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part 3 : You Best Thing Ever Happen To Me(ss)

Prt.3 – Profound Memories took Bad Turn

After having their own time they both move back to their duties when their pager goes off announcing the end time of lunch break. After the full day duties they all sign off from their duties, Anjali asked ridhima to hurry up and come in parking she is waiting for her. Hearing her armaan
make a face as he desperately wanted sometime with ridhima while dropping her could have been his valid excuse until Anjali have dropped tons on weight on his dreams. Unable to do much about it ridhima kissed armaan on his check wishing him good night but all armaan can do was to sigh with closed eyes as her lips came in contact with his skin whispering ‘Good night Basket’.
Later at night freshening up, ridhima had her dinner with her family after when ridhima was about to go to her room her mother called her out “Ridhima” to which she replied turning back “Yes Maa”. “There was a parcel for you in your room. Someone send it for you without the name of the sender do check it once.” Padma told her to which she nod “okay Maa. I will check it” Coming in room ridhima look around for the parcel her mother was talking about. Tearing up the seal of it ridhima extracted the content from it which shocked it. She shuffle through the picture that she got hold on from the parcel getting hyper with in a moment ridhima moved down with the parcel packed back safely in her purse along her. She moved in living room to see Anjali sitting there chatting with her dad over some administrator stuff. “Di. Can you drive me to Armaan’s house now” ridhima asked directly to Anjali without caring for the attention she gained with the urgency her words hold. “What happen ridhzy? Any problem” Anjali tried to ask with calm voice leaving aside her teasing for moment knowing stings are at its serious end to play with. “Yes, now please Di if you can. Else I can take a cab” ridhima tried to make Anjali hurry up with her decision.
Anjali took her car keys hurrying up with Ridhima’s pace to drive her to Armaan’s place. Reaching there ridhima ring the bell with while Anjali was parking the car. Kaka open up the door to welcome ridhima who looks bit angry and curious so without waiting for her asking kaka told her “Armaan beta Is in his room sleeping he hurt himself while getting back to home.” Ridhima hearing it run to his room. When Anjali came in she saw ridhima running up the stairs so she whispered to kaka “Namaste Kaka. I think today is last day of armaan she is very angry” kaka laughed listening to her so he replied “No. She won’t be mad at him. She love him so much to do that.” They both laughed at their own small conversation “You want something Beta” kaka asked Anjali seeing her settling down with a magazine on the couch. “A coffee will do kaka. I know it’s late but I am carving for it.”
Sheena saw ridhima walking inside the house with boiling anger dipping from her eyes. She saw her march towards armaan room she walked out to see go after her to eavesdropping but Anjali who was sitting in the living room saw unknown girl in armaan’s house coming out from some room and moving behind ridhima so she thought to ask her who she was and what she is doing here. “Hey… Who are you?” Anjali asked coming in front of her blocking her way. “And who are you to ask me that.” She ask getting agitated due to the disturbance she got unwantedly. “That’s none of your business of who I am. The question is who you are and what are you doing in this house.” Anjali asked back with same rude tone as of Sheena. “I live here any problem with that. You tell me who are you and who let you in.”
“What…!! As much as I know this house belongs to armaan. Than how the hell you can live her” Anjali asked shocked with this piece of information. “Yes its armaan house and I am his special friend so I am staying here with him. Got your answers now get of my way I have some work” Sheena spoke up rudely looking at the door of armaan’s room upstairs while anji was still holding her back not letting her move.
“What’s you problem I told you I have some work so just f**k of my way. And who the hell you are standing here at these late hours.” Sheena was losing her temper. “I am not letting you go and for your record I am armaan’s best friend and the sister of the girl he is getting married to. So you better behave else you will be thrown out of here in a second.” Sheena looked at her losing her eye’s contact from the room’s door. “You what.” Sheena asked getting bit surprised.
