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Epilogue : To Err is Human


"JAI! JAI! Kahan gaya yeh badmaash?" A frazzled Riddhima chased her mischievous, blue eyed, curly haired, chubby cheeked son all over the house. "This boy is going to drive me crazy! Between his melodramatic dad and naughty son, mujhey zaroor ek din Psychiatrist ke paas jaana padhega!"

"Jaan-e-man….tumney mujhey yaad kiya?" Armaan stuck his half shaven face out from the bathroom, "Psychaitrist haazir hai aapki seva mein…boliye kya chaahiye? I can provide all kinds of services to her highness…..on and off the couch."

Riddhima rolled her eyes."You and your Psychiatrist's couch! Filhaal Jai kahan hai? I can't find him anywhere."

 "Oh mera chunu munnu?"

"You have really spoilt him!" She said angrily, "we all have to get ready…..Kripa ka baby huye 4 ghante ho gaye…..and we are still here……what kind of friends are we? I feel so bad….she was always there for us…..and God knows where Jai has disappeared?"

"Sweetheart…calm down! I just spoke to Angad….both baby and mom are hale and hearty…..and they really want Jai to see the baby…..ab Jai ko lekar delivery room mein tho baith nahin sakte the na…..and Jai is right here….in the bathroom with me….isey kehte hain….nagar mein chora aur bagal mein dhindhora!"

"Armaaan! Nagar mein chora nahin….bagal mein chora aur nagar mein dhindhora….please never teach Hindi to my child….bilkul galat salat bolte ho tum!"

'Whatever!" He shrugged his shoulders, "tum bhi na har baat ka mustard mountain banaa deti ho."

"Mustard mountain?" she folded her arms, "now where does this saying come from?"

"You know….rai ka pahad banaa deti ho," he grinned.

"Tum se baaton mein koi nahin jeet sakta! So Jai is with you…..why didn't you tell me before?" she frowned and walked into the bathroom to be greeted by a most frightening sight. Mr. innocent-faced, Jai Mallik, lathered in shaving cream like his dad was busy flushing Riddhima's make up, lipstick, eye liner etc into the toilet bowl.

"ARMAAAAN!" Riddhima yelled, "Jai kya kar raha hai?"

Jai startled and then grinned at his mom, his sparkling white teeth glistening between the foamy shaving cream.

Unfazed by the commotion, Armaan turned around and glanced into the toilet bowl, "good job beta!"

"Good job!" Riddhima was horrified, 'mere saare cosmetics toilet bowl mein hain….aur tum keh rahe ho good job?"

"Hamara Jai kitna samajhdaar hai….bol nahin sakta lekin keh raha hai mom….don't put those artificial cosmetics on your face….aap waise hi bahut soni ho," Armaan wiped his face with a towel and kissed his enraged wife on both cheeks.

"Armaan….you don't take anything seriously! Jai apni mann maani karta rehta hai…..and I am really worried about his speech……speech therapy se bhi koi faayda nahin ho raha…..we need to see a Neurologist! I am sure it is because of my complicated delivery….zaroor uske brain ke speech center par asar hua tha tab." She bent down and removed all her cosmetics from the toilet bowl before all sewer lines got clogged with L'oreal and Revlon products.

"Dekhna ek din jab Jai bolna shuru karega na…..itna bolega…itna bolega ki usey chup karaana mushkil hoga." Armaan smiled at his mischievous son and picked him in his arms. "Chalo…chalo Jai….ab dad aur Jai shower lenge….and then we will go and see bua's baby in the hospital."

Jai wiped the lather on his dad's bare shoulders and clapped enthusiastically.

Within seconds, the handsome dad and his cute little boy were in the shower, frolicking and spraying each other while Riddhima watched them. Watching them, relaxed her fretful nerves. Since Jai's birth, it almost seemed like Riddhima and Armaan had traded places. He had become the laid back, easy-going (not that he was not before) man who cherished each moment with his son. Perhaps, having seen Jai go through such a turbulent beginning had made Armaan appreciate each wonderful moment with his son.

Riddhima, on the other hand had become a bundle of nerves. Every little cold, runny nose or sneeze from Jai was followed by a hurried visit to the doctor, just to be reassured- it's just a virus Riddhima….don't worry…..Jai is a brave boy…..he will fight this also. Her motherly concerns always took the better of her scientific judgment, and like any over protective mother, she fussed over him for every little thing. Sometimes, she wondered if she was becoming like her dad in some ways. If it were not for Armaan, who managed to calm, relax and get a smile out of her each time, she would have been a nervous wreck by now. Jai, on the other hand took full advantage of the situation, and just like his dad, loved teasing and playing pranks with his mom. It was hard to beat the dad-son duo, and in the end Riddhima always surrendered to their tricks.



