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part 4 : Sensual Seduction (AR)

He settled down next to her holding her shoulder, he has a fake emotion of sympathy on his face… "Ridhima… look at me…" she looked away form him. HE held her chin with his finger and turned her face towards his. The minute he saw the tears in her eyes, emotions started gushing through him… What the! He thought….


As he kept staring at her face that was filled with tears, he felt slightly afraid, She doesn't look good with tears, he thought. He closed his eyes to see a smiling face of her, which made him smile; Yeah she definitely looks better smiling. He cupped her face in between his palms and made her look into his eyes. As he proceeded to her face looking at her trembling lips, she turned away. He stopped and kissed her forehead, so gently, and with a surge of emotion. She felt safe and protected as he kissed her forehead; it reminded her of the love she never received from her father. She turned back around and stared into his eyes. She saw intense passion in his eyes, he always had that passion in there… but this time it was just passion, there was something hidden behind that passion.

 Prurience maybe, she thought as he approached her again, but this time she didn't back away. He kissed her tears away, as they escaped her eyes drop by drop. He dissipated on her cheeks, every place her tears touched. He cupped her face, bringing her closer, as he brushed his lips slightly against hers. He backed away to see if she was uncomfortable, but she wasn't. He engulfed her lips in his, and he nibbled down from there. As they both fell on the sofa, him on top of her. He scrutinized her from top to bottom, as he saw all her curves, and her gorgeous milky thighs. He caressed every single spot on her body, as she cuddled up next to him on the sofa. The two so-called "LOVERS" didn't have sex or anything, but they surely had an enjoyable time making out, and feeling each other, you can call it pre-sex.

Ridhima woke up with the loud ringer of her phone, "Hello" she said angrily. "Ridhz, where were… I mean I saw you in the office and all yesterday, but then you were gone from 3, and I still didn't see you leave the office… Where were you that whole time…" Ridhima sighed, she knew what Muskaan was talking about. What can Ridhima tell her, she was sleeping with her boss during that time…? "Muskaan, I had to go to a meeting with Mr. Malik, and then I felt exhausted so he told me to go home… That's why you probably didn't see me" she lied to Muskaan. "Ohh yeah probably.. anyways, I called to tell you that I am having a sleepover party, all girls, and I wanted to know  if you can come… I promise we will have loads of fun… and I wont take no for an answer… please Ridhzzz!!!" she said in one breathe. "Okay… okay, I'll come… how can I say no to all your pleading. Happy now!" Muskaan was really happy. "Of course dude… so it's after 2 days, we don't have work the next day, come by at 8 alright…" Muskaan said happily. "Sure Hun… I'll see you then… bye…" She put the phone down and sighed in relief. She looked down to realize that she was in Armaan's embrace, on top of his chest while talking to Muskaan.

"good morning babe" Armaan said moving up, kissing her on the lip. Breaking away, she tried to get up, but the positioning was jus to uncomfortable that she couldn't move. They both were on a sofa and squashed together. It had to be either Armaan on the bottom or Ridhima, that's how small the sofa was. As Ridhima tried to get up, she felt a slight pull on her hair, as she looked down, she noticed her hair was entangled onto the buttons of Armaan's shirt. She tried to get them out, but was unable to. As she tried to get out, she noticed the few buttons open on his shirt, which was exposing his chest. She felt slightly uncomfortable, and it didn't go unnoticed by him.

Feeling her fingers brush against his chest, he felt electrifying vibrations go through his body. He spotted the little frown on her face as she struggled to get out. He attempted to help her out, and when he went to release her hair from the buttons, his fingers slightly brushed against hers. I could have sworn I saw a blush on her face… he thought, as his lips formed into a wide smile. Armaan broke the bond between his buttons and her hair. As she got ff him she whispered shyly, "Umm… we're late for work, I think we should get ready…" as she was about to leave he grabbed onto her wrist, while he got up he pulled her causing her to land on his lap.

"A boss is never late for work, the employees are just early… and your not late because you were with me the whole time… weren't you?" he said raising her eyebrows. Ridhima nodded, as she turned red throughout her face. "You know we don't have to go to work today, and just…," he said bringing his face to her neck. Ridhima got of his lap with a jerk, "I don't think you get it Armaan… you're my boss, and I'm your employee… So lets keep the distance". This made Armaan angry, "FINE! I DON'T NEED YOU, I GOT A LOT MORE THAN YOU, THAT ARE EVEN PREETIER!" he said slamming the door. Ridhima tried to keep her poise… "God this guy is so obnoxious, just because he's rich and hot doesn't mean he can get anyone…"

As she walked into the office, she noticed nobody present in the room. "Psht. He's probably in his bedroom sleeping with another girl…" she said settling herself on the chair.

