Friday, 7 September 2018

part 3 : Sensual Seduction (AR)

I felt a knock behind my back, turning around, I found hi standing in front of me… Ohh God this was all a bloody dream… I felt so real, so intense… and the worst part is, I was enjoying it… I was enjoying the feeling of him touching me… is this even legal…  Ohh God… this is going to be so awkward tomorrow in office.

 As one month went by in the office for Ridhima, she was used to the daily routine… First seeing a different girl exit Armaan's bedroom but she obliterated the fact that armaan was a major player out of her head, and she looked at the positive side. His attractiveness and charming personality are the major reasons why he won't leave her dreams. Every time he would enter the office, his face would glow, sending sparkling sensations down her body. His sensual seductiveness towards women attracts their attention towards him… He would always show his dimples smiling, which disperses any tension of a given human being.

 "RIDHIMAAAAA! OH MY GOD I'M SO HAPPY TODAY… I GOT THE PROJECT!" he ran inside twirling her around… Before she can say congratulation, he kissed her... right on the lips. Surprised by his sudden movement, she couldn't help it… for one whole month, she has dreamt of him.. kissing him and feeling him… and now when he himself kissed her, why should she back out… no other girl would back out if THE ARMAAN MALIK kissed them.. Then she realized that she was no ordinary girl… She had dreams and wishes also… and one wish was not to kiss Armaan Malik, or do anything with him…

"Sorry…" he apologized tenderly… "I didn't know what had gotten into to me… I didn't mean to kiss you… please accept my apology".  There he goes again with his innocent charms, Ridhima was forced to nod, but she did say anything and left to her desk… But being Ridhima, she can't just not saying anything… "EWW..EWW… EWWWWW, if this ever happens again, I'm seriously gonna do something to you.. So watch it…" she said pointing her finger towards him. She tuned around to go back when Armaan said, "So… aren't you gonna congratulate me" he said feeling proud. "Congratulate? You already got your present… didn't you? Remember, kissing me inattentively". "Well that wasn't enough for me… I need something more than just a little 5 second kiss…" he walked towards her, causing her to back up.  "I need a lot more than 5 second babe... Maybe 10, 20, or the whole night... Which one do you prefer..." he was now face to face with her, as his body collided with hers. "Neither of them... And stay away from me, if you would like to have babies in the future..." she said snapping back.. "And how do you suppose to sterilize me, without coming near me..." "do always have to come so close... Cant you like keep your distance... Don't forget that I'm your assistant, not your..." "Not my what..." he said raising his eyebrows. "Not your sex toy..." she said disgustedly. "Ooo... A straightforward assistant... Armaan likey... However, sweetie... What on earth made you think I'm going to make you my sex toy... Like this world lacks in girls..." he backed out of her, leaving her standing their, but then he felt like messing with her a bit…

"Listen I think you did enough today… if I were you I would just back off" she said backing away… "Well you are the one who's backing away baby," he said still moving closer towards her until she hit the wall. He sensually slid his arms slowly around her waist, moving closer to break the distance. Slowly repairing the distance between their lips, he saw her instantly close her eyes, as her hair blew in front of her face. Armaan smiled knowing that victory was his, he blew across her face. With the touch of his warm heat, she opened her eyes weakly. He noticed her desperation for him, so he decided to play along with her.

He released her of his grip and backed away as she said, as he moved back he noticed anger in her eyes. Shocked and angered by what just happened, Ridhiam couldn't believe that after all this he didn't do anything to her… It was all just for torment. She firmly pulled his arm so that he was facing her and in an angry tone, "I loathe you…." Armaan smiled to her confession. "Well baby I can't loathe you… cause you're a girl" he winked at her coming closer. "Well I loathe you even more now," she said moving closer. He noticed her desperation and decided to give her what she wants. Armaan put one hand behind her head, and smacked his lips upon hers. She was taken back at first, but realizing that this is exactly what she wanted, she gave in at that time.

