Monday, 1 October 2018

Glimpse : Sab Mera Tu (season 2)

"Tu kar kya raha hai..??" Ritvik asked confusedly as he saw Armaan looking inside the class on the Shilpa wd a smirk 
"Tu bas dekhta jaa.." he said smilingly while pointing the paper boll on Shilpa and before Ritvik Sukirti or Dhrasti could stop him he directly threw the paper on Shilpa who woke up in a jerk as the boll hit her nose
"Dekh kya kiya isne" Dhrasti scolded Sukirti who looked up at Armaan for answer which made Ritvik giggle watching Shilpa's perplexed face
"Vo kya haina.. Class mein padhne aate ho tum log.. Sone nehi" as he said this coolly three of them looked at Shilpa who was looking around angrily for the person who hit her wd the paper even Surbhi also
"Yeh kisne kiya hoga..?" Surbhi asked confusedly which made her more angry who looked back to search the person when Dhrasti pointed on window where Armaan gave her a smiling wave which made her fumed from inside who almost glared him

"Kya aap humaare school ka GS change kar sakte hain.. Vo kya haina puraana waala bahoot.. Cheap hai.." hearing this he gave her fake smile coz the word 'Cheap' disturbed his mind but not showing to her he jumped off the desk and looked at her calmly, then walked beside her bench which made both the girls scared a little
"Kyun... Usnein aisa kya kiya jo tumhe cheap laga.." keeping his hands on her desk he bend down on her who gulped while putting her back against the bench post which made Surbhi to watch them silently coz she knows now they will start fighting
"Vo khud bahoot cheap hai.. Toh uski saari harqate cheap lagti hai.. I hate him.." gathering some courage she directly told him who smiled
"Nehi.. Hume toh yehi GS pasand hai.. Tujhe problem hai toh tu school chod de" one of a boy took his side which made her class to agree wd him and they also started cheering, Armaan gave her winning smile which made her to show him Looser sign and it was enough for him to chuckle who gave a wink to her then stepped away from her bench
"Godd!!" Shilpa held her head making Armaan smiled when

"Acha suno naa.. Dekho main pure class mein first aayi.. Sirf tumhaari wajah se" taking out the medal she showed to him excitedly who chuckled
"You mean.. Tumne mujhe yeh bataane ke liye yahaan bulaaya aur yeh sab roka?" he looked at her amusingly on which she giggled
"Haan toh tum mere Acche Dost ho.. Aur ek acche partner bhi toh tumhe thank you karna toh banta hai.." hearing her cheerful words he smiled slowly
"Dost aur hum?? Yeh kab huaa..??" crossing his arms he asked in an amusing tone which made her smiled coz she is happy from her heart
"Aree.. Tumne meri project mein help ki aur hum acche partners ki tarah kaam kar rahe the.. Toh huye naa hum acche dost.. Aur agar nehi hain toh.. Kar lete hain.." she replied happily while forwarding her hand to shake which made him chuckled
"Yeh baat hai toh thik hai.." saying this smilingly he forwarded his fisted hand for punch which made her giggle who responded equally and before he could say something his coach shouted his name which made him to look back

"Aree.. Haan tumne usse propose kiya??" as she asked in weak voice he became stiff
"Nehi.. Baad mein kabhi kahunga" crossing his fingers behind his back he lied which made Naina smiled
"Haan.. Dekhna vo tumhe mana kar hi nehi paaygi.." she cheered him who showed a sad smile then taking a sigh watched her face silently
"Acha agar main.. Kahoon mat jaao.. Toh jaaogi..?" tracing her cheek softly he asked in an innocent voice which made her sniffed
"Koshish karungi..." siding his hairs from his forehead lovingly she said in low voice which made him more weak who in a soft way hugged her carefully while crying which made Naina also weak