Suddenly Anjali the receptionist walks in, "Ridhima, Armaan left to Georgia for two day's, he has a huge presentation, and asked if you can come… Give me you answer by 5 alright" Anjali was about to walk out, "NO!" Anjali turned around. "HUH?" she said confused. "No, I'm not going. Tell him I can't come, I have something important to do…" "Fine, then I'll just go instead of you…I don't think he would mind…" Anjali said happily.

The whole day went slowly for Ridhima. She felt so bored, no one to yell at or talk back at… Armaan was probably the only boss who allowed people to call him by his name, and to talk back to him… He gave his employees a break, and let them have their own freedom in the office. She couldn't believe that she's actually gonna say this, I think I miss you Armaan, and it's been only 1 day since you left… Wait what the hell am I saying, I can't miss that arrogant, self absorbed, freak… All he cares about is himself, he's probably sleeping in his bedroom with another girl...or at the bar staring at strippers… Just relax and go to sleep Ridhz, who knows maybe you might even forget his name by tomorrow… she feel asleep dreaming her usual dreams of 'him'.

"Armaan you don't look happy seeing me here…I mean come on we once had a thing going on…" Anjali said holding his hand on the counter of a bar. "It's not that Anjali, I was just surprised… I thought Ridhima would come…I really needed her…" Anjali got mad in hearing Ridhima's name. "Ridhima… she may give you good advices, but she can't give you the pleasure I can give you" Anjali said getting up, and putting his arms around her waist. He observed Anjali from head to toe. She was wearing a pinup girl outfit, exposing her cleavage, and her long thighs. Normally that would turn Armaan on, but for some reason he's not in the mood, or was it just it didn't fascinate him anymore.

"Anjali, I don't think it's gonna happen" he said sighing. "WHAT! Why not… I mean I know you need a different girl by your side, but for once, can you give all the other girls a break, and just have me… Ever since that night, I couldn't stop thinking about you" Anjali said approaching his face. Armaan got annoyed and back off, he stood up taking his hands of her waist. "LISTEN I'M TIRED OKAY… AND I NEVER INVITED YOU TO COME, I SPECIFICALLY SAID RIDHIMA OKAY… SO JUST LEAVE ME ALONE, AND GET THE HELL OUTTA HERE!" Armaan said leaving her there alone.

Muskaan's sleepover.

Muskaan, Ridhima, and three other were chatting about work and life.

"So girls, what do you think about our boss Armaan Malik… He's so hot right!" All the girls were getting excited hearing his name, except for Ridhima. She looked at them, pathetic was the only world that came out of her mouth. All the girls looked shocked at her… "Are you crazy girl… how can you call that Greek god pathetic… I mean he ahs everything a girl wants… and even more!" a girl screamed out. "No, I'm not calling him pathetic, I'm calling you guys pathetic for drooling all over him…I mean he's just a regular guy…" "A regular guy… are you crazy woman… Every single girl in this world wants him… he's like the top bachelor… he has all girls spinning in his finger… and your calling him regular… and you should consider yourself lucky to be his assistant… I would die to get hat position.." Ridhima smiled at the girl sarcastically. "Well maybe you should have been smarter". All the girls looked at Ridhima angrily.

Eventually their talk went from Armaan to personal life. "So how many boyfriends have you had in your life Ridhima, and which one was the longest," Muskaan asked. Ridhima looked slightly uncomfortable, "Well I had about 5… and the longest was this guy name Danny… I broke up with him because he said I Love You to me, and I wasn't ready for a commitment, and I'm still not". "WOW! so your not really into all those lovey dovey stuff… Well looks like Armaan won't be able to take a bite outta you…" All the girls laughed, while Ridhiam just remained quiet nervously. OHHH! You guys have no idea…he took a bite outta me not once, but twice!

The girls were eating and watching a movie, when suddenly Muskaan's phone rang. "Hello… Mr. Armaan… OMG do you need anything… Ridhima, yeah she's here… okay I'll tell her" Muskaan looked up and screeched…. "OMG! Guy's it was Armaan… he actually called me… EKE!" All the girls got excited. "OH! By the way Ridhima… Armaan wants you to bring him Mr. Khanna's file.. He said he's sending his driver to pick you up…" "WHAT! THIS LATE AT NIGHT! WHY!" Ridhima shouted.


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