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Arsh os : Tera hi Arman hai

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"Armaan kahan ho tum" Said while pulling his blanket."Plz sone do na Shona" he dug his head again in pillow.

"Armaan jaldi se uttho, hum Basket ball ki practice nahi karuga to school ka match kaise jetuga? Tumara jaisa team captain haar jayega. Tumhari reputation ka kya hoga??"

"Ladkiyaan hassengi tum par" She very well knew how to make him agree. Armaan at once got up from bed nd ran towards Bathroom to freshen up."Main abhi aaya shona" She smiled at his childish behavior "Ya Ya come fast, I am waiting."

Ananya smiled to see her approaching her "Gud morning beta." "Good morning aunty" She smiled back. Ananya kissed her forehead lovingly ."Tumhare ilawa is kumbhkaran ko koi nahi uttha sakta. You know how to deal with him"

She chuckled and hugged her tightly. Armaan and Shilpa were friends from childhood. She was 15 and Armaan was 17 now. Studying in same school, Armaan always love to flirt with Girls and Girls drooled over him. Shilpa is his best buddy. All others are beauty without brains for him but she is different. He is very protective about her, no one had the guts to come near her. As they knew he might kill them if they even tried looking at her.

They both left for Basket ball practice after having breakfast. This was there daily routine to jog or play together. Only Shilpa had the caliber to match up with Armaan. This would have been their life if Shilpa's father had not decided to leave the country for his dreams.

Armaan and Shona were shattered. For Armaan it was very hard to even think a moment without her. He ran to their secret place and started crying bitterly. Shilpa came there and sat with him "Don't cry Armaan please, Mujhe kamzoor mat karo. Tum jante ho na main bhi tum se door nahi reh sakt, par mom ke baad papa akele hain aur unke saath to mujhe jaana padega. But i promise I'll come back" Mallik "I will come back to meet you again.Tum mujhe bhool to nahi jaoge na Mallik." She cried her heart out in his arms.

He hugged her tightly."Shona mujhe tumhare bina jeena nahi aata. Please main nahi reh paunga tumhare bina plz mujhe chhod ke mat jao."He was crying and begging her to stay. "I am sorry Armaan par ye wada hai mera main vapis aaungi." And she left with his father with a promise to come back for him.

Seven years passed and still memories were fresh in their minds like yesterday. He get up with a jerk from his sleep. Her words were humming in his mind. "I will come back 'Mallik' I will." He really needed his best buddy. He tried every thing to erase her memories but still was not able too. Sometimes he wondered "Is it 'Friendship' or 'love' which is so strong between us?? I was too young to understand the meaning of love. If not love then what is this??"

Ananya entered his room. He was standing in balcony looking at sky. She frowned "Aaj phir wohi sapna dekha Armaan?" He nodded and hugged her "Mom main kyun itna restless hoon. Usne to ek baar bhi mud ke bhi nahi dekha. Kabhi phone tak nahi kiya aur main?? I wanna kill myself for trusting her!!"

"Shhh!!!" she caressed his hair lovingly "Aise nahi sochte, kuch to zaroor hoga jo vo nahi aa paayi. Mera dil kehta hai Armaan, vo aayegi meina bhi usko beti se kum pyaar nahi kiya to is maa ki mamta ke liye vo zaroor aayeg." She kissed him on his forehead like she always did with Shilpa. "Chalo jaldi se taiyar ho jao aaj tumhari important meeting hai na." Rahul entered in Armaan's office holding all important files in his hand. He was his adviser, secretary and friend. "Good morning Armaan." He greeted him. But Armaan can guess he was not in good mood.

Rahul nodded and Armaan questioned him "Aise lag raha hai aaj kissi ne teri gaadi ke dono tyre punture kar diye aur to dhakka laga ke aa raha hai." He laughed loudly."Shut up Armaan! Ye cheeky lines apni GF ke liye bacha ke rakh, tu sunega to tu bhi yahi muh banane wala hai !!" He retorted back. "Kya baat hai rahul??"

"Haan! Tumne jo tender bhara tha na Kothari Group ka wahan ke manager ne bataya ek hee rival hai humara. Koi MM industries hai. They are new but still very strong competitor. Pichhli vali deal bhi unhone hum se chhen li thi. Now i don't wanna repeat history this time" He cleared his mind. "Oh !! Ye hai kaun tune pata kiya??" he inquired further with a frown on his face.

