Thursday, 27 September 2018

part 3 (b): Unknown Truth

I walked out of the room with a glum face. The day was completely turning out to be the worst day of my life. First I made a fool of myself, second he enjoyed it completely and last when his doze of laughter was full he threw me out. Okay so he told me to leave but bahar to bheja naa.

I came to my cubicle and sat on the chair with a thud and started my regular bhashan of frustration "What does he think of himself? He told me to go out vo bhi inte rudely. Since his entertainment quota is full. Obviously he is gonna say that. For heaven's sake I am not a cartoon. Even I have emotions-sad, happy, funny, anger, etc..etc..etc..if I am making a fool of myself that doesn't give you the right to laugh at me. Okay confession time. I know I said that you can laugh at me but honestly I hate when people laugh at me. Even though I don't express myself but when a person especially a guy mocks or laugh at me, all I can think of is murdering him right there. I never wished to imagine armaan like those guys but he left me with no other option, so like a true warrior, I took out the black band, tied it around my forehead and took out my weapon- my cell phone.

"hello..sumu help me.."

 "now's like 11 : 00 in the morning…I am sleeping" reply came from the other side. Seriously I am in such a trouble and my best friend is sleepy. What's wrong with her? My poor soul needs her but all she cares about is her sleep. I know she came back from a night shift but "a friend in need is a friend indeed" hasn't she heard about it. 

 "hello sleepy head wake up" I said totally controlling my anger. I mean why can't people just answer my question instead of coming up with excuses when they know they can't escape me.

"what riddhima..we just talked like 3  hrs ago..ab tune kya kar diya" now this was the limit. Why do people assume that it's always me? Can't the other person be at fault too? Just coz I call them in my needs them that doesn't mean they have to remind me every time.

" sumu what's not me this time."

"okay fine…so tell me how can I help you" came the voice from the other side. If I am not wrong right she must have rolled her eyes as if I am lying and yawned at least 5 times.

"very serious problem know I told you about my boss and how hot he is and what I did yesterday. You won't believe aaj usne kya kiya. He is taking advantage of my innocence. He isn't leaving any chance to laugh at me. Kucch help kar na.I want revenge and only u can help me. Give me any idea madamji. Aap ki bahut kripa rahegi" I told her about my today's experiences and waited for her response.

 A devilish smile appeared on my face after hearing her idea. I am not gonna tell you what I did, you can see it for yourself. After ending the call I waited for the lunch break to put my plan in action.  Looking at the clock that showed that there is still 2 hrs left I was cursing the guy who invented time. Seriously, I hated the guy who said an hour has 60 minutes and a minute as 60 second. I mean why 60…does it sound cool or what. If it's coz of coolness then everyone should be given a choice of selecting how many minutes they want in an hour. Here I go again losing my mission, I don't know why I am talking about clock and time when I can dream about him. I can't help it man when I know that by evening I am gonna be in his hit list if I get caught and knowing my track record i can picture myself on the dart board with him aiming the arrows at my face.  But in the meantime let me go into my la-la land where we are together forever. I can imagine him proposing me with a ring -a typical proposal style. I don't mind as long as it's a 24 carat ring. I'll say yes immediately or it may be possible that I am the one proposing in front of him. Wouldn't it be so cool? I can even see myself on the front page of every newspaper and every news channel "a girl proposed to a guy" with me standing beside him showing my 24 carat ring. I'll be a star. We'll have a small church –temple wedding with not much but around 100-200 people as guest. My house won't be a big house , just 4-5 bedrooms, same no. of bathrooms, a big balcony that 2 a sea facing and a big lawn where our children can play. Talking about children , we'll have 2 know hum do hamare do funda..i have even thought about their names. If it's a boy, he'll be called Armaana and if it's a girl Armaani- combination of our names. I know your next Q will be what if there are two boys or two girls. Uska bhi solution hai. The first boy will be named "armaana-I" and second "armaana-II" .  The same system will be followed if we have two girls. Cute isn't. As I am not much into materialistic things so for now it's more than enough.         

