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part 41 : To Err is Human

RECAP: Armaan lifted her chin and bent down gently. His hands reached for the tie on her bathrobe as his lips descended on hers. She groaned with pleasure as his fingers crawled under the silken robe on her bare skin; his lips savored her sweet petals as the two lovers tasted each other after two long years of separation. He lifted her in his arms and carried her to the bedroom…..

"Armaaan," she murmured against his chest as she gently slid off his arms to the floor, "main…main," her voice choked, "tumhare bina apne aap ko kitna akela mehsoos karti thi…..mujhey nahin pataa tha tum mere andar is kadar tak samaa chuke ho….I was so alone without you…..I missed you……kitni bechain thi main tumhare liye……kitni door chale gaye the tum mujhse…."

Armaan placed his finger on her lips, "sshhh….aaj inhee dooriyon ko mitaane aaya hoon main," his husky voice and dexterous fingers on her silky body made her restless. With trembling lips and a familiar sweet pulsation inside her, she embraced him firmly, afraid to let go of him.

He nibbled on her ears and then carried her swiftly to her bed.

Kitni bechain hoke tumse mili - 2
Tumko kya thi khabar thi main kitni akeli
Aaah haa, haa haa, haa haa, aah aah aah haa haa - 2

Kitna bechain hoke tumse mila - 2
Tumko kya thi khabar tha main kitna akela
Aaah haa, haa haa, haa haa, aah aah aah haa haa - 2

Ke kitni mohabbat hai tumse
Zara paas aake to dekho

Kya aag hai dhadkanon mein
Gale se lagaake to dekhko

Bataayi naa jaaye zubaan se yeh haalat
Meri jismo jaan ko tumhaari hai chaahat

Kitna bechain hoke tumse mila
Kitna bechain hoke

Jo hai darmiyaan ek parda
Isse jaaneman ab hata de

Yehi faasle keh rahe hai
Chalo dooriyon ko mita de

Na koi tamanna hai, na koi hasrat
Mujhe to sanam hai tumhaari zaroorat

Kitna bechain hoke tumse mila - 2
Tumko kya thi khabar tha main kitna akela
Aaah haa, haa haa, haa haa, aah aah aah haa haa - 2

Kitni bechain hoke tumse mili - 2
Tumko kya thi khabar thi main kitni akeli
Aaah haa, haa haa, haa haa, aah aah aah haa haa – 2



"Prithvi tum?" Angad clenched his fists in fury; why was life playing such a cruel game with him? Of all people in this world, why was his the only familiar face in this unknown place?

"Hi Angad…..I know you are perhaps upset to see me…..lekin yakeen maano tumhein dekhkar mujhey bahut khushi ho rahi hai," Prithvi replied confidently, something alien to his personality in the past.

"Yeah right! Ab kis jurm mein phasaana chaahte ho mujhey?" Angad asked sarcastically.

"Jaanta hoon….tum mujhpar ab kabhie vishwaas nahin karoge…..aur karna bhi nahin chaahiye….aakhir maine tumhare saath bahut bura kiya tha…..but believe me your presence here is most welcome……not only by me…..but I am sure by my patient also."

"Patient?" Angad asked impatiently, "I don't care about you…..or your patients….hamesha ki tarah apna kaam doosron se hi karwaate ho….I guess you can't handle your cases here either….aur waise tumhein yahan kaam kaise mil gaya? You were expelled from Sanjeevani…weren't you? Or maybe, you trapped someone else and connived your way into this place? I am sure your incompetence will not go unnoticed for too long!"

Prithvi was visibly hurt by Angad's harsh remarks; Angad still had the ability to perturb him like before. He swallowed his pain and lowered his head, "Kripa…Kripa is in the Dialysis unit on the 4th floor…tum shayad usey hi dhoondh rahe ho." An indignant Prithvi walked away from Angad, unable to meet his gaze.

A stunned and confused Angad stood frozen outside the elevators. He was not sure whether he should trust Prithvi after what he had done to him two years ago but something about Prithvi's tone told him that he meant every word he just said. He wanted to run after Prithvi to get more details, but he had vanished as fast as he had appeared.

The loud and screeching noise of the old hospital elevator interrupted his thoughts. As the doors flew open, Angad stepped in, and it seemed that instead of him, a divine force pressed the button to the fourth floor.

Angad stepped out, his legs shaky as he walked towards the sign DIALYSIS UNIT. Was Prithvi trying to trap him in another scandal? Why do I believe that fraud? Angad was about to retrace his steps back to the elevator, when he saw Kripa's parents walk out of a room to the waiting area. His heart sank at the sight; with a pounding in his chest, he walked cautiously towards them, "kis mooh se unka saamna karoonga main? Unki beti ki responsibility li thi maine…..they trusted me so much….and I betrayed all of them."

