Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Episode 10 : Love Birds (AR ff)

Doctor: Well,.. you can attend but you need so much of rest..
please take the medicines on time.. I will take a last check up and then will confirm if you can go for outing or not..

Abhi's Father (Vikram Modi) Thank You Doctor...

Doctor: You welcome..

Nikki listens to all this and feels bad for abhi..

Nikki: Hi abhi.. Ab tumahra tabyat kaisi hain ?

abhi: Oh.. hi nikz... m fine darling.. It too good to see you sweety..

Nikki: Same here dear..

Abhi: Well.. Tell me how you are irritating armaan and riddhima..

Nikki: Everything is going well.. How can I leave somone whom you hate...

Nikki lies because she doesnot want abhi to know about the flopping of all her plans as he is sick now..

Abhi and nikki talk like that for some time..

The scene shifts to armaan and riddhima..

Armaan and riddhima go back to home after the movie and they get back to studying..

armaan: Riddhima.. Are you ready for tomorrows exam ?

Riddhima: I am done.. What about you ?

Armaan: 100%

Riddhima: good..

Armaan: Iss baar bhi hum dono main se ek ko first aana chahiye... ok..

Riddhima: Haan.. aana h chahiye.. Aur hum final year main jaayenge..

Armaan: Acha.. Hum anjali ko kab batayenge ki hum london jaane waale hain ?Wo aayegi na. ??

Riddhima: Haan.. Jab hum ooty main jaayenge tab hi batayenge...

armaan: gr8 !!

Riddhima: Chalo.. Good night.. Humein kal jaldi uthna hain na.. Mandir bhi jaana hain kal..

Armaan: Aise koi good night bolte hain kya ?

Riddhima: Matlab (Even though she understood)

Armaan: Matlab.. Aise good night nahin bolna chahiye... Mujhe ek good night kiss chahiye..

Riddhima: no armaan.. kuch nahin milegi...

Riddhima turns and runs back.. But again she comes to him, kisses him on his cheek and runs back to her room..

Armaan: I love you riddhima.. (Shouting)

Riddhima: Love you too... (Shouting back)

Both of them sleep dreamng about each other...

It is morning 6:00

Armaan keeps the alarm and wakes up first..

He first makes a some breakfast and moves to riddhima's room...

He finds her sleeping...

He moves to her and sits beside her and keeps his hand on her forehead...

Armaan: Riddhima... Riddhima... Utho...

She wakes up all of a sudden as she remembers about the exams..

Riddhima: Oh my god armaan.. Time kya hain ?

Armaan: Its 6:45.. Dont worry.. the exam will start at 11..

Riddhima: Thank god.. Now we will start revision..

armaan: No.. Pehle fresh up hojao.. gogo..

Riddhima runs into the washroom and comes after 20 mins...

she is wearing this dress.. (No jewellery.. only the dress)

 Armaan: Riddhima.. Aaj tum bohot acchi lag rahi ho... Extremely pretty..

Riddhima: Thanks... Abhi thoda sa revision kare..

Armaan: Kya yaar.. jab bhi romantically baat karta hoon toh usko kharab karti ho.. Pata nahin shaadi ke baad kya hogi..

Riddhima: ARMAAAAAAAAAAN !!!!!!! Kya kaha tumne.. Dekho.. Abhi exams hain.. Humein padna chahiye... 5 din ke baad exams bhi finish hojaayenge... Uske baad romance ko soojne do..

Armaan: Really...

Riddhima: Armaan please... Let me revise now...

Armaan: Na na na na na ... na na na na na ... (The rock on style)

Riddhima: Ab ka hain ?? (Making an angry baby face)

Armaan: Breakfast khaana zaroori hoti hain... Understand ?

Riddhima: I will eat and read.. Both at the same time...

Armaan: No riddhima.. Tum revision karna shuru karo.. Main tumko khilaoonga..

Riddhima: Lekin tumhare ko bhi revision karna hain na ?

Armaan: You read everything to outside.. Main samajh sakta hoon.. Woh kaafi hain !! (With his million dollar smile)

Riddhima: You'r sooo sweet...

She kisses him on his cheek...

Armaan siles at herad flashes his dimples..

Armaan feeds her while she reads out the important points..

Armaan also has the breakfast from the same plate while feeding riddhima...

Now both of them go to the temple and then head towards college..

This time, nikki does not do any shaitani because she is scared of her marks and as these are the finals..

4 days pass like this and now they have finished all their exams...

PRECAP: Every one in ooty.. Armaan and riddhima tell to everyone that they love each other.. Will abhi come to ooty along with everyone ??? Will nikki propose to abhi ?? Will nikki have some otherplans to seperate Armaan and Riddhima ??


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