“You heard it right. You know seeing you losing you temper as such a short time plus the way you are keen on going towards armaan room seeing my sister walking there give me a feel that you are not his just friend.” Anjali spoke up her mind clearly but unknown to her she invited a plan of misunderstanding that Sheena was plotting to seed it in everyone’s mind to get armaan. “Is it that obvious...?” Sheena with totally changed tone sounding like most innocent girl. “Obvious What”
“The same thing you said…. That…. That armaan and I are in love. Is it that obvious?” Sheena asked with the fake blushing. Anjali was giving looks to her before speaking up “Are you out of your mind. My sister and Armaan are getting married in few days and here you are telling me that you and armaan loved each other. Get a life he loved ridhima and will always love her that’s why they are getting married” Anjali tried to make sense to Sheena but Sheena have her own plans she can’t give it so easily “I know he is getting married but it’s his stupidity. I mean we both love each other but he says he don’t. He didn’t realize his love. He says he loved ridhima but I know he don’t. He is getting married to her getting obsessed with her. I mean he think he loved her but he don’t. He is doing this as he wasn’t ridhima as he is obsessed with her as she was the only one who wasn’t impressed with him in first look. Plus he since college days use to say that one day he will be the dean of one of the best hospital of the country so ridhima will fulfill this dream of his too. But I don’t want him to destroy ridhima’s life so I am trying to tell him that. Can you do me favor he isn’t understanding a single thing what I say. Can you please talk to you sister make her understand this.” Sheena plotted everything as a pro thinking this will be the best thing to do to break them apart. To use family is always a good option due to the emotional blackmailing cards family people use.
Anjali was staring at Sheena for some time not able to form any word in her mind to speak up to her. “And why do you care for ridhima. You have no relation with her than why are you asking me to do this.”
“I know I don’t share any bond with ridhima but I am a girl as well and I know she will be broken if she knows the truth now/but I guess it’s better to broke a little now than to lead an unhappy wedding life. And I love armaan so I don’t want him to do something wrong that will lead him to get some curse of a girl.” Sheen played a Card “Anyway I will let you think over it for now. Do think about it and save you sister from this.” With this she concluded her words and walked away leaving baffled Anjali behind.
“Was she bonkers” Anjali thought to herself.
While on Other side
Ridhima who have walked towards armaan room open the door and saw him sleeping. He was all over the bed with hands and leg spread out totally with mouth slightly open. He seems so peaceful in his sleep when ridhima felt like adoring him still to do some masti with him. She walked up to his bed sitting beside him she first admire him for some time than her playful mind worked giving her ideas on how to irritate armaan in his sleep. Ridhima bend a little over him and blow some air over his face making him frown a bit. He moved his face to the other side but that didn’t stopped ridhima there. She moved little ahead and again blow air on his face making him turn on his side facing ridhima with frown on his face.
Ridhima hold few strands of her hairs just to put them in armaan’s ear trying to irritate him. Armaan raise his hands waving it near his ears shooing away the thing disturbing his precious sleep. As soon as he raised his hands ridhima drawback hers and when he rested his hands back she once again tickle him in ears with her hairs making his hands once again to wave to shoo it away. Completely frowning at the continuous disturbance.
Turning away once again trying to find the comfort so the thing disturbing him will move away he gave his back towards her but even that didn’t helped him. Ridhima who have walked in with anger was now nowhere to be seen, it is as if seeing armaan’s cute face her anger took the u turn not wanting to get into an accident of emotions.
As armaan have been on other side with his back facing ridhima made ridhima bend towards him once again. This time she left her hairs instead little kissed armaan over his ears. Armaan gave no reaction this time making ridhima doubt if he is awake now. But feeling his calm and steady breathing confirmed that he is still in sleep. Ridhima once again bend down and kissed him little on his cheek which in return armaan responded with nodding his head in sleep and getting hold of the pillow he slept hugging it with broad smile. Ridhima was in aww with his reaction she was totally into adoring him making her kiss him little again but this time not with intension to make him frown but out of love she holds for him. He is such a cute being that make her wonder always that how such a grown up and handsome man can be cute altogether.
