Wednesday, 26 September 2018

part 3 (a): Unknown Truth

This part is from riddhima POV....

The most embarrassing moment'na..moments..hmmm'maybe but I think a better word should be "day". Today was the most embarrassing day of my life. mein kahan se start karoon. As funny as it may sound which btw I totally understand. I mean if I can laugh on others so I have no problem with you laughing at me after knowing what happened to me' duh.. we don't pay taxes on laughing.

If yesterday wasn't enough, today I outdid myself in every department of making a fool out of myself. First I called my boss a "hottie"...that too on his face which I don't mind saying again and again, after all it's a compliment but' I know my sentences are incomplete without a "but"..i don't know if it's just me  alone or there are more like me using "but" in every where was I' I was saying aaj to hadd hi ho gayi. I don't blame him as it was 99.99% my fault, to be precise it was cent percent but this sounds much better. if making a fool of myself wasn't, enough there's this guy who is harassing me and telling me to leave the job..Duh..who wants to leave the job when you have such a hot boss.. I am not in a mood to discuss about him and I haven't even told Carol, may be someone is jealous of me that can be the only reason, so coming back to the topic of the day which is "what not to do when you got to do"..sounds weird 'isn't ..but I can't think of something better.

Like every morning, my morning started on a pretty good note. The early rays hitting on my face made me come out of my dream world. Today I got up with a big smile on my face and why not the whole night I kept thinking about him and I was meeting him again..Who else my boss. He is so sweet and those dimples that's the icing on the cake.  You know when he sits on the chair with sleeves folded, loosen tie and hair falling on the face..hai..main sadka javan .kya lagta hai munda..ekdum hero..

 "mere shezaada mein aa rahi hoon'I am coming "tu jahaan jahaan chalega mera saaya saath hoga..mera saaya mera saaya". I know -behaving like his diehard fan. I can't help it. It think this is known as "Crush at first site"..i can't be in love in just one day. I am not THAT desperate. I can control my hormones pretty easily.

 I reached office early , like 30 minutes before the office starts and I had nothing to do except look at the cleaners cleaning the office. I was getting quite bored , so thought of looking around the office when my eyes got fixed on the name  "Mr. Armaan Malik"'. I had seen his room before but not the way I wanted to see. My resistance to hold myself back was slowly slipping away as I turned the knob of the door.

I entered the cabin and the first thing that caught my eyes caught was his computer on the table. The white angel in me a.k.a my mind told me "no-no-no" but the devil side of me i.e. my heart said "go-go-go".

Kheeche mujhe koi dore, teri ore..
Teri ore, teri ore, teri ore, hai rabba
Teri ore, teri ore, teri ore..

Me a weak person when it comes to heart, kya karoon dil ke maamle mein thodi kacchi hoon, my legs automatically started moving towards his desk. My fingers switched on his computer as I sat on his big leather seat. It felt heaven, me sitting on the same chair , it felt like I was sitting on his lap'awww so romantic.. but the dream didn't last long when I looked at the screen "DAMN" it asked for password. I had no idea why I wanted to see his computer but I couldn't control myself. let's see..Armaan.." .,i typed "armaan" in every way possible..caps..without caps but none of them matched. I tried "malik" but no use. No one in this world is gonna keep their name as their password. But I am not "no one".. oops did I just disclosed my password. Yes I did.. please don't tell it to anyone , not even your heart. Your heart will betray you and leave you all alone when you need it the most. Experience my friend, experience. I typed everything that i could possibly think off  but every time the result was same. Frustration was slowly creeping my otherwise calm mind and knowing very well that I was going to throw the computer at any moment of time,  I tried thinking of any possibility. Finally i typed my name and surprise.. surprise it was correct. I mean his password is "riddhima". I was in for a shock. His password is my name. I mean I am not the only riddhima in the whole world but he is the only armaan I know. Okay before I go into my la-la land , FOCUS riddhima FOCUS.. you are losing yourself. Riddhima must be his sister way. Then he'll start looking at me  in a brotherly way..may be'.her mom. Much better than her sister..but still 'he'll start treating me like an elder' next thing I know he is calling me "mom"'.next option..hmmm maybe his girlfriend'then I am gonna kill dare he laid her eyes on my man..ohh possessive  abhi se hi... I love myself' riddhima can't be a guy name..but what if he is Gay..and riddhima is just his code word to address his partner.. NO WAY..he is not Gay' ..i know he is not..dekhne se to nahin lagta and if he turned out to be  one of them mere to "dil ke armaan aasuon mein beh gaye"'  but then I realized, riddhima must be her friend name..a close friend, his best friend..yes riddhima is his friend..end of discussion.. .. Before i could think further ,  I heard the door opening and armaan entered the cabin. I quickly slid down the chair and hid myself under the table.The pair of legs were slowly coming towards me and I closed my eyes not wanting to see and experience myself "what's gonna happen next".