"Hii..!!" he passed a small formal smile to her who wd a wide smile sat beside him which made him surprised a little
"Actually.. I am new here.. And i don't know anyone.. Other than you.." he frowned as she said slowly
"You know me??" closing his book he questioned on which she gave a nod in Yes smilingly
"Yes.. Armaan Malik an Indian boy.. Right?" her full of energy voice made him amused who gave a nod in Yes "Actually.. No.. First tell me you know Hindi language??" pointing her finger she asked wd doubtful look and it made him to give a nod in Yes calmly "Great.. Yeh accha huaa naa ki tumhe hindi aati hai.. Thank god varna mujhe toh laga tha main in Angrezo ke bich angrez naa ban jaaun.. Actually main naa scholarship ke through select hui hoon, main Goa se hoon.. Aur aisa nehi hai mujhe Emglish aati nehi hai, aati hai mujhe par problem yeh hai ki jo humaari khud ki language hai usmein jo baat hai vo kisi mein nehi hai.. Mujhe jab pata chala main yahan padhne waali hoon By god! Khushi ka thikaana nehi tha mere par jab main yahaan aayi aur dekha sab log kitne formal hai, main toh pehle hi din bore ho gayi.. Lekin phir mujhe tum dikhe kisi Worrior ki tarah tumhaara naam jaane ke baad pata chala ki tum toh Indian ho By God! Aur tumhaare kaam dekhne ke baad mujhe laga dosti toh tumse karni hi padegi.." she was continueously talking & talking wdout taking any break and hearing her nonstop Bak-Bak Armaan got bored


"Arrgghh..!" hearing her annoyed voice he stopped in middle and wd a frown stepped back a little only to find an annoyed Shilpa wd her duppatta "Log duppatte pehnte hi kyun hain.. Isse accha aise hi rahen.." throwing the duppatta on side(Which directly fell near her door's entrance) she sat on bed wd grumpy look which made him to scanned her from head to toe, she had wore a black full umbrella dress wd silver bangles making Armaan to look at her wd appreciating look while his heartbeat skipped watching her gorgeous look "Vaise tu duppatte ko kyun kosh rahi hai pehna toh tune hi hai.. Konsa usnein aakar kaha mujhe pehno.." she blabbered to herself while hiding his smile he picked up her duppatta carefully and hide behind the door where as getting fad up she stood to look for duppata "Aree.. Yehin toh pheka tha kahan gaya.." she puzzled as she didn't found the duppatta while watching her expression he smiled still hidden there and in a minute she checked her room but it was no where to found so at last she went to check inside the washroom making him giggle at her face "Aree yahan toh maine dekha tha.. Phir kaise aaya??" picking up the duppatta she looked at it strangely while he slowly looked at her from outside


"Tum jaante ho.. Tum jhoot nehi keh sakte.. Mujhse toh bilkul nehi.." gripping his arm she spoke in loving voice "I know jo tumne neeche kaha vo sach nehi tha.. Varna vahan se tum kabhi nehi jaate.." as she said this softly he looked at her silently "Bataao baat kya hai.. Main tumhe force nehi karungi kyunki main jaanti hoon tumhe jab bataana hoga tab bataaoge.." caressing his hairs softly she spoke which made him calm somewhere (Vo bilkul Mom ki tarah puchti hain.. Jinse main kabhi kuch nehi chupa paaya.. Aur khudse hi sab bol diya)

"Hmm.. Ek ladki ko dekha toh aisa laga.." he was washing the car wd the water pipe while singing this song wd his good mood "Jaise Khilta Gulaab.. Jaise shayar ka Khewab.. Jaise Ujli Kiran.. Jaise mann mein Hiran..." he was putting the water on car when he saw someone on the car's window mirror and his words stopped in middle
"Iska dimaag toh thik haina... Ki pagal ho gaya hai... Yeh bhi naa" she thought still looking at him who was washing the black car wd water pipe, wearing a black knee length shorts wd black T-shirt & black sweat shirt and white shoes he was looking cute, she was watching him concentratingly noticing him who have put the earphones on his ear and again got busy making her frown "Yeh mud kyun nehi raha... Huh mujhe kya..." cursing him mentally she watched him carefully when she noticed he stopped suddenly and before she could react he directly looked back at her who almost got scared as if she had caughted for some crime, his eyes were fixed on her calmly who tried to show him ignorance while looking somewhere else wd an attitude which made him smile who shaking his head again looked ahead