Unknown to the time all this while ridhima too fall asleep while adoring him resting her head on his shoulder with legs still half out of bed. Anjali who was down stairs waiting for ridhima walk up to armaan’s room to see what was taking ridhima so much time. As soon as she open the door of his room she saw ridhima too have fallen asleep. Anjali smiled looking at the smile ridhima have on her face even in her sleep.
Anjali closed the door behind her stepping out of the room. She took her phone out from her jean’s pocket to make a call but before she could even unlocked her phone her phone rang up displaying shashank image on the screen. “Dad I was about to call you only.” Anjali spoke receiving the call to hear shashank panic voice “Where are you Anjali where are you both right now.” Anjali was confused with the panicking tone shashank have “What happen dad we are at armaan’s place only”
“Good… Anjali you and ridhima, you both stay there only for today. I don’t know what’s happening but there was a news that there is some riots going on in Navi Mumbai. So for the day you both stay there only at armaan’s place. I will call you in morning to let you know when to leave.” Shashank told Anjali about the news he got from the Navi Mumbai sanjeevni hospital staff. “Okay dad. We will stay back. You chill now we are save okay. Good night dad” Anjali tried to calm her dad which did work for the moment.
Disconnecting the call Anjali walk back inside armaan’s room. Walking up to the bed she removed ridhima’s footwear and made her rest her legs on the bed properly. With this slight disturbance ridhima’s head that was on armaan’s shoulder resting slipped of on the pillow. She opened her heavy and sleepy eyes for once but then closed them back again putting her arms around armaan and armaan to take a turn towards ridhima and slept hugging her. Anjali giggle seeing them they are surely the cutes couple she have ever came across and much in love that they could know the presence of other even in their unconscious state of mind their heart are connected deeply. Covering them with duvet she stood back.
Standing back a she wonder where to make herself comfortable now. She know the guestroom is occupied with Sheena. And she surely don’t have any plans to go and sleep there as she can’t already stand her presence. The other room always remain close and it must be totally unclean but for a change Anjali thought to check it if it was cleaned today but to her disappointment it wasn’t. She moved back to armaan’s room and tried to make herself comfortable on the couch laid in one corner of the room. She searched for some pullover sheet in his room and soon found one in one of the Almira. Walking back she tried to sleep on the couch but it wasn’t comfortable for her. She for the first time thought a little bit of lesser height wouldn’t have harm her but today her long height was a problematic to her.
Not able to sleep for good 1 hour on this couch Anjali looked towards armaan ridhima and saw by now armaan and ridhima have been shifted on other side of the bed leaving some space beside ridhima.
With all the searching for pullover bedsheet the noise that was caused must have disturbed them making them turn moving almost to the other side of the bed. Anjali sigh for a second before moving towards bed and slept on the other side of the bed beside ridhima with in no time as she was already tiered of the duty plus the clock hands showed 1 am.
It was like armaan was sleeping on extreme left of the bed with ridhima hugging him around the waist in the middle of the bed and Anjali sleeping on the other side that’s right side of the bed.
Next Day
Armaan woke up at his usual time to feel some weight on himself. He look down to see a hand resting on his tummy he hold that hand in his own. Turning around he saw the beautiful sight he wished to see every morning of his life. He saw ridhima sleeping so peacefully over the pillow resting her head and one armaan around him and other one below his head. Firstly he was surprised to see ridhima in his bed sleeping so peacefully with small smile but then the adoration over his surprise expression, soon that adoration was also over powered by the Realization.
He realized that he might be sleeping on ridhima’s hand all night so he instantly lifted his head and removed her from below and moving it down he kissed her forearm lightly. Caressing it he keep looking at her face adoring her. Moving forward her kissed her forehead and her cheeks making her smile same way as he did the last night in his sleep when she kissed him.
Armaan lifted his upper body with the help of his elbow up from bed still admiring her when his eyes shifted towards Anjali who too sleeping on the bed. A Scream left his mouth just near ridhima’s ear making her wake up, startled with the scream she was to set up on the bed only to hit her head with armaan’s as she was bending a bit towards ridhima to see Anjali’s face.
