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part 6 : Frozen (AR mini ff)

She woke up when she felt somebody calling and shaking her. "Ar-maan" she moaned in her sleep and opened her eyes a bit but sat up with a jerk when she realized its Anjali. "Di aap?? Armaan..I-I mean a-aap yahan???" she fumbled as she hadn't realized yet that she is not at Paradise but at her own place in Bangalore.

Suddenly it hit her that she fell asleep last night remembering that day. "Yeah it's me, that is if you remember me. Anyways, get up and get ready. Mum's calling you. You guys have to go for your wedding shopping today. It's already 11 and you guys are getting late." Riddhima was taken aback at the coldness in Anjali tone. She had never spoken to her like that but ignoring it and tried to strike a normal conversation with her sister "Di aap nahi aa rahi humare saath. I would need your help in selecting things. You know how hard it is for me to take decisions without your advice". "No Riddhima, you have grown up and you don't need me in taking decisions anymore. Moreover you would be getting married in a couple of days and ofcourse won't be running to me for help in taking decisions then so it's better if you get used to it and apart from that I have some other very important work in hand so I won't be able to come with you". Anjali replied with the same coldness.

Tears welled up in Riddhima's eyes on hearing the harsh words from her sister who had never even as much as rose a finger at her. Anjali turned to leave but stopped when she felt Riddhima's hold at her wrist. "What's wrong di? Aap mujhse naraz ho kisi baat par? I am sorry if I have hurt you with anything. I didn't mean it". She choked at her words and Anjali melted on seeing her tears. The only thing that Anjali can't stand are tears in her angel's eyes. She moved forward and hugged her. "No baby, I am not angry with you and I am sorry for being so rude to you. I was angry with something else and took it all out on you" she replied truthfully.

That was the moment when it hit her what Riddhima must have been going through and how could she have missed it being her elder sister. She was always able to read her little angel like an open book, so how could she not do it this time. Had she not seen the adoption deed in her room the other day, she would not have been able to join the pieces so easily. Yes, Anjali knew it all along that Riddhima was adopted but it never mattered to her. Heck!!! She didn't even remember it until she saw the adoption deed again.

She had fallen in love with her little sister the moment she had set her eyes on her when her parents got her home. She was only 7 then but used to take care of her all the time. While growing up she always took Riddhima as her own baby. She was responsible for all her decisions; even their parents didn't contradict her decisions for Riddhima. They trusted her completely and left Riddhima's complete responsibility with her. They knew she would never make a wrong choice for her. But after learning the truth about Armaan from Muskaan, she was left heartbroken. She never thought Riddhima would ever think she was indebted to them for everything. Well, she knew in her heart that Riddhima would have thought that way in the heat of the moment. Anybody would, on discovering such a big truth. And she loves their parents way too much to ever say NO to them. Had she not been aware of the adoption, then also she would have never said NO for this marriage proposal, considering how enthusiastic their parents were about it.

But what hurt her most was that she didn't even confide the truth in her, her elder sister, whom she always consider her idol. But now that she knows the complete truth, she would never let her baby sister suffer like this. She would re-unite Armaan and Riddhima at any cost. She was sure even her parents would want the same and if not then she had her own ways to get along. So with a determined face she started chalking out a plan to bring Riddhima face-to-face with Armaan.

On the other hand, Riddhima hugged her and cried her heart out. She was a bit relieved on hearing that Anjali wasn't upset or angry with her but she still felt there is something that is disturbing Anjali. "Di, do you want to talk about it. I am seeing you disturbed since last night. I hope everything's fine between you and jij" said Riddhima after parting from the hug and wiping her tears.

Anjali smiled at her concerns and kissed her forehead "everything's fine kiddo. Just something that was bothering me but everything is absolutely fine now and yes I will talk about it with you but just not now. Let the right time come and I will tell you everything. And now, you better get ready fast or else mum's going to come up and shot both of us." Both giggled on hearing that. "Ok. I believe you if you are saying it's all sorted and I will wait for you to tell me. So you are coming with me for shopping?" she said with an expectant face. Anjali cupped her cheek and said "I would have loved to monkey but I seriously have some important work to do and it can't wait." Riddhima made a face on hearing monkey but was glad to see her old sister back.

She got really scared on seeing her cold behavior towards her. Anjali laughed at her face and said "Ok baba!! No monkey...Happy now???" "Seriously can't you delay this work of your for a little while??" she said sadly. "I would have if I could have and you know that." Riddhima understood that it must be something really important if Anjali is so serious about it and didn't press further. "Ok but no work from next time. Tell everybody that you are booked for you sister and that includes jij too" "Aye Aye Captain" Anjali replied laughing at her cuteness. Finally she got up from the bed and moved out of the room smiling to herself.

Riddhima smiled too after so many days and got up to get ready to go shopping with her mother, though she wasn't interested in any of the wedding preparation but just wanted to spend time with her family before she leave their house and move to someone else's after getting married.


"So you think Riddhima will come running to you the moment she sees you and would agree to go with you to Mumbai just because you have come to Bangalore to get her? Heck!! Forget Riddhima. What makes you think I would let you meddle in my sister's life and ruin her happiness?" said Anjali sitting across Armaan in a caf with Muskaan on her side and Rahul next to Armaan.

"Di??? Ye aap kya keh rahi ho?" said a very shocked Muskaan. Anjali had agreed to help them the moment she heard the complete story. Infact Armaan was also relieved a bit on learning everything from Muskaan. He was really apprehensive to talk about Riddhima's adoption with Anjali thinking what if she doesn't know about it, which would create problems for Riddhima. But when Muskaan told him that Anjali knows everything and is ready to help them, calmed him to a certain extent. But here Anjali was behaving totally opposite as if she is against this whole arrangement. "Let me do the talking Muskaan. All you guys have already created enough of mess so it's time for me to step in" Muskaan shut her mouth on hearing her strict tone and knew she meant business.