Angad cuddled with their tiny little baby girl as Gayatri helped Kripa after her difficult but uneventful delivery.

He was in seventh heaven- she was his flesh and blood- the only representation of his Khanna genes in this world. She was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen- rosy cheeks, thick long eyelashes-unusual for a newborn, thick dark eyebrows and head full of dark hair just like Kripa's. In fact, she looked like a miniature version of his wife, who had never looked so beautiful, as she did in the past nine months of her life. The impending motherhood had given her the glow that even he had not managed to give her after their wedding and blissful first two and half years of marriage.

Angad removed a delicate but ornate baby bracelet from his pocket and gently slid it on her wrist.

"Angad…..meri beti ko abhi se jewelry ka shauk lagaa rahe ho?" Kripa chuckled as she settled against a pillow her mother had placed behind her. Gayatri excused herself and left to make calls to her family in Rajasthan.

"Agar meri beti apni maa jaisi hai tho wo kabhie jewelry ke liye naa nahin kahegi……and she deserves it…after all she is our most precious asset." He held the baby close to his chest and kissed her forehead softly.

Kripa was overwhelmed by the sight of the father and daughter. She recalled how fearful Angad had been throughout the pregnancy. Dr Mani and Dr Keerti had stayed on top of her underlying kidney ailment and made sure that today at 5.15 in the morning, she deliver all of 6 pounds 9 ounces and19 inches long, a petite and precious bundle of joy.

Even though, an underlying fear of a failing kidney was always there, Kripa, who had lately started believing in destiny, was confident that the baby who had been conceived on one of their most passionate and romantic encounters since marriage, was going to be hale and hearty and would never jeopardize the life of her mother.

Events of that rainy afternoon in Kishangarh were still vivid in her mind. …..

Their small community hospital at Kishangarh had just been inaugurated, and they were the first group of doctors who had been posted for their month long commitment, exactly nine months ago. After attending a complicated case in a remote area, they were returning home on a stormy afternoon. In true filmy style, their car had gotten stuck in a ditch, and they were forced to spend the afternoon in a nearby barn!!! With no one around, and passions running high in the hot and humid barn, they forgot about all protection, and spent a memorable afternoon on the haystacks! They say, most women can pin point the exact time and date when they had conceived- Kripa was no different.  She knew it was meant to be…….

Angad moved towards the bed and handed the baby to Kripa. "Now that mommy is showing signs of jealousy….ek bracelet mommy ke liye bhi hai."

Kripa held the baby close to her bosom and gazed at Angad curiously, "jealous? Aur main?"

"Jalne ki boo itni aa rahi hai ki fire extinguisher na bulaane padhe," he chuckled and removed a matching bracelet from his pocket and placed it around Kripa's wrist. It was a beautiful charm bracelet with the date of their baby's birth inscribed on it.

"It's beautiful Angad." She smiled tearfully. He bent down and kissed both her wrists tenderly, "thanks for giving me the best present of my life." And then moved up to kiss her lips, "I love you Kripa…."


"*Cough*Cough* Hospital mein romance karna manaa hai!" Armaan's squeaky voice greeted them at the door.

A startled Angad sat up, "yeah right buddy! Khud tho romance ke alaawa kuch nahin karta yahan….mujhey rokta hai saale!" The two friends laughed and hugged each other with back slaps and punches. Riddhima set the flowers and a goody bag basket next to Kripa's bed and hugged her, "congratulations…..aww….kitni pyaari hai… I am a mami officially….can I hold her?"

"Of course…tumhara haq hai!" Kripa handed the small bundle in a burrito style wrap to Riddhima. An inquisitive Jai pulled on his mom's saree pallu and groaned in his mono syllabic aah's and ooh's.

"Jai…idhar aao bua ke paas….baby dekhna hai?" Kripa stretched her arms wide to welcome Jai into her lap. Jai nodded fervently and landed in his bua's lap as if he owned it- well he was used to it, after all they had an inimitable bond which was established the day he was born.

Riddhima lowered the baby to Jai's eye level.

As Angad and Armaan clicked snaps of the adorable sight, they captured various expressions of surprise, exuberance and joy on Jai's face. Jai was enraptured and mesmerized by the cute little baby with a pink bow in her hair, which Riddhima had just placed moments ago.

