Monday, 22 October 2018

Last part : Closet Fun(arsh mini)

Armaan whirled around immediately, after hearing her utter what he never thought she would say..EVER!!
His eyes widened with shock and yet his veins thrummed with pleasure and exhilaration.

He seemed to be in a daze and yet he somehow managed to lock the door and set the latch properly in its place.

And then he prowled towards her in such a way that could only be said to be animalistic-sexy.

While Shilpa there was pretty close to hyperventilating..and yet the way he stalked towards her and the way he was eyeing her..dare she say - almost hungrily, sent a rush of excitement through her nerves.

Taking his much abhorred nick name wasn't really a part of her plan but it just happened.

She didn't want to admit that it was a slip of tongue from her side because in all honesty, it just wasn't!!

When she saw him walking away from their moment, leaving her in shambles..she could not just bear it.

She would have been blind and dumb if she hadn't noticed how strong the undercurrents between them very strong their feelings wasn't just the attraction on the level of was the connection that their souls felt..the way their hearts were linked with each other.

They belonged to each other..they belonged with each other.

She knew that he knew the same.

But he was apprehensive about her own feelings.

Even she was but the last few minutes with him had changed everything.

She could see it clearly in his the way he held her..touched his his whole being.

And she would see to it that what wasn't being said out in the open..the unspoken emotions..they would all be set free tonight.

So..mustering all her bravado, she had taken the plunge and called him by the name he detested the most - Ammy.

And then she held her breath and waited.

For Armaan, hearing the name he disliked the most from her sensuous mouth sounded oh-so-very-alluring to him.

And immediately he recalled that he had quite literally warned her in such words -

"You dare call me Ammy again, then am gonna kiss you so hard that you will forget your own name."

Suffice to say that he was delightfully shocked.

So the wild temptress actually wanted it.

Standing in the little closet-space-office, looking resplendent in her champagne dress, her smooth skin glowing, her hair all mussed up, her cheeks rosy, fidgeting with her fingers nervously and biting her lower lip ever so slightly, her eyes stuck on him still so demurely,  that he wanted to do things..desperately erotic her.

He lessened the distance between them quickly.

And then everything happened all of a sudden.

He snaked his hands around her deliciously curvy waist and backed her against the wall behind her, gently so that she didn't hurt her back, as if she were a delicate porcelain doll.

Then his hands slowly made their way to hers, at his shirt folds where she had held him tightly, and then he brought her hands down along with his and then laced his fingers with her.

All this while, none of them dared to move their eyes from each other..they held their gaze together, not willing to look anywhere else when they had so much to much to feel..just by holding a silent conversation between their eyes.

Hearts pounding, their breathing uneven, nerves dancing erratically..they were pretty much at par with each other.

Bringing their entwined hands up together so as to place them beside her pretty face, over the wall, he tipped in closer and whispered huskily -

"Care to repeat what you called me a few moments ago..!"

But she stood unmoving..totally mute..and then she lowered her eyes shyly, not being able to take in his heated gaze anymore in the fear of combusting.

But Armaan wasn't done..not by a long shot.

He leaned in closer still and nuzzled her ear, cheek, her scented hair with his nose, mouth, chin..his stubble tickling her cheeks making her giggle and squirm.

Her wriggling to him made him smile against the wisps of her hair but that wasn't what he was looking for..!!

He wanted an answer and he knew very well how to get it.

He brought his face next to her and looked her in the eye and demanded hoarsely, as if in pain -

"I asked you what did you call me a few minutes ago !!", and when she was about to lower her eyes again, he jerked their laced hands abruptly as if to make her face him -

"Now, Shilpa..tell me right now..!" his voice soft but stern and yet so urgent.

And then she couldn't help but lift up her beautiful doe eyes at him and said gently, innocently, afraid that he might blast her -

"I called you Ammy, Armaan..!!"

His heart filled with joy and he felt a delightful and exuberant smile tug at the corner of his lips as he heard her say that name, yet again..willingly too.

 "You did now, didn't you!!", he smirked.

Embarrassed and blushing crimson, she lowered her eyes, again.

But Armaan clearly had other ideas.

He unhooked his one hand from her while he kept a firm hold over the other and then he tipped her delicate chin with his fingers so that she was compelled to look him in the eye and understand how she was affecting him.

The fact that she wanted this as bad as him made his heart swell with pride and contentment.

It wasn't just lust.

It wasn't just passion.

It was all her and all him.

It was unadulterated..untainted..this feelings they had for one another.