For the first time in his life, Angad felt like a coward and for a fleeting moment, had the desire to run away from there instead of facing her parents. He clenched his fists and shut his eyes, "yeh main kya kar raha hoon? Ek baar phir Kripa ko akela chhod ne ki soch raha hoon?" He shook his head and mustered the courage to face their wrath.

Gayatri spotted a disheveled Angad in the hallway. Her expression changed from a worried mother's to a stern one; she looked away as Angad approached Suryabhan. Before Suryabhan could realize, Angad was at his feet, "pranaam pa..papa."

"Kaun?" Suryabhan stepped back and was stunned to see Angad, "Angad?" Angad stood up and folded his palms and turned to Gayatri, "Namaste mama!"

Gayatri was visibly upset, she wiped her tears with the corner of her saree pallu and looked away, "ab kyun aaye ho Angad?"

"Jaanta hoon aap mujh se naaraaz hain…..main ek bahut bura insaan hoon…..aapki beti ka dhyaan nahin diya maine…..lekin mera vishwaas kee jiye…..mujhey Kripa ne kuch nahin bataaya tha," Angad lamented with his eyes glued to the floor.

"Angad…..please chale jao yahan se…..humein ab tumhare jhoothe aashwaasan ki zaroorat nahin hai…..hum apni beti ki dekh baal kar sakte hain," Gayatri said firmly.

"Aapko meri zaroorat na ho mama….lekin mujhey tho hai…..main bahut sharminda hoon…..please mujhey Kripa se milne deejiye," Angad pleaded. Suryabhan sensed the guilt and remorse in Angad's voice; his appearance and body language was proof of his poignant state.

Suryabhan stepped forward and placed his hand on Angad's shoulder, "Angad…..humnein tumhein apna beta maana tha…..aur abhi bhi maante hain……aur bachchon se galti tho ho jaati hai," he smiled and patted his back, "jao…..she needs you……wo chaahe tumse door rahi ho…..par main jaanta hoon, tum abhi bhi uski yaadon mein basey ho…..she still loves you Angad…..aur is waqt main apni beti ki khushi ke liye kuch bhi kar sakta hoon….jao beta…..andar jao….wo so rahi hai…..lekin tumhein dekh kar khush hogi."

"Thanks papa," Angad smiled tearfully and then looked at Gayatri, "lekin jab tak mama mujhey maaf nahin karengi, main andar nahin jaaoonga."

Gayatri broke down; her pent up anger melted as she hugged Angad and cried on his shoulder, "beta….Kripa ne hum sabko dhokhe mein rakha….agar us din Dr Mani ka phone nahin aata…..tho shayad humein uski bimaari ke baare mein pata hi nahin chalta……itna badha raaz hum sab se chupa kar rakha usney…..sochti thi humein pataa chalega tho pareshaan ho jaayenge."

Angad comforted Gayatri, "Main a baa gaya hoon mama…..ab Kripa meri responsibility hai…..uska ilaaj aur dekh baal ab main karoonga….bas aap dono ka sahara aur aashirwaad chaahiye."

She held onto Angad as a mother would a child; an experience that had been robbed from him since his childhood. Her warmth and affection reminded him of Kripa even more.

"Wo tho hamesha tum dono ke saath rahega beta….galti meri bhi hai…..I should have told you about her problem when we met you in Mumbai," Suryabhan stepped forward and held them in his arms.

"Shayad hum sab se hi kahin na kahin galti huyi hai…..lekin mujhey vishwaas hai ki Kripa bilkul theek ho jaayegi…..aaj kal kidney transplant ke baad log bilkul normal life jeete hain……she will be fine I know," Angad smiled tearfully and pulled away from them. He helped Gayatri sit on a chair, "aap yahan baithiye mama….main Kripa se milkar aata hoon."


Kripa was asleep in the room, a large dialysis machine next to her bed made a groaning noise as it pumped blood in and out of her delicate veins to filter out the waste products, her failing kidneys were unable to. Dressed in a hospital gown, with a magazine on top of her, she had dozed off while waiting for the machine to complete it's cycle. Angad walked in and was overwhelmed to see his petite beloved with tubes, catheters, blood pressure cuff and other monitors attached to her. He was used to seeing patients in that state day in and day out, but seeing Kripa like that choked his emotions. He thought, "tumhein ek dulhan ke roop mein dekhna chaahta tha ek din….is roop mein nahin….but I promise Kripa…..I will make sure you will be my bride one day….."

