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part 4 : You Best Thing Ever Happen To Me(ss)

Prt.4 – She know me Like No one else

Same day in evening Armaan’s phone rings up displaying an unknown number on screen while he was sitting in his cabin all free. He pick the call up “Hello” she spoke up to here “Hello is it Doctor From sanjeevni Hospital.” The voice of a girl asked “Yes I am Dr.Armaan speaking. How can I help you” he asked back hearing the girl voice.

“Dr.Armaan actually I wanted to meet you.” She said making armaan raise his eye brows in confusion “Excuse me” armaan said. “I mean there is an emergency in nearby mall of the sanjeevni my friend has fallen down and she is bleeding can you please come here. I was trying sanjeevni reception number but it was not getting through” armaan was confused as how she got his number but dismissing the though from his mind know the medical emergency he stood up to leave. He thought to inform ridhima but she was in surgery. So armaan left with the note with Sister Lovey to give it to ridhima before going away. He rushed to the mall that girl have described he was searching for her when he got call from ridhima “Hello basket” armaan spoke up receiving the call while his eyes were still searching for the girl. “Armaan where are you I went to your cabin but you were nowhere to be seen” ridhima asked him but his attention got diverted when he saw a small group formed at some distance. Thinking it to be the spot where the girl might be armaan spoke up on the phone “Ridhima I am out for emergency I will talk to you later” with that he cut the call without waiting for ridhima’s reply. Pushing his phone in jeans pocket he took fast steps towards the group.
Reaching the group armaan tried to make his way inside the circle form only to be left confused. There was no accident happen here but there was a girl standing in between the circle speaking something. “Excuse me… can you please tell me if there is some accident happen here.” Armaan tried to ask someone who was standing in the crowd when the girl standing in between with her back towards him turn around making armaan shout out “YOU” while the girl just gave a big smile to him.
“Yes Me… Why can’t I come bunty” the girl asked armaan. “What are you doing here and what that fake call for pari was?” Armaan asked her but not giving him any answered she moved forward and hugged him. Armaan hugged her back for short time but when she never left him he pushed her irritated. “Why are you calling me pari” she asked him while armaan looked at her weirdly “That’s what your name is I guess PARI” he replied stressing more on her name “No bunty it’s bubbly for you.  Remember Bunty bubbly.” Making armaan smile. “Anyway what are you doing here plus sir never told me about you coming back.” Armaan asked her “You know it I like giving surprise so here I am plus I forgot the address so I came here” she replied joyfully as always “Why haven’t you came to sanjeevni instead why mall than” armaan fired yet another question “You forgot my Sautan is also there na” bubbly spoke up making armaan confuse for a while “Sautan..!!”
“Yeah ridhima remember my Sautan” she replied hitting armaan on his head playfully. Armaan laughed remembering the old memories “yeah right. Let’s enjoy this day not telling ridhima about this meeting.”
Sheena who was coincidently in the same mall and watching armaan and the new girl in same frame talking laughing since long moved towards them only to here last few sentence of their conversation from the part where Bubbly declared ridhima as her Sautan and armaan too was planning the day out with the same girl. Smirking at this she made up something in her mind and rush out of the mall to go somewhere. So she was inside sanjeevni asking for Dr.Ridhima. When she spotted her coming from ICU. Rushing towards ridhima she spoke up “Hello ridhima” ridhima looked up at her excited greetings knowing there is something cooking in Sheena’s mind ridhima greeted back in low voice “Hi” and was about to move away when she asked “Ridhima armaan was dear friend of mine so I want to wear something pretty in his wedding but I in hurry to fly here left my dress back at home can u please come with me to get some new dress. I am new here and you know this city very well please help me Na… Meanwhile we will shop and can get to know each other too.” Sheena asked her. Ridhima was about to deny her when Dr.Keerti came and said “Dr.Ridhima the Patient you operated on is stable now. You have been working on the case since long now you go home and take rest you are free for the day” with that she left ridhima behind to get stuck with Sheena. Having no excuse now ridhima have to go with her.
