But for now she enjoy her little ride unknown to the state of mind Armaan is in and the thoughts he was having in his mind with the soon implementation of it he moved out after dropping her all ready to fail her 2nd plan too.

After dropping her on bed Armaan moved out of the room to see ridhima standing near the kitchen door looking lost in her own thoughts of the scene that unfolded in front of her eyes just few moments back.  Armaan came up to her holding on to the tray from her hands into his he kept it aside on the slab nearby before picking her up in his arms. "Armaan... What are you doing put me down" ridhima said coming out of the shocked as she felt Armaan's touch on her. But all she gained in response was a shake from his head indicating a blunt no to her.  "Armaan" ridhima once again called him with different tone that can't be decrypted to know her emotion. But Armaan didn't bother to hear her protest but took her towards his own room while ridhima keep calling his name with occasional words accompanying his name called with Questions "What are you Doing" or "Where are you taking Me" even when she know he is making his way with her in his arms in his room.
Reaching his room he put ridhima on his bed near the bed post while he stretched himself on the bed laying his head in her laps hugging her with her waist as the kids hid themselves in their mothers embrace hiding from bad world chiding them. ridhima was a bit surprise but never the less she put her hands in his hairs caressing his hair making him feel at ease as is act defiantly showed her he is bit disturbed with something. 

"What happen Armaan" she asked him with concern in her voice while still caressing his hairs. Armaan turn, his face that was before hidden in her tummy was now facing upwards looking at her. "I don’t one anyone else’s touch lingering on me. I picked had to lift Sheena Due to her twisted ankle plus you send her in my room so i brought you in my room in my arms to leave her image in my room fade away. You who can be in my room and my arms no one can be there where you belong s i picked you in my arms to bring you touch back on me without seconds.
Even a single word that came out of Armaan's mouth fell deep inside Ridhima’s heart making his place bigger than before if any space wasn’t occupied by him in heart. she just adore him more and more after every simple act of his that made her feel more special with every passing second of life that have him in with her.  Later both of them have a lovey dovey breakfast in Armaan’s' room itself feeding each other. Ridhima asked kaka to serve Sheena in her room only with additional message for her "Kaka If she Asked for Armaan say her that he have left for sanjeevni For emergency" ridhima told kaka secretly not letting Armaan know about it.
She isn't afraid of letting him know this but she felt that few things can be taken care off without letting Armaan get tensed of something. She knew if she told Armaan he would have taken some action immediately but she don’t want to make this week that is said to be 'golden period for a couple' to be covered with tension of any sense. Having breakfast ridhima asked Armaan to freshen up who moved in washroom teasing ridhima with offer "Ridhima..." Armaan called her lovingly while she was pushing him inside to have a bath "Armaan Have a bath first then we'll talk" ridhima replied to get a naughty offer from him.
"Why wait to talk ridhima you too join me for bath we can talk without delay. Or better leave talking we can have romantic time all to ourselves" ridhima looked at Armaan with wide eyes then pushing him inside she closed the door from outside so he can't even peep out. Armaan smiled knowing she must be blushing with the thought of her blushing made him smile while he hands made a way from his hairs hitting back of his own head playfully while ridhima who closed the door behind rested her back on the door with one hand rested over her heart controlling her heartbeat. All this made him forget to take cloths with him. Ridhima was blushing with his offer that he made to her that she sat there waiting for him so they both can go together. Sheena later in the day tried to get hold of Armaan in His Working place too but he was in Surgeries back to back making her frown.

On Other day
Armaan Ridhima once again meet in Sanjeevni’s locker room having some lovey dovey moment both of them proceeded to get their duties for the day from Dr.Keerti reaching reception they saw their gang already present there with Muskaan Rahul fighting as usual holding onto each other’s hair and on other hand atul trying to impress Anjali with his one or other action. While Anjali was trying to put in sense in all the three of them simultaneously. “Muskaan Rahul stop it already guys. Or atul you to stop irritating me. I am not taking your Rosy keep him in garden outside. Muskaan Stop pulling his hair and Rahul you stop pulling her statoscope.”
In all this Armaan Ridhima’s arrival went un-noticed by them but soon Dr. Keerti Loud Roar Bring them back to human life leaving animal chase behind “Doctors” and this one call made them all stand in a straight line correcting their cloths Muskaan Utter “Good Morning Dr.Keerti.” while all she get is a glare in return making Rahul chuckle at that, gaining himself the same glare from Dr.Keerti. “Your Dusty have been written on the cart Look at it and resume back to work.” She said dismissing them from reporting time. “Yaar… When the duties are written on the Cart then why she have to come and scare us” Rahul winced. But no one gave any reply to his question instead then shake their head walking away in respective directions of the allotted duties.
Getting tiered from work till the Lunch time Armaan settle himself in the fire escape wanting some lone time for himself to relive his love life in his dreams. With the same thoughts running in Ridhima’s mind she too made her way towards the same place. The place which was their love nest, a hide out for their romance, their confrontations, their crying, their pain. What not. This place have been their rescue place from emotional Ride since the time they stepped in sanjeevni.
Ridhima found Armaan sitting on the last step of stairs in fire escape walking down up till him she sat a step above him to see his eyes closed still he leaned on her resting his head in his laps. Ridhima smiled with his response to her presence, she put her hands in his hairs slight caressing them “What Happen Armaan…” ridhima asked to get a shake from him. “Nothing I was just trying to gather up my life with you since day one. It have been best years of my life Basket. You know none of my Friends back from college are ready to accept the fact that firstly I am getting married and secondly they are shocked that I have been in love with Indian traditional Girl who wears Indian attire always.” Ridhima smile at his way of elaborating it as she knew old Armaan and his friends are meant to be same who might have said her ‘Bhenji type’ but it was his way to put the same thing with changed essence.

“Do you want to see how crazy we were in college?” Armaan asked opening his eyes. Seeing Ridhima’s nodding he took out his phone browsing through the gallery he open up some photos and videos too. Showing her his bunch of friends with their pranks videos recoded. Ridhima was enjoying it all, getting to know him from his old days was always so cherishing with the thought she is the one with whom he share his past happily with, and even seeing his enthusiasm she felt happy. There was one video in which there was a part where Sheena came into the frame where she acted falling clearly visible her fakeness and Armaan saved her. Than in other video they were in some play in college cultural event where her Armaan was paired up to play a romantic partner for Sheena by their dramatics coordinator. Armaan was telling stories to ridhima the off lens masti in which that particular photography was captured. They both were roaring with laughter with the attached memories of every Click.


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