Feeling her relax he decided to strengthen the kiss, and give her a lifetime in 1 minute… Minutes have past, but neither of them has been close to breaking the kiss, as they seductively moved their tongues and each others mouth, and moaned at the pleasure they were receiving…

Armaan was walking her towards his bedroom, while still kissing each other… As they entered the room, he kicked the door back locking it… They were still walking back until Ridhima bumped into the bed and eventually landed on the bed with Armaan on top of her. As the hair fell on her face, he gently and ever so light removed them one by one... He moved the one from her eyes… kissing both eyes, and then the one from her nose… kissing there… and then each cheek, and then the one her lips, which he moved slowly, as his hunger for her raised. As their lips met once again, they kissed until each was breathless, remained in this position snuggled up, and fell asleep.

Ridhima woke up, she felt a hand lye protectively around her waist, she looked at him and thought it was all an imagination. She looked at the clock, which read 7:15, all thoughts where shrugged off her mind when she screamed… "OHH shit…" she felt Armaan moving besides her bed and was shocked… Oh, my God… this isn't a dream this is reality… OHH f**k! She thought pushing Armaan away… Armaan got fully irritated with the screaming and pushing… he woke up to see Ridhima running, "Ridhima… Where are you going?" he asked confusedly. She turned back, 'Armaan I'm dead today… I'm gonna get home late and my mom's gonna call in 10 minutes… and if I don't get home on time she's gonna send the whole police force to find me…" she said in one breath, and was about to leave again… "Hold up, let me drop you" he said getting up and getting his keys. Ridhima didn't protest, she knew she had to get home ASAP.

It was raining hard out, and as they reached to her apartment Ridhima ran inside with out saying anything to Armaan… Armaan smiled at her scared face of getting her mother worried.

As she walked in the phone started ringing, "Thank God" she signed. "Hi mom… yeah I'm at home… work was fine mom… yeah bye… I'll talk to you later…" Ridhima forgot all about work and then she realized Armaan dropped her off, she went by her window to check if he was still there… And there he was in his car looking back up at her… OHH shoot… she gestured him to come up. She froze for a while, OMFG! Did I just sleep with my boss… What! How can I do this… Oh God… what will he think of e now… Why did I sleep with him for…? Ohh GOD!

He walked in seeing her near the window frozen like a statue. She only had her tank top on, and she looked really cold as the window was opened. She looked as if she was in deep thought… their was sadness in her eyes he noticed… He even saw tears prickling down her face, as he approached her. Taking off his jacket, he placed it on her shoulders, keeping her warm. As he turned her around he cupped her face, and observed her reactions… She looked so much in pain…and he was a slight reason for that pain…

"Ridhima" he whispered ever so lightly. Before he can ask further she was hugging him tightly, at first he was shocked, but he realized that she was indeed upset. He tenderly put his arms around her, as her embrace got tighter. He made her settle down on the chair, while she put her head on his shoulder. They remained silent for about 10 minutes, until Ridhima decided to speak. "We never should have done this Armaan… It was all wrong…" Armaan looked at her confused, "Done what?". Ridhima got up, "We never should have slept together… It's all wrong, we never should have lost control…" Armaan also got up to pacify her. "But Ridhima we didn't do anything bad though… All we did was just sleep, nothing more… We didn't have sex okay… and plus we are just human okay… it was all just covetousness for each other… that's all… you shouldn't get upset over a small issue like that…" Armaan said coolly. "A SMALL ISSUE! Oh wait I forgot, is having sex with a girl is a small issue for you, and then sleeping is like nothing at all... Right... That might have been a small issue to you, but for me it is huge... I'm not that type of girl… Man What will my mom think now…" She said breaking down, crying.

Armaan was getting furious, he never experienced a situation in which a girl ever regretted having sex with him… what happened between them two wasn't eve sex, it was just sleeping. Hmmm… Maybe the only way to make her realize that it's no regret sleeping with me, is doing it again… and plus it's late and I need fun… Armaan though evilly.

He settled down next to her holding her shoulder, he has a fake emotion of sympathy on his face… "Ridhima… look at me…" she looked away form him. HE held her chin with his finger and turned her face towards his. The minute he saw the tears in her eyes, emotions started gushing through him… What the! He thought….



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