So Ridhima walked with Sheena to nearby mall. As soon as they got inside ridhima looked at few good stores asking Sheena to go inside and have a check on the collections but all she got in reply was one of other excuse of not to look at the dress like “They doesn’t have the Good stuff of clothing” or “They look dull even on display” or “This Brand isn’t what I want” etc etc… Getting irritated with her useless excuse on not wanting to even check the single Dress ridhima asked you seeing her looking here and there “Sheena are you even interested in getting a dress to yourself or are you just up to waste the time roaming around.” But Sheena was looking somewhere else with something in mind so she didn’t heard what ridhima said so she have to shake Sheena to talk to her. “Sheena Are you even listening to me… why aren’t you looking into some shop to explore what you want looking just like that won’t bring you the thing you want in your hands”
“Ridhima I am tiered can we got to food court and have something to eat than we will see the shops promise” Sheena suggested that to ridhima. Giving up on her ridhima just made her move towards Food court of the mall leaving Sheena to follow her.  Soon they were in there ordering their food when Sheena lost her hope to find armaan again thinking he must have left from there with the girl her all excitement came crushing down but to her surprise ridhima she have turned with her order saw armaan sitting somewhere in food court and whispered his name making Sheena turn and look everywhere to find him. Ridhima lead her way with her order in her hands towards armaan while Sheena keep looking where she was going.
Ridhima reached up to armaan and tapped on his shoulder to make him turn while the girl was in front of him and ridhima have seen who the girl is. Sheen too have by the time have come catching them. “Armaan don’t you have shame left. We are getting married in few days and you are sitting here with her” Sheena was jumping inside but showed seriousness outside. “Ridhima… basket listen to me” armaan tried to talk to ridhima but she stopped him in middle “Listen what armaan. This is what I get trusting you” armaan was getting tensed hearing her “Basket I can explain…” but again ridhima cut him “Now you will come up with excuse armaan. I never expected this from you.”
“But ridhima just listen to me Na once… She….” Armaan didn’t get time to complete his words even this time “Armaan why you didn’t told me Pari is here. Hello pari how are you” ridhima greeted girl happily hugging her dearly making Sheena Shocked and armaan surprise while all pari and ridhima did was to laugh at armaan’s expression. “Bunty look at you, you look funny with that expression” pari said making him come out of his surprise state correcting his expression. Getting to know it was all drama that his basket pull off on him he just pulled her with her hand towards himself and hugged her tightly. “My basket is getting smarter Hunh.” Making her giggle “Now your few qualities are meant to rub off on me” making him kiss her hairs out of love hugging her again.
(Pari aka Bubbly – Shubhankar sister)
Few seconds later when they didn’t broke apart pari said “Bunty you already ditched me in just an hour just like last time” dramatically as she said ridhima matched her “Sorry pari. Your bunty renamed himself as armaan to be mine. Better luck next time. This birth of his is booked for rest of the life.”
“Ridhima is that you in real. Haye… it’s too rare you say some lovy dovy things to me. This day is going to be in book with golden words” Armaan asked her, she blushed at this and armaan whispered his trade mark word “oye hoye”
Sheena was standing a step back all confused so she raised her voice to get the answers to her question “Guys what’s all is it happening” to which armaan replied “you are here too Sheena I never noticed you all this while” making Sheena’s blood boil at his ignorance but showed nothing on face. “I was here only armaan all this while but who is the girl with you” before armaan ridhima can reply pari spoke up “I am Pari. Armaan ridhima’s friend” but Sheena was confused “But you said Sautan….” Sheena was trying to figure things out so he spoke but with full voice but gradually her voice fade away making no one listen to word Sautan except ridhima. “Anyway I was here to buy something for myself for your wedding with ridhima now I guess we 4 have hang out for some time” Sheena said diverting the topic. But ridhima was staring at her when something stuck in her mind.