Anjali who was sleeping in right corner too got startled so she moved a bit to see what happen who scream and that was it. As soon as she shifted she fall down on floor. Getting up from the floor with frown holding her elbow she looked towards armaan while ridhima to get out of the bed instantly seeing Anjali standing over there and here she is on armaan’s bed even before wedding. “What the hell armaan. Who screams early in the morning like that?” Anjali asked getting irritated because of the fall.
“You... What... what you both were doing in my bed.” Armaan with scared voice as if he was a girl among them who is scared to lose her dignity. Anjali gave him a look before saying “What you mean what we were doing.  Can’t you see we were sleeping same as you were?”
“Yeah I was sleeping in my bed what you too was doing here. Ridhima’s presence I can accept but you Anjali. Atul will kill me for this if he will get to know. And what you both even doing in here did Shanky papa throw u both out.” Ridhima was a bit zone out for some time initially due to blush but then due to the non-sense going on.  “Shut up armaan. Firstly stop you melodrama. I didn’t get any place to go and sleep and the couch was smaller for me so I slept here beside ridhima on bed. We came here at night to see you ridhima having something urgent to talk to you. And later she slept before she could talk to you and I got call from dad that there are some riots going so we should stay back so we did. Anything more you want to know.” Armaan shake his head in no. with the pouting puppy expression that made ridhima adore him and Anjali smile but then Anjali moved away towards washroom leaving armaan ridhima together. Muttering “Idiot” before leaving them.
Armaan pout more hearing Anjali saying ‘idiot’ to him looking towards ridhima. Who smile at his puppy expression and pulled his cheeks in kuchhi koo manner. Armaan to smile widely with that making ridhima’s smile too broaden up. Armaan utter “Good morning” coming closed to ridhima holding her from her waist in his arms. Ridhima blushed with her own thoughts she was having seeing armaan’s messy hairs just out of bed making him look too desirable to even let him move away. Armaan saw something in her eyes and said “Basket wait for few days than I am all ours” hearing it ridhima blushed profusely. She hugged him to hide herself from his eyes in his chest till blushing while armaan hugged her back more possessively kissing her hairs before resting his face over her head.
After sometime Anjali came out just to see them hugging with closed eyes. “Guys you both are too much. You start every single time you get to romance this is heights. And ridhzy last night you were hell angry on something that you threaten me to come with you else you will leave alone and now you are acting as if nothing saw wrong what was that for.” Anjali questioned ridhima making armaan brain shoot numerous questions towards his mouth nerve to speak up but he kept mum owning to the fact of Anjali’s presence in the room. But he looked towards ridhima after Anjali finished with those same questions his mind wanted to ask but seeing ridhima blink her eyes towards him made his nerve relax. But Anjali was there to ask for her so ridhima can’t really back out plus she need to think of some excuse to dismiss the matter but not finding she look here and there when her eyes meet armaan’s.
Her eyes hold something that made armaan think to help her out. “Vo anji last night before signing off I have asked ridhima if she got time as I wanted to talk about something important to her as we both were busy in lunch time also (No one knows that they were together in lunch time in Fire Escape).  So she said she is tired and we can talk in night. I told her it’s important we have to talk about it at night only but then I slept and maybe that’s why she have reacted that way u said she reacted in.” ridhima who saw looking at armaan while he was telling a makeup story to Anjali looked bac at Anjali nodding vigorously standing by armaan’s word in her protection.
“That’s all. Are you bonkers ridhzy for this small issue u made me drive here at middle of the night? Leave it you even made me wait so long down stairs and then without carrying you slept so peacefully even without caring for me that where I will sleep as other rooms are….” But she paused in between remembering Sheena’s words “By the Way armaan who is the girl downstairs in the other room in your house.”
even before armaan can say anything ridhima spoke up “Di she is Sheena armaan’s college friend she came here for your wedding. His each friend was about to come one the same day but their flight was delayed due to some work so she came before all of them.”
“Ohh but that girls is Wired. She was talking crazily I think she need to meet psychic” Anjali said Making armaan Frown in confusion and Ridhima just sigh somewhere know the reason of Anjali’s words.

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