And then to everyone's astonishment, Jai pointed at the baby with his finger and uttered, "AA-AA-DI-EEEEE."

He had never used a consonant or such a long word before.

An astounded Riddhima's eyes widened, "Jai beta….kya kaha aapne? Aaa-di?"

He grinned at his mom with all his 20 baby teeth and pointed again, "Adddiiii"

Kripa's face lit up as her mind started working. Even though, she and Angad agreed on most things, they had not yet converged on a name for the baby.

"Beta Jai….bolo A-D-I-T-I!" Kripa spoke slowly.

Jai smiled at Kripa and repeated, "Ad-it-i"

Jaws dropped in the room; everyone was too stunned and shocked to say anything.

And so, Angad and Kripa's baby finally had a name they all loved: ADITI

From that day onwards, as if something had just clicked in Jai's little brain, he started talking…..and to this date has not stopped. Armaan was right- ek baar wo bolna shuru karega tho kabhie chup nahin hoga…….


As expected, Jai and Aditi became the best of friends. Not only did they attend the same schools, and virtually had the same group of friends, they shared a unique bond just like their parents shared with each other. If Jai was not home, he was with Aditi and vice-versa. They shared all their secrets about friends, books they read, movies, internet sites and their crushes. They fought like cats and dogs, sometimes for days and weeks, but everyone knew they were inseparable-joined at the hip so to speak. Personality wise, they were like chalk and cheese. Unlike Jai, who was a blabber mouth, Aditi, was a quiet girl like her mother. It was hard to extract information from her and so far only Jai had excelled in the art of reading Aditi's mind and feelings.

Armaan and Riddhima had a set of twin girls when Jai was five years old. Abhimanyu was bemused when the girls were named Anjali and Ananya- the famous 'AM' initials  were passed on to the girls, at least till they would get married.

Both sets of grandparents scaled down their work responsibilities and instead preferred to spend time with their grandchildren. While Jai was a mama's boy, the girls were Armaan's pride. He was too protective of them, "ANJALI! ANANYA! Yeh miniskirts kyun pehni hain?"

"Oh dad!" They would roll their eyes, "these are our hockey uniforms."

"Come on Armaan….you are becoming too old fashioned," Riddhima would tease her husband.

"Tum jaanti nahin ho….boys have a dirty mind! They don't see the hockey uniform……they just see ……and…and…you know what I mean." A frustrated Armaan would say.

"Tum dono jao," Riddhima would smile, "I will handle dad."

"Thanks mom."

"Tho kya tumhara bhi aisa dirty mind tha ek zamaane mein?" Riddhima would tease him.

With no one around, Armaan would be back to his usual self, "dirty mind nahin hota tho tumpar nazar kaise daalta."


"You know sweetheart…..I have no rules or standards when it comes to you…"


From an early age, Jai showed an inclination for the fine arts, especially music. To everyone's surprise, it was Abhimanyu who bought Jai his first guitar and enrolled him in music lessons while Riddhima worried about his son's grades!

"Armaan….Jai padhai mein dhyaan kyun nahin lagaata?" Riddhima would ask. Armaan usually dismissed his worries as he understood Jai better than anyone else.

It was Abhimanyu who surprised everyone, when one day he announced,
"It's important that we let Jai do what he really wants… lessons! Dekhna grades khud ba khud better ho jaayenge." Armaan was proud of his dad- he had finally learnt the hard way. Only if he had given Armaan the opportunity to pursue his artistic talent early in life, perhaps Armaan would have not struggled that much in his early years or belittled constantly by his dad.

Abhimanyu's prediction was right. Jai flourished as soon as his inherent talent was given recognition- he became a different child-happier, confident and from a C average student became an A student. Not only did he excel in music, but was accepted at a prestigious Architecture program in Mumbai after high school.

Jai's sisters had definitely inherited the Mallik and Gupta's inclination towards the sciences. From an early age, they were sure they wanted to be surgeons like their grandpas. Abhimanyu, who had always been biased towards the Mallik men, changed his tune, and proudly displayed his granddaughters as the true inheritors of the Mallik legacy.

While Jai spent hours practicing on Angad's music room, Aditi loved listening to him and what started as a hobby for her, soon became a passion-PHOTOGRAPHY. She had a huge collection of photographs from the day she received her first digital camera at her 12th birthday gift from Armaan mama. Even though, she clicked pictures of everything and anything, one could not help noticing that Jai was present in 90% of her pictures.