"Armaan... Kya maine vo... Dono juice ke glass pee liye..?" still in shocked she managed to asked while holding his shirt from front who became confused by her behavior "Bolo..." she shook him wd cute sad face
"Haan... Abhi toh maine tumhe pilaaya..." hearing his normal reply she stepped back wd shock look which made him hell confused "Shilpa huaa kyaa??" stepping ahead he asked confusedly while gripping her arm firmly who made a cute sad face
"Ab kya hoga... Jo isse peena tha vo toh maine pee liya vo bhi do do glass... Toh kya ab main sach bolungi aur soke uthne ke baad bhool jaaungi... Yaah phir main sab bol dungi... Please yeh mujhse kuch naa puche..." roaming tro & fro she blabbered to herself which made Armaan puzzled now who finally thought to ask her
"Shilpa... Shilpa... SHILPA..!!" he was trying to stop her who was continueously blabbering to herself but when she didn't stopped he jerked her by her shoulders who looked at him scaredly "Kya huaa...??" his voice softened seeing her scared who removing his hands stepped back and giving a nod in No sat on the couch while staring down on floor worriedly


"Itna sab karne ki kya zaroorat thi Shilpa" tucking her flicks aside he said in soft voice which made her smiled coz he first time touched her like this
"Aree.. Main tumse pyaar karti hoon.. Toh kyun main kisi se chupaaoon.. MERA PEHLA PEHLA PYAAR ho tum.. Aur jab MAINE PYAAR KIYA toh toh DAR kis cheez ka... Vaise bhi jab PYAAR KIYA TOH DARNA KYA.." her filmy line made him held his head which made her giggle who removing his hand from his head moved closer to him who raised his bows "Acha suno naa.. KAHO NAA PYAAR HAI Armaan.." her cute voice made him chuckle who mumble 'Unbelievable'


"Armaan..??" knocking the door from outside Ronit asked in shocked voice
"Oh.. No.. Dad bahar... Agar unhone Shilpa ko dekh liya toh.." he mumbled in worried tone standing against the door when Shilpa approached towards him asking Whose there?? "Dad hai.." looking at her he replied in worried tone
"Toh kya huaa.. Unko andar bulaao.. Hum baate karenge.. Aur uncle ko bhi toh pata chalna chaahiye ki main sach bolti thi.. Ki tum bhi mujhse pyaar karte ho.." she spoke in excited way
"Aisa maine kab kaha... Par usse pehle chup raho.. Varna vo awaaz sunn lenge tumhaari.." gripping her arm lightly he whispered near her ear who giggled
"Toh tum dar rahe ho unse..?" hearing her teasing voice he glared


"Jaise kya lagti hoon main tumhaari..??" in coy way she asked which made him to hide his smile
"Kya pata.. Tum hi bata do.." making her stood in middle of the decorated tent he stood in front of her
"Main kyun bataaun.. Boyfriend tum ho tumhe bolna chaahiye pehle.. Aur please yeh hataao varna dekho kya karungi main..?" pointing her index finger she spoke in cute voice which made him chuckled "Tumhe toh main.." hearing his chuckle she thought to teach him a lesson So moving her hand on back she opened the clothes's knot and she peered coz of dark but as she saw the waving soundful sea a smile appeared on her face who was about to look for him when he grabbed her one hand wd his "Armaan..." an inmense happiness came on her lips as she found him on his knees wd her hand on his strong hold, she studied him from head to toe coz after one day of gap he appeared now but right now He is looking Dapper in this look

