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part 8 : Sensual Seduction (AR)

Armaan looked at Ridhima shocked, but then he remembered what happened in the night' So that's why she was asking me' She wanted me to make the choice for her' Armaan closed his eyes, and let go of her hands. He turned and faced the other way. "I would choose the dream over the person Ridhima," he said. Ridhima looked up at him hurt "thanks" was all she could whisper, and left the room with her suitcase.


As he heard the door close, tears prickled down his face. You deserve better Ridhima' he whispered while heading to work.

Work was a disaster without an assistant, GOD! How does dad manage all this work without assistance'? I mean I did manage before, but I think Ridhima made office days fun' But don't worry Armaan, she'll be back' she has to' he thought leaning back against his chair with a cheesy smile. He fell asleep due from boredom, and dreamt about Ridhima the whole time. He pictured her eyes, cheeks, nose, her luscious lips, he sensed her fragrance, and every small feature of her. Suddenly he hears somebody trying to open the door, and he knew it was Ridhima. So he abruptly got up and turned around to the other side, so that his back was facing her. "I knew you wouldn't leave me' The only reason why I told you to pick dreams is because I wanted you to be happy Ridhima' Trust me I wasn't happy with the decision myself, but after a long deliberation inside my head, I reached to the conclusion that you also don't wanna leave me." he stopped not hearing any noises. "Uh? Sir I'm Muskaan, not Ridhima" as she said that he turned around biting his teeth because of his asinine mistake.

"Um. Yes Mrs. Chadha' how can I help you?" he asked practically sweating. "Actually I wanted to ask you where Ridhima was, but you already gave me that answer' and even more than I wanted to know' But know I just wanna know why she left?" Muskaan asked folding her hand against her chest. "How would I know why she left" Armaan said sitting back down. "Because I heard everything you said' Sir I know you had something to do with it" Muskaan thought for a while and looked at him shocked "OMG don't tell me you slept with her last night and told her to get out" Armaan looked at her in disbelief. "Why on earth would I tell her to get out" he asked defending himself. "So you admit it, you guys did sleep together last night' and she probably left because of the shame' I can't believe you would do such a thing to this innocent girl'" Muskaan said shaking her head. 'Excuse me' before you blame this whole situation on me, you should listen to me first' 1st of all, we did sleep together, and it wasn't just last night, we've been sleeping together for almost a month" he looked at her eyes widen. "WHAT! For almost a month, but she told me nothing was going on' and she came to my sleep over" she thought for a while remembering that night when she slept over, "WAIT! But then you called me to tell Ridhima to go to the office' Was that just an excuse too'with her". Armaan smiled a bit to himself thinking about that night, "Yeah' that was the first time we had sex" he said dreamily and unknown to the fact that Muskaan is still there. "WHAT! Ewwww' too much info' I still can't believe you slept with Ridhima, and that to for a whole month' I mean you only sleep with a girl once and throw them out' how come you remained with her?" Muskaan asked curiously. Armaan was about to say something, but shut his mouth back not having an explanation.

Muskaan saw his face turn confused and understood his misconception, "So you don't know why?" she asked. Armaan nodded, Muskaan abruptly got an idea inside her head "Sir, do you think Ridhima's a whore?" he saw Armaan frown. "WHAT! NO WAY, She is not a whore' In fact she's the complete opposite of a whore" he said trying to erase everything Muskaan said in the last 10 seconds. "Sir, what's so special about Ridhima" Muskaan asked inquiringly, wanting to know what's going on inside Armaan's head. Armaan looked into Muskaan's eyes and noticed her curiosity. Shutting his eyes, images of Ridhima flashed inside him "I love her eyes" he said smiling, with his eyes still shut. Muskaan didn't open her mouth, she didn't want to make this moment awkward and uneasy for Armaan, by being a distraction. She wanted him to open up his feelings about Ridhima, and the only way is not to make herself visible, so she remained glued to her shot.

"Her eyes are so expressive, and so sparkling. Her noise is so cute and adorable, especially when she wiggles it' Her lips, so luscious and endearing' They forces me to kiss her' her hair is like my hiding spot' I love cuddling into them, smelling her fragrance' That jasmine smell still surrounds me. I love everything about her, from her physical appearance to her emotions side. She loves to fight, both physically and mentally, she loves to laugh and smile, and even in tears she looks utterly beautiful' but I can't see her cry, I feel as if somebody stabbed a knife into my chest' She occupies my mind most of the time' When I'm away from her, I think of things I can do to please her' and when I'm with her, she ends up pleasing me in someway' She's just too perfect" Armaan proclaimed. Muskaan looked at him shocked at how much he knows her, I think I know what happened to him' Stupid guy, how can he just let go of his love like that, she thought chuckling to herself.

