Monday, 10 September 2018

part 6 : Sensual Seduction (AR)

"And where do you think your going baby…"

 "Armaan just leave me alone…I wanna go home and sleep…I'm so tired, so please leave my hand…" she felt his hand land go of her, and proceeded to walk out. Suddenly she felt some one clutch their arms around her waist tightly. Armaan held her firmly by her waist, moving his lips up and down her ear and neck, whispering "What if I don't let you go… what are you gonna do then" she felt the moist warm breath on her neck… Breaking all her senses once again, she felt her bag fell out of her hands…

 She looked at him desperately… "So I guess I win again… why do you even bother to try to leave, when you know I can convince you to stay…" Armaan said as he proceeded to kiss her lips. He broke out of it, and hugged her tightly, "I'll just be back in 10 minutes… It's been a tiring day; I need a shower… so for the time being just make yourself at home…" Armaan said breaking out and kissing her forehead. Ridhima smiled at him, as he walked into the bathroom. She walked around the room, and settled herself on the bed. Oh Gog, what's happening to me… Why can he convince for anything…. Every time he kisses me I just don't feel like backing off… I even had sex with him last night… and with every touch I feel so special, and elated to be with him… Please tell me what's wrong with me soon... she thought before falling asleep.

Armaan walked out of the shower wearing his boxers and whistling merely. He looked around for Ridhima, and spotted her sleeping on the bed with a frown. He looked at her sweetly, AWWW! She's so freakin cute… and the way she sleeps is so adorable, just like a 2 year old baby… he thought, as he proceeded towards the bed. He pulled himself under the bed sheets, and cuddled up next to her. He observed her face, her lips were rosy pink, and slightly pouted. He cheeks were slightly chubby, maker her look even more cute. The bangs laid in front of her face, she tried moving them while sleeping, and got irritated when she failed. Armaan lightly tucked them behind her ear, as his fingers brushed against her cheeks, they turned vaguely red. He couldn't take her cuteness anymore. He snuggled next to her by putting an arm around her, and one around her waist. He placed a kiss on her head, and went to sleep cuddling up to her.

Ridhima woke up to see a beautiful morning, as the sun smiled at both her and Armaan. She looked to the side to see Armaan sleeping innocently, as he head was on his chest. She sat down, and was about to he off the bed when suddenly arm circled his arms around her waist pulling her back. He snuggled his face into her stomach, "Please don't leave" he said cutely. Ridhima smiled at how cute he was, "Armaan, I have to go and get ready for work…I'll be back in a while" she said running her fingers through his hair. "You promise" Armaan said looking up as she nodded. "Okay then, I'll drop you off, and plus I gotta head to the hotel also, need to make so renovation on the suite…" he said putting on a shirt and pants.

Both walked out of the office separately so that no one can suspect what's going on. After an hour of taking a shower, and fixing herself up for work, she headed outside. To her surprise, Armaan was outside with his car. "Hey baby, come in fast or else I'll have to yell at you…" Ridhima was still in shock, but managed to sit inside the car. "Armaan what are you doing here?" she asked. "Picking you up… I didn't want you to be late" he said holding her hand in his, as he drove with the other one. Ridhima smiled at him slightly awkwardly, and soon they reached to their office.

Life was the same for Armaan and Ridhima. While in the office, both would act professionally, not giving anybody a clue as to what is going on in between them, and at home they would live together. Armaan renovated his suite, so that Ridhima can put some of her clothes in his room so that she can go straight to the office. Armaan and Ridhima have been getting closer and closer, yet they have no idea what's happening to them. It's been almost 3 weeks that they had been sleeping together, and Armaan didn't even dare to look at another girl. Every place he goes, all he see's is Ridhima. Ridhima on the other hand can't stop thinking about Armaan. Muskaan started getting suspicious of Ridhima's behavior; because at first she despised Armaan, but suddenly all she can hear are his complements from her. Love is blooming within them unknowingly, but will they ever find out.