When I didn't heard anything, I slowly opened one eye and saw no legs in front of me , I sense of relief rushed through my body but it was short lived coz as soon as I turned my face around , the pair of legs were in front of me. armaan was sitting on the chair , tapping his feet which were just inches apart from my body. He was talking to someone on the chair..more like shouting on someone. few minutes had passed and I was just waiting for him to leave his cabin but it looked as if he was glued to his seat and if that wasn't enough I heard him enquiring about me. I looked at my watch and it was 9:15 a.m.. I was already 15 minutes late. Knowing very well that he won't be leaving the seat anytime soon, I had no other option but to get myself out. Now the main problem was how am I going to face him??.. I had to come out with a valid reason so after thinking for about 60 sec. I came up with the most horrible excuse I could ever come up with. Let me tell you first, it's not my creation, the creator of this excuse is none other than my best friend Sumu a.k.a Sumanlata, my bestest friend. We met in school and from the first day onwards we became the best of friends. She is my mentor when it comes to crazy ideas. I'll tell you about her later, right now we should concentrate on what happened next.

I took a deep breath and counting 1, 2, 3'I got out of the table screaming "EARTHQUAKE'EARTHQUAKE'EARTHQUAKE"'exactly three times jumping up and down with my hands up in the air in front of him. I stopped screaming when I saw him looking at me confusedly.. "maybe he didn't heard me" I thought and I again did the same thing. This time I shouted like 5 times and when I stopped for his reaction, there was this smile on his face which he was hiding with his hands. You know the "suppressing laugh smile" where you want to laugh but you suppress with a BIG smile, that smile.

"OOPSIE" was the only word ringing in my head as I realized what I have put myself into. Did I forgot to mention that the idea which I used was a tried-tested-failed one. He got out of the chair, kept the file on the table and slowly started coming towards me.  I closed my eyes in fear as I could see the pink slip coming towards me " YOU ARE FIRED" written all over it. My second day was turning out to be my last day. "oh god please make me believe this is as a dream.."..i was praying to god although I knew that it's not a dream and in a few seconds I'll be told to leave the office. I could hear myself singing in my head..

I will survive

I will survive
as long as i know how to love
I know I will stay alive
I've got all my life to live
I've got all my love to give
and I'll survive
I will survive

 But the opposite happened there was no screaming, no get out, no pink slip. I opened my eyes and saw no one in front of me. " was a dream." I thought but my dream was short lived when I felt someone behind me. Armaan was standing behind me , his shoulder touching mine. If I am not wrong there was hardly any distance between us or may be of about .5 c.m' but not more .

"riddhima what are you doing in my cabin.." he whispered near my neck as I felt a tingling sensation running through my body.. " OMG..OMG..OMG'he is so close to me.." I was jumping in joy not physically but mentally. As hot as he looked from outside, his breath was hot too.  feeling his hot breath on my neck I started having difficulty in breathing as I tried taking deep breath. "oh no no no no..not again. Now he'll get another chance to make fun of me. I could clearly picture him laughing his a** off, looking at me. I had no idea for how long I had held my breath.  This was definitely going into "riddhima's book of world record".

"are you okay'" he asked, worried was clearly written all over his face..awww he cares for me..i kept on staring at him like one of his crazy fans, standing dumbfounded with a BIG Smile on my face.

"hey ..riddhima..are you here.." I saw him waving his hand in front of my face stopping me from looking at his face. "hey stop waving I can't see your face.." I blurted out, releasing the breath I had been holding on. I felt so good as I finally had my respiratory system back , breathing in and out , in and out, but it didn't last long when I looked at the same "suppressing laugh smile" on his face.

"no '.not again" I was mentally kicking myself , cursing my BIG MOUTH. Why is it always me. maine kisi ka kya bigara hai. Okay so I haven't clean my room. I forgot to take Pluto for walk. I had accidentally thrown garbage on my neighbor  ..okay it wasn't accidentally thrown , I had purposely thrown at him aiming on his shining head. He takes out the beast in me with his nonsense talks  and I was cursing him for making my life a hell without knowing that he was right there standing behind me, listening to each and every word I associated him. that was it. Meri itni choti galti ki itni badi sazaa. Ye to bahut bada anaye hai bhagwan.. please help me..give me any signal'.kuch bhi chalega..but please tell me how to get out of this mess.

"Agar kisi cheez ko dil se chaaho to puri kayanat usey tumse milane ki koshish mein lag jaati hai." SRK once said. Kya dialogue likha hai. This was the perfect time to test it. I prayed with all my heart... nothing came in my mind. I involved my lungs, my tiny little brain and each and every organ of my body. Tab bhi kucch dimag mein nahin aya. Who wrote this useless dialogue. Kisi kaam ka nahin ha... upun ki to solid watt lag rahi thi uske samne, and here he was waiting for me to open my mouth and give him one more reason to make fun of me.

"bring it on" I said through my eyes.. is bar kucch bhi ho jaye I won't let him make fun of him. waise technically speaking, he hasn't made any fun of me. It was me , making a fool of myself and he was just enjoying it. Free ka entertainment kaun nahin pasand karta.

We were gazing into each other eyes just like salman-ash did in hum dil de chuke saman'just the chandelier  was missing. Kya pose maara tha..waah..waah..a classic one' but it didn't last long when there was a knock on the door.. we came back from the filmy world and looked at the person on the door. Looking at his formal attire, I knew he was an employee. It was just the second day at the office and I hardly had any introduction with any other except Armaan.

"you can leave.." he said looking at me, the fun loving armaan was replaced with this serious armaan who was termed as a "hitler" in the office circuit. I heard yesterday while I was going to the loo. 

"must be something very important" I thought and left them..


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