Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Last part : sealed with a kiss

"Dr Gupta?" Riddhima looked up from her files and smiled.

"Please come on in" she looked over at him enter her cabin.

"I was thinking we could go out? The two of us! Ridz?" Abhimanyu adjusted his glasses nervously and looked at her as she looked up at him.

"Sure! ....Since coming back from Hong Kong I've been busy with my cases..." she looked over at him smiling broadly as she looked over at her files.

"Why don't I meet you at the new restaurant....Raw?" Abhimanyu nodded as he looked over at her ...

"Sure...I see you there at 7pm!" he confirmed heading for the door as she looked over at him.

For the past year he being hinting that he wanted more then friendship now....he wanted them to be together and she had requested time to think about it when he asked to put a name on there friendship. When she left for the seminar in Hong Kong last month... There was nothing wrong at all and Abhi and her where now officially dating since she got back. Papa had requested she get to know him better  as they... Both where in the same profession and knew each other well but something was missing... Sighing she got up from her seat and turned to look out of the window of the cabin. Seeing the warm sun and hearing the birds chirping out the window she thought about London.... Maybe im just thinking to much.....Abhi will keep me happy and he loves me....

"Do you love him?" stunned she turned around and looked over at Nikita entering her Cabin.... Riddhima smiled unsure who the question was for as Nikita signalled her while occupied on the mobile ...shaking her head Nikita frowned looking at Riddhima

"I don't get you Lovely?..for like 2 months since that Sidhu guy enter the hospital with his sister you kind of been acting strange and now ?.You tell me he like blew you off? Just like that as he told you he busy for a month with someone??Stop crying! Lovely? " Riddhima looked over at Nikita as she handed her the mobile.

"You talk to her she been impossible since you left?" Riddhima took the phone and place it to her ear.

"Hi Lovely?.Yeah I got back couple days of go!  what's going on?" Nikita sighed and sat down looking over at Riddhima listening to the whole story....


Armaan looked over at Rahul talking hindi and curse himself for not trying hard enough to learn the language as Rahul ...spoke so fast to the receptionist at the desk. Rahul looked over at him and sighed.

"She left for the day and due into the hospital tomorrow morning..." Armaan sighed as Rahul led him to the doors.

"Sorry....Armaan we just missed her....they will not disclose her personal address either." Rahul added looking at his gloomy he insisted they reach the hospital before heading the hotel as soon as he landed.

"It's ok? I guess im not destine to see her yet?" Armaan placed his hand through his hair..

'What the hell am I doing? Ok what if she was here what was I goin to do? Say I love you and what if she like got someone in her life and... What am I doing?' he thought stepping into the bustling Mumbai street as he followed Rahul on his way out...

*Beep Beep * placing the mobile to his ear he sighed heavily.

"Armaan?" hearing Sapna voice he could sense how worried she was.

"Di? I just missed her...i think this was a big mistake you where right!" cletching the mobile in his hand he sat into the car and closed his eyes.

"What? Armaan you travelled thousand of miles and your giving up?" Sapna screamed down the phone as he sigh heavily...

"What happen to finding the woman of my dreams and all?. Hey what happen to Di she the one I just know and all?.. Armaan you listening?!" Armaan nodded his head and looked out of the window.

"Di what if?"

"Right No But and if....Hai Bhagwan  do something with this guy!!....go to the hotel freshen up sleep and  keep trying....Until you actually find her and get an answer..."

"Ok Di ?but when I find her what do I say? I mean? ?."

"OMG Armaan your hopeless....Just be yourself.... your a wonderful and handsome guy and if she like you then I guess your half way there...Honey I want to see you happy .so cheer up!! so you never saw her today there always tomorrow...." Armaan smiled he loved Sapna so much as she was the best as he need to hear that from her.

"Waaah.... Now look what you done ?.you woken Parin up!! Mummy's here sweety..." Armaan smiled hearing him crying softly.

"Armaan I'll call you tomorrow.... I'll let mum know your ok and all... we're missing you Honey!.. Oh and Parin want his mamji as soon as possible so find him one...Love you!"

"Love you too Di....Bye.." Armaan looked over at Rahul and smiled.

"Armaan why don't you ... Settle in and I pick you up later and you can see my new restaurant?..I need some pointer from an award winning Chef!" Armaan nodded getting out of the car.


"Wow impressive!...Rahul!" Armaan looked around the place it was all new and Rahul had worked hard to set up the place.

"Yeah we cater for a lot of foods and all...Come I show you the kitchen and introduce you to my sister... She the Chef!" Armaan nodded as he notice the tables where all full and customers where getting served.

"Armaan met my sister... Anu...."

"OMG Armaan Malik is in my kitchen?." Hearing the pots drop he looked over at the kitchen staff as they turned to look at him.

