Tuesday, 16 October 2018

ARSH os : Main ho gayi Armaan ki

They proceed towards their car. "Mrs Mallik that's not fair. You snatched a handsome guy from so many girls. Why don't we keep this marriage thing a secret?" He make an innocent face, very well knew what is coming back to him. Her nose flared with anger. She screamed to stop the car immediately. He guffawed and this irritate her more"Armaan ok you don't want to spent your life with me. Fine i am going back. Don't worry i won't ever bother you nd won't come back any time" Tears were flowing from her green orbs."

Armaan mentally kick himself and try to apologies but all went futile. She was in no mood to listen his pleads. He stopped the car in-front of a bungalow. And signal her to come along."Main ananya aunty se mill ke chali jaungi" She declared with heavy heart and watery voice. She entered the main door of house it was not very huge one instead it was like a cottage near the sea. It was decorated beautifully yet simply. There was no single soul to greet her except a watchman. He wished him."Armaan baba aap yahan is waqt?" He nodded and order him to arrange some food for them. . She asked for his mom "Shayad uppar room main hongi" She nodded and  follow him. He enter in a room. Her heart Skipp a beat. There was her photographs every where . "Armaan ye meri sari bachpan ki photographs yahan kaise aayi?" She was still in shock."Explore your childhood through my eyes" he answered her, She opened cupboards "Her every dress was kept neatly there, even her bangles, her anklets, her note book. Every thing was there."

"Ye tumko kahan milli Armaan" till now resolution was long forgotten all she wanna was to touch her lost memories. She smiled caressing her favorite chain n locket. It was gift from Armaan and she forgot to pack this when she was leaving for abroad.

"This was my secret place when you was not with me. I usual come here to touch you to feel your presence around me. I always hug your teddy and find solace in his arms. You can call me insane or crazy but this was only way to keep me alive. Your last word and your belongings. Shona tum to sirf mere mazak ko nahi seh payyi but mainto sirf tumhare in words ke saath jeeta raha 'Mallik i will come back' I am sorry Shilpa it was my decision to marry you but i thing i 'd to ask you before doing all this. I am sorry if you wanna leave me you can . Abhi bhi kuch nahi bigdda koi nahi janta humare baare mein . You can easily move out from this relation. He lowered his head and sit down on the floor. She had tears in her eyes also. "I am sorry Armaan. I had crossed my limits, I am sorry. Tum mere ko, apni shona ko ek baar aur maaf kar do.I promise tum kitna bhi tease karoge main kuch nahi kahoongi... Main tum ko nahi kho sakti Armaan, tumhari shona mar jayyegi tumhare bina please Armaan"She begged almost crying hysterically. He hugged her tightly and kissed her on her lips. He wipe her tears. Suddenly he listen a knock on door "Armaan baba khanna tayyar hai aa nechhe aa jayen"

"Jee kaka hum bas dus minute mein aaye" He replied. "Shona tum change kar lo"

"Mere kapde kahan hain "

 "Ush wardrobe mein" He smiled and now it was genuine one. "Vo jab bhi muhje kuch accha laga meri shona ke liye to main le aayea, ek vague si reflection meri aankhon mein hamesha rehti thi tumhari" he smiled sheepishly. Shona was still in daze "how  he'd love me so much .what i have ever done to get him in my life. thanks a lot God for giving me best life partner"

"Armaan chalo bahar jao. Mujhe change karna hai" she demanded. "I am sorry shona you can't order me and more over i am your husband so you can change in-front of me. Its not an offense" He smirked, naughtiness was again glittering in his eyes. She throw a pillow towards him and he duck in time but poor vase was on the ground with a thud. "Yaar kaisi wife ho tum pehli raat ko hi tum mere ko marne ke sapne dekh rahi ho"  He accuse her and her jaws drop on floor. He wink and ran away downstairs to save his life.