"You haven't answered me yet Armaan!" said Anjali cocking her eyebrows at him. "No I don't think she would come running to me when she sees me. If that was the case, she wouldn't have left me alone in the first place. On the contrary, she would run miles away if she even gets to know I am here. And believe me if she is happy and better off without me than I would myself walk out of her life without creating any ruckus but I don't think that is the case here or else she wouldn't have been sitting and crying in her room ever since she left Mumbai". Armaan replied with a determined and a strong face. Anjali liked his confidence but decided to test him a little more, not that she doubted him considering he was Riddhima's choice but sisterly concern kicked in and she wanted to be sure of what she believed in.

"I hope you know she is getting married to someone else in a week's time and you think you are not creating any fuss by being here" said Anjali sarcastically. "Creating a fuss for a couple of days is better than ruining three lives forever" replied a very confident Armaan. "Again what makes you think our parents would ever agree for this proposal considering how enthusiastic they are in getting Riddhima married to their best friend's son" "I am sure even they want Riddhima's happiness and would want her to get married only where her heart belongs. I will try to convince them the best way I can and still if they don't accept me, I'll walk away from here forever since I knew the importance of parent's in any child's life, no matter how young or old he/she is. I would never want Riddhima to go against her parent's or sister's wishes. I know how much she loves you guys and would never want to break her into two parts just to fulfill our dreams".

Anjali was very impressed with Armaan and was proud of her little sister to fall for such a well balanced and level headed guy. He somewhere reminded her of Atul. Her faith in her sister's judgment for people was reinstated. She kept looking at him for a while with a blank expression and suddenly a warm smile covered her lips.

All this while, Muskaan and Ruhul kept oscillating between Anjali and Armaan. A sense relief washed over Armaan when he saw her smiling at him but was shocked the next moment when Anjali got up and hugged him with all her might. "You idiot!!! Why didn't you come before and tell me everything? Do you have ANY idea what Ridzy has been going through since last two weeks? And even that stupid munchkin didn't tell me anything. "

He was so shocked to say anything. Never did Armaan think that Anjali would jump on him like this and speak to him like a long lost friend, especially after the just happened interrogation. But then he thought maybe the entire Gupta family is mad as even Riddhima is this spontaneous and abrupt. He smiled at his thoughts and replied "I would have, had I know where that stupid munchkin was plus this idiot friend of that stupid munchkin didn't tell me anything since last two weeks."

Rahul and Muskaan were smiling the brightest on seeing the scene infront of them but Muskaan's smile faltered a bit on hearing this. She felt guilty of hiding the truth from Armaan and Anjali so spoke in a small voice "I am sorry guys. I didn't mean for all this to happen. Didn't know what went wrong with me that instead of explaining Riddhima I sided up with her."

Anjali and Armaan parted and looked at her small and guilty face. They settled back in their seats and Anjali spoke before anybody else "you better be sorry and not only for hiding about Armaan and Riddhima but also not telling me about you and Rahul. You really think that I won't be able to make that out even if you don't tell me" she added on seeing Muskaan's and Rahul's shocked face. "W-wo di'wo a-actually m-main main'" "now stop acting like a bakri" Anjali cut her in between. "I will talk to Aryan to speak to your parents. Now don't tell me you didn't tell your elder brother also" she added looking at her apprehensive look. Sighing she exclaimed "aaj kal ke bache I tell you. It's ok. I will handle him. Itne saalon ki friendship mein itni to karna aa hi gaya hai mujhe". Muskaan smiled whole heartedly this time and hugged Rahul in excitement. "By the way I should be getting that hug since I would be facing the wrath of you brother and not him" Anjali said sarcastically. Embarrassed Muskaan mumbled a sorry and hugged her.

"Ok back to Riddhima and Armaan. Armaan have you thought of anything? How will you come face-to-face with Riddhima? I don't think you guys should to be confronting at home since mum dad would be there. I want you guys to sort your issues first before telling them everything" Anjali asked Armaan after everyone settled back and ordered something to eat. "Even I don't want your parents to know anything before I speak to Riddhima or rather convince her that what she is doing is wrong" he replied thoughtfully.

"But you guys need to act fast since the wedding date is nearing" Muskaan added her two cents biting her nail in tension. "That's right. You guys have to talk within a day or so. And knowing Riddhima, I don't think it would be difficult for you to convince her" said Rahul. "I don't think so. Like I said, she'll run away knowing I am here" replied Armaan having lines of worry on his forehead. "That's the whole point. I mean she didn't meet you before leaving Mumbai because she knew she would fall weak infront of you and would be forced to follow her heart" added Rahul again.

"I think he's got a point. Riddhima is very emotional for people she loves dearly, so breaking through her touch exterior won't be that tough but convincing her to meet you would be a task" said Anjali trying to pull out some way to convince Riddhima. Armaan smiled and said "leave that to me. Just bring her here same time tomorrow and rest I'll handle". Everybody looked at him thinking what is he planning to do but thought to leave it to him like he said. So, finally everything was set and decided. Anjali and Muskaan left after sometime to go back home knowing it would be a piece of cake to bring Riddhima to the caf since they won't be telling her anything about Armaan.

"Time to finally meet you again Ms. Riddhima Shashank Gupta'Oops!! Correction.. TO BE MRS. RIDDHIMA ARMAAN MALLIK!!!!!!!" thought Armaan waiting eagerly to see the love of his life after two long weeks.


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