"Rahul said he knew you....and your goin to hosting a new TV show in for the BBC....Spice of life....OMG YOUR SO HANDSOME FOR REAL?" Armaan was taken back as he looked over at the young girl talking non stop and he never thought that the program would be reaching this corner of the world as his promo had just began to air....and John and him just signed the deal few days after Parin was he blushed as she took hold of his hand and was shaking it while talking....

"Well we not shot anything yet and..i will be shooting the series when I get back..." He said looking at her as she nodded no stop.

"Anu? Behave Armaan is a guest?" Anu giggled and let go of his hand...

"Sorry?" she said blushing looking at Rahul frowning....
"Come on Armaan...i have a table reserved and you can sample what we cook..." Armaan nodded as he smiled over at Anu who turned and jumped up and down as he chuckled as he headed for the door as Rahul open the door his stopped in his track....There she was getting seated at a table dressed in a light blue Punjabi suit looking so elegant...


"Ok Anu... I make everything on that table..." Rahul looked over at Armaan taking of his jacket and head for the sink to wash his hands.

"OMG you goin to cook?. This is awesome! .... Ok so like she the girl and your going to cook for her!. Omg this is like some bollywood romance.. Hero cooking for his lover while she dinning with the villain?.but you know that guys cute tooo..... Everything cooked in the name of love.. Hai rabba kya ishq hai?! Ok Chef me and the service of my kitchen are entire yours......Guys listen up the Chef is in let get cooking guys....Make me proud!!"

Rahul looked over at him tying an apron to his waist as he took hold of a knife in his hand determine to prove his love...

"Rahul . Make sure the waiter does not mixed the order and ..."

"Don't worry Chef!I make sure...."


"Riddhima is something wrong you not said a word thought the meal?? is something wrong with the food?" Abhi asked looking at her as she had a look in her eye he never seen she bite into the food and all..

"No the food is amazing .don't you agree?" Abhi smiled and looked at her.

"Yeah it taste wonderful! I have to agree the dishes are nice!"

 "Nice!??OMG Abhi?I swear this is exactly like how my Daddi cooked the pindi and all.... And then the Nan bread ?.dhal, mix veg and the rice?. It like I taste it all before long ago?" He looked over at her dropping the fork and wave at waiter.

"What the name of your Chef?" the waiter looked at her and then over at Rahul.

"Madam! the manager can answer that question.." She looked over at the waiter disappeared as Rahul moved forward.

"Madam is something the matter?" Rahul sensed she wanted answers and he had to serve up the final part of the menu.

"No the food is wonderful!....who is your chef? I like to met ?"

"Sure madam.. I'll get desert and you can compliment the chef  yourself.." Rahul smiled as he looked over at her sitting back down as Abhi looked over at her turning her head back over towards the kitchen.

"Riddhima is something wrong??." her heart was telling her since the first taste something was happening and she could not put her finger on what? No way Armaan Malik here?I mean he's like in London and all..

"Riddhima I want to ask you something?." Abhi reached into his pocket and took out the small box as she looked at him puzzled.

"Since you have been away I could not stop think about what you decided and I want to.." Riddhima looked over at Abhi as he reached for her hand.

"Riddhima will you....Marry me?" Riddhima looked over at Abhi surprised as he looked at him unsure what she was feeling as she heard the noise of a plate gentle placed near her she looked was Armaan Malik serving the dishes in person.


Heavy heartily he pushed open the kitchen doors and headed for the sink. The woman of his dreams was in love with someone else and ...she was getting married... as he felt the water in the palms of his hands slipping away he closed his eyes as it was all over!.He read it all wrong made a fool of himself and was broken hearted.  Taking off his apron he looked over at Anu as she looked at him as she sighed looking at him,,. mouthing sorry chef as the waiters walked in shouting for there orders as he placed his jacket over his shoulder and left the restaurant.. She was a customer and nothing more... he was a fool to have thought so much about it and all flying all this way to see her get hitched... This always happen to him!.

"Hey ?.please stop!.....CHEF!" he turned around surprise to see her standing before him.

"Hi!" he looked over at her and smiled.

"Hi!" he answered back looking at her unsure why she was there.

"You own me a cooked seven course meal? so I was wondering if your free tomorrow!" he looked at her taken back... Was she asking him out.. but that guy?

"hmm? so my cooking today was up to your standards then?" he said looking at her as she nodded her head.

"Actually ...I wanted to ask you ...what did you put into the dhal and..."

"Sorry madam a chef never reveals his secrets... but if the most beautiful woman in the world asks me for something else like my heart ...then I would not hesitate at all.." he said looking at her blush as he looked over at her and smiled. Who ever that guy was got blown away as she was standing there with him...

Looking around he noticed they where not in the best of places to talk and looked at her looking up at him.

"Can I drop you home?" he looked at her stopping a taxi.

