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part 6 (last part): You Best Thing Ever Happen To Me(ss)

Part 6 – Emotional Healing

“Armaan I can’t change what happened in your past. I can’t change you lonely childhood all I can do is to promise you that I will always make sure that you won’t feel like that any day in our this new phase of life. And I promise you that whatever be the situation or circumstance be I will be there for you and our children. I will never think to even send them away from us, I will never let them feel what you felt in your childhood they will never missed on the love they deserve from their mother and father.

Armaan I will be there with you at every step that you need to take, I will never keep a step back or ahead of you I will walk with you holding your hand. You know this relation of ours isn’t your weakness this is going to be the source of strength that you can draw the much needed amount whenever we face hard time.”
“And Armaan I don’t know how easy it will be to make everything work out with new life and responsibilities, but I will make sure that I will make it work with your support and love. I will make your kids love us and we love them as much as we love each other. They will come in our life with infinity bucket of love for their parents and sibling. We will love them just as much we loved each other never letting them miss out on anything that their heart desires. And I know My Armaan is so strong that he have faced everything so strongly without becoming rebellious. I’m so proud of my Armaan. My Armaan is a Superman isn’t.? Plus when his basket is beside him then what’s there to fear. Hmm.......” Caressing his cheeks with all love.
Armaan loved into her eyes staring into them he felt assured more than what her words were ensuring him. Her eyes hold the unspeakable feeling that trying to comes out of her but were captured within not able to justify themselves to him with the cage of words. Those feeling that are arrested within her heart that wanted the bailout but couldn’t due to the fee ‘words’ is very high to talk for now.
He just hold her hand on his cheek moving it down her made it rest once again back on her tummy over lapping their other hand hugging her tightly from back resting his face deep in her hairs trying to submit his loneliness to the dark night in arms of his lover.
After sometime
“Ridhima you sleep here on bed I will put something on floor” she smiled at armaan’s thoughts but her daughter was the one to oppose him “Are you out of you mind armaan the atmosphere is changing and its cold at night you will fall sick, already your immune system is least working” but armaan wasn’t one to give up so easily “Ridhima its okay I will manage. I have already came here at night I don’t know if Padma mom will be okay or not so let me sleep here down I don’t want her to feel like we cheated like this.” But ridhima was nowhere behind in arguing in this matter when it’s about him “Armaan maa will understand this. Plus there is nothing bad in this we will be sleeping only there is nothing wrong we did or doing.”
“But ridhima…” but she cut him in mid “Armaan I just promised you that I will never let you lonely past come back to you then why you are running away now. Just be here I don’t want you to sleep on floor that won’t affect you much it will make me feel like I broke my promise within an hour.”
“There is nothing like that ridhima” armaan tried to make sense to her but “Okay then I will sleep there you sleep on bed” with that she tried to get up but then armaan hold her hand and pulled her back on bed. “Fine we both can sleep on bed you with head towards bed post I will sleep with my head near foot side”
On other Padma came out of her room to have water and check on to the locks of the house properly before resting finally after long day. When she saw the lights of ridhima’s room are still on. Having water first then checking the locks on the door she made her way towards ridhima’s room.
She opened the door to see armaan and ridhima trying to sleep with armaan constantly changing his position. She was confused when she heard ridhima’s voice “Armaan “ but he didn’t respond on her call so she called him again “Armaan”  to gain a small Hmm from him. “Come here you won’t be able to sleep like that” she called him but “No its okay ridhima I will sleep in sometime”
“Armaan you are changing side from half an hour. Come here without saying another word.” Armaan gave up in front of her he changed his side now he to have his head near bed post. He lay at distance from her. Ridhima moved towards him and gathered him in her arms within few minutes armaan who was initially resisting her holding him near while they tried to sleep give his defiance away. He hugged ridhima resting his head on her shoulder with one arm on her tummy holding her while ridhima’s hands where on his hand and other below his head. She felt wetness on her cloths. “Shhh… armaan don’t cry please… it’s okay, it’s all-over”
Ridhima silently let armaan cry on her shoulder, she keep caressing his hairs with all the love and care while armaan cried for some time then fall asleep with tears marks left on her face. Ridhima left him calm so she looked at his face bending little down to find him sleeping. But her sleep was far away from her she just caressing him wanting to fill him with the feeling of belonging and beloved and trash out the loneliness he ever felt in his life. Padma retire to her room closing the door properly behind her not wanting to disturb her daughter, she have full faith in both of them that they will never fail her in her trust on them for once she doubt that ridhima might fall weak at moment but she have known armaan, she knew even if ridhima was weaken even a bit armaan will hold her stronger.

Ridhima placed a kiss on his forehead that was resting below her face now. And with that she rested her head back with sleep consuming her with hands wrapping armaan securely in her arms.

