Sunday, 30 September 2018

part 6 A : Unknown Truth

Yeh kya hua, Kaise hua,

     kab hua, kyun hua

       jab hua,tab hua''..

Yes it's me again and don't worry I am not singing. I have stopped singing the day I was humiliated by my boss in the office. Now I don't sing for anyone else except for myself when I am alone. And if you are wondering that it's the cd then you are wrong again. It's not any cd also, it my inner voice that is crying from the past two weeks- want to know why. Let me show you a teaser'

 "oh carol..i love you for this..mwah.." guess who is sitting in front of me- I know a very simple question but still I want you all to guess'..yes who else can say those words except for the one person who I lub the most- armaan malik, sitting in front of me, on my dining table, eating food that I bought from my money and staying in my house from the past two weeks. If I am not wrong your next Q will be- kab, kyun , kaise , kahan, when , how , where, ??????...batati hoon..batati hoon..i can understand human tendencies which makes us want to know each and everything and especially when it's something related to my life, it is more exciting.

Before I start telling you my life's tragic kahani of the past three weeks, you need to meet two more people who were also responsible for this. One of them is my best friend ' sumu, you have already met who is right now sitting beside him, eyeing him, flirting with him and not leaving any chance of making me jealous and the other person is my neighbor- JP- sitting beside me, his heart ready to  come out from his mouth anytime, who played a major deal in forcing me to bring armaan to my house. We all are sitting at the dining table having a eyelock competition

JP is staring at- Armaan

Sumu is staring at -Armaan

Aunt Carol is staring at-Armaan

I am staring at- Armaan

The common name in this cycle is Armaan who is not even looking at me. hmph. Even ii don't care at all.   


It started with me getting flowers from my secret admirer, now in normal situations my reaction would have been- looking around the whole room for a pair of suspicious eyes, I mean your first reaction will be that someone from the office front is playing a prank on you. But as I have stopped reacting normally, call it a change in hormones or someone's sangat ka asar, my reaction was "OMG, my secret admirer". I was jumping in joy, screaming "secret admirer, my first ever secret admirer" kissing the note, forgetting that my cubicle is not sound proof. And when I stopped, I wasn't alone, I was surrounded by my co-workers who were looking at me like I have gone mad. Celebrating with them was way out of question especially after they ate my food so I excused myself and left the cubicle.

Holding the note I was walking around the corridor, dreaming about my secret admirer-how is he gonna look like, when did he saw me, wagarah , wagarah, when suddenly- CRASH, BUMP and HOLD ON.

I was so into my secret admirer that I had no idea where I was heading and then CRASH, my head got hit causing a BUMP on my head making me HOLD the person from falling down. I was holding him by the waist and as I looked at his face, I forgot about my secret admirer. Well only one person has that kind of effect on me.

 When two normal people who have stopped behaving normally meets, abnormal things happen, the same happened with us also. I mean, normally I should have been in his position and he should be the one holding me from my waist, but in our story, I was the one holding him from the waist and guess what happened after that- hawa chalne lagi, hair started flying, violins started playing on it's own and everything turned into slow motion, you know a typical scene taken from a t.v. serial but the only difference was- air was blowing from the front directly on my face which caused my hair to flow back coz of which he didn't got the chance to remove it from my face and put it behind my ears and his hair is so small then even it a tornado comes there won't be any need to remove it from his face.

Then we had an eye 'lock of few seconds, it couldn't last for a minute also as he his stronger then me and my grip was losing with each passing second and THUD, I couldn't hold him anymore and he slipped out of my grip landing on the floor.

"OMG sir I am so sorry" I said sarcastically, aakhir badla Jo Lena tha, covering my mouth with one hand. I gave him my hand as he was giving me those looks, not the good ones but the ones you give to you enemy. Those angry young man looks. It was sexy too. I mean day-after-day I was falling head over heels. Notice the past tense I have used in the sentence 'was', yes it's true now I don't have any feelings left for this guy. Well you'll come to know by the end of this story. 