Angad kneeled against the bed and gently touched her hand. Her eyes fluttered as Angad anxiously waited for her to wake up. Instead, she squeezed his hand with her frail fingers and fell into a deep slumber. Perhaps, at a subconscious level, his proximity and touch soothed her restive soul and she fell asleep like she had not in the last 1 years. Angad placed his other hand on top of hers; he recalled the night she had stayed up holding his hand after his accident in Sanjeevgarh.

sun zara, soniye sun zara - 4
aaj khamoshiyon se
aa rahi hai sadaa
dhadkane hai deewani
dil bhi kuch kahe raha hai
sun zara, soniye sun zara
sun zara soniye sun zara
aaj khamoshiyon se
aa rahi hai sadaa
dhadkane hai deewani
dil bhi kuch kahe raha hai
sun zara, soniye sun, sun, sun zara
beete lamhon ke saaye to
bas yahin tham gaye hain
yaad mujhe aaye teri baatein
palkon ki surkh chaadar pe
ashq bhi jam gaye hain
teri aankhon se na hat thi aankhein
bebasi ka hai alam
kya karoon main bataa
dhadkane hai deewani
dil bhi kuch kahe raha hai
sun zara, soniye sun zara
sun zara, soniye sun zara
aaj khamoshiyon se aa rahi hai sadaa
dhadkane hai deewani
dil bhi kuch kahe raha hai
sun zara, soniye sun zara
sun zara, soniye sun zara
choom ke apne honthon se
tere ghum ko churaa loon
laake tujhe de doon, khushiyan saari
apne har beqraari ko
seene mein hi chuupa loon
meri chaatein jaayen, tujhpe waari
sehmi sehmi labon mein
gul gayi hai dua
dhadkane hain deewani
dil bhi kuch kahe raha hai
sun zara, soniye sun zara
sun zara, soniye sun zara
aaj khamoshiyon se
aa rahi hai sadaa
dhadkane hain deewani
dil bhi kuch kahe raha hai
sun zara, soniye sun zara - 4

Angad waited patiently, soothing and brushing his fingers against her arm softly. The nurse interrupted their somber session to check her blood pressure. The squeezing pressure of the cuff against her arm woke her up. Kripa peered through her half sleepy eyes and felt a pair of warm hands around hers. She rubbed her eyes and was stunned to see Angad knelt beside her bed with his head stooped over .

"A….n-g-a-d?" she hesitantly asked and sat up.

He looked up and was delighted to see those beautiful, big, expressive eyes staring at him. She pulled her hand away and buried her fist in the curve of her neck.

"Kyun kiya aisa Kripa?" he stood up and sat on her bed.

"Kyun aaye ho yahan?" she asked coldly, averting her gaze from him.

"Kya saara haq sirf tumhara hi hai…mera kuch nahin?" he asked, reminding her of their conversation on 'haq' at his bedside when he was ill.

"Kaun sa haq?"

"Mujhey akela chhodne ka! Mujhey apni zindagi se nikaalne ka! Mujhey apna humraaz banaane ki jagah, apne se hamesha hamesha ke liye door karne ka!"

'Angad…..we don't belong together…..hamari zindagi alag hai…..hamare sapne alag hain….please chale jao… will never be happy with me…..please go away!"

"Who are you to decide that Kripa? How can you decide what I want….and what makes me happy? I know you need me as much as I need you….dekho kya haal banaa rakha hai apna?"

Trying her best to hide her tears, a defiant Kripa looked away, "I don't need any sympathy Angad…..main akela jeena seekh gayi hoon…I can take care of myself….I don't need any help."

Angad was disheartened to see how detached she had become. He pulled her hand and kissed it tenderly, " Aur agar main kahoon ki mere saare sapne tumhare bina adhoore hain….aur tumhare bina main khush nahin reh sakta….is duniya mein agar koi hai jo mujhey sambhaal sakta hai tho wo tum ho……aur tum mujhey ab apni zindagi se bahar nahin nikaal sakti…..tho tum kya jawaab dogi Kripa?"

"Why are you so stubborn Angad? Leave me alone….I don't need anyone!" She withdrew her hand from his lips and buried her sobs in her palms.

Angad got up and sat next to her; he placed his arm around her shoulders and caressed her gently. He let her sob in silence and gestured the nurse to leave the room. The nurse smiled and complied, giving him a slanting but approving smile. Angad caressed her hair and untangled it gently with his fingers, "now let's ask who's being stubborn here? Kripa….I know you are a very strong woman…..poora Kishangarh tumhein miss kar raha hai…..lekin shayad wo log yeh nahin jaante ki unki doctor sahiba kitni bimaar aur kitni ziddi hain….wo khud apna ilaaj nahin karwaati….khud doctor ke paas nahin jaati….khud dawa time se nahin leti….aur poore sheher ka ilaaj kar rahi hain…..itna badha sacrifice? Sacrifice ya foolishness kahoon? Lagta hai tum Kishangarh mein sirf 1-2 saal hi kaam karna chaahti ho….poori zindagi nahin….hmm? Kyun?" He smiled and kissed the back of her head.