The fact that a few minutes ago he was about to go ahead and make the biggest mistake of his life by walking away from the possibility of him and her becoming them, made him shudder in fear.

A mere few inches separated their faces from each other and then he spoke in that seductively sexy voice of his -

"..and do you remember what I would do to you if you called me by that name??!!"

If it was possible to blush any harder and turn totally beetroot red, then now was that time for Shilpa Malhotra to do exactly that.

She started biting her lower lips yet again, looking at him with so much adoration and anticipation that his heart melted.

And then, almost immediately, Armaan went down to business.

He loosened his grip on her when his one hand shimmied down to reach her right leg as he drew them up so that she involuntarily wrapped both her legs around his lean hips as well as her arms around his strong neck as he lifted her effortlessly off the ground and backed her tenderly yet again against the wall.

And then his lips went down on hers - fierce, hard, hungry and doubt surprising her.

He tugged her plump lower lip with his mouth from the confines of her teeth when she was busy biting them out of nervousness, previously.

And then he continued nibbling them, ever so softly that made her moan in pleasure.

He outlined her lips with his tongue and they readily got an entrance to duel with her tongue as she started responding back to him.

They both were not really prepared for the onslaught of awareness and desire that washed through them once their mouths mingled with each other.

Her tongue, teeth, lips..all met his with such a fervor, with such ardency that Armaan just gave in to the feeling..the feeling of her.

Shilpa wound her arms even more firmly around him, if that was even possible. She could feel the heat..the heard strength of his body against her, her delicate  frame pressed and aligned to his strong and toned  front and she would have absolutely melted had Armaan not been holding her..caging her against him so protectively and with such fierceness.

The temperature in the closet-space had considerably soared high.

As he continued kissing her relentlessly, his hands roamed endlessly on her exposed back and then he found the bejeweled, beaded button that held her dress together and he flicked it open with his fingers smoothly so that the dress fell apart from the top and sagged away from her neck leaving her shoulders bare, earning a well-rewarded gasp from her.

He cupped her even more tightly from her behind and pulled her to his hard, unyielding form.

Feeling her getting breathless from all the kissing, he tore his mouth away from hers and his lips made a path along the corner of her swollen lips,her chin, then her neck and her exquisite shoulders.

While all Shilpa could do was arch herself even more to him, as if she could mould herself within become one soul.

Her hands made their way from his neck to his collar as her lips made a trail across his rugged jawbone, nipping his skin tenderly then trailing tiny kisses and bites all the way to his high-arched cheekbones and that sharp nose.

She whimpered as his hands kneaded her bare shoulders and then slid down to her waist to tighten his grip as their mouths met yet again to continue the sensual rhythm of theirs.

The fusing of their lips over and over again had her trembling in his arms with wanton pleasure and he reluctantly broke the kiss to let themselves heave in the much needed air.

He still held on to did he rubbed his nose with hers while resting his forehead against hers, their eyes still closed.

"I think I am falling for no..scratch that..I know I have fallen for you..!" he nuzzled his lips alongside the sensitive bit of her ear as he whispered his confession.

While she pulled apart from him just to stare at him, unblinking..dumbfounded as he stared back at her with an unremitting intensity.

But she quickly recovered, pulling him closer by hooking her fingers in his shirt sleeves and swooping in for a long, strong, fervent kiss surprising him totally.

And as the kiss ended, he spoke in a voice filled with mischief and yet so much joy -

" gonna take that as a yes, shouldn't I!!"

And all Shilpa could do was blush hard and hug him to her and hide herself in his embrace that offered her safety and warmth and so much love.


A few minutes later, he helped her down to make her stand on her own feet, buckled that sinful dress back before matters went out of hand, helped her fasten her tumbled, mussed up hair with the sparkly flower clip but there wasn't much he could do about her flaming crimson cheeks, her flushed being and her kiss-swollen lips, no thanks to him.

And he wouldn't have wanted it any other way.

As they made their way out of the closet office, he could see the very much evident blush not willing to leave her face and he knew that she was thinking about the moments they had just spent back in there which made him smile all the more.

Collecting his blazer and her clutch, he held her hand in his and walked out of the auditorium - a very happy man indeed, with her leaning all the more close to him as they made their way to a nearby coffee shop, as a sort of official first date.

And Armaan thanked his stars for making the night so very special for him and her..for bringing Shilpa into his life..not to forget that he was looking forward to many more such wicked moments with her..specifically to have such innumerable closet-fun-moments.


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