In morning both of them were asleep still when Padma walked into the room. Padma smiled at the way they were sleeping in since last night they never changed their position. Armaan was still in ridhima’s arms with head on her chest and hand on tummy while ridhima have both hands holding onto him.
She shakes ridhima to wake her up. Whispering she called her but instead armaan woke up with the sounds. He was confused looking at ridhima when he saw Padma mom towering over them. All the smiled that walked over his lips seeing ridhima next to him 1st thing in morning run away with single glimpse of Padma mom.  Armaan tried to get up properly leaving ridhima when Padma mom stopped him seeing he is all ready to panic. “Armaan relax I am not here to chide you or ridhima. I came to wake you both its 9 in morning freshen up and come for breakfast.” Saying this she cares his cheek with smile, before leaving the room she changed her direction of walking for once and staring back at armaan with smile spoke up “Armaan I trust you both I know you both won’t break our trust. I saw you here last night only and heard you both as well though not intentionally. But I can understand things anyway wake ridhima up too.”

She was out of the room leaving armaan with smile walking back on his lips. He look back at ridhima to see she was looking at him already with bright smile on her lips as if his smile is being reflected back. “Good morning Armaan” ridhima said in husky voice to which armaan bend down placing the kiss against her forehead he whispered back “Good Morning Basket” and then he kissed her nose tip ever so lightly making her smile more with arms moving around his neck caging him in her arms while her smile cage his heart and eyes was trapping his soul within her. “What was that for” ridhima asked with whispering voice “For loving me from all your heart and sharing your maa’s love with Me.” with that ridhima widen her smile pulling him closed she kissed his forehead. “This is for telling me the real meaning of love and loving me back selflessly”

Getting freshen up they both moved down for breakfast. When nani asked armaan when he came, to which Padma said “Maa he came few minutes back when you were in Temple, I send him up to call Ridhima.” Armaan smiled at Padma mom walking up to her he just hugged her saying “Thank you Maa.” Padma too hugged him back with all the motherly affection “Kids never thanks their mother. Mm” with that she wiped the little tears that formed in his eyes. “Now sit and have breakfast” Ridhima who was looking at them wiped her own little moist eyes away before that little moist form themselves into giant tear. They settle down for having breakfast with nani stuffing armaan along with Padma with food and love they hold for him. Making ridhima wince in fakeness for not getting any attention neither from nani nor from her mom, they are too much in love showering moment on armaan. Which she was loving secretly but why to show that when she can fake wincing childlike Making the trio smile at her. And her fake wincing resulted in an attack of food on her with 3 hands stopping in front of her mouth with spoons. Ridhima looked at trio with wide smile but to sort things for her armaan pushed nani’s hand a bit ahead with his other hand then Padma’s hand was pushed a bit ahead and in last armaan feed ridhima.
Later Ridhima armaan moved to ridhima’s Room. They were welcomed with Armaan’s ringing phone with Sheena’s Name Flashing. Armaan saw it and ignore it as he was already frustrated on her yesterday’s interruption between him and ridhima. He was somewhere got an idea of her intentions but thinking it to be his over possessiveness for their relation she shrug it off. Ridhima saw him ignoring the calls from her as by now it’s been 3 missed calls already while 4th times it’s ringing. Ridhima put her hand on his shoulder knowing his tensed nerve on seeing Sheena’s Name trying to calm it under her warmth. Changing the looks for a second armaan got her signal telling him silently to pick the call and talk. Armaan take the call and moved to the bed sitting down.

“Hello Armaan where the hell are you from night” Sheena spoke up from the other side with the hint of anger. “Who the hell are you to ask me that question” armaan replied with the blasting anger on her nerve to ask him question in such a tone as if she is his wife. Ridhima who was standing a bit away moved towards him putting her hand on his head she pulled his head letting him rest his head on her waist relaxing him in an instant. “I am at work” he replied once again this time with calm voice. “I was just… When you will be home.” She asked in soft tone not wanting to make him angry again. “I don’t know I will be home once I finish work” with that he cut the call and putting the phone away her hugged ridhima around her waist while she just messed with his hairs in affection.

Still hugging him ridhima spoke “Armaan I wanted to tell you something” armaan just nodded his head still hugging her around her waist. “Armaan I know I should have told you this on day one but I thought I will deal with it but I don’t want these things to go to some other extend that can break me. SO I wasn’t to tell you all that now so as always you can deal with my problem and come back wining to me to get the solace.” Armaan smiled with the choice of her words.
Armaan pulled ridhima to sit beside him close to him. Ridhima settle down close enough to rest her head on his shoulder while he put his arm around her shoulder caressing her upper arm encouraging her to continue. “Armaan that say when I came to you house with breakfast.” Ridhima took a pause while armaan Hmm-ed lightly and ridhima continued “Armaan that day you told me that it’s my right to wake you up or to walk into your room anytime. Armaan that day I came to your room to wake you up as kaka told me you are still sleeping but when I open the door Sheena was on your bed with you in same blanket.” Armaan tried to say something but ridhima cut him “I know you armaan and I believe you and unknowingly you cleared it to me with your words about my right on you, waking you and other things you said. It was not that only armaan Sheena tried these small tricks many times. That bedroom thing than the fake leg hurt so you will carry her in your arms in front of me.”