His lips and tender touch felt like a soothing salve to her agitated soul. She lifted her face from her palms and gave him a sideways glance, "tumhein kaise pata Kishangarh ke baare mein?"

"Tum soch ti ho tum agar mujhey kuch nahin bataaogi tho mujhey kuch nahin pataa chalega? Main tho Leela bai ko bhi jaanta hoon," he smiled and brushed his fingers against her cheeks.

She shut here eyes, "kyun mera peecha kar rahe ho?" and started sobbing once again, but this time she gave in and collapsed in his arms and bawled on his chest, "bilkul nahin badle tum….abhi bhi chori chori mere ghar mein ghus gaye."

"Ek baar dil mein jo ghus gaya tha…..ab chaahe kitni koshish karo….yeh chor wahan se nikalne waala nahin hai," he smiled and kissed her bobbing head on his chest.

Gayatri and Suryabhan stood at the door with tears of happiness in their eyes; they knew their pillar of strength was there for them and now they need not worry anymore……



Armaan and Riddhima lay quietly inside the sheets, her head resting on his bare chest as she drew circles with her fingers on his strong muscular arm.


'Hmmm?" she asked sleepily.

"Kya soch rahi ho?"

"Kuch nahin."


"Haan soch rahi hoon ki darwaaze par agar tum nahin hote tho?"

"Tho us ajnabee ki aaj kismat khul jaati!" Armaan chided.

"Matlab?" her eyes widened.

"Matlab yeh ki aaj jo khushi tumney mujhey di hai wo shayad kisi aur ko mil jaati."

"YOUUUU! RASCAL!" She pinched him playfully.

"Arre arre…..main tho mazaak kar raha tha….baap re….kitne sharp nails hain tumhare!"

"Aisa mazaak pasand nahin hai mujhey," she pouted.

Armaan cupped her face with his palm and gazed into her eyes lovingly, "kyun pasand nahin hai?"

"Kyunki tum jaante ho," she said shyly, "main sirf tumhari hoon…..aur aaj tumney jo mujhey khushi di hai…..wo khushi aur koi nahin de sakta mujhey."

"Sach?" He pulled her closer and kissed her passionately and then lifted his face from hers, "same here Riddhima….you know I have had several girlfriends in the past……but no one….no one has touched me the way you have."

Riddhima felt a bit embarrassed, "uh…uh…what do you mean?" She withdrew her hand from his chest, "kya tumhara bhi yeh pehli baar? You know what I mean?"

"No one has touched MY HEART the way you have…..i was talking about heart baby….not anything else," he pulled her closer and then rolled over her, "I never said it was my first time," and winked at her.

An appalled Riddhima pushed him away and threw him flying off the bed along with the sheets around him. Quickly, she covered herself with the blanket and yelled, "you rascal! Ek bholi bhali ladki ka faayda uthaaya tumney?"

Armaan chuckled and wrapped himself with the sheet like an ancient Greek character, "bholi bhali ladkiyon ka faayda uthaana Dr Armaan Mallik ka pesha hai….and especially the ones as pretty and innocent as Dr Riddhima Gupta!'

Riddhima chuckled and played along, "aaj ke baad ….tum kisi innocent ladki ka faayda nahin uthaaoge!"

"No your highness….absolutely not!" he bowed with a sheepish grin.


"Yes your highness….that's a promise!" He laughed and plopped next to her on the bed, "yes that's a promise as I will not know any innocent girl after tonight."

Riddhima blushed as she remembered their passionate session from just a few minutes ago, "Armaan…..mujhse shaadi karoge?"

Armaan was startled at her sudden proposal, 'Riddhima…..did you just propose?"

She nodded and hid her face in his arm shyly.

"You have really become brave Riddhima…..meri darpok ko kya hua?" he lifted her chin and kissed her eyelids.

"Mere dil mein tumhara pyaar itna samaa gaya hai ki ab usmein dar ke liye koi jagah nahin hai."

"I am proud of you Riddhima," he kissed her fingers one by one, "kabhie kabhie doori logon ko aur paas kar deti hai…waise hi jaise mere parents ko mujhse mila diya."

"Really Armaan?"

He nodded and blinked his deep blue eyes, "haan dad came to pick me up from the station…..i could tell he missed me….and mom cancelled all her patients while I was in Mumbai….we had dinner together in my outhouse after many years…..mere liye yeh hi bahut tha Riddhima…..aur ab mujhey tum bhi mil gayi ho….now I don't desire anything else in life…."

………to be contd…………


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