Finally office hours got over and the big smile that was plastered on my face the whole day vanished as I remembered that I had to stay back and cook food for him. waise let me tell you the 'stay back' punishment mujhe abhi tak samajh nahin aayi. Why he wants me to stay back when there isn't any pending work left. But there was no point arguing coz he had already increased this punishment from 3 months to 4 months when I had argued the very first time. So here I was waiting for the day to get over and as usual he came late. Picking up my purse I started walking beside him and we reached his car where his driver was waiting for him. Signaling him to leave, he himself sat on the driver seat as I sat beside him. 

We reached his house and being on such a high post, I was expecting a big house, just like I had dreamed of but surprisingly his was a studio apartment- well organized, neat and clean, more clean then my room. Thank god aunt carol was not there otherwise she would have given me a big lecture on cleaning and its advantages.

As it was my first day at his house, he ordered food and gave me a special treat- as the saying goes "murge to halaal karne se pehle we make him eat", exactly the same way, in this case I was the murgi. To be honest , I was scared a bit to enter inside his house , I mean he was living alone and me a physically weak person in front of him, kucch utla-pulta ho jaata to. So just to get out from his house, I quickly ate my food, which was looking more like stuffing my mouth with food and he is such a shameless creature, he was clicking my photos, laughing looking at my face while I had my mouth stuffed. Actually, there was one more reason for stuffing, the food he ordered was so tasty that I couldn't control myself and being a foodie myself, the greediness in me forced me to taste and eat everything. I don't exactly remember that after how many weeks, I had outside food and it felt heaven. Quickly finishing the food, I picked up my bag to leave as I felt his grip on my hand. He got up from his chair and stood in front of me.

"riddhima I want to talk to you about something" he said sounding serious as I saw him release my hand from his grip.

"riddhima..i..i mean..i.." he said and stopped as his cell started ringing. He excused himself as he walked out of the room.

"OMG , he wants to say those three magical words" this was my instant reaction. "I heard the first word "I", and only those two words were left. Pieces of puzzle were falling into places, him selecting me to go to the conference and his punishment, always laughing at my actions and not getting serious and if I am not wrong may be he is the secret admirer. Aur kaun ho sakta hai." I came out from my thoughts as I saw him coming towards me.

" were saying something" I asked as I waited for him to say those words.

"hmm..yeah..riddhima actually I am not feeling well so I won't be able to drop you. Can you go back by taxi, if it's not a problem" he said as I saw my dreams shattering into pieces.

"what a cheap person, paise save karne ke liye log kya-kya jhooth bolte hain" I told myself. and as I am not a less then him, so I replied "no problem sir, but I don't have enough money right now to pay the cab. I use bus all the time so I don't keep that much money"

"that's not a problem, Don't worry about the money..I'll pay" he said. He broke my dreams, so I broke his purse by asking for money. I had that much money to go back but this money was just a small revenge for the things I had done in front of him.

"thank you sir" I said and taking the money left his house as I heard him saying "riddhima tomorrow  8:00 a.m. sharp..don't be late" Sharp 'my foot. I couldn't believe what happened few moments back in his house. I expect way too much without even thinking and then I see those dreams shattering right in front of me. but koi baat nahin, I'll have other chances to look up to. One day or the other, he'll open his mouth.

I reached my house and went to my room as I had to make a menu of what I have to prepare the next day. But then I looked at the money which armaan had given me for cab and the solution was solved as a devilish smile played on my lips. Next morning, I got up and packed a light breakfast for him which I had bought from his money from the near-by Dhaba and reached his house.

He ate and actually liked the food and even praised me for my cooking. He never asked me who cooked the food, so I never told him the history behind the yummy breakfast, so you can't blame me for hiding facts from him it's as simple as that.

My morning problem was solved, I used to take money from him everyday for cab by forcing him to stay back coz his house is on the opposite end of the city and only the dinner problem was left. I even found a solution of that as I told Aunt Carol to pack more of food, especially the sabzi and the rest is history'.mwahhhhhaaa..       

In between our cooking sessions, the gifts from my secret admirer also increased. First I thought that armaan is playing a prank but when I indirectly cross-questioned him, I realized he is not the one.

For the next one week, I received flowers, gifts from my secret admirer and one day I got a msg from him also. I tried calling the same no. but he wasn't picking up his cell, instead he used to talk through msg. Finally, on the last weekday as I was about to leave the office, I got a msg from him that he wanted to meet me. He said that he'll waiting for me at the "PLAZA RESTAURANT" 5:00 p.m. Sunday.