"Haan vo Indian nahi hai, usne abhi yahan apni branch kholi hai. Kuch jayda pata nahi laga" He answered Armaan calmly. "Plz arrange my meeting with him. I wanna know him better. Aakhir aisa kaun hai jo. Armaan Malik se panga le raha hai" He spoke with arrogance. A phone ring brought them back on earth. Armaan picked. It was invitation for him from a well known TV channel of Business. They wanna congratulate them and take an interview of him before he gets the Trophy of best business man of the year. He agreed at once.

Now he was infront of camera they asked several question on his achievements and he answered all of them calmly. But one question left him restless regarding his childhood memory. "Mr.Mallik any thing you would like to change in your past?" reporter ask him. "Yes i wanna... I want my best buddy back. Mujhe tabhi usko rok lena chahiye tha kabhi janne nahi dena chahiye tha. Agar badal sakoon to main is sachhai ko badalna chahunga." His eyes filled with tears at once get up and left abruptly. Shilpa was watching this interview and also had tears in her eyes. "Mallik you still remember me. I think the time has come to meet you. Wait Mallik I M COMING."

It was evening. A party was thrown by his staff members. Every one was cheering for him. Some were jealous, some were admiring then a girl tapped his shoulder. "Mr Mallik main MM industries se hoon. Mera naam Muskaan Chhada hai...Main Ms.Malhotra ki secretory hoon. Rahul ne madam se milne ka time manga tha to woh yahin par hain aap unse mil sakta hain." Armaan was numb for a moment "Armaan Mallik ko ek ladki se haarna pada, not bad dude but tu dheere dheere apna charm khota ja raha hai. Ek ladki se. Shit !" But he covered up instantly. "Its my pleasure. So nice of you beautiful lady. Umm where is she??" He flashed his million dollar smile, which was enough to flatter heart of woman species.

"Vo aa rahi hai" she replied respectfully. Shilpa came running to him. Now it was impossible for her to keep herself calm. She was facing him. His eyes met with her green almond shape eyes which always haunted him in his dreams. He can recognize this gorgeous pair any where. This belonged to his heart. Tears were flowing from both sides. He hugged her tightly, he kissed her every where on her face. It was most precious moment of his life. "SHE WAS BACK". His SHONA was back. He kept hugging her to make himself believe she is in his arms. He craved to keep her in his arms.

"SHONA" he called her with choking voice. "Armaan ye shona nahi Ms. Shilpa Malhotra hai." Rahul tried to knock some senses in him. Armaan smiled with his tear stained face. Shilpa wiped his tears and kept her head on his chest. Others mouth touched the ground. Suddenly they got a news from his manager "Hum phir tender haar gayye MM industries se."

"Nahi khanna main haar kar bhi jeet gayya" He spoke with a stupid grinn on his face. A guy came from nowhere and hug shilpa from side. Shilpa smiled back and greeted him n thne introduced the two guys. "Armaan ya Sid hai mera bahut achha dost."

"Hi!! You are Armaan right???" He replied but right now Armaan wanted to punch him hard on his face and with his jealousy he took Shona outside the hall. "Shona come with me." He make her sit on passenger seat. "Hum kahan ja rahe hain Armaan??" Baitho batata hoon." Now he knew this jealousy, this wait, this restlessness was coz he loved her. Even before he knew what love is and now no way he's going to let her go anywhere. He was standing infront of deity. He picked vermillion in his thumb nd finger and smeared it in her forehead and hairs. Making her shock at this sudden behavior. "Armaan ye kya...??"

"Ek baar tumko kho ke jinda rehne ki saza bhugat chuka hoon ab nahi seh paunga. Ab tum sirf Mrs.Mallik ban ke hi ja sakti ho. Kahin bhi rahogi par sirf mere naam ke saath meri ban ke." he replied in watery voice. She hugged him tightly and asked in choking voice "Kyun karte ho mujhe itna pyaar Armaan.?? Kyun?? Main tumhare is pyaar ke kabil nahi hoon. Bahut intezaar karwaya na maine tumhe?? Par main kya karti Armaan?? Vahan jaate hi mera accident ho gaya aur main na bol sakti thi na likh sakti thi. Dheere-dheere jab theek hone lagi to papa bhi saath chhod chale gaye aur mujhe laga tum bhi mujhe bhul gaye hoge ab tak par. Maine kabhi nahi socha tha k main aaj bhi tumhare dil mein hoon. Jaise tum mere. MAIN BAHUT TARSI HOON ARMAAN. Plz ab main hamesha in bahoon ke ghere mein rehna chahti hoon." Armaan hugged her tightly. "He kissed her lips lightly and then told his wifey." Chalen Mrs.Mallik mom tumko dekh ke bahut khush hongi"...


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