Tuesday, 11 September 2018

part 7 : Sensual Seduction (AR)

Suddenly a girl comes up to Armaan and hugs him, pushing Ridhima away. "Hey baby, missed me?" the girl said flinging her arms around Armaan's neck. Ridhima felt mad, and jealous. She was just staring blankly at Armaan, who looked at her worried. "How come you didn't call me after that beautiful night' I missed you so much" the girl said kissing him on the lips. Armaan broke out of the kiss and saw that Ridhima has disappeared. "UH! I'm sorry I didn't call you" Armaan said not knowing the girls name. "Let me guess, you don't even know my name'my friend was right, all guys are jerks" the girl said slapping Armaan, and leaving angrily. Armaan looked totally lost' What just happened here, and who the f**k was she' and Where is Ridhima' Armaan wondered wandering around looking for her.

Armaan spotted Ridhima, and was totally baffled by the sight in front of him!

He spotted Ridhima close dancing with another man. Her body was totally pressed against his, while he was feeling her back. This tempered Armaan, he formed a fist and headed towards the dancing couple. "Excuse me" Armaan said politely patted the guys back. One the person turned around, with full force Armaan raised his hand up high to give him a great punch on the face. Looking at the face, Armaan stopped midway "Vivek" he said. "Armaan' What were you gonna do?" Vivek said frightened.

 'oh my god' I'm so sorry man' I had no idea it was you' I was just' you know never mind" he said hugging Vivek. Ridhima looked at both confused, Oh GOD! They know each other' "So you know Ridhima?" armaan asked Vivek. "No, actually I just meet her' Oh OMG! I'm so sorry, she's with you?" Vivek apologized. Armaan looked at Ridhima and saw a sly face with her eyebrows raised waiting for an answer, "No, she's not with me...anyways forget about her, walk with me buddy, we got a lot of catching up to do" Armaan said breaking Vivek away from Ridhima. Ridhima looked mad at him, and he just gave her a flying kiss goodbye.

"So how do you know Ridhima?" Vivek asked. "Oh she came with me' I asked her to assist me" Vivek gave him a cheesy look. 'Oh! So she's your catch for tonight, or did you sleep with her already?" Vivek noticed Armaan smiling' maybe even blushing. "What, you slept with her already?" he saw Armaan nodding. "Whoa! Seriously man' I mean she's freakin hot' I'm thinking about having her tonight, since you already slept with her'" After hearing that statement Armaan became furious. "WHAT THE f**k! HOW DARE YOU!" Armaan scream. "Cool down buddy, why are you getting so angry'? I mean you never sleep with the same girl twice' I was just asking, since your done with her' and it's not like it's the first time I slept with a girl you slept with before'" Armaan realized that whatever Vivek said was true, then why was he getting angry at Vivek mentioning to sleep with Ridhima. "I'm sorry man' I don't know what's gone into me" Armaan said walking away. Vivek looked at him weirdly as to why he just did that, but then he spotted Ridhima sitting on the counter and headed to her. Man I gotta sleep with her tonight' I just can't control my hormones around her' Vivek thought while walking to her.

"Hi Ridhima" he said settled on the chair beside her. Ridhima just gave him a futile smile. "So you and Armaan' I can't believe he's dumping a girl like you' I mean your so beautiful' and so delicious looking" Vivek said placing his hand on her thigh. His lust for her didn't go unnoticed by Ridhima, Oh so this bas***d wants to sleep with me' Okay Ridhima just play along, she said giving him a mischievous smile. Vivek smiled back, I knew it, she already wants me' As they were chatting along, Vivek kept on moving his hands up and down her legs. "So you know, this is a hotel also' and I heard the rooms are really beautiful' you want me to show you around" Ridhima nodded her head, "Oh my God' sure I would love to see the rooms ALONE with ONLY YOU VIVEK" she accentuated some of the words so that Armaan can overhear, which was successful.