Angad and Kripa decided to stay content with one child as Angad was too wary of going through nine months of a roller coaster of emotions related to Kripa's health. Instead, they divided their time between Mumbai and Kishangarh. Suryabhan retired from Mayo College in Ajmer and started a school in Kishangarh. As a result, Aditi's education never suffered when she shuffled between the two cities. As they grew older, Jai accompanied them to Kishangarh as he did not want to miss the opportunity to 'tease' Aditi.

Over the years, Angad and Kripa's love and attraction for each other became deeper and with time they realized that they could not stay away from each other even for a few hours. Often, they worked together and made sure they spent enough time with their 'ladli.' Aditi was devoted to her dad and also knew how to make him dance to her tunes.

"Ek din meri beti kya sach much ghar chhod kar chali jaayegi?" Angad asked Kripa one day while she was cooking.

"Nahin…aisa karna iske liye ghar jamai dhoondh laana." Kripa taunted him.

"Not a bad idea," he circled her waist from behind and rested his chin on her head, "apna Jai kaisa rahega?"

"Jai?" Kripa almost scoffed, "are you crazy? They are just good friends."

"Wo tho hain….lekin tumney dekha hai Jai Aditi ko kaise dekhta hai?" Angad asked.

"Waise hi jaise kisi aur dost ko dekhta hai."

"NAA….wo waise hi Aditi ko dekhta hai jaise main tumhein dekhta tha….jab tum mujh se itna ladh ti thi….mera mann karta tha tumhein usi waqt baahon mein bharkar khaa jaaoon…..waisi look maine Jai ki aankhon mein dekhi hai."

"Jai shareef ladka hai….tumhari tarah sadak chaap romeo nahin hai." Kripa teased him.

"Oh yeah? Main sadak chaap romeo hoon?" He grabbed her firmly and wouldn't let go of her. They fooled around with each other and ended up in a passionate kiss and tight embrace in the middle of the kitchen.

"Mama….mama…" Aditi walked in, to find her parents in an intimate moment.

"PAAA…PA" She froze at the sight, 'Oh…I am sorry…" and she ran away to her room. At thirteen, she did not know what to make of her feelings- she was happy that her parents loved each other so much but was confused about feelings rising inside her. Jai walked in at the right moment and when she shared her confused feelings with him, he casually explained the basics of birds and bees to her.

It was at that moment, when Jai at 15, developed a crush on Aditi. He noticed that she was no longer a little girl but blossoming into a beautiful young lady and the confused feelings that arose in her were the very same ones that he felt for her at that moment.



At 22, Jai is now a tall, handsome and loveable young man. He is a final year Architecture student but is passionate about two things only- his music and ADITI!
Yes, he is madly in love with Aditi, his first and only love since the age of two, when he had first set eyes on her in the hospital. But does Aditi know that? NO-NOT AT ALL! Mr. blabber-mouth has never mustered the courage to express his true feelings. He is always there for her and her happiness is his goal, but she has no idea….

What about Aditi? She is a confused damsel, only sure about her love for photography which she wants to pursue as her career. Over the years she has developed numerous silent crushes for boys in school and college but they come and go like the seasons. Jai knows all about the boys she has been attracted to, he listens to her patiently but HATES ALL OF THEM. Each time she gets disheartened because her crush went away with another girl, Jai celebrates it by growing a plant in his backyard and composing a new song to cheer her up. As a result, he has quite a collection of plants and songs now.

Tonight, a large function, in honor of the 25th reunion of the batch of interns to which our main characters belong to, is being held at Sanjeevani.

"JAI! JAI! Are you ready beta?" Riddhima, elegantly dressed in a green silk saree, although in her mid-forties, could easily pass off for a young woman in her 20s, knocked at her son's door before the party.

"Mom!" He peered through his door, "Got to go!" And then rushed out of his room, gliding down the stair way, 'EMERGENCY MOM!"

"kahan jaa rahe ho Jai? You are performing at Sanjeevani tonight beta….uffo…yeh ladka sach much mujhey pagal kar dega…hope he finds a woman who can handle his idiosyncrasies….ab kaunsi emergency aa gayi?"

"ADITI!" Armaan grinned as he stepped out looking dashing in his navy blue suit; steel rimmed glasses and streak of gray on his side burns- the handsome chief of Psychiatrist at Sanjeevani, who has young interns and residents drooling over him. In fact, a lot of them have decided to pursue Psychiatry as a result.

'Aditi?" she asked.

Armaan winked, 'haan….tumhare dono swaalon ka jawaab ek hi hai…..uski emergency bhi wo hi hai aur usey sambhaal ne waali ladki bhi wo hi hai."

