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part 5 : Sensual Seduction (AR)

"NOPE! I'm not going to the office this late at night' and plus I don't have anything to wear, except for this night dress.

Ridhima said worriedly. "But Ridhz, he's your boss' you have to listen to him' and plus it's probably something quick, he said he's sending his driver to pick you up'" Ridhima looked at Muskaan desperately. "It better be something important, or else Armaan Malik will never see daylight!" Ridhima said walking her way out of the house.

As the driver stopped in front of a beautiful hotel, she looked out and sighed. God I miss living in a big room' I would so love to live in that huge room there' Ridhima mumbled as she looked at the biggest room of the most expensive hotel in New York City. The room looked so beautiful from the outside, as candles lit one by one. The curtains were open, as the beautiful air seeped into the room. She saw a man setting up a round tiny table' looks like dinner for two, as she heard the soft music from outside. She wished the guy she would get married to would be such a romantic as she just saw' Her dreams were erupted as she heard the noise of the music getting louder and louder. The driver parked the in from of the hotel entrance.

'Uh! Excuse me, you were supposed to take me to Armaan's office, not at the hotel" Ridhima looked at the driver confused. "Actually ma'am sir specifically told me to bring you here; he said he would be waiting in room 54A" the driver said looking at Ridhima apologetically. "WHAT! 54A, not that gonna take me forever' I mean I'm not going from the stairs, but the elevator itself will take 10 minutes.. UGHH!!!! I HATE YOU ARMAAN!" She screamed making everyone look at her. Ridhima looked around, smiling to her mistake, and looking embarrassed. She grabbed the file from inside the car, and proceeded to walk inside the hotel.

As she stepped in, many were looking at her in lust full eyes. Ridhima realized that her nightdress was too revealing, but than again, if you are sexy, why hide. She walked into the elevator cursing out Armaan' she said all sorts of stuff to him' To her surprise, the elevator didn't take that long, about 3 minutes, as it was fast and nobody got on.

She stood in front of the door, but got scared. The door itself was very fancy with a beautifully engraved knob. She took a deep breath, and entered the room. Her jaw played wide opened when she saw the room. It was the same curtains, the same music, and that little table in the center, just as she saw from the car.

"You like it" came a voice from nowhere. Ridhima shut her mouth, and looked around tying to find Armaan, but he was nowhere in sight. "Armaan' where are you?" she asked turning around. "Just close your eyes, and turn" Ridhima did as he commanded, and she looked at the most endearing sight in front of her. Her mouth was watering up when she saw Armaan. He was wearing his boxers, and no shirt, with his to die for dimpled smile. Ridhima couldn't blink or feel anything. She didn't even know when Armaan came and slid his hands around her from behind, and started kissing her neck and shoulder. As she felt herself gasp, she stuttered away from Armaan.

"YOU!... Keep YOUR grimy little hands off me you little perv' and why were you kissing me for'" Ridhima said wiping his touch out of her neck. "Because you weren't responding when I was calling your name' it's not my fault I'm so hot and you were to busy checking me out." Ridhima turned around, and sat down on the couch. Armaan also followed her there, and sat besides her really close, making her slightly uncomfortable, as her dress was to revealing. When she sat down her dress pulled up a bit exposing her milky thighs.

As she was explaining the file to Armaan, he was coming closer and closer to her. She felt his hand on her thigh, and held her breath. He knew he was affecting her really badly now, as he saw her eyes close. Realizing that he was just seducing her, she got up and was about to leave. He held her wrist firmly not letting go, "Wait' you didn't have dinner yet'" Armaan said pulling her back into his arms. "I'm not hungry" she said struggling to get of. "But I am' hungry for you baby" he said licking her cheeks. "Armaan leave me alone' your touches don't affect me'" she said looking away.

"So you don't feel anything when I do this" Armaan said smacking his lips against hers. He felt her giving in yet breaking out. She was in dilemma with what to do most certainly. She forced herself to breakout of the kiss "NO! I don't feel anything" Ridhima said furiously. 'Well then maybe you didn't feel it right" armaan said covering up her lips with his. Ridhima felt miserable, she was already weak and weary from his touches, and now his kisses' She found herself giving in the battled, as she surrendered herself to Armaan.  Breaking out of the kiss, "So felt that?" Armaan asked backing away. Ridhima had enough torture, "I think I need to try again," she said slamming his lips on hers. As the kiss was intensifying, he held her by her waist, while she jumped on his, entangling her legs together.