Ridhima thought “So this is why she brought me her for in the mall all of a sudden to create misunderstanding in between me and armaan. How can I forget what di asked me in morning after we left armaan’s place. She told me what Sheena was saying to her about armaan. That obsession thing and love. Now she know it was nothing the need of a dress but she want to drag ridhima here so she can part her and armaan away. So cheap tricks she is playing. Let me see how low you can step Sheena. I promise you nothing can work now as I know your intension in real, earlier I was assuming things but now you made it all clear to me. You do whatever you want to do, my revenge will be only one thing my wedding with armaan without any fight between us or any delay” ridhima was lost in her thoughts so she never see the bite armaan was holding in front of her. Armaan shake her lightly by hitting his shoulder with hers as soon as she was out of her thoughts he raised his eye brows to know what was it but she smiled shaking her head. Than armaan again raise his hand with the spoon to feed her food which she happily take smiling at him and secretly looked at Sheena fuming. Soon she too lifted the bite in spoon to feed him.
“Ridhima armaan brought Pasta for himself and you are feeding him South Indian. If he have to eat that he would he brought that only he didn’t liked south Indian” Sheena interrupted in between making armaan frown at her interruption and ridhima felt sad for a minute. Just for a minute that sadness last as armaan spoke up “Sheena I guess I have my own voice and mind to say what I like or not. Thank you for remind but its better if you don’t teach ridhima about me she knows me better than anyone else. She knows what I like and what not. I agree I never eat south Indian that’s why I never liked it but when she feed me I am liking it more than anything. One should eat everything to like or dislike it, without tasting it we should never set image of it. I am eating it as I am liking it. Ridhima know I have never eaten south Indian so she feed me that to make me developed taste of it and by my face she know it if she should put 2nd bite in my mouth or not. As she know by my face that I liked it or not after the very first bite. So yeah it’s not you matter to speak about. And for your information it’s not me only, it’s her too. She never eat pasta and all but I know she liking it with her expression when I put first bite in her mouth and knowing she liked it I keep feeding her that. So let it be you concentrate on your food leave it to ourselves.
Ridhima stare at armaan with smile on her face admiring him. This isn’t new that armaan is supporting her and her thoughts but day by day she is falling with him and his simple act that define him and their love in his every action.  A while back she was thinking to let Sheena try anything and everything that she can to break armaan and her apart but she now don’t want it. She know armaan and his nature that can’t hold grudges for anyone so she don’t want to let armaan get into things and regret later. She can’t see him into that phase. He is too good to have to be into that phase.
After that when everyone is tiered they got up to leave. Sheena was expecting armaan will come with her as they have to same place but armaan don’t have same thing in mind. “Sheena You have come her in Car then you carry on. I will drop Pari and ridhima home than I will come.”
“But armaan Ridhima and pari have to go in same way they can take the car with them why you are going to opposite side they are not alone after all” Sheena tried to interrupt but failed in her motive “Sheena I asked you something while back please keep it in mind.” Armaan replied to her. “I was just saying that you are tiered and you should rest that’s all” she defended herself “Thanks for concern Sheena but my concern is ridhima’s safety and I can’t give it away. Anyway you carry on I will drop them first.”
sulking at his decision Sheena left and pari commented on her “Bunty is she into you” but ridhima spoke up “Pari she is just crazy let her be, she is a friend and let it her that only. Now we should make a move I am tiered” Ridhima tried to brush it off with pretense. Armaan was in his thoughts that he never heard the girls. But when ridhima hold his arms he looked at her and both shared a smile before walking arms in arms with each other towards the exit of the mall with bubbly walking ahead of them babbling something or other.
Soon armaan stopped his car in front to Shubhankar house to drop pari there. She invited them in but when they said no without other word she enthusiastically said “okay than Bye” walking inside the house. Leaving AR to smile at her.
Armaan again started driving, backing the car out of the gate he changed the gear from reverse to 2nd one to pick the pace of the car. Ridhima who was up till now sitting on her seat lean towards armaan putting her hand on his over the gear handle while her head rest on his shoulder with other arm around his arm. Armaan looked briefly towards ridhima kissing her on her forehead he looked back on road not wanting any causality to happen. While ridhima just closed her eyes living through the words of the Song played in the Fm.

Aayushi Gupta

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