"I drove here can I give you a lift..." He nodded as she turned and led him to the car..
She looked at him as the silence engulfed them in the car as she did not know what to say at all...but was taking her time driving him to the resort taking the long route..

"So you here on business??" she asked turning the corner.

"Something like that ...uh...seal a contract ...." He said looking at her ?.sitting so close to her he could smell her lavender scent as he marvelled within it as if he was sipping everything about her...
"Oh!" she sound a little disappointed and he noticed by her reaction she was wanting to hear something else... he looked over at her as she stared at the road.

"I saw you enter the restaurant and could not resist and had to cook for you and...I hope now you....donot think I'm a rubbish cook and all?" he said looking at her as she looked guilty.

"I am sorry... you are a wonderful cook...i did not mean?"

"It's Ok....I hope I proved you wrong tonight...about me." He smiled inwards and he looked at her .... He could read her and it amazed him that he could feel what she was feeling just like that.

"Dr Gupta.... I think we here!" he looked at her as she stopped the car.

"It's Riddhima ....Chef!" she answered looking at him hoping she could talk to him?something inside her did not want to leave.

"Riddhima is a beautiful name ....never heard it before... please call me Armaan!" he replied placing his hand on the car handle.

"Riddhima ...would you like to share a cup of coffee in the bristo in the lobby... we could talk!." He asked looking at her as she looking unsure....


"OMG Armaan what happen next?!" he looked over at Sapna and smiled
"We talked about everything and nothing even the silence was pleasant.. but she left as she had work in the morning and all... 2am I let her go home luck for us the Bristo was 24 hours... Di I cant describe it but I felt like I was at home with her... in her company I felt like for the first time in my entire life at peace..." He looked over at Sapna place Parin in the small cot.

"Ok who was that guy? I mean he wanted to marry her and all?" Armaan smiled

"She told be about him and told me she loved him as a friend only and nothing more..He was a colleague at work I met him a couple of time. ... I don't blame him...any one would look at Riddhima and would fall in love.." Sapna looked over at him and chuckled see that look in her eyes.

"OK I cant believe asked her married her in 7 days of being there and ..." He looked at her and smiled.

"Ok It all happen so fast I met her parents ... And her father was like a cook?.... You now like dad was....and then her little sister Minnie walked in and screamed the place... Chef Armaan! ....that when is sunk in that I was a world wide know Chef....and her mother was ...i thought I seen you before ...on TV!... Then I invite them for a meal  I would personally cook at Raw.  So I did and her father just looked me...he was silent and then after the meal he asked. What my intentions are.. And with everyone sitting there I told them. Sir I have travelled all this way from London to find a life partner someone I can share everything with...who I would keep happy and love for the rest of my life... I said looking at Riddhima! If you permit I would like to marry Riddhima only with your blessing sir. I will not proceed other wise?"

"OMG !... My silent brother who got me and mum to do everything has grown up!" Armaan looked over at her as a lone tear ran down her face.

"So what did he say?"  Sapna asked looking at him.

"He told me get my parents here as he would like to met them!. Hence I called you guys here!. and I cant believe how fast this is happening im getting married tomorrow!." Sapna smiled and looked over at Amit.

"Yeah dad had this feeling and Amit and him got our visa and Parin passport done! I never even knew!" Sapna smiled looking over at her brother looking happy then he ever did before ?.it was like he was a new person.


Armaan looked over at Riddhima as she sat on the the whole day went by so quickly and he enter the honeymoon Suite of the Restore.. he sighed seeing his wife sitting on the bed full of rose petals and closed the door.

"Riddhima.." he whispered sitting on the bed  the sounds of her anklets made him look down at her they where covered in Henna and where the most beautiful feet he ever seen....moving forward with his heart racing he lifted up the vail and looked at her ....the red and white small bindi decorating her the top of her eyebrows ...the large mang tikka in the middle of the forehead with the sindoor underneath... her long black eyelashes lowered hiding her green eyes.

"Armaan?" she whispered breathlessly slowly raising his eyes at him.

"Honey I will not do anything you don't want!." He said looking at her as her eyes thanked him.  The truth was he was scared he never kissed anyone before and this was something he was going to engage into something he had no clue about....

"Armaan could you help me please..." He looked up at her and nodded as she got up from the bed...

Riddhima looked at him not once had he kissed her and he was such a gentleman never actually pressed her into anything she did not want to do....and then Sapna Di told her the truth... " My brother is such a simple guy...he was so into cook he never actually dated much....and will ...i guess you know what I mean..." Riddhima nodded and was so surprised a man as handsome as Armaan was so innocent and saving himself for his wife... She confessed to him earlier that she only dated Abhi on her fathers say so and they where just work colleagues and nothing more.. She never shared a intimate relationship with anyone. His response jut made her love him even more..

"Riddhima I don't care about your relationship in the past ...what matter to me is that you. Accepