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part 5 : Frozen (AR mini ff)

"Anjali ja Riddhima ko bula la dinner ke liye" said Padma. "Sure mom, will be right back with your angel daughter" replied Anjali while moving towards the stairs to call Riddhima down for dinner. She entered Riddhima's room to find her nowhere. She sighed thinking where will she be now. She knocked on the bathroom's door to check if she is in but it was open. She turned around and her eyes fell on something which shocked her completely.


"Arrey Anjali, Riddhima kaha hai usko saath nahi layi" asked Padma, busy setting the dinner table with Muskaan. "Anjali??? Where are you lost?" Anjali came out of daze realizing Padma was asking her something. "uhh n-nothing. Was just thinking something....o-oh yeah Riddhima wasn't in her room. I-I think she would be in the backyard. I'll go fetch her from there" saying this she turned towards backyard leaving confused Padma there. "Ab isse kya ho gaya" she asked Muskaan hoping she would know the reason behind Anjali's weird behavior. Muskaan who was helping Padma in setting the table shrugged saying "must be thinking something like she said". Thinking the same, Padma got back to work.

Anjali saw Riddhima wandering in the backyard, she didn't know what to say and how to react so simply called out for her "Riddhima..mum's calling for dinner. Chal ander chal". If not from the look on Anjali's face, Riddhima knew there is something wrong with her sister as she just called her 'Riddhima'. "Di, everything all right?" suddenly sisterly concern took over her. Anjali looked at her for tad bit longer and said "ofcourse everything is all right now". Riddhima didn't miss the 'now' part but didn't probe further as she thought if Anjali wanted to share, she would have by now and anyways she said it's all fine now. So, she just smiled replying "ok, the lets go in. Mum and Muskaan must be waiting for us.Oh by the way; do you know when is dad coming back?" "Day after tomorrow" Riddhima was confused with Anjali's behavior. She found it rather cold but thought maybe she's reading too much between the lines and let go of it then.


"So Muskaan, how is it going in Mumbai? Koi sona munda mila ki nahi" Anjali asked Muskaan. "Munde to bahut maile but koi sona nahi tha. Ab kya karu, main hoon hi itni achi that there is nobody who could match upto my level" Muskaan replied haughtily and then burst out laughing with Anjali. "But I heard that your colleague, what's his name??? oh yeah Rahul Garewal is quite a dish" said Anjali calculatively so as not to divulge the fact to Riddhima that she had met Armaan and Rahul today.

Muskaan's eyes shot up on hearing that. She looked at Anjali with shock and confusion thinking "oh my god, did she found out about me and Rahul but why is she behaving as if she hadn't met him today and hell kahin wo ye na keh de ki wo aaj Armaan se bhi mili thi. Saara ka saara plan kharab ho jaega aur Armaan to mujhe maar hi dalega" All this while Riddhima wasn't paying attention to what they were saying and was just sitting with them quietly. "uuhh..wo... ha....nahi..i mean theek hi hai". Muskaan completed rather lamely and tried to divert the discussion so Anjali doesn't spill the beans about Armaan being in Bangalore. But Anjali was sharp to notice it and threw another bomb on her as well as on Riddhima "I have heard your boss is rather hot, Armaan Mallik, that's his name right??"

Riddhima's heart skipped a beat at the mentioned of Armaan whereas Muskaan almost died of heart attack. Without giving either of them a chance to say anything, Anjali continued "well I once saw his photo on the cover page of some business magazine but I would love to meet such a successful and a handsome man in person someday" Riddhima was getting weaker by the minute. This was one topic she wanted to stay away from. She knew her resolution of not revealing about herself and Armaan to her sister would break if she continued sitting there, so she just got up without saying anything and moved to the washroom on the pretext of taking a shower before going to bed.

Anjali noticed every bit of emotions in her eyes and knew that Armaan has something to do with Riddhima's aloofness. Or if she credits herself for any smartness, she can declare it without any further proof now that Riddhima and Armaan are in love with each other. All this while, Muskaan was numb to say anything. Her mind wasn't working at all. She couldn't process the information in the right direction. But gradually she started coming back to senses thinking "again why is Di behaving as if she hadn't met Armaan today? But she just said she would love to meet him but then why did she not say that she met him today? And why is she looking at me like that? Is she angry at me for something? But I didn't do anything except I didn't tell her about Armaan and Riddhima but...." Her mind stopped there when realization dawned upon her that probably Anjali has figured out Armaan's and Riddhima's relationship. "So, if you are done with all the brain work, would you mind telling me what's going around?" asked Anjali when she felt that Muskaan had hit the bull's eye in her mind. "u-uhh n-nothing d-di....n-nothing's going around. O-oh god, it's so h-hot here. I-I'll just go and c-change" Muskaan fumbled while avoiding Anjali's sharp gaze. Anjali got up I fury, held Muskaan's hand and dragged her to her room to get some answers.

Riddhima came out of the washroom and was relieved to find her room empty. She didn't want any company right now. She just wanted to be alone. She went and sat infront of the mirror and looked at herself. He eyes were bloodshot red from all the crying she did while in the shower. She couldn't hold her gaze for long as her inner conscious was berating her for leaving Armaan alone when she had promised him to never leave his side. She looked down at the ring in her finger which Siddhant gave her on their engagement. She took it out and kept on the table next to mirror and went and lay down on the bed. As soon as she closed her eyes, the day when Armaan proposed her flashed infront of her eyes.


