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Intro & Part 1 : Sealed with a Kiss (ss)

Intro :

"Chef!?" John held his breath as he looked over at the head chef turn and look over at his light brown eyes threw the metal shelve with his tall hat towering above?

"John! I am trying to create?" seeing him waved his hands in the air as John looked over at the other cooks doing there tasks? Armaan Malik ran a tight ship and how can you blame him with so many awards and his was famous in the area.

"Chef we had a complaint!" ?.everything stopped and the cooks looked over at Armaan.

"What the ****!" Ps and Qs where never used in the kitchen and everyone was so expressive with there language and there food?

"Table 21! Madam says that the wants to see you?" John edged away from the shelve as he hear a moan.

"Give her a bottle of wine and give her a jam donut and tell her to off to Gregg's for food ..god dame cheek telling me my food rubbish!" Armaan hissed looking at the flames he tilted the frying pan and placing his hand on the metal counter...

"She seriously wants to see you !" John looked over at him as he slammed the large cooks knife on metal counter and place his hand on the cloth handing of his cooks outfit?

"Table 21?. Look closely at how a real man handles this!" John looked over at him as he stepped forwards and looked over at him?. as he entered threw the double doors? John smiled.  "Chef going down!" ?.the cooks headed to look threw the round windows as they watched there master at work?.


"Im an awards winning Chef  ?.young chef of the year?and  my balti dish is so know for it taste is no good for?..what table??... 21! She probably a dumb gori and it was to hot for her or something?." Ok there she is ?.ok lets see if I still have the touch? dimples on the ready and smile ?. Grit teeth and listen to this low life ?.OMG?

"Guys he's coming back?.." john shouted looking at the cooks running to there stations acting busy?

"Ravi? where my chicken! Salle?. We got people to feed!" Armaan shouted looking at them? as they watched him grab the large knife he left behind?

"Chef?" Armaan looked over at John.

"She coming in tomorrow ?.at 8pm? she gets the full treats and I will personal see to it?" John smiled inwards as Armaan mumbled under his breath..

"But what happen?" John asked looking at him frowning.

"She told me! my establishment need to learn to cook?." Armaan said clenching the knife?

"and what you say??I mean did you lay into her so her who boss?" john asked looking at him closely.

"Yeah....something like that..... yeah I told her?. I was man enough" John smirked looking at him?.

Armaan was so dedicated into setting up the restaurant ?.and til this date never dated a woman at all?. Hidden in his own little world! Full off spices and taste? It was time Armaan got out of the kitchen ?meet a woman to share his life with someone?. And the lady at table 21 could do the job?. There was something about her the green eyes and she was the most beautiful Indian woman he seen ?

"Chef?. You told her right! With tack and all? using your charm!...mean we dont want this getting out to the press!" John looked over at him waving his knife at him and giving him a look?.

"Charm ?.i'm dining with her tomorrow and I give her charm!" *Chop *

Everyone looked over at him as he looked over at John raised his eyebrows?

"Chop?Chop* "No one tell me I cant cook?."

~~Part 1~~

Tossing and turning he opened his eyes and looked over at the alarm clock? '1:23' and sighed.

"I think what you are serving is a disgrace and ?." He could not get her out of her thoughts as he pondered over what she said as he just looked over at her?.

"I didn't even speak?.stood there like a pompous fool as she spoke!" he mumbled pulling of the bed sheet and sighed deeply again?

"I was to busy staring at her and never heard what she was talking about?. It was like the whole world stood still and she was like in slow motion talking?OMG it was like some bollywood flick Di watchs..Uff....What the heck is wrong with YOU!" shifting his weight in the bed he yawned getting up.

Heading for the bathroom he looked at himself in the mirror?. Last time he felt like this was for Natasha Kaul when he was like 10 years old?. It was Valentine day and he had a major crush on her all year and he held the card and box of Cadbury Milk tray in a heart shape box? sweating and feeling the butterflies in his stomach he walked over to her in the playground as she and her friends where on the swings? When thump? the football landed on his head accidentally and the box was crushed and when he looked up after finding his glasses?. He looked over at Natasha laughing her head off at him with her friends? getting up in tears he ran off crushed.  It was always the same he liked someone and it was like it was never meant to be and ended up a disaster and him feeling bottle up and he would turn to food to express himself.