"Come on Armaan…they are just friends."

"Yup…..friendship which has turned into love a long time ago."

"Really? How come I never noticed it?" Riddhima asked innocently.

"Because only a man in love can recognize another man in love," he pulled her into his arms and kissed her forehead, "looking gorgeous as always."

Riddhima blushed and remarked, "and you are as handsome as ever…..but I really hope you are right….I would love to have Aditi as my bahu."


"ADITI! ADITI!" A frantic Kripa, as beautiful as she was at 21, dressed in an elegant light blue saree, banged at her daughter's door, "please beta darwaaza kholo…..kya hua? Jab se college se aayi ho, kamre mein bandh ho….is everything alright beta?"

"What's up?" A dashing 40-something year old Angad with boyish looks but with a sprinkle of salt and pepper in his hair, more muscular and lean than he ever was, walked out of his bedroom in a black suit.

"Angad…I am worried… jaane kya hua Aditi ko? Jab se college se aayi hai andar hi bandh hai."

"Hi bua!" Jai entered the house and rushed towards them, "is Aditi inside?"

"Haan beta….did she call you? We are getting late for the function." Kripa worried.

"Yes she did….I will take care of her…..aap dono ready ho jaaiye….it's my responsibility to bring her there." Jai smiled at them.

Angad placed his arm around Kripa and winked at Jai, "yes let Jai take over….in that case we have some time to romance."

"ANGAD! Bachchon ke saamne bhi!" Kripa muttered through clenched teeth.

Jai smiled back at them and gave them a thumbs up, "go for it uncle."

After Aditi refused to answer the door, Jai had to resort to his favorite way of entering her room- through the window, just like his dad. He walked out of the house and climbed the pipe to land in her room.

"ADITEEEE!" Jai yelled in her ear as she sat sobbing in bed.

"AHHH…you scared me!" She punched his chest with her tiny fists.

"Hey don't kill me yaar….achcha kya baat hai? And why are you not ready yet? Remember you have to present the slide show at the reunion party….come on let's get ready." He tried to get her out of bed.

She grabbed his wrist and shook her head, "Karan loves Anita." And then started bawling like a little girl. Jai gave himself a victorious 'YES!' with a clenched fist, and silently did the hula dance at the good news.  He hated Karan like he did all his potential competitors, but put on a sympathetic face for Aditi, "Awww….my Aditi….poor thing….yeh ladke sab naalaayak hote hain…..they don't realize what a gem of a person you are….you are so beautiful, talented, have a great sense of humor… fact you are the most wonderful girl in this world…..Karan doesn't know what he is missing."

"JAI!" She bawled again and to his pleasant surprise hugged him, "why can't all guys be like you Jai?" Jai raised his eyebrows and beamed his perfect white set of teeth, "because they can't sing like me….you want to listen to my latest composition….sirf tumhare liye likha hai?"

She nodded and let him step aside to pick Angad's guitar from the music room.

Well, we all know this popular number from 'Jaane tu' as Jai sang it for Aditi to cheer her up……

(kabhie Kabhie Aditi)


 The banquet hall bustled with the 24 interns from Armaan and Angad's batch, senior doctors like Shubhankar, who was now the chief of Sanjeevani, Keerti, Dr Shashank Gupta, who had retired a few years ago and was now on the board of Sanjeevani, Dr Abhimanyu, also on the board along with his best friend, Dr Gauri who was a full time grandmother now, Padma, still elegant as before and dedicated to her husband, her home and her grandchildren. Suryabhan and Gayatri were there too, although Gayatri was in a wheel chair after a stroke last year. Shabbir, Aaliyah and their 23 year old daughter, Isha who was a manager at a local hotel were there too.

Rahul and Muskaan, who were US citizens now, had flown in especially for the function. They had two children, but they had stayed back in the US for their exams. Rahul was the chief of the Oncology department at Johns Hopkins and Muskaan was a staff radiologist there. Josh and Simone, who managed both Sanjeevgarh and Kishangarh projects, arrived just in time. Their children, both doctors, worked with them too. Their passion for music was still alive and as part of the function tonight, were going to perform for everyone.

After all the doctors, spouses, friends and kids hand mingled with each other, Jai and Aditi took the stage to start the program. Aditi, looking adorable in a red dress, began the program with a slide show of pictures collected from the last 25 years. People gasped, cheered and clapped as they saw themselves from their younger years. Aditi had even managed to scoop out pictures from her and Jai's parent's Goa trip…..Angad's birthday….hanging out at the beach……at the karaoke bar….Shashank gave the four of them a curious look as they exchanged sheepish glances with him. Riddhima recalled how upset her dad had been after that trip.


A confused Aditi looked at him, "we? Aur kaun gaayega tumhare saath?"

"TUM!" he grinned.


"YES WAY!" He gave the signal to the orchestra to start playing..

(He maine kasam li from tere mere sapne)

He Main ne kasam Li
He Tuune kasam Li
nahin Honge Judaa Ham

Armaan and Angad placed their arms around their wives as Jai and Aditi sang. They all recalled how they had met here 25 years ago……fought with each other…fell in love…..

Ki He Main ne kasam Li
Saans Teri Madira Madira Jaise Rajani Gandhaa
Pyaar Teraa Madhura Madhura Chaandani Ki Gangaa
Saans Teri Madira Madira Jaise Rajani Gandhaa
Pyaar Teraa Madhura Madhura Chaandani Ki Gangaa
nahin Honge Judaa
nahin Honge Judaa
nahin Honge Judaa Ham
Main ne kasam Li
He Tuune kasam Li
nahin Honge Judaa Ham
Ki He Main ne kasam Li

……separated from each other……realized that they could not live without each other…..

Paa Ke Kabhi, Khoyaa Tujhe, Kho Ke Kabhi Paayaa
Janam Janam, Tere Liye, Badali Hamane Kaayaa
Paa Ke Kabhi, Khoyaa Tujhe, Kho Ke Kabhi Paayaa
Janam Janam, Tere Liye, Badali Hamane Kaayaa
nahin Honge Judaa
nahin Honge Judaa
nahin Honge Judaa Ham
Main ne kasam Li
He Tuune kasam Li
nahin Honge Judaa Ham
Ki He Main ne kasam Li

… married……built and lived their dreams together……

Eka Tan Hai, Ek Man Hai, Ek Prana Apane
Ek Rang, Ek Ruup, Tere Mere Sapane
Ek Tan Hai, Ek Man Hai, Ek Prana Apane
Ek Rang, Ek Ruup, Tere Mere Sapane
nahin Honge Judaa
nahin Honge Judaa
nahin Honge Judaa Ham
Main ne kasam Li
He Tuune kasam Li
nahin Honge Judaa Ham
Ki He Main ne kasam Li

A tearful but cheerful applause greeted the two young singers. After listening to them, there was no doubt in their parent's mind that Jai was totally smitten by Aditi, but to their surprise, even Aditi was. The way she blushed and lowered her eyes as they sang together, was proof that she was also in love with Jai but just didn't know it.


Aditi's jaw dropped to her knees as she realized what Jai's words meant. All doubts and confusions in her mind evaporated from her mind as her heart recognized where it had belonged all these years……

(tera mujhse hai pehle from aa gale lag jaa)

Tera mujhse Hai Pehle Ka Naata Koi
Yoonhi Nahin Dil Lubhaata Koi
tera mujhse Hai Pehle Ka Naata Koi
Yoonhi Nahin Dil Lubhaata Koi

Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na
Maane Tu Ya Maane Na
tera mujhse Hai Pehle Ka Naata Koi
Yoonhi Nahin Dil Lubhaata Koi

Dhuaan Dhuaan Tha Vo Samaan
Yahan Vahan Jaane Kahan
Tu Aur Main Kahin Milay Thay Pehle
Dekha Tujhe To Dil Ne Kaha

tera mujhse Hai Pehle Ka Naata Koi
Yoonhi Nahin Dil Lubhaata Koi
Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na
Maane Tu Ya Maane Na

Tu Bhi Rahi Mere Liye
Main Bhi Raha Tere Liye
Pehle Bhi Main Tujhko Baahon Mein Leke
Jhooma Kiya Aur Jhooma Kiya

Mera Tujhse Hai Pehle Ka Naata Koi
Yoonhi Nahin Dil Lubhaata Koi
Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na
Maane Tu Ya Maane Na

Dekho Abhi Khona Nahin
Kabhi Juda Hona Nahin
Ab Khel Mein Yoohin Rahenge Hum Dono
Vaada Raha Ye Is Shaam Ka

tera mujhse Hai Pehle Ka Naata Koi
Yoonhi Nahin Dil Lubhaata Koi
Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na
Maane Tu Ya Maane Na

tera mujhse Hai Pehle Ka Naata Koi
Yoonhi Nahin Dil Lubhaata Koi

…………………………..THE END……………….

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