"I am sorry Armaan.. I can't marry you" pulling her hand back she refused which made him stunned while she stood up slowly following by him
"Kya?? Par kyun..??" stepping closer to her he asked shockingly while his heart was fearing wd her silence who taking a sigh looked at him calmly
"Kyunki.." moving ahead she stared him who was waiting for her reply
"You need time..?" he questioned gradually still wd fears on which she gave nod in No silently and that turned his look serious


"Isse burqa kehte hain.. Armaan.. Tum bhi naa" slapping his arm lightly she said in her cheerful way which made him to hit her head lightly wd his phone "Aaaaww.. Armaan.." wd a pout she looked at him confusedly while rubbing her head
"Mujhe pata hai isse Burqa kehte hain.. Par tum yeh pehen ke kyun aayi ho yahaan..?" he almost asked in strict tone which made her giggle
"Vo kya haina maine socha.. Yahaan bahoot public hogi aur media bhi toh agar kisine mujhe tumhaare saath dekh liya toh vo news mein aayga.. Phir humaare family ko aise hi pata chal jaayga humaare bataane se pehle.. Toh maine socha kyuna main Burqa pehen loon koi pehchaan nehi paayga.." her nonchanted reply made him to held his head while his bodyguards hide their smiles watching this scene
"Shilpa.. Baat toh log vaise bhi karenge naa.. Kahenge aaj Armaan Malik ko kisi Burqe waali ladki ke saath dekha gaya.. Tab kya karogi.." hearing his calm voice she smiled cutely
"Aree tab bol dena.. Vo meri ek fan thi.." saying this coolly she looked at him wd smart look which made him to shook his head wd a smile


"Hmm.. Toh main keh rahin hoon tum duniya ka sabse accha kaam karne jaa rahe ho.. Pucho kyun..?" as she asked curiously he gave her calm look "Aree pucho naa.." nudging his hand she insisted which made him to reply 'Kyun' uninterestingly "Haan.. Kyunki ab tak jitne bhi lovers the.. Unhone ladki ke Father yaah family ko hi manaaya.. Like DDLJ ka Raj, Maine pyaar kiya ka Prem aur baaki jitne bhi lovers hain.. Sab.." he was staring her amusingly coz her way of talking always made him to admire her "Par Tum.. Toh apne dad ko manaane jaa rahe ho vo bhi apni girlfriend ka haath maangne ke liye jo i don't think so itni aasaani se maanenge.. Mere dad toh maan bhi jaaye par tumhaare dad kabhi nehi maanenge Mujh jaisi haseen ladki ka haath dene ke liye tumhe.. Toh huye naa tum different lover" a chuckle escaped from his mouth hearing her cheerful exciting voice then taking a similing sigh he sat comfortabely on chair while looking at her
"Hmm.. Baat toh sahi hai.." as he gave her calm nod in Yes she forwarded her hand for hifive which he did wd a smile "Acha vo sab chodo yeh bataao.. Tum kab tak aaogi.. Vahan.. I mean jaldi aana please" she smiled at his soft voice
"Emm.. Main tab aaungi jab tum aadhe se zyada logo ko mana chuke hoge.." hearing her reply he became serious


"Main dunga.. Tumhaare saare sawaalo ke jawaab dunga.. Tum pucho toh sahi.. I'll promise dunga.." he said in soft voice while his eyes were already moist and hearing this her eyes were also got wet
"Nehi chaahiye mujhe jawab.. Bas tum chale jaao yahaan se varna main kud nehi paaungi.." hearing this a smile reached on his sad face
"Aur main jee nehi paaunga tumhaare bina.. Please mat jaao.. Mere liye" it slipped or direct came from his heart he didn't realised while her head wd thudding hearbeat turned at him shockingly "Haath do.." extending his hand he whispered softly which made her to stare him silently and as he whispered 'Please' her hand loosed on the poll while her one hand slowly gripped his hand who tighten his hold on her hand and before he could pull her, her leg slipped from the edge
"Aaaahh.." but before she could fall he pulled wd such force that she directly landed on him



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