Saturday, 29 September 2018

part 5 : Unknown Truth

"Life is all about the ups and downs you face" yes it's me again turning philosophical this time. I know you must be wondering what's wrong with her, let me tell you nothing is wrong with me and till now I haven't even done anything. What can you expect from a person who is about to thrown out from her job anytime- any minute. So just in case my status changes from a "employed" to "unemployed", I am turning philosophical to keep my mind intact.

"Ommmm''." A perfect start to the Monday blues. I know you must be eager to know what happened to armaan , don't worry you are not the only one, I am in the list too. I haven't heard or saw him after that day actually I wanted to see him but he gave strict instructions to the nurse not to let me in, pata nahin kya problem hai mera se. He was supposed to join last week par lagta hai god mere upar kucch zyda hi maherban hai as he delayed my "FIRED" by one week.

I have even started searching for a new job, in case you know, just saw one yesterday and if all goes the way I have dreamed , I am sure next week same day, same time you'll find me in that company giving interview.

okay I hear someone coming towards me. I can see black shining shoes, let me move a bit above. I see black trouser and a bit more.. lol..that guy doesn't even know that I am checking him out'hmmm'a black coat and a white shirt underneath'.sexy 'okay stop.,,I have seen this combination before'uh's him..

"riddhima in my room now.." Think of the devil and the devil is here..

"Aye-Aye Captain" saluting him like he is an army general I stood up from the chair. I can see him stopping at the door and looking at me from the corner of his eyes, shaking his head and entering the room. Actually I am not surprised by his behavior. What can you expect from a person who doesn't give respect to others- no respect.


He called me inside his cabin and this time he didn't dropped any normal atom bomb but nuclear bomb. He can go this low, I had never imagined. I can't even call him a loser any more; he is beyond the category of losers. You won't believe what he told me.

 As I entered the room I felt the tension brewing up. The temperature in the room was more as I saw his back towards me. He was standing near his chair showing me his back. Back dekhkar maine kya karna hai- apne face dikhata to baat bhi thi.

"so riddhima how are you?" he asked. He called me to his cabin to know 'how am I'. He could have ask me there also in my cabin. I wasted my energy walking to his cabin just to answer this Q. Doesn't he know how much precious my energy is. Kitna khana padta hai tab energy form hoti hai.

" fine are you feeling now?" I had to give some respect to this guy. I am not like him you see. After what he did to me, he may not give me any respect but I have not forgotten about my values and ethics. Okay fine..another confession- the only reason of asking is very simple. I don't wanna lose my job. That's why I am not leaving any chance of buttering him.

"How do I look" he asked. Okay is this the answer to my question or he really want me to answer it. Well if it's the first choice then let me tell you it was a bad PJ but if it's the second option- OH Armaan you are looking dashing as ever. Nazar na lage aise munde ko.  One day I am definitely gonna ask you "The Raaz of your KhoobSurti".   

"good sir" I replied. Now I can't say what I am thinking. I am sure from now on he won't even laugh at my jokes and may be he'll throw me out without even an explanation.

"riddhima. I am sure you know why you are called inside" he asked. This time he asked like a normal people, with no teasing and actually he was serious. I didn't say anything, although I had a slight idea of what was coming but I didn't want to take any chance so I neither said anything nor signaled anything.

"let me come straight to the point, as you know that I was on a leave all coz of you" he said reminding me of the accident. When he said this, my first reaction was to laugh, I mean that scene when the truck was about to hit him, it was so funny that if I had a recorder I surely would have captured it and send it to "funniest home video" and maybe I would have won some money. I was about to giggle but controlled it keeping my hand on my mouth.

"well' you know that I am in no mood to leave you just like that, after you made me listen to your 'melodious voice' " he said rolling his eyes. "no way.. it was nothing more than a torture for me. If you are thinking that I am gonna throw you out of the job..then" okay does he always know what I am thinking. Is he a mind reader or a psychic? I mean he always tell me what I am actually thinking without even letting me open my mouth.

"forget it. You are not leaving this office, not after what you did to me" okay one more pause. After, what I did to him. HELLO 'wasn't he responsible for his own condition. He was the one who enjoy stupid road trip. He was the one coz of who my life was in danger. He was the one who almost got me nearly killed by those tribal people and he was the one who got into the accident. Okay so I suggested him that idea but doesn't he have ears. He should have been more attentive when he heard the driver and on top of that he is making fun of my singing. Ek to inka time pass karvaya, vo bhi free main. And he is insulting my singing. This is so not happening.

"so after much thinking I have come up with a perfect punishment for you" he said.

"and that is.." I asked keeping my finger crossed. I know he won't leave me easily but still bhagwanji bacche to buddhi dena aur mujhe koi acchi punishment hi dena. I prayed, hoping that almighty will help me like always.


 ARGH'..Even though I had promised myself that I won't let the devil in me overpower my angel but as you all know "promises are meant to be broken" so why should I be left behind? I had to think fast to save myself from his wrath. After spending this much time with him, I know as a matter of fact that he won't leave a single chance to take revenge. But even I am not less than him, so now its revenge time.

Taking out the notepad and pen, I started writing the steps to take revenge. You know it's best to prepare yourself before hand so that when it's time for action you don't have to think. You just need to follow the instructions.



 You should always call your enemy with a nick name just in case you get caught. You can easily get away saying "I was referring to the other guy" and also this is the easiest way to take out all your frustration if you can't think of any better idea.