Armaan broke out of his trance once he heard a slight laughter, and looked shck ,as he just exposed his hearts secrets. "Umm.. actually.. what I meant by that was..." he was stopped by Muskaan's hand. "Sir' I know what you meant" she said still kind of laughing. Armaan looked at her with widened eyes, "really you do' so can you tell me what I meant" he asked curiously. Muskaan looked at him anxious "Sir, your basically in love"  Muskaan said openly. Armaan looked at her weirdly "Love' are you crazy woman, there's no such thing as love, it's just infatuation' no' I cant be in love" he said in disapproval. "Sir I'm not going to be hear to make you comprehend what I'm saying' but if you really do miss Ridhima, she lives in California and please don't contradict you heart and mind, for love issues the heart is the only thing necessary


He woke up with the sound of the alarm ringing right next to his ears. 'UHGG! This is so annoying' My head is killing me, maybe I shouldn't have drunk so much last night" Armaan said while sitting up. He turned to see a girl right next to him, and looked at her confused, now who the hell is she?  He thought while trying to wake her up. "Excuse me' lady, do I know you?" he asked poking her. The girl got up and looked at Armaan angrily. "No you don't know me' I mean  you're the Armaan Malik' Rich, hot, gorgeous, last night when you were drunk I thought about having sex with you' I mean you don't always get the opportunity where you get to sleep with Armaan Malik' but I did, and it was the worst night of my night' I mean seriously, how can you expect to have sex with a girl when all you talk about is Ridhima' Ridhima left' Ridhima is so beautiful' boo hooo!.... UHG! It was the worst night of my life" the girl said gathering all her stuff and walking out.

Armaan was still confused as to what just happened, WHAT THE HELL! Who the f**k was that girl' and why is Ridhima still haunting me' I mean come on its been one week she left... and I didn't have sex with any girl properly' Armaan thought while walking to the bathroom. He wore his suit, and looked incredibly dashing, and is already to go to a party. California get ready for Armaan Malik' he said getting into his car.

As his flight landed, he smelled the air to Malibu California. As he got closer to the party an unknown feeling erupted inside him. He felt his heartbeat rising erratically, as he got closer and closer.  Putting the car in halt, he got out of the car and walked inside the house.

"RIDHIMA GET NIKITA DOWN PLEASE" he heard a lady scream out. "Yes aunty' I'll just go right now," said a voice really near Armaan's ear. As he turned around, he pushed a girl that was beside him. As she was about to fall, she felt a grip around her. Unfortunately, her support also lost balance, and ended up landing on top of her.

Her face was covered with her medium length curled hair, and Armaan was about to get up. He saw her open her eyes, and felt connected to her. He feels as if he had seen these eyes before, these eyes have been carved inside him. He gently tucked behind her strands to see her milky skin being unveiled. At first his eyes widened, but seeing that face softened him up. As both the unknown lovers stared into each others eyes, nothing seemed to matter around them. He leaned down and kissed her forehead, causing her to close her eyes. He kissed her eyes, and then her nose, and just when his lips were tempted to touch her, "RIDHIMA! Where are you?" yelled a woman.

As both broke out of their trances, Armaan got up from on top of Ridhima. He gave her a hand and got her up. "So we meet again" he saw her nod. "Yeah again' What are you doing here Armaan?" she asked straightforwardly. "Oh, that's a nice way to greet the guests' I can see that attitude of yours haven't gone yet' A lot of things haven't changed about you over the week' You still look hot" armaan said checking her out form head to toe. Ridhima didn't answer back, and just went up to get her cousin.

As Ridhima walked Nikita down the stairs, her eyes kept wandering for just one person. When finally her eyes met with his, she found him staring back with the same passion as before. She looked back down, as she felt unsteady and didn't want to fall off the step. Armaan's eyes continuously looked at her as she looked breath taking. Oh God! This is going to be hard' She looks even prettier now than ever'

"So, you never told me why you were here" he said getting a hold of her hand from behind. "That's none of your business Mr. Malik' now will you please let go of my hand" she said struggling to get out of his grip. As Armaan released her, she felt relieved that no one saw them. Suddenly, he put his arm around her waist to pull her closer, and led her to a silent room. He pinned her against the wall, and put both hand on each side, not allowing her to move.

'Now will you tell me why you're here" he asked again softly, this time really close to her ear. He snuggled into her neck, as she gasped for air. "Ar..Armaan, I can't answer your question if you keep on doing this" she said trying to stop him. "Then I don't need an answer' I just want you" Armaan said kissing her neck. Ridhima felt her eyes moistening as she missed every touch of his. As his finger gently caressed her back, and his lips attached to hers, she felt the passion, and something that she has been craving for the past one week.

He felt a teardrop fall on his cheek, and looked up to see Ridhima with moist eyes. He looked at her in concern and cupped her face, "Ridhima' I'm so sorry, I never should have let you go' I' I love you baby" he said finally confessing his feeling out of his chest. "I really love you Ridhima' I promise to be with you forever" he said hugging her tight. His eyes widened when he realized that she released him, "your too late Armaan' I'm already engaged" she said showing him her ring, shocking the hell out of Armaan.



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