Thursday, 13 September 2018

part 9 : Sensual Seduction (AR)

He felt a teardrop fall on his cheek, and looked up to see Ridhima with moist eyes. He looked at her in concern and cupped her face, "Ridhima' I'm so sorry, I never should have let you go' I' I love you baby" he said finally confessing his feeling out of his chest. "I really love you Ridhima' I promise to be with you forever" he said hugging her tight. His eyes widened when he realized that she released him, "your too late Armaan' I'm already engaged" she said showing him her ring, shocking the hell out of Armaan. 

            He grabbed Ridhima's hand instantly and was trying his hardest to remove the ring from her finger. Ridhima jerked away her hand from his hold. "What the hell do you think your doing?" Ridhima asked in a temper. "You can't be engaged' and even if you are, just break it" Armaan said simply. "Why' Why should I break my engagement' so that you can have sex with me without any guilt?" Ridhima said looking away disgustedly. "That and'" he said approaching her once again. He put both his hands on the opposite sides of her so that she can't escape. He blew in front of her face, causing her to close her eyes. He leaned forward to her ears, "and' because I love you" he whispered sensually. She was held up in the moment, but when she heard I love you from his voice, she broke out of her daze.

"You don't love me Armaan' it's all just infatuation' your just hankering for my body' it's all a compulsive act' you can never be in love" Ridhima said coldly. Armaan got angry and gripped her by her shoulders "listen, when I say that I love you, I mean it' I figured out I was in love with you a week ago' all thanks to Muskaan" "Muskaan? How did she know" Ridhima asked confused. "You made it so obvious' she told me all you did was talk about me, and not nasty comments, but endearing comments". She looked away trying to deny the fact. "Listen, you can't lie to me' I know you under and out' so there's no point" he said holding her face, making her look straight at him. He saw the tears rumbling down her face, like showers. He leaned forward to kiss her tears away, but she shrugged him off. "Then why didn't you stop me?" she whispered, trying hard to make her voice heard. Although she said it softly, he understood her completely. "Because I was stupid' I didn't know what I was doing, or what I was about to loose' I didn't know I was in love, all I knew was I needed you' I wanted you'" he said, as he himself started tearing up.

She wiped the tears of her eyes, and composed herself. In a serious and stern voice she said "well your too late' I'm engaged" she said walking away. Armaan was agitated and angry, not at Ridhima, but himself. He just lost the most precious possession he ever had. Ridhima you were mine, and you will always be mine' Nobody can separate us, he thought. Suddenly a smile appeared on his face, and he approached Ridhima. "So, who's the lucky man' who's your fianc" he asked. Ridhima gave him an unsure look, as to what he was up to. "You sure would wanna know" she asked raising her eyebrows, while he just nodded a yes. "Well you know him very well' Vivek' Vivek Khanna" she said folding her arms. "WHAT!" Armaan looked at her angst, while she just nodded. Armaan looked totally pissed off at her, "your not getting married to that bas***d.. al he wants is sex out of you" he said holding her again. "Isn't that what you want also?" she asked coldly. "No' I don't want sex out of you' I just want you by my side' if you want, we will never have sex again" he said looking straight into her eyes.

Ridhima looked deep inside him, and she felt his honesty. She became hopeless, she knew Armaan can overpower her at anytime. He saw her completely lost in him. Armaan let go of her shoulders, and moved his hands to her face. He cupped her face, and leaned forward to kiss her. Both fell each others breath so close. "RIDHIMA' WHERE ARE YOU!" a lady shouted. The lovers broke out of there little moment, while Armaan just looked at her confused. "By the way, you never told me what you're doing here?" he asked mystified. "I'm at my cousin's engagement Armaan'". "Cousin' Nikki's your cousin? How?" he asked still confused. "Why cant she be my cousin Armaan?" Ridhima asked back. "Because she's Nikita  Gupta' and your Ridhima Chadha". Ridhima finally understood his confusion. She slightly laughed. "Oh' did I forget to tell you' I lied' I'm not Ridhima Chadha, I'm Ridhima Gupta' Shashank Gupta's daughter" she saw Armaan's facial expression change from confusion to shocked. "You' your Shashank Gupta's daughter' shit.. shit' SHIT'" he said. "What are your shitting at?" she asked, slightly laughing seeing him bang his head. "Because my dad send a marriage proposal for Ridhima Gupta 7 months ago, but we heard that she ran away' we could have gotten married!" he emphasized. "I wouldn't have married you' I didn't even know you then" she snapped back. "You know me now' would you have married me now?" he asked curiously. She looked into his eyes, and saw the inquisitiveness "it's too late for this" she said leaving him alone, as she closed the door silently. Armaan looked up at the ceiling; it's never too late' I can't live without you, he thought closing his eyes, thinking of a plan.