“The other day when I came to your house and felt sleep with di along in your room I was there to tell you these things but then I decided against. That day in hospital you showed me few clips and when I was home after work I got intimate photos of you and Sheena in envelope stating confidential. And when we came here she Traduce di with some made up stories and say bad things about you. I wanted to kill her for saying all those words for you. But being your friend I left her. But she never stopped she even tried to bring misunderstanding between us. She purposely brought me to mall seeing you and pari together, she was there before and hear you saying pari is my Sautan thing and she rush to sanjeevni to bring me here to create misunderstanding. Last night seeing you break down I thought to tell you everything as I never wanted you to get hurt in anyway in future so I wanted you to be alert with her.”
Armaan was boiling hearing all this, he have been right with his intuition initially but he ignored it and now that was bothering him. He was pissed at himself for making friends with Sheena on the first step and then letting her stay with him in same house while others didn’t arrived due to their reasons, now he even doubt about his friends absence.
He was about to say something when his phone rang up. It was from one of his friend who was to come back that day with Sheena along with few more friends. Calming his nerve he picked the phone. “Hello” armaan greeted “Hey armaan how are you. Shrey this Side.” The voice greeted.
“I am great Mann. Where are you, you should have been here by last week only.” Armaan complained him. “I know Mann and I have packed all my stuff and was about to leave for airport when Sheena called saying flight got canceled due to some whether issue in Mumbai. But anyway I called you to say I am coming from Evening Flight with everyone else. So come to the airport dude by 7pm.” Shrey replied. “For Sure dude I will be there don’t worry” armaan dismissed with agreement.

Cutting the call armaan looked at ridhima “Sheena Told me that everyone got some work but Shrey told me that they were informed that flight was cancelled due to whether” ridhima sigh hearing it “And Sheena told them this..!” Ridhima exclaimed knowing the obvious to which armaan nodded his head. “I will see to this Sheena Issue.” Armaan told determined.
Just to change the topic seeing ridhima deep in thought with tension visible on her face armaan spoke “Ridhima will you come with me to pick my friends please.” Ridhima came out of her revive hearing armaan request. “Armaan Papa…” ridhima tried to reason him but armaan cut her in middle “I will take his permission than you will come with me na” ridhima once again tried to say “But armaan they are your friend what I will do in between you guys. Plus they will feel awkward with my presence, I don’t want to interfere in your personal space” hearing her words armaan look at her for some time before saying “Basket first of all they are my friends I agree but they are coming for our wedding that means they have to meet you now or later, secondly you won’t be feeling any awkwardness till I am beside you and with those monkey friends of mine you will be more than comfortable and thirdly when you are the world to me to where I will get space leaving the world behind all I will get is a void apart from you not ‘so called’ space. So you are coming no more words.” Ridhima nodded before leaning in resting her head on his chest snuggling closer.
By the Evening time His friends came Mumbai and as promised armaan picked them up along with ridhima who instantly fall comfortable with Shrey and Suhani who seems closer to armaan then others. They spend little time lazing in hall once at armaan’s home before moving in having dinner to rest foe the night. Armaan showed them all the rooms to get accommodate asking them to rest he will drop ridhima home meanwhile.
Armaan was having conversation with his friends when got to know that Sheena worked with the firm that was managed by one of ridhima’s Friend so armaan took the contact details somehow of that person. Getting the needed details he made the call talking over he smiled after cutting down the line.  Ridhima knew his expression very well and as she decrypted Sheena was forced to fly back to her place just the next hour in fear to save her job. She knew if she was fired from this firm then her career will be over for sure but nothing can be happen. She does want to have armaan to herself but not at the cost of her career.

From Next Day the Wedding ceremony started and this time Armaan didn’t tried his zigzag ways to meet ridhima. He wanted to feel that excitement on wedding day that elders or mainly ridhima want him to feel. It wasn’t his decision completely it was forced words on him as ridhima wanted this period to be totally family time as she will be leaving them behind soon, so she asked armaan if he can grant her this much and being all love stuck he can’t deny it on her face but complained about it to himself chiding himself from getting lost in her and agreeing with her words without much thinking. But nothing can be done now as promise was made. Armaan’s friend made most of his wedding teasing him for being all love stuck and desperate types to be with ridhima while ridhima enjoyed her every ceremony with her family and friends that was taking her one more step closer to her armaan officially with every passing ritual.

And At last they day came when they get married naming themselves to each other with everything that they got.

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