"You are absolutely mad. Kabhi koi baat seedhe seedhe nahi bol sakte na. Would you mind changing your last name to Mallik from Gupta" she mimicked him while having dinner with him. The entire day has been the most beautiful day of their lives and they had spent it doing nothing but sitting in each other's arms and discussing about their life ahead. "Ofcourse, it had to be something different so you could remember it for your entire life. It's so cliched to ask 'Will you marry me'. You should be happy I tried something new but tum to ulta mujhe suna rahi ho" he pouted cutely and faked a hurt look. She smiled at his cuteness and got up from her chair, went and sat on his lap.

He was surprised to see what she was doing but was really happy. "Awwwww....I am sorry baby. I was just kidding and I loved the way you proposed to me. And I think you are right, I will always remember what you said to me there while proposing. It would have been so boring had you proposed to me in the cliched way." Saying this she kissed him full on his lips.

Armaan was taken aback with the sudden kiss but recovered quickly and kissed her back with the rising heat. She locked her hands around his neck moving them around in slow and sensual manner while he held her from her waist pulling her closer. Her touch was driving him crazy and he was losing his senses. He lifted her t-shirt a bit and moved his fingers around her navel. She moaned slightly and pulled him closer, if that was even possible. He slowly moved his lips towards her neck and started kissing every inch of it. She tightened her hold on him. He softly bit at the curve of her neck giving her a love bit. She hissed his name softly and held fistful of his hair in one hand and his shirt in other. He knew he wouldn't be able to stop himself if he went any further. So he gave a final peck on her lips and moved back to look at her.

Her eyes were closed and she was breathing heavily. Slowly she opened her eyes and saw an ocean of love in his eyes and then she realized what he had done. She had lost all her senses a moment back and was ready to surrender to their love and passion but he knew his limits and brought her back to earth. He joined their heads and both closed their eyes once again to compose themselves. Their heart beats were still erratic and both could hear their thumping. "I love you" whispered Armaan to get a sweet peck on his cheek as an answer. He smiled at her cuteness to get another peck on the other cheek. "And I love your dimples." His smile grew wider on hearing this which made her smile even.

"Now do you mind getting up from me? Kitni bhaari ho gayi ho tum riddhima. Saare din khati rehti ho to jahi hoga na" he teased her and knew she would burst out any moment now but was taken aback to hear her answer. "Really?? Tumhe bhi lagta hai main moti ho gayi hoon. Even I have started feeling that. I'll start yoga again from tomorrow." She replied seriously and patted herself mentally for her presence of mind. She knew he had said that just to get a reaction from her but she very smartly turned the tables.

He was rendered speechless and then he saw her getting up from his lap and going towards the door opening to the swimming pool. He sat there for a couple of minutes thinking if she is fine or did he hear her right. She went outside smiling naughtily. She knew he would follow her and rolled her tongue inside her mouth when she saw him coming towards her with a rather confused look. He looked sooo cute with that expression and she wanted to hug him right there but thought to tease him a bit more.

She stood facing moon with pool at her back. He came and stood behind her still lost in his thoughts. Before he could say anything, Riddhima turned and pushed in the pool and started laughing her head off. Armaan was so shocked that he couldn't react initially but understood her game plan when he heard her speak next "you thought that you would make fun of me and get away so easily. That was to call me fat and poking fun at me. Nobody gets away by messing with RIDDHIMA GUPTA. Got it." she snapped her fingers haughtily and turned to leave but Armaan quickly swam towards her and caught her hand before she could move away and pulled in the pool with a jerk. Soon started their water fight and they ended laughing their lungs out at their own kiddish behavior.


"I didn't know you are that smart. Shakal se lagti to nahi ho" "Ahh!!! You still don't know me sweetheart. Tumhe abhi pata hi kya hai. Aur shakal ka kya hai? Tumhari shakal se to lagta hi nahi hai ki tumhare paas dimaag bhi hoga, smart hona to door ki baat hai" she replied just as naughtily as he said. "God!! Riddhima tumhe sharam nahi aati apne hone wale pati se aise baat karte hue." "Oops!! Sorry hone wale patidev, aage se yaad rakhongi" "poori nautanki ho tum" both of them laughed at the stupid banter.

"Now go and sleep, we have to leave early morning tomorrow" said Armaan. "Tomorrow?? I thought we were staying here for two day." "Actaully, plan to wohi tha but there is an emergency in office. Those German clients who were to come post three days are coming tomorrow night and you know there are so many things we still have to complete. I am sorry jaan. I promise we'll come back very soon" he added seeing her sad face. She didn't want to go from here, not that early atleast. She wanted to be with him alone for some more time but they have to go. She knew how important these clients are and how hard he had been working for the past two months to crack this deal.

He moved forward and gave her a teddy bear hug and kissed her cheek sloppily. She giggled and thought atleast they had spent some of the beautiful moments together and she would not forget this one day ever plus he had promised to bring her back soon. "Promise we'll come back soon" she asked like a child. He smiled and replied "Promise princess. And now please cheer up. You know I can't see that sad look on your face." She smiled and he picked her up in his arms and took her to one of the guest's rooms. He made her lay down on the bed and tucked her in. Before getting up, he kissed her forehead and wished her good night and left for other room to sleep. She smiled at the way he takes care of her and fell asleep remembering the events of the whole day.


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