So there I was waiting for my secret admirer, sitting in the restaurant with the red rose in my hand. My eyes fixed on the restaurant entrance and guess who entered ' ARMAAN, looking hot as ever as he looked around the restaurant.

"OMG He is 'my secret admirer' tumne mere liye itna sab kiya. Haiiiiii. How romantic armaan and you didn't even let me know that you are the one. " I thought, blushing as I looked at him. I got up from my seat to call him but had to stop as I looked at his hand. There was no red flower and as I was still trying to figure out why there is no flower coz in the msg he had told me that he'll be holding the red 'rose in his hand, entered another guy after him, with the red flower in his hand- my secret admirer, the same person who takes out the beast in me- the one and only- JP, my neighbor. He was just behind him, looking for me.

"Oh no.. so he is the secret admirer..arey bhagwanji yeh kya kar diya" I asked looking at the sky. My first reaction was to go and grab his collar and ask "why JP. Why did you play with my emotions?" even after knowing how much I hate him, he had the guts to be my secret admirer. But before that I had to leave the restaurant asap and the question was "how?". I mean, boss and JP both were standing at the entrance and I had no idea about any other exit door. So I was just waiting for them to move so I can run out. I was hiding under my table waiting as I saw Armaan move inside the restaurant- the vip section area. One down, one to go. Now if you are wondering why I am hiding from Armaan, it's not like he is gonna object or something, after all it's my life but I had a very valid reason of hiding and running away from there.

Two days back

I was serving  him breakfast when I got a msg from my secret admirer which Armaan read by mistake and that's coz I had added his number in my cell by the name "My love" and he was holding my cell as he was waiting for some important work call. And then like a 'typical male', he started teasing me.

"Riddhima has a boyfriend . Riddhima has a boyfriend" he started singing which was more like teasing me. ab mere bhi impression ka sawaal tha. I can't leave him just like that so I told him "Yes I have a boyfriend. You have got problem with that" with a bit of attitude. Actually I wanted to make him jealous. You know how it's like- the jealous factor. That was the perfect moment to know if he feels something for me or not.

"no..not at all. It's your life." and then started the whole question and answer round '"when did you meet him. How does he look like, your first date....blah..blah..blah.." he asked. Now I couldn't back off, so I had to bring my creative brain back into action and I replied "We met in college, he was my senior and it was love at first sight for us. We both looked at each other aur bas pyaar ho gaya"

" at first sight. How romantic" he replied. His reaction was opposite of what I was expecting. He was enjoying, hearing about my love life. Now as he wasn't getting jealous, I further praised my 'invisible boyfriend' by adding a bit of mirch-masala -'tadka mar ke' as I continued "He is the one. You know with whom you want to spend the rest of your life with. He is a sweet heart. He takes care of me and pampers me. He even knows taekwondo and karate. One time he saved me from 7 gundas. I was returning home from college and out of no where, these 7 well-built gundas came and surrounded me. I was so scared for my life and then mere hero ne entry mari and he saved me from those gundas, without getting a single scratch on his body and those gundas after the DISHUM-DISHUM were begging for forgiveness."

"OMG Riddhima , your boyfriend is really something." He was sounding so astonished, making me believe I was on right track so I further continued "and you know, he is so well-built that he can even push a car with one hand. He is a master of everything. He knows how to cook, he plays all kinds of sports and he can even write with both hands at the same time." I know kuch zyada hi praising-praising ho gaya but I had no other solution. Mere impression ka sawaal tha. There was no point backing off. 

"So when are you going to introduce me to your Boyfriend." he asked. Again he started his whole investigation. Ab mein kya karti. Since I had already opened my BIG mouth in front of him and praised my boyfriend more then I should have, I had to stick to it also.

"very soon..sir..I have to ask him when he is free. He is a very busy guy and his schedule is so tight that sometimes even I have to make an appointment to meet him'.hehe" I said smiling nervously. 

"okay then, I'll be waiting for that day" he said as I thank god for saving me once again and that was the day I realized that Armaan has no feelings for me. I did felt a bit bad, I mean rejected by your first crush, but I didn't took this on heart as I had my secret admirer to look forward to.