Dad was not impress at his profession? my son a cook!?... but if it was not for mum then I don't know what I would have done with out her and now ?.Dad is equally proud of me too? Slow when his lawyer colleague would comment on the success of 'Spice of Life' was well know in London and trade was good? He kept the standard high mixing the western with the East?. And keeping some dishes purely eastern with out the fusion?. As he place the electric toothbrush in his mouth he looked over at himself in the mirror.  That child hood fat was gone completely and if it was not for John who was a exercise frantic he would not have been in such good health at all?spitting put the colgate from his mouth he gritted his teeth together and looked over at himself in the mirror? Sapna made sure he was dressed fashionable... he never shopped she come over once a week to his apartment moan at him during the whole course of the day as she shake her head.  'Ammy find yourself a good woman?' she said.  'Why I have a good big sister?' ?.. 'Hai ram yeh ladka? Uff! I cant like do you stuff any more ?.i am pregnant!'   ?? 'Di omg?.i'm so happy! Does Amit know and Ma?' he asked looking at her as he hugged her.   'Yeah! but ?' he looked at her as they sat down on the sofa?. 'Amit's mum been saying in the 3 years of our marriage? Why cant I have a baby? And?. Im scared Ammy what if something went wrong and Amit would leave me?' ?. 'I break his legs' he answered looking at her as she hit his shoulder wiping her tears? 'Di seriously he loves you?.stop freaking out? Wow your going to be a mum? And me a Mama ji!' ?. As the cold water hit his face he smiled at his reflection?. It was not long now and Sapna was due soon?  as he was goin to be a mama?..

Opening the bathroom door he looked over at his bedroom?. Coming home every evening at midnight and not even having a social life was boring but the opposite sex was something he was scared about? He kissed many females but nothing happened after the first date at all?They never called him back and he would be disappointed and all?. 'I not goin to think any thing of this at all?.she just a customer and all..' he walked over to the living room and switched the light on and looked over at his cookbook collection?. pulling out a number of books...


"What is all this?" John looked over at the cooks as he looked over at the seven course meal laid out on the table cart?. Bengali, Punjabi and some new recipes he not seen before all laid out ready?

"Chef worked on those and look at the desert?"  said Ravi as John looked over at him as they inspected the plate? It was something they never seen before? with red strawberry and berry arranged around the plate? with a orange source and over a biscuit cheesecake style small tart?and a small mint leave on the top as garish?.

"Don't you dare touch a thing!? " they turned to see Armaan dressed in white chef outfit holding a bottle of wine in his hand?

"Chef! Seven course meal?." John asked him looking at the bottle of wine in his hand as he placed it in the wine on the table. This was exterme he never did this for a complaint before?

"She told me that my reputation as a cook is in a state in her eyes or something like that?. I cant remember??." John raised his eyes brows watching him mumbling and place his final touch's on the meals? John moved closer to him he knew Armaan well being partners in the restaurant he got to know him well during time Armaan was working for a the Hilton and he was in hotel management and they dream of having there own business and joined hands?

"Ammy? You feeling ok?" Armaan frowned looking at him.

"Yeah I am fine?. Meals made and these guys have made the changes to the main menu as I have request? Now when you've finished the Spanish inquisition can we open the restaurant?" Armaan said firmly looking at John grinning at him.

"On once condition she coming at 8pm?.so I think you can go home at 7 and get change get out of the white chef uniform?." He said looking over at him as he shook his head and then looked at John

"She challenge my cooking so it fitting I sit with her like this?." I don't know what to wear and Di like in her final month can pest her at all?.No way she forget me once she tasted my food and leave? I mean she like up there intelligent and stunning?.im like burnt fingers and not a stunning as you John? he hasthe luck with the ladies?with you blonde hair and blue eyes?. I will meet her as plain Armaan with my Chef status?and talk about my food?

"Like that?.your going to sit there with food stains and talk to her?" John looked over at him looking tense..

