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part 37 : Arrange Marriage - Backseat to dreams or the Driving seat

Sunday came, everyone in family wanted to go shopping for the baby to keerti horror. But soon a terms and conditions were set by keerti which say she will be the only one doing shopping they can come along but then seeing everyone making baby face in which even elders were no behind sigh keerti said “Fine, you all can get things for the baby” before she can say anything ahead Armaan said “Haan theek hain phir chalo” everyone started moving all excited.

“Stop” one word from keerti and everyone was back where they were standing a minute back like guilty kid “You all can get things for baby but I will approve it…” ridhima open her mouth but keerti shut her up with glare “I will means only me… It won’t be like yesterday where one came to me with something but then someone of you all reject even before I can say anything.”

“Arye par hamara bhi…” Armaan was shut back again with same glare ridhima received from keerti a while ago. Seeing which Armaan made a face while ridhima laugh at her cute husband.
As deal was sat they all went to the mall and did lot of shopping for baby which seems nothing to Karan and Armaan. They keep bugging to get more ‘Arye itne mein kya hoga ye toh dikhenge bhi nahi ghar mein” karan said to which Armaan backed “Aur kya baby ko abhi bhi bahut kuch chaiyega”. But been sensible enough to that ridhima and nandani made them understand that they can always shop from Mumbai as well “Armaan we can always shop from the Mumbai stores I don’t thing world Is going to stop manufacturing babies stuff today only”. Armaan made a face hearing ridhima not letting him by more for baby “Bahi humne kuch liya hi kahan hai par” Armaan answered back.

“Yeah right. We can see that Armaan” keerti said eyeing all the bag boys were holding 4-5 bag in each hand. It’s like 3 men with them holding nearly 25-30 shoppers in their hand. Armaan smile sheepishly at keerti once following her gaze.

Karan wasn’t satisfied as well so nandani said “Dekha karan aapki beti bhi aapse jayada samjhdar hai. Aur aap bache bane hua hai.” He tried to answer her but she stoped him with glare “Chalo sab Abhi”

“I am starving” shubhankar declared. All look at him smilingly as he was conveniently ignored all the while. While shopping too no one was taking his advice in selecting things as he was only select thing keerti didn’t like so no one heard him asking him to sit with “shut mouth”.
“Shoppers car mein dal ke pehle yahin kuch kha lete hain” nandani said. Nodding to the head lady of the house, boys went to keep bags while ladies went to the food court to order something they wanted to have. Joining them they all had their brunch.

“Maa yahan pass mein bahut achi Starwberried milti hain aur yahan ek Chocolate Factory bhi hai wahan har cheej chocolate se bani hai.” Armaan update them.

“Phir hum khub sari Strawberries le ke Chocolate factory chalte hai” keerti but in getting all excited to have strawberries dipped in the chocolate

Soon they all were standing in the factory enjoying all the chocolate and candies in there. Keerti ridhima were like small kid who might have got full period in school due to teacher’s absence, for games. Both the men enjoyed their wife craziness, keerti ridhima were giving each other the different candies they tasted while Armaan shubhankar look at each other smiling due to their wives.
The day went by with all the craziness of boys on shopping first then, same craziness got transferred to the ladies in the candy factory. After which they all traveled back in cool weather with open windows enjoying the high point view.
6 Months Later

Everyone in Malik family stood outside the OT, Armaan ridhima were marching from one side to other in opposite way crossing each other every now and then while Karan nandani were sitting on the bench nearby. Soon Doctor came out removing his mask off the face, seeing him everyone rush to him.

“Doctor Bhabhi…” Armaan asked before anyone can ask.
“She is unconscious for now but there is nothing to worry about. The operation was successful there are no complication” doctor informed them “And Yes It’s a Boy”
Everyone rejoiced the news. “Thank you so much doctor can we meet her” asked nandani.
“Yeah sure once we will shift her in private room then you all can meet her” smiling to them doctor left.

Inside the OT nurse walk up to shubhankar to take baby with her to clean the baby who was covered in blood. Shubhankar who was looking at baby with lost eyes came in sense with nurse nudging him to hear her out.
Before she can take the baby with her shubhankar asked “Can I just for a minute take baby out to family” smiling at him nurse nodded saying “Yeah sure but please bring him in in few minutes else he will catch cold or infection. He is very delicate” taking her words with smile shubhankar rushed outside the OT to make his family and baby meet even if in baby’s sleep.
Shubhankar came outside the OT with the baby in his arms. Seeing the baby all rush to him to see the baby who was sleeping peacefully in his father’s arm.
Ridhima asked “jiju can I take him” shubhankar smiled but then said “princess abhi toh baby ko clean karna hai toh tum baad mein lena abhi mein Bus sab ko baby se milane laya tha” smiling at his thoughts they all nodded while nandani chided shubhankar “Tum pagal ho shubhankar baby kkoo infection ho sakta hai aise hi le aaye tum baby ko bahar” in reply he just pout.
Caressing his hair with smile nandani said “Jao andar nurse baby ko clean kar ke wrap kar degi sheets mein” nodding with all excitement he waked back in to see nurse waiting.
Giving baby in her arms shubhankar moved towards keerti kissing her on her forehead he whispered ‘Thank you Keerti”