He walked with her still entangled to his, and fell on the bed. He was on bottom, while she was on the top. Looking into his eyes she saw hunger, lust, desire, which reciprocated with her feelings. She slowly kissed his abs, coming up smoothly and lightly. She kissed his chest, and led herself to his face. "Virgin" Armaan whispered softly and she nodded a yes. He was aroused even more knowing that she was a virgin. He never had sex with a virgin before, he slept with girls with experience. This was going to be fun he thought, and tuned around, causing her to go under him. He pinned both of her arms down opposite sides of the pillow, and intertwined his fingers with hers, to get a better grasp. He kissed her neck and throat hungrily, went to her collarbone, licking it sensually, and moved down to her chest, as he planted a kiss in between her cleavage.

He released her hands, slid his under her dress, and took it of. He nuzzled his face into her neck, and released her bra hook. She heard it snap and knew she had given herself o him now. He held her breasts and caressed them and he nibbled on them softly. Ridhima whimpered in the pleasure. He stroked her thighs softly, and gently a parted them. Those 10 seconds of her life, she felt the most horrible pain. He penetrated through the thin barriers of pain, of making two souls one. He understood that it would be harder for her since it was her first time, and went up to her and kissed her, trying to ease her pain away. He moved next to her, and cuddled her closer to him. She snuggled into his chest as if it was a big, fluffy pillow.

 (Remember people this was all a flash back' herez the paragraph of how it begun!)

Stretching her arms out, she felt her hand hit a hard body. Opening her eyes after a long, amazing night, she woke up to see the body lying next to her. Shock and distressed, she looked under the comforter to see her naked body lying next to his. His hand around her waist, his head in between her neck and shoulder, his breath kissing her neck. She got up without making a squeak, and left the house.



Her thoughts were disrupted by a phone call, she looked at the screen to see her mother calling' "Hello" she spoke softly and regretfully' "Ridhima' baby, how are you' I couldn't sleep so I thought of calling you' did I disturb you Hun'"No mom'I was jus thinking about you also' Everything here is fine' I love my job' and I feel free mom' so no need to be worried about me'" she said trying to bring out her voice' and trying to portray fake happiness. "I'm happy for you doll' but what can I do, I miss you badly' and I haven't seen you for like 5 month'please come home soon dear'" Padma said tearing up. "Mom' please don't cry.. please' you know why I'm doing all this' to prove dad wrong' the only day I'll come home is if I think I did anything wrong' or if dad accepts his mistakes' okay mom.. I have to get ready for work now' bye" she cut the line immediately having tears in her eyes. Oh God' please give me the strength to face Armaan at work tomorrow'

"Ridhima' can you please make a copy of this file please." He looked up to see her lost in her own world' "Ridhima.. Ridhimaaaa' RIDHIMA'" he saw her jerk up by his strident tone. "Oh... I'm so sorry Armaan' I didn't realize you were calling' but now that you are, listen I have to talk to you about last night'" his hand stopped her. "This is business hours Ridhima' I would suggest you not talk about personal issues now... Am I clear'" she nodded sadly seizing the file off his hand'

During lunch break Ridhima was awfully quiet. "So Ridhz, how come you didn't come back for the sleep over" Muskaan asked trying to break the silence. Ridhima broke out of her trance, "OH! Umm' actually by the time we finished it was 3 and so I got tired and went home" Ridhima was actually telling the truth. By the time her and Armaan finished doing their 'WORK' it was late and she was obviously exhausted. Muskaan looked at her sympathetically, "AWWW' it's all my fault, if I didn't pick up Armaan's call, you wouldn't have to leave'Sorry Ridhz" Muskaan said holding her ears. How do I tell you Muskaan, that you actually gave me the best night of my life' I never allowed any man to come this near me' He touched me everywhere and I didn't stop him because I loved his touches'Ridhima broke out of her thought as Muskaan snapped her fingers.

After the clock stroke seven, Ridhima packed her bag and got out the door. Suddenly a strong pair of arm grasped her hand and pulled her into a bedroom. She realized it was Armaan's bedroom and looked at him to see him wearing his shorts and a vest.

"And where do you think your going baby'"


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