Saturday, 6 October 2018

Intro : The First Kiss 😘


Shanshank Gupta & Padma Gupta - They are a middle class couple who live in Mumbai. Shashank is a manager in a local garments factory and Padma is a homemaker.
They have one daughter Anjali Gupta and also have a niece Riddhima , who lives with them since she was 5 years old. Riddhima was Padma's sister daughter but came to live with her mausi and mausa after her parent's tragic death. Anjali is now 24 years old and Riddhima is 21. They have grown up as sisters but have totally different personalities.

Anjali Gupta - She is very proudy girl, she has always excelled in whatever she does. She was always an "A+" student, studied in the most prestigious boarding school of India and is now working at a Multinational company in a managing role. She is on fast track to becoming a senior member of her team. She is a hard worker and a "perfectionist". She is very elegant and a charming person. The word "impossible" or "defeat" does not exist in her dictionary. She can do anything to achieve her goals.......anything!!

Riddhima Gupta - She is a sweet little petite girl, who has never met a stranger in her life. She is very chirpy, helpful and always has a smile on her face. She can be a little dreamy; she thinks and acts with her heart most of the time. She is closest to her mausi and shares her inner most thoughts with her. She is in awe of Anjali and her achievements and will do anything to please her sister. Anjali is aware of this fact and can take Riddhima for granted at times.

Shanshank is always biased towards his brilliant daughter. Riddhima who has an inclination towards the fine arts like singing and writing, does not meet Shashank's approval of a successful person. Riddhima has tried her best to please him but he has at best remained an uncle to her rather than a father figure.


Billy Malik - He is a successful industrialist. He is married to Ananya and has two sons, Rahul and Armaan

Rahul Malik - He is 28 years old and is just like his dad- very straightforward and honest person. They are both dedicated to their family business but are very open minded people. They are aware of their status but have respect for everyone, rich or poor. He is married to Muskaan Chaddha now Malik.

Armaan Malik - He is 25 years old and has just returned from the US after completing his MBA from a top-notch program, is all set to join the business. In high school and college, he was always surrounded by girls but recently has sobered quite a bit.

Tiya Gupta

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