Soon she was shifter in private room, keerti came to conscious had hour ago with baby cry. Once se feed the baby everyone walked in. Where everyone meet baby playing with him while nandani was sitting by keerti side feeding her the food hospital provides for the patients.
Keerti keep smiling seeing everyone so busy adoring the baby as he was sleeping unaware of the admirers he got. Shubhankar gently lift the baby in his arms to get a shout from Armaan as he missed look of the baby “Bhai”

That was it to wake baby up, who started crying hearing a sudden loud voice around him. Karan hit Armaan on his arms “Sharam nahi aati bache ko rula diya” he got scolding to which he himself make a baby face saying “Sorry” but within a second he turn defensive saying “par bhai ne uthaya kyun baby komein khel raha tha baby ke sath” to which ridhima replied caressing baby to making him calm down “Baby so raha tha tum kaise khel rahe the” but Armaan dint bug from his defensive mode “Haan toh theek hai mein dekh raha tha baby ko mera hak hai”

Keerti smiled as baby was now all calm in his father’s arm and mausi’s caressing “Armaan Baby ko dekhni ki kya jarurat hai tum mirror hi dekh lo” saying so keerti took baby in her arms while Armaan just smile sheepishly scratching his head. Ridhima who was admiring the baby a while back look at Armaan slightly blushing at keerti’s comment. But soon Karan’s comment made armaan’s blush take a route to ridhima’s cheeks as well ‘Tu kya sharma raha hai. Sharam nahi aati tujhe tera khud ke bache hone ki umar hai aur yahan tu khud bacho ki harkat kar raha hai” Armaan frown with his father hitting him on his head playfully

Hearing which Ridhima was blushing hard which caught Armaan’s attention which only deepen her blush. Excusing her self ridhima went out “Mein abhi aai” as she came out she rested her hand on her heart which was beating like mad beats of drums. Armaan came out after her, seeing her like that he stood a step away from her facing her. Holding on to her face in his palm Armaan’s involuntary words came out of his mouth “Oye hoye.” Making her blush more if it was even possible. To hide in from him she just hugged him dearly hiding her face in his chest. Smiling at her Armaan to hold her in his arms tightly as they were in the lonely corridor.
Couple of Week Later

Keerti was discharge the next day of delivering the baby since then they were at home but she was strictly asked to rest for 40 days as the body need that rest to go back to the normal functioning as before.

While Armaan ridhima were always took time to send with the baby as much as the can. Sometimes ridhima would insist to let her give bath to baby and dress him up, which Armaan would stubbornly join in ridhima where sometimes he would help ridhima or sometimes he would just get lost seeing her with a baby. That smile on her face having baby in her arms would just be the sight to watch.
One such day Armaan walk in to play with baby, but he saw keerti was nowhere in the room nor he find anyone. He thought keerti would be in washroom only that’s why baby s sleeping with pillows around. Armaan was sitting beside baby blowing air on his face as he move his little hands in sleep feeling ticklish, seeing his small-small action Armaan was smiling.

But suddenly baby started crying. Armaan tried to see what happened, thinking he might be hungry Armaan put his little finger on his lips to see if he was really hungry or not when baby didn’t took his finger in his mouth Armaan understood he isn’t cry because of empty stomach.
Then he check his nappy. Now he knew why this little prince was crying his heart out he was not empty stomach but have emptied his stomach. “Badmash… badmashi kar ke rob hi khud hi raha hai… hmm” Armaan spook to the baby while taking out his nappy as he was crying. As soon as nappy was out baby stopped crying and gave wide smile to Armaan. Seeing that Armaan spoke “Tera sahi hain beta ek second mein rota hai aur phir hasta rahta hai” he was keeping him in his talk, trying to put a new fresh nappy around him.

Keerti who was in washroom came out hearing baby crying, as she came out she saw Armaan putting his finger on his lips to check is baby hungry or not. She stand back not wanting to interrupt Armaan as he was taking great care of baby already. While shubhankar who have come few minutes before stood on the door seeing Armaan changing the nappy for the baby and struggling to put new nappy but was failing to do so.

As he failed to do so he scratch his head cutely he raise nappy in his hand and keep rotating it trying to figure it out how this little piece of cloth goes around the baby..
Shaking their head both moved up to Armaan giving smile seeing each other. “Armaan” keerti called out bringing out Armaan from his confusing world. “hunh” he sounded looking back to see his bhai bhabhi standing behind him Smiling idiotically he put up a nappy in air to show what he was trying to do “Help” he said simply making keerti laugh at him while shubhankar ruffle his hair.