 Hmmm... This is difficult to chose, I mean physically he is so handsome, he looks like a Greek god to me but mentally he is the opposite. It's like two different personalities in one body. His behavior towards me is a proof that he is mentally ill. Okay..okay..okay back to mission. The names I have given him till now:

Handsome- he is but calling him handsome means complimenting him, that I don't want  so next option please.

Sexy- same reason as above so next option

Hot- he is but it's already a hot weather so calling him hot means raising the temperature which I don't want, you see I am an eco friendly person, so cancel this

Devil- totally, and a good name too

Loser- can't be better than this.

Cheap-he is but this territory is still not much explored by me so I can't take risk by calling him a cheap person. 

Hitler - till now the strongest contender in the race. I like it.

So it's either between Hitler and Loser OR we can combine these both and create the perfect nick name.

HITLER + LOSER= HITLOSE   ''''..Perfect.

Okay so step 1 is complete, from now onwards I'll call him "HITLOSE"


Oh this is going to be a bit difficult for me.. I mean I don't know what irritates him and the amount the time I have spent with him all I can think of is just one name "RIDDHIMA" that's me. oh ho ho ho 'this is going to be so much fun. He is always irritated coz of me and still wants me to help him. Bring it on MR.HitLose. let's see who has the last laugh.   

The last and the most important step

Step no. 3: DON'T GET CAUGHT

This is the most important and the most difficult step especially for a person like me who has a history of getting caught all the time.  Par jaani humne bhi kacchi goliya nahin kheli hain. And it's time to show him what Riddhima is capable of.

Btw I know you all must be eager to know what punishment he gave. He told me "Starting from today, till the time you are employed in this company you'll be my assistant, I have talked to MR. Gupta and he is okay with this." OH GOD noooooo'please somebody tell me that I am dreaming. Now I am his permanent assistant. Well this is not the end there is still more' "and you'll be staying back the next three months with no extra pay and'." OH GOD nooooooo'please somebody pinch me this time' even this was not the end ' "and you'll be assisting me in my household activities till I am perfectly fine." Oh God I can't take this anymore. Now he is crossing the limits.

"Household activities?" I asked. Maybe I heard wrong. I mean why he would want me to help him in his home activities.

"yes riddhima..actually my cook is on leave and as I live alone there is no one to cook for me. Since I can't make the food on my own coz of you so I thought why not? so from today onwards or I should say from tonight onwards you'll come to my house, make dinner for me and then my driver will drop you to your house. And from tomorrow morning you'll come to my house again, make breakfast and lunch and we'll come together to the office."  Can you believe this? I don't know from where he gets the "ghatiya ideas" in his brains. I mean this low. He is making me his slave. After hearing him, the only option left for me was to resign but stop, there is still more to come.

"and one more thing riddhima, don't even think of leaving this office coz if you left the company now, I'll make sure that you don't get job in any company. After all you are one of my favorite employee" Getting sarcastic. He thinks that I didn't notice the sarcasm in his voice. Who was he kidding?

 "You should be thanking me that I have given you such a light punishment. Meri jagah koi aur hota , he would have thrown you out of the office." So why haven't you thrown me out. Blackmailer kahin ka. Just look at the guts of this guy.- blackmailing me on my face. I don't' what I did in my last birth to get such a boss. May be I should try in "RAAZ PICHLE JANAM KAA". At least I'll get to know the main reason of his dislike towards me.   

"I know you are too happy to express in words." Okay for all those who don't know what he is trying to interpret- this is known as "sprinkling salt on wounds". Me and happy- yeah totally.

"I mean after how you entertained me in the hospital bed. Ye to kucch bhi nahin hai. You know I would have left you without giving any punishment if you hadn't sung those songs for me. Haven't anyone told you how bad you sing? and even after my glaring, you sang those songs." Okay now he was getting personal. No one, I mean no one has ever criticized me this badly for singing. Everyone have their own taste so if he doesn't like my singing that doesn't me he can punish me like this. Well I can't expect anything better from this guy. 

"So I guess everything is fine now. Any questions?"  he asked. The only question coming in my mind was "sir, how would you prefer dying- poison, knife or bullet". I am getting out of words to express my anger on him. He wants me to make food for him that too when he lives alone in his house. 

"sir you are getting personal now, you can't do this to me? cooking for you, I mean I don't even know how to cut the veggie and you are asking me to cook. I won't do this" I said directly looking at his face. Har baat ki limit hoti hai. I hate cooking for myself and he wants me to cook for him.

"Well then get ready to pay the price. I'll call Mr. Gupta and tell him that I was on the hospital bed coz of you and then you can talk to him. I guess that's what you want."

'but sir, this is blackmailing" I argued. "why are you doing this to me?"

"you want me to answer that" he said raising his one eyebrow. Okay I don't need answer to this question.  There was no point arguing with him so I walked out of his room and I am sitting on my chair , planning my next move but i guess some people don't want me to plan my move as this guy is standing in front of me.

"madam this is for you"  the guy kept the flower on my table and left. Flowers for me. Now as far as I know there is nothing special today. except that I'll be the official cook of armaan. But there was no need to send flowers. wow such a big welcome.. Let me see the sender. ..hmmm..

"beautiful flowers for a beautiful lady''..your secret admirer"


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