 I came back from my dream world as the clock stuck 1:00 and I saw him leaving the room. It was time for action. I took out the weapon needed and holding it like a gun, I looked sideways making sure the coast was clear tip toed into his room. I opened the black marker and started writing "BAKRA" on his table, chair, window, door even on his computer screen. You all must be thinking is she going nuts or what. Is this any way of taking revenge? Then let me tell you, I believe in non- violence, my words speaks louder than actions. I wanted to show him that he is nothing but a "BAKRA" – his big bulky body with cuts at all the right places doesn't have any effect on me. all he does he laughs at me and this way I got the chance to laugh at him by calling him a "BAKRA".

So here I was decorating his whole room not realizing that lunch time was over and he'll be back any minute. The turning of the door knob bought me back to earth. At that point I was decorating the clean window glass with my beautiful handwriting. I was half way through when the door opened. I looked around to hide myself but before I could even look out for a place. I saw his shadow on the floor. The window was just beside the door so I still had few seconds to think. I had two option left- either tell him directly looking in his eyes that I did this, get my termination letter and bye-bye him forever or  hide myself …. where I had no idea. Since I am not a coward but a true warrior who fight till the end I went ahead with the second option. The most difficult thing about this option was to find a place to hide. It was either under the table which is a big no-no as the table is clearly visible from the door. So the only option left for me was window. Cursing my fate I slowly looked out of the window and calculated the floor I was standing. 14th floor –the no. itself was enough to send me to heaven. Praying for the last time and asking for forgiveness from each and every person who I have hurt in the last 24 years, I held the window and stepped out. I was hanging on the window closing my eyes not even daring to look down. Okay one more confession- as much I talk about myself being a warrior and not a coward, I am a perfect example of a coward just like "courage the cowardly dog". Don't tell this to anyone. It's between me and you…okay.

One minute passed, two, three….ten minutes passed and I heard no sound coming from the room. May be I am dead "oh god I am in heaven" I opened my eyes and saw myself floating in air with clouds around me which cleared my doubts. I was looking around for handsome males to entertain me, you know like we see in t.v. .. a man is greeted by a  "apsara" clad in white saree when his soul reaches heaven . So I was looking was a male 'apsara'. I never had any boyfriend when I was alive so I thought of having one in heaven with whom I can share my sorrows.

"riddhima"..i heard a very familiar sound coming from somewhere close. I turned around and saw him -yes my boss standing there calling my name..jeez what's wrong with this guy. Here I sacrificed my life and he came all the way to heaven to irritate me. He was following me like everywhere.

I felt his hand on my hand. He was really scaring me. He was standing 5 feet away from me and still able to touch my hand. May be he was into black magic and was the one to made me do all that in front of him and so stupid of me I died thinking I am at fault.

"riddhima open your eyes" okay now he was totally acting weird. I was directly looking at him with my eyes wide open and he was asking me to open my eyes.

"hey,  you blind man can't you see my eyes are already open. You should go and check your eyes.". It felt so good to answer him back. I was already dead I can say whatever I want to.- after all it's my full death right.

"riddhima open your eyes darling , I am talking about the real eyes" okay now he really needed a mental hospital. I mean is he going crazy or he is just acting to make me do something stupid.

" I know what you are up to  armaan , I won't let you make fun of me anymore. It's time to switch places."I mocked and pointing my hand at him started laughing.

"HAHAHAHA…HAHAHAHA…HAHAHAHA…HEHEHEHE…HEHEHEHE…HEHEHEHE…HOHOHOHO…HOHOHOHO,,HOHOHOHO" I know I laugh a little weirdly , so what everyone has their ways of laughing. At that point all I wished for was to look at his embarrassed face but no..he was laughing with me and slowly started marching towards me. After that what he did to won't believe it..he grabbed my hand and pinched me..he actually pinched me.

"Ouch.." I said opening my eyes and saw him standing at the window. I looked around and saw myself hanging on the window.

"oh my god"…he bought me back from heaven..why?..why can't he  just leave me alone. I was damn sure that he was into black magic and stuff.