As Vivek was showing her around, armaan was also close by "And this is our room for tonight" he said holding Ridhima by her waist. "Oh so you brought me here to have sex" as Vivek pinned her to the wall, he gripped tightly around her. "You have any doubts about that' I mean who wouldn't be crazy about you" he said lining her face with his fingers. I don't get it, how come I don't feel the same magic' Vivek's touch feels all disgusting and Armaan's feel so soothing and sensual'" she thought. Suddenly, she felt Vivek slip in hand under her dress, and his body totally pushed against hers. "Do you mind backing up a bit, your getting too close" Vivek smiled at her innocence. "Of course I wanna be close to you' I'm trying to make love to you, and can you please stop moving," Vivek said trying to grip her.

She broke out of his hold, and started running around the room. "What the f**k are you doing' why cant you remain still so I can have you" Vivek said chasing her. It has been 5 minutes, and he's still chasing her. Vivek finally jumped and grabbed her hand. He gripped her tightly and smashed her against the wall.

Armaan was now outside their room for 5 minutes. He was cursing out Vivek and Ridhima. OMG! How can I just let her have sex with someone else' She knows it gets me pissed' Why do you like hurting me for Ridhima? Suddenly he was broken from his trance once he heard a smash. Blood was running through his head, he was freaking out. OMG! What if Vivek is trying rape her! He kept smashing the door, trying to break it open. The third time he hit the door, it opened, and he scanned the room to see it a mess. Okay so everything is a mess, but where is that bas***d Vivek' and Ridhiam where is she' he said looking around. He finally spotted her from the other side of the bed, walking out merely. Before walking out she gave him a big kiss on the cheek, which confused Armaan. As she left, he scanned the room for Vivek, to beat him up. He went to the other side, and was shocked to see the scene in front of him. His shocked expression turned to a laughter. "HEHEHE! What happened to you' why is your face all blue and black'" Armaan realized Vivek can't talk because of the tape over his mouth. He was trying to take the tape out, but it was really hard for him. "Uhh! Dude, I don't think it's tape' I think it's wax'" and Armaan pulled on it firmly, causing Vivek to scream. "How come you didn't tell me she was a black belt" Vivek trying to get out of the chair that Ridhima tied him to. "What' Really, I think I' milking her even more' anyways, I didn't come here to break you out, I'm here to tell you to KEEP YOUR f**kIN PALMS OFF HER' SHE CAN ONLY BE MINE.. AND REMMEBER THAT!" Armaan said furiously.

He ran out of the room in search for Ridhima, but couldn't find her anywhere, until he heard a loud shriek. As he approached the sound, he was once again baffled at the sight in front of him.  He saw Ridhima clutching onto another man. They were totally pressed against each other, with no space left. He pulled his hand into a fist to keep self-control, and walked up to Ridhima. After he approached Ridhima, he got afraid as to what she would do to him if he disturbed her, so he decided to keep quiet a little bit more distance. GOD! Why is she doing this to me AGAIN' Why cant guys keep their nasty palms out of her'!

As Ridhima broke out to the hug, she had tears in her eyes. The guy wiped off her tears and kissed her forehead, "Hey aren't you happy to see me after 6 months". "Rahul... I still can't believe its you'I missed you so much," she said hugging him again. "Oh sure you did, or else you wouldn't be leaving me and mom" he said in a sarcastic tone. "Rahul quite being a baby, and tell me how mom is" Ridhima asked smiling. "Mom's fine Ridhima' but dad asked me to look for you, he's ready to accept the fact that you work'" Rahul saw the excitement on Ridhima's face. "WHAT! OMG! Are you serious' he finally approved, but why do I have to go back' I got a great job here" Rahul looked at Ridhima and sighed. "Actually dad has a condition' you are allowed to work but for that you have to marry the boy he approves for you' Ridhima, dad fixed your wedding with the Khanna's son, and now the Gupta's and the Khanna's are doing to be one company' and dad wants you to look over it" Ridhima felt upset and hurt.