"Ridhima, be ready for the evening, there's a business get together party, and I need you as my date… so please be ready by 8…" Ridhima nodded. This time Ridhima didn't stay back, she went straight home after work, and started getting ready. As the clock stroke 8, Ridhima started feeling nervous, Oh god… what if Armaan doesn't like the way I look… chill Ridhz, since when did you care about what other people think… UHH1 since I have been sleeping with Armaan… Ridhima's head was battling against her decision. Her thought were broken with a sudden honk. She looked out to see Armaan waving his hands at her from outside. She took a deep breath and headed out the door.

As Ridhima came outside, she felt a slight breeze touch her face. She closed her eyes as shivers ran down her body. When she opened her eyes, she saw Armaan just few inches away from her, staring at her in the most passionate gaze. He came closer to her ears and whispered "you wanna go back home, and skip the party… you look to irresistible" she started blushing at his comment. He quickly kissed her cheeks, and led her to his car.

As both entered the party hall together, Ridhima expected armaan to leave her alone. All eyes went on her appearance, especially the boys. Armaan felt annoyed, as to boys checked her out, it angered him. He going separate ways of Ridhima so that no one can tell about them, but all the boys checking her out, irritated him. He turned around and went up to her. Armaan slid his arm around her waist, claiming his property upsetting all the boys. Ridhima looked at him surprised, and looked at him questionably. He just smiled at her confused face, and kissed her on her forehead.

He led her to the dance floor, the music changed into a slow song. He placed one hand on her waist, as she placed one hand on his shoulder. Both of their other hand, entangled with each other.

(Guyz do read the descriptions in the light blue color to get a better sense of their feelingz!)

Staring out at the rain with a heavy heart

It's the end of the world in my mind (Both completely lost into each others eyes)

Then your voice pulls me back like a wake up call ("You look beautiful" Armaan whispered breaking Ridhima out of her trance.)

I've been looking for the answer


I couldn't see that it was right there

But now I know what I didn't know (He put both arms around her, bringer her closer, and staring deep into her eyes)

Because you live and breathe

Because you make me believe in myself when nobody else can help

Because you live, girl

My world has twice as many stars in the sky (She closed her eyes as she felt his warm breath kissing her face)

It's alright, I survived, I'm alive again

Cuz of you, made it through every storm

What is life, what's the use if you're killing time

I'm so glad I found an angel


Who was there when all my hopes fell

I wanna fly, looking in your eyes (He felt tempted to kiss her as he looked at her face glow. He reached forward and kissed her forehead, then her eyes, then her nose, before he can kiss her lips, she looked down shyly, causing him to smile)

Because you live and breathe

Because you make me believe in myself when nobody else can help

Because you live, girl

My world has twice as many stars in the sky

Because you live, I live (He spun her out of the embrace, and brought her back. This time her back was resting on his chest)

Because you live there's a reason why

I carry on when I lose the fight

I want to give what you've given me always

Because you live and breathe

Because you make me believe in myself when nobody else can help

Because you live, girl

My world has twice as many stars in the sky (He moved his lips up and down her ears, whispering the words to her)

Because you live and breathe

Because you make me believe in myself when nobody else can help

Because you live, girl

My world has everything I need to survive

Because you live, I live, I live (He turned her around, both came face to face. They stared into each others eyes, and leaned forward slowly, about to kiss)

Suddenly a girl comes up to Armaan and hugs him, pushing Ridhima away. "Hey baby, missed me?" the girl said flinging her arms around Armaan's neck. Ridhima felt mad, and jealous. She was just staring blankly at Armaan, who looked at her worried. "How come you didn't call me after that beautiful night… I missed you so much" the girl said kissing him on the lips. Armaan broke out of the kiss and saw that Ridhima has disappeared. "UH! I'm sorry I didn't call you" Armaan said not knowing the girls name. "Let me guess, you don't even know my name…my friend was right, all guys are jerks" the girl said slapping Armaan, and leaving angrily. Armaan looked totally lost… What just happened here, and who the f**k was she… and Where is Ridhima… Armaan wondered wandering around looking for her.

Armaan spotted Ridhima, and was totally baffled by the sight in front of him!


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