Taking nappy in her hand from him she wrap it around the baby. Armaan was looking so attentively as who keerti is doing it. He loved doing things for the baby. After all he have learnt all the small things about baby from the ladies who keep doing things to check when baby cry.

He even question them when they use to do things like they keep finger on baby’s lips when he cry without taking him in arms. Getting possessive of baby crying he once said “maa Baby ro raha hai aur aap finger rakh rahi ho uske lips pe use uthao na god mein” saying that he himself picked up the baby in his arms when baby who came in contact with his ear started sulking it.

Baby stopped crying but Armaan, He laughed at that but once again baby cried. Nandani said isse bhook lagi hai is liya ro raha hai” Armaan looked at her “Apko kaise pata” he doubted.
“Abhi tune dekha isne kya kiya tera god mein lete hi” Armaan smile at that pulling his chin down but his finger touch his lips and he started sucking the finger. “ab bhi samjh nahi aaya” nandani asked seeing who baby was getting desperate for his feed.

Armaan shake his head giving baby to keerti. Nandani took Armaan out of the room and then nandani told him about baby crying when they need something, so to check what they need, they use these small tricks. So when they are hungry they suck the thing that touches their lips to show they are hungry and what food.

Armaan just nodded his head understandingly. And such incident keep happening where not only Armaan ridhima to learnt lot of things having a baby in a family and also understood few responsibilities of being a mother.

In this one week learning baby thing was not the only changes that occurred in family.
In Armaan ridhima’s life every day a new changes came sometimes small sometimes big.
One such day Armaan came home getting freshen up they all have dinner after which keerti shubhankar were pampering their baby sitting in the living room. Armaan was going in his room as he wants to show ridhima something rather he want to handle ridhima something to look up on.
But his eyes fell on her who was sitting a bit away from them was looking at them deeply there was something in her eyes. Love, affection, happiness, excitement was not the only expression that her eyes hold they hold something more, to read what it is Armaan settle himself beside her.

Ridhima look at him with the same emotions still floating in her eyes it was just a second of look she spare him before looking back at her di jiju. In that one second of look he had he was surprise to see a longing in her eyes seeing them, she lean on Armaan leaving her weight on him resting her one side on his strong frame.

To confirm the emotion he read was correct or he was reading too much out of it Armaan took hold of her chin pulling her face towards himself. ridhima to looked at him, staring deep in her eyes Armaan whispered her name “Ridhima” to which on tear skipped her eyes while smile wasn’t leaving her lips as well as eyes shine was still  intact  even after tear was there a second before.
Removing that small tear that was now resting on her cheek ridhima shake her head from right to left seeing concern in his eyes.

“Nothing, it’s just I am so over whelmed with the fact that the love between the couples lead to the birth of this delicate small life. It’s just that I wanted to feel…..” she stopped in between realize what she was saying. As realization stuck to her she just got up from her place to go to her room.
Armaan was just left blank, his mind was playing her left over words trying to complete it in his own ways as his mind or heart was filling in the blank that she left. In his mixture of emotions he too left the place without realizing that shubhankar called him. Seeing him to responding shubhankar called him again but keerti stopped him as she have heard ridhima while playing with baby.

Reaching the room he saw her standing by the window looking out towards moon with her hand resting on her heart. Closing the door behind he went up to her standing behind her Armaan just encircle his one arm from one side of her shoulder and resting it on the other side.  While his other hand rested on her tummy encircled. Ridhima who was lost in her words she said to him some minutes raise her hands holding on his hands absent mindedly but back came out of her thoughts.
“You want to talk..?” Armaan asked the simplest question near her ear in whispering tone. To which she matched his tone “Some other day” nodding at her he kept standing there hugging her and while later she left her weight on him. Sharing this silence was nowhere pinching them but it was soothing to them.

After sometime Armaan whispered “I wanted to give you something” ridhima turn around looking in his eyes she asked what it is. To give reply to her question “Hold on” saying so he moved to place where he keeps the papers or files. Taking out one file out, he just check the file if it was the one or not, seeing it was the correct file he march back towards her. “Here” he forwarded the file to her.
Getting Confused she raise her eyes at him when he just smile and move his hand a bit towards her with eyeing the file for a second indicating her to read the file. Taking the file in her hand she opened it to see the content.

Reading it for some time to get what exactly it is. She was surprised to say anything “When” was the only word that came out of her lips that did nothing but made Armaan smile at her expression.
“Last couple of week” Armaan answered her one word to get another one word from her.
“Why” to which he just shrug off his shoulder. But ridhima was still looking at him with surprise yet questioning look.


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