"riddhima what are doing here in my room, hanging on my window" he asked as I tried remembering what I was doing here. Now that I was back, I had to come up with a solid excuse to defend myself.

"i…I …i…came here to…." Think riddhima think…I was pressurizing my tiny little brain to come up with a solution when all of a sudden this came "YES.. you know sir after you left the cabin I saw a black mask men entering your cabin. I followed him and saw him writing "BAKRA" everywhere. He was dirtying your whole cabin sir. How can I let it happen? So like an obedient employee I tried grabbing him but he pushed me and ran towards the window. I ran after him but before I could even catch him, he jumped out of the window and as I was running with my full speed I couldn't control myself and went out of the window but got hold of the window before I could hit the ground." I said mentally patting myself at my imagination. I never knew I had such a creative mind.

"oh really" the tone he used, I realized he wasn't fully convinced with my story but as I had already opened my  BIG mouth, so I had no other option but to stick to my story.

"yes sir" I said  nodding my head sounding as if I am saying the truth. All I had to do was make him believe in my story.

"you are saying that a guy entered the room, did this" he looked around the room " and when you tried catching him he jumped out of the window" I nodded my head " so the guy must be dead by now..i mean jumping from the 14th floor is no child's play" he came towards me and looked down to see the dead body but there was no one.

"so where is he now?" he asked as I started mentally cursing him. "why is he questioning me like a detective. Can't he just believe me? I know my story is not that good but still..itna to kar sakta hai,..mere liye..after all the compliments I have showered on him." getting no response from him I knew he was waiting for an explanation. Now what am I suppose to say where is the dead body. A dead person can't do anything. How can he walk?.i had to really think fast before I get under his suspicious eyes.

  "sir vo know I forgot to tell you..he..he had a parachute and he opened it as he jumped out that's why there isn't dead body. How can you see a dead body when no one is dead" I sighed patting myself mentally one more time. Phew this was so close. Now all I had to do was to pretend was that I am telling the truth , so I switched back to my i-am-telling-you-the truth look.

"okay I believe you" he said. Those 4 words were jannat for me. OKAY- I- BELIEVE-YOU.I started showering myself with compliments. He bought his hand in front of me and pulled me inside. His constant interrogation made me forget that I was hanging on the window. I was walking behind him, with a broad smile on my face at my successful completion of the mission. Now he won't ever take me lightly and what more I'll be in his good books of saving his office. This day was turning out to be the best day of my life.

He sat on his chair as I stood on the opposite side of the table waiting for him to open his mouth, still mentally complimenting myself. He dialed some no. and the next moment, the cleaner entered the room with the cleaning stuff. He ordered the cleaner to leave the stuff at the door and leave. All this while, I was constantly looking back from cleaner to him. The cleaner closed the door and I turned my full attention towards him. His eyes were fixed me as if telling me something. Next thing I knew, he signaled me through his eyes to clean the room.

"me?" I asked pointing myself.

"yes riddhima you… Want to know why?" he asked and I knew that I was caught. His whole I believe you was just an act and I fell for it one more time. Why me god?.. why me? I know I am not a saint but I am not that bad . I always wished to be your special child but if special means this then please I don't want to be special anymore. God please..i promise I won't ever let the devil in me overtake my angel. Bas iss baar bacha le jeye. Please god…I was silently praying when all of a sudden the blub in me glowed. I knew the perfect way to come out of the mess. Looking down at the ground I bought tears in my eyes and slowly lifted my face to face him. I was dehydrating myself with big fat tears and still it had no effect on him. kiss phattar ka bana hai..may be binani cement coz that's the only cement that says "iss cement mein jaan hai".  My big fat tears transformed into small droplets but still he didn't say anything. Instead, he continued to stare at me as if nothing happened.

 "are you done?." He asked when all left with me was dried tears. This was the limit. I wasted my precious tears on this man and he is asking if I am done. At that point of time, I pledged that in future I won't ever waste my round pearls on him, my tears.

"yes sir.." I said nodding my head.