"Armaan' what are you doing here son" Shashank said patting him on the back. "Actually uncle I came for Vivek's wedding with Ridhima' and dad told me I can stay at your place," Armaan said innocently. "Of course you can stay' Billy is one of my best friend's after all' Think of this as your place' I'll ask some one to show you your bedroom" Shashank said hugging Armaan. As armaan approached his bedroom, he spotted Ridhima walking into hers. "Hello Ms. Ridhima Gupta' soon to be Mrs. Malik" he said. Ridhima turned around and looked at him perplexed, "YOU! WHAT THE hell are you doing here Armaan' "Is that anyway to treat your neighbor," said making a sad face. Ridhima looked at him confused "neighbor?" "Say hi to you new room neighbor babe," he said waving at her. She looked at him in anger, and turned away stomping her feet on the ground. "Neighbor' what the hell, how?" she sat falling on her bed. She was in deep thought until, suddenly she felt someone kissing her navel. She looked down to see Armaan one top of her, moving up. She closed her eyes feeling his warm kisses on her stomach, as he slowly traced them to her chest, then to her neck. "Do you feel that?" he whispered. Thinking it was a dream, she nodded her head as a yes. Feeling the damp on top of her body getting heavier, she was broken out of her trance. As she realized it was armaan, here in her bedroom, on top of her on the bed, she pushed him away.

Ridhima got up from her bed, and grabbed Armaan collar. She pulled him towards her door, and pushed him out. "Never, ever, come in here, ever AGAIN!!!" she exclaimed. Before she can say another word, he captured his lips with hers, and kissed her hard. "Good night baby' have fun dreaming about me," he said breaking from the kiss, and leaving her in a daze. She smiled as he closed the door of his room, and walked back into her room. She leaned her back to the door and slid down, still in a daze. GOD! That was amazing' now I can't stop myself from dreaming about him! I'm sorry Armaan, but we can never be' My dad actually loves me now, and accepted my desire to be a businessperson' but I will miss you' she cried

Ridhima woke up with a sweet smile, with her eyes still shut. She smelled a powerful fragrance, which was hypnotizing her to sniff more. With her eyes still shut, she endeared the fragrance, and moved closer to it's prey. Her nose hit a hard rock shell, which has a rough texture. As she sniveled the amazing smell, she opened her eyes, to see what it was. Her eyes widened by the sight. Armaan was practically on top of her, with his arms protectively around her waist. She wanted to scream, but seeing his innocent face nuzzling into her hair, made her heart thaw. She could stare at him sleeping like this her whole life, but this was momentary. She put her hand on his cheek, and caressed it a while. Suddenly the phone started ringing, disturbing both Armaan and Ridhima. They looked at each other in different perspectives. Ridhima felt as if she was caught with a superficial secret that she was hiding from the world. Armaan looked as if he'd just seen his life being granted to him, with Ridhima as an angel in disguise.

The phone call awakened their dreams, as Ridhima got of the bed, she answered the call. "Hello' no Vivek, I don't wanna go shopping with you' fine, just never call me again' yeah, we'll meet at the mall' okay yeah' no I don't love you'" she said throwing the phone down. She looked at Armaan angrily for sleeping with her.. "I only slept with you because I was missing you, and I was scared," he said putting his hands up to surrender. Ridhima realized there was no point of cursing him out, so she just left to the bathroom. Hmmm. So Ridhima Gupta is going shopping with her soon to be dead fianc' Awww poor baby, I'll go with you' he thought with his evil grin.

Ridhima went to the mall with Vivek to buy clothes and wedding dresses. As she was looking through, she felt a hand slide around her waist. Thinking it was Vivek, she turned around and slapped him hard. She looked at the hand oh his cheek, and then saw his face, and made a shocked expression. "Armaan' Oh my god' I'm so sorry' I'm really sorry, I thought you were Vivek'" she said kissing his cheek. He felt sincere at her kisses, and felt her concern for her mistakes. He held her hand roughly and whispered, "so if you knew it was me, you wouldnt have slapped me?" he asked teasingly. Ridhima realized her what she just did and said, she cursed herself for her compulsive acts for Armaan. She could never see him in pain, just as he.

She walked around the mall, while he just followed her. He told her which clothes look good, sexy, or horrible on her. He made her blush every time he told her, he preferred her in absolutely nothing. Vivek somehow just disappeared from her mind, and from the store. She got a call from Vivek, telling her that he had an important meeting, to which Ridhima agreed happily because she loves spending time with Ridhima. They ate lunch, and went back home. As she went to her room, he followed her.

Ridhima paced around the room, she felt as if she was going crazy. She looked up to see him staring at her, "If I sleep with you, will you leave me alone' and just leave from here". He looked at her in silence and just approached her. Before she can say another word, he smacked his lips against her. The kiss started with roughness power, and full passion. "Do you wanna sleep with me" he asked in between kisses. She didn't response and just pushed him on the bed. As she sat on his stomach, she roughly opened the buttons of his shirt. She kissed his abs, and went up to his chest. As she kissed him softly yet hungrily, he became restless. He spun around crashing her under him, and intertwined their fingers, to get a better grip. He kissed her face, as if she would disappear anytime. As he kissed her down her hand, his eyes landed on her ring. He felt a twitch inside his chest looking at that ring.

He got off from her with the guilt of her being engaged. As he neared the door, he heard something falling on the floor. It sounded like a metal piece, he turned and saw the ring on the floor.


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