"I have another clean suit ?.i change near the time?" Armaan said firmly as John understood this whole thing was nerve racking for him.

"Dude be yourself? and she be impressed believe me?" John placed his hand on his shoulder and looked at Armaan as he nodded.

"She never like a guy like me?.so I keep this professional ?." He said sighing placing his hand on the large chef hat pushing down the rim on his forehead? this evening was goin to be a disaster and he knew it?.

"Ammy?. The hat goin and we'll do something with your hair? near the time?chill ok?we got people to feed!" John smiled warmly as he looked at him.


He looked over at the clock and sigh as the hands moved so slowly he was getting impatient and just wanted to get this over with know? John had gel his hair with a few spike and place the hat on his head so he could carry out his duties in front of the other cooks?. As always Friday evening was busy night as they kept the reserve table closed off? for him.

*bring bring * he looked over at John running into the kitchen?.

"Sweetheart I sending him now?.he be there in 10 mins?." John looked over at Armaan seriously?holding the phone?

"Ammy?.Sapna!" John looked over at the painc on his face as he darted over towards him grabing the phone...

"Di? huh?.No No I am coming?I know Amit in Brussell?.i be there Di don't cry?" John looked over at Armaan face he looked as if he was goin to cry hearing his sister sobbing on the phone and in pain?

"Chef you guest arrived?" Armaan looked over at John and before either one could say anything?Armaan ran into the restaurant and out the door holding his keys as everyone looked at him.

"John what happen?" everyone turned to John?.

"Chef goin to deliever a baby?.Hey get on with you work!!?" John looked over at the other waiter.

"See this food here?. Serve that lady at the VIP table?.advise her Chef had a family emergency or something?" John looked over at him as he nodded.

"Ravi you're in charge here ?.and I don't want any mishap or your fired?" Ravi dropped the plate in his hand.

"Me?" John frowned looking at him.

"Where you going?" Ravi asked

"No where I have a restaurant to run ?.god knows what happening to chef tonight?" John looked over at everyone.


"Di don't cry ?.look we here at the hospital!" Armaan looked over at her in the rear view mirror? seeing her in pain and sobbing was killing him.

"AWWWW Ammy I'm scared?" he looked over at her sobbing as he looked in front?and found a parking spot for his Ford land rover?

"Ok we take Mrs Sapna Sidhu to the delivery room and you are?"  Armaan looked over at the nurse at the counter.

"Her brother?look she goin to be ok?" he asked looking over at Sapna crying out in pain in the wheelchair...

"Yeah! come one?.we goin to suite 4?" Armaan looked over at the nurse rushing towards the suite and looked at them running to keep up?


"John she refusing to eat?says she wants to wait for Chef!" John looked over at the waiter bringing the food back into the kitchen.

"What is happening today??.Fine I go and see here?." John looked over at the everyone and head for the VIP table.

"Madam? Chef had a family emergency and will be some time?" John said looking at her as she sat at the table dressed in a white Punjabi suit and looked stunning ?No wonder she took chef breath away?

"Your Chef gave me his word ?.that I will experience the best meal of my life?as he was goin to personally see to it? Now I have travelled all the way from India and told this place has the best food and I will not leave until your chef arrives?" John looked over at her as she was serious.

"Madam?.his sister goin into labour and her husband in Brussels?and he there with his sister at the hospital?delievering the baby"

"Oh! ?.can I still wait!... it's just in I'm leaving for India like tomorrow and really wanted too?.." John looked over at her as she looked at him stopping half way.

'She likes him?.. wow! Heat is on here as well?.' John looked over at her as she looked up at him slightly embarrassed and all?

"Madam you can wait ?.but your goin to have to eat what Chef has personally made for you?. he requested that ?. I hope he arrives during the seven course meal?" John looked over at her nod.

"We cannot have you waiting at the table not eating ?.our policy?.You will not pay for a thing?this was his order too?" John added looking at her as she did not say or express anything at all?as she curlied her lips in?not smiling but was goin to say something ....

"I have a glass of water?thank you" John looked over at her stubborn girl and smiled?.

"Sure madam?" he nodded and walked away?

This girl really liked him and all?????..



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