Back to present

So that's why I was hiding from him coz the illusion that I had created in front of him about my so called 'boyfriend' wasn't even close reality. JP and my invisible boyfriend were poles apart. He would have got another chance to make fun of me, something I was so not interested to hear or see anymore.

After armaan walked inside looking at his cellphone, I was waiting for JP to either move inside or leave the restaurant. Few moments passed and he was standing at the same spot, taking the fragrance of the flower.  Man to kar raha that ki us phool se uske gala daba do but only coz of Armaan my hands were tied as he was still inside the restaurant

As soon as I saw him entering inside the restaurant, I knew this was the perfect time to escape, I got out from under the table to run for my life and surprise-surprise, guess who else entered the restaurant- Aunt Carol with Sumu. Now you'll be asking what they were doing there, to hua yeh..

I was so into this secret admirer from the day I received the bouquet that any one could have guessed that there's something wrong with me. You know the typical shy girls behavior- thinking and blushing about him and loss of appetite, except in my case- I started having more food. I was 24X7 living in my dream world especially after knowing armaan's feeling towards me, thinking about my 'secret admirer' and making future plans and this change in me didn't went un-noticed by  Aunt Carol and Sumu.

As I couldn't tell her about my secret admirer, this made her believe that what she was thinking was absolutely right and that day I was in such a hurry to reach the restaurant that I told her where I was going. And if my prediction is right, aunt carol must have asked sumu to accompany her and there they were looking out for me. The only good thing was that till now she didn't saw JP there. Now I had one more problem to tackle- hid myself from all four ' "Armaan, JP, Aunt Carol and Sumu" and hide JP from all three.

Slowly I sneaked out of the table making sure no body was watching me and ran inside coz those two were out there and as I was about to enter the main restaurant I heard sumu calling me.

"Aunty there she is" I heard and without turning I entered inside. Although Sumu is a very quiet person just like me but that day her voice was at its peak. She said so loudly that even the person inside the hotel must have heard her. I heard footsteps coming towards me and I ran inside the restaurant before they could catch me.

And we had the "catch-me-if-you-can" marathon.

Holding my purse tightly, I was looking around for JP, when my eyes caught Armaan sitting at the extreme corner, sipping a coffee.

I quickly turned my face the other way before his eyes can catch me and ran inside.

As I further ran inside, I saw JP standing with his back and as I was about to grab him, I heard Armaan's voice behind me. I quickly turned right, hiding my face with my purse without looking back and hid myself behind the pillar before he could even see me. 

Now the scene was something like this- I was hiding behind the pillar and could clearly see Armaan and JP standing just few feet away from me.

They both saw each other and passed a smile- like we smile to a stranger. I was praying to god not to let Sumu and Aunt enter the restaurant but as me and God aren't on such good-terms when it comes to helping me, the expected happened as I heard their voices from the pillar that was behind the pillar I was hiding myself. As they entered the restaurant they saw me hiding behind the pillar and they hid behind the other pillar waiting for the action to unfold.

 "bas yehi dekhana baaki tha. Oh god yeh kya ho raha hai. Please tell me this is a dream. I can't take this anymore. I won't ever wish for any boyfriend and if you want I won't ever look at any man but please help me god." I prayed in my mind joining my hands as I saw Armaan pointing his finger at me and laughing and making a joke of me. More then Armaan I was angry on JP, it was his entire fault.

Not getting any solution I left everything on almighty, praying and hoping for a miracle as I crawled back looking at them having no idea of what was behind me and "CRASH".

I collided with a waiter who was taking some drink, making everyone turn their attention towards the source of sound- who was no one else but me.

I smiled nervously as I saw everyone's gaze on me. Armaan was looking at me confusingly; JP standing beside him had a big smile on his face as if he just won something. Sumu and Aunt were looking at me and at those two men who were standing just in front of them as my eyes were fixed on those two men. There was no point backing off now and as 'bhagwan bharose' wouldn't be of any help now, I had to do something quick

"Armaan-JP, JP-Armaan, Armaan-JP, JP-Armaan" my eyes were moving from one to the other. Bracing myself, I took a deep breath and preparing myself how a bull does before the bull-fight begin, I looked at my "victims" and ran towards them with my full speed. I ran, ran, ran and jumped on him, holding him tightly by neck causing him to fall back with me on top of him.


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