She smile nd shake her head . There was huge collection of clothes.She selected a cute tank top nd jeans nd rushed down as her stomach was rambling with all tunes she didn't know till now ...
He was sitting on table nd his legs were hanging down. Even he was playing a drum on plates with help of cutlery . He saw her descending down with a smile, his hands stopped in mid air . He was looking at his angel. He forgot to blink his eyes .She enthrill him.. "You are beautiful shona " she lowered her eyes on his comment .After gobbling their food she asked him "Hum waapis kab chal rahe hain? Mera ma ko milne ka dil kar raha hai . "Armaan contemplate for few moments . He knew his mom won't allow them in one room until they get married officially ,and he was not in mood to spent whole night thinking about her . He want her near to his heart .He want to listen her heart beat ,feel her ,smell her sweet fragrance ."Shona i think hum subha chale .aaj ki raat main yahin rehna chahta hoon with no single soul around us. main mom ko phone kar deta hoon nd more over i am not in a mood to drive fifty km back .I wanna stay here . come on get back to our room."
She knew what exactly is on his mind . She blushed nd get up from seat . He picked her in his arms "Mrs shilpa Armaan Malik you know its ritual in maliks to pick their bride nd escort them in their bedroom." "malik how'd i know its my first time na "she added naughtily " Matlab you are expecting me to do it every time "he was shocked "haan aur kya in bahoon mein aane ka muka kaun chhodega . I am not that dumb Malik"she winked at him . " oyye -hoyye shona tum itni bekrar ho . uff shona you are driving me crazy  " he took her in to his room . This was beautiful with a color of white nd blue. He placed her on bed carefully . " shona change in night cloths even i wanna take shower " he pick his cloths nd went to bathroom to ease his nerves.she opened a drawer of cupboard nd saw a casket . She opened it .There was a locket of her name .
Mean while Armaan came out of the bathroom nd watched her engrossed in her thoughts ,looking intently at something in her hand. .He come closer hugged her from back  nd whisper "chor meri almirah ki talaashi le rahi ho?"
 "nahi ye dekh rahi hoon maine itne saal kya kho diya.ye wohi photo hai na jo tumne school mein fancy dress ke time khichi thi" she asked him with lots of love in her eyes.
"hmmm "
"Armaan ek baat puchhu? "
"Shona tum janti ho tum kuch bhi puchh sakti ho "
"Ye mera sab samman tumhe milla kaise?"
He picked her nd answered  placing her on bed. "shona jab tum gayyi toh maine ye sara saman us rag picker se khreed liya . That was useless for him . and it was priceless for me.I paid him my whole savings . I don't wanna it to be dumped or touched by any one . aur ab tumhara ghar bhi"He held her tightly nd speak further" promise me you won't leave me ever " she kept her head on his bare chest having tears in her eyes "abhi bhi tum ko shirt pehnne ki aadat nahi hai Malik" she lowered her eyes shyly . He kissed her lovingly on her hairs . His hands were wondering on her back . his every move was making her restless . She tilted her head nd kissed him lightly on his lips . He was amused at her move . He jammed her lips with his manly one . Her heart was racing as if it wanna come out from her chest . He'd feel her goose bumps . Even he was not in better position , He  pulled her long hair in his fist to get a better access of her neck . He kissed her earlobe sensualy .nibbeled her sensitive skin nd shower her neck with wet kisses . Both were soaring towards heaven.Soon he slipped the straps of her top . He make his way down to taste her milky skin . this fabric seems to him his best enemy  . He pulled it away from her nd yanked it to the ground. Now she was wearing only her under garments.Her nipples were visible from that lacy thing .He opened the clamp nd put his thumb to caress it ,until her nipples slid into the sharp curves .he pinched them lightly, and rubbed them until they were little peaks poking out .
His hands slipped along her thin waist and his thumbs hooked around the waistband of her panties, finally sliding them down and letting them drop around her ankles. her  face, her milky skin and her big boobs--they all just seemed of the every guy wanted . He sucked a nipple into his mouth. He lightly chewed on it and then tried to take as much of her tit meat into his mouth as he could. He played with the other as he did this and then switched. Shilpa moaned . She could feel his stiff manhood rubbing her pelvic every time he pushed her upwards. As Armaan worked her tits, she rubbed the head of his P**** against her.He moved it into the folds of her labia and then up to rub her c***. They both groaned at the sensations this was causing.he had never tasted a sweeter twat than the one he was inches from now.
Not only was it sweet but he loved everything about it.  the pink pouty outer lips, and the best part, the soft pink inner lips, leading to her hood and that hard little nubbin of a c***. .He was tempted to attack it and drive his tongue into her hole right away but held back. He worked her outer lips, first with kisses and then licks. He sucked on them too and lightly chewed them.
He could feel the wetness increasing in her snatch and it wasn't all his saliva. He moved inward slowly and pressed his tongue into her gash and ran it back and forth. He was careful in the beginning to avoid her c*** but eventually took a few purposeful swipes at it. These always caused Shona to groan.He licked the trapped button of her c*** and teased it without mercy.It seems impossible for her to hold it further nd there was first orgasm she experienced . She was panting badly . But she was in no mood to take rest .She changed her position nd now he was beneath her . She put his crown in her mouth nd start playing with balls .She licked it hard some time from top nd some time from end . Her hands were also working on his balls . He teased him to no end .His throat was dried with desire. He pinned her under him nd put head of his p*** on her hole . He slipped it inside . She shudder with horror . "I won't hurt you shona ." She nodded nd signal him to continue.He pushed it again nd he was half inside her . "you are virgin." he was surprised "are you fine? " he was again worried for her ."please don't stop .please " she just wanna him inside her . She wanna feel him,Her breath was racing fast,her breast was heaving up n down .He pushed final stroke nd he was inside her ,piercing her virginity .She screamed loudly .He at once kissed her on her lips to ease her pain .Tears come out from corner of her eyes . He sucked them nd again kissed him with love . "Please make it fast please increase your pace" .she again pleaded . Now he was pumping hard . Her eyes were closed she was enjoying now ,her face had a sweet smile .
And finally after few more minutes they reached to climax . Both were panting badly . he lowered his head on her bosom . "Shona i love you "he utter after few moments. It was feeling like heaven . Her damp body collapse with him . He kissed her on her lips nd lay beside her .,taking her in his loving embrace...

She was smiling shyly . He love her blushing face .Heck he always imagined this moment  . He flashed his dimple "please sleep shona .Morning mein jane se pehle i want one more session . ghar ja ke to mom mere ko tumhe haath bhi nahi lagane dengi ,jab tak hum officially marriage nahi kar lete ." She smacked him on his arms nd kept her head on his chest near his heart . The most beautiful music of this world... 


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