"so what are you waiting for, go and start cleaning" without any further explanation, I  turned and slowly walked towards the bucket. I picked it up and started cleaning it, starting from the window. My whole afternoon got wasted in cleaning without having my lunch. My stomach was growling as my hands were paining and that Hitler, he was sitting on the chair watching me the whole time. He didn't even left the room for a second. Finally after 2 hours of continuous cleaning, the room was back to its original state. I wiped my face and stood in front of him tiredness clearly visible on my face. He inspected the whole room and when he was satisfied with my work he allowed me to leave.

 Like a loser I slowly walked towards my cubicle and sat on the chair. I had no strength left to do anything.  I was thirsty, hungry and my back and hands were aching. I was angry, not at myself, not on armaan but sumu. I was just waiting for the day to get over so I can grab her neck and ask "why sumu..tune mere saath aisa kyun kiya?.just coz I disturbed your sleep, you took revenge from me." But for that I needed food to keep me alive. So I opened my bag and to my horror, the lid of my lunch box was open and there was no food left in the box. I tuned it upside down, looked around the whole table but not even a morsel was left.

Fuming with anger I got up and screamed on the top of my lungs "you hungry people, don't you have any manners left, you ate my lunch? Just coz I am new here you have got no right to touch my property,  bacche ka khana chori karte ho. Sharam nahin ayi aisa karte hua. mera khana sirf mera hai. Don't you dare think about eating again or I will sue you."  I was about to sit back but  landed on the floor with a "thud" as I forgot that a sec back I had pushed my chair back in frustration. All who were listening to my banter came running towards my cubicle and surrounded it , looking at me as if there's a free show going on. I was giving them a murderous look as I saw few of them smiling, looking at my condition. Not a single person came to help me instead they shook their head and left me all alone. I got up and pulling my chair back sat on the chair. I was waiting for the day to get over when I was called inside. Taking the pen and the letter pad I entered his room as he was talking to someone on the phone. He signaled me to sit and I sat on the chair making sure I won't fall this time. He ended the call and dropped the atom bomb on me.

"riddhima do you know why you are called here?" he asked as if he is mentally ill. I mean what a stupid question. How would I know if he won't tell me? I wanted to say so much on his face but as I couldn't so I simply shook my head –vely.

"there is an important conference in Delhi after 3 days and we are representing our company"

"we?" i asked knowing very well what he means by "we". Off course 'we' means 'me' and 'him'. But after what all happened, I had no interest in going with him so I acted as if I have no idea what he is talking about.

"yes riddhima me and you, you are my assistant so obviously I am talking about you. why ? don't you wanna go with me?" he asked teasing me. Why can't he talk like normal people? Sometimes he acts like a disciplined person and the next second he behaves like a friend. Now I have doubts about him being normal. May be he is suffering from personality disorder. You know like split personality we see in films.  In the morning the patient behaves normally and by night he transforms himself into a cold-blooded murderer. I had to do something quick. I am too young to die. I can't say no directly so I had to come with something else. 

"no sir…I mean yes sir..i mean okay sir…" I replied sadly still hoping that he'll take someone else but no, instead he told me "we'll be leaving in at 7:00 today after the office hours. So you can go home now and pack. I'll pick you up from your house" he ordered like a 'typical boss' and signaled me to leave without even letting me speak. Dejected, I walked back to my cabin, packed my stuff and went home.

He came exactly at 7:00p.m. and keeping my luggage in his car we started our journey. Now it's already 11:30 p.m. and I am sitting beside him in his car looking out of the window. My day isn't finish without telling you what happened in the car. He is such a cheap person, I thought we'll going by the plane, but no, you won't believe what he told me  "riddhima i enjoy long drive, so we'll go by car". Can you believe this, what is the use of planes? I have never been into a plane and this was my first chance. Par ye khadoos, he even took it away from me.

Now when I think about the day, I have come to the conclusion "I should have never said yes to the trip." I am keeping my fingers crossed as I don't want to experience any more adventures especially when you are sitting beside a psycho- who can do anything and I won't be able to fight back. All I can think of right now is my home and my bed.


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