"I don't know Rahul' I really love this job I have" Ridhima turned around as a lone tear escaped her eyes. How do I tell you Rahul that I cant leave because of Armaan' I love being with him'  "Hey' You don't need to give me your decision right now' just think about it, and tell me' I'm in New York for the next 2 days, tell me before 2 days okay'" Rahul said hugging his little sister. Ridhima watched as Rahul left the party, and spotted Armaan coming towards her.

Armaan came in with an angry look towards her, but before he can say anything Ridhima embraced him tightly. Armaan was totally taken back by her, but felt her sobbing, so he hugged her back. "Armaan, can we go from here' please?" she said hiding her face into his chest. He looked at her crying face, which filled his head with concern "sure baby, lets get outta here" Armaan said walking her out.

They made their way up to their room, and settled on the bed. "So are you gonna tell me or should I ask" Armaan asked Ridhima. Ridhima looked at him with tears still brimming down her eyes, "Armaan, I really don't wanna talk about it" Armaan held onto her hand firmly and kissed it, "It will ease all your pain'" Ridhima looked at him as he wiped away her tears. "What if you have to decide between your dream that's based on a contradiction, and a person who gives you happiness unknowingly?... which would you choose" Armaan looked at her confused, but tried giving her question a shot.

"A dream based on contradiction is just like saying an incomplete dream, once you get a hold of it, you wont feel a sense of pride or deserving, you wont feel the fact that you accomplished it on your own' but a person you makes you feel happy unknowingly is just like saying a computer without guarantee. Face it, you cant trust what that person says unless, you know for sure that he or she will be with you forever." Ridhima looked at Armaan in shock "WOW! I never knew you could analyze this in that manner' but if you had to choose, which would it be?" "I would choose which ever sounds reasonable' if the condition is known and its appropriate, than I would choose my dream' and if the condition is not known, I would ask the person who elates me if they will be with me forever, than go for the person. If both deject your ideas, I would choose the dream over the person' Ridhima, you can get over a broken dream, but healing a broken heart is unbearable.

Armaan faced to see Ridhima fast asleep, he kissed her goodnight, and fell asleep. When Ridhima felt total silence in the room, she again opened her eyes. I think your right Armaan, the choice isn't up to me anymore, it's up to you... it's up to what you think' Tomorrow is either the happiest day of my life, or the most upsetting' she looked at Armaan, as he was sleeping innocently. She kissed his forehead, and slept peacefully in his embrace.

Armaan was fixing his tie when he noticed Ridhima putting all her stuff into a suitcase. "Your going anywhere babe" he asked coming up to her, and hugging her tightly around her back. 'Uh yeah, actually I'm leaving back to California'" "WHAT!" Armaan said, completely aghast. "When did you make this plan'? Even if you did, I don't really care' your not leaving and that's FINAL!" Armaan said in a confide voice. "Why' why shouldn't I go Armaan?" Ridhima asked him. "Tell me one good reason as to why I shouldn't go' just one, and I promise I'll stay" Ridhima said looking into his eyes. "For me Ridhima' I hate being lonely" Armaan saw her nod her head. "That's not a reason Armaan' That's just selfishness' you can cure your loneliness with any other girl'" Armaan looked at her, still confused as to why she's asking him this. "I don't have any other reason to hold you back'" he saw the tears brimming down Ridhima's cheeks. "Tell me' tell me to stay' Tell me you'll be with me forever' just once, and I promise to stay," she said holding his hands in her, and she cried uncontrollably.

Armaan looked at Ridhima shocked, but then he remembered what happened in the night' So that's why she was asking me' She wanted me to make the choice for her' Armaan closed his eyes, and let go of her hands. He turned and faced the other way. "I would choose the dream over the person Ridhima," he said. Ridhima looked up at him hurt "thanks" was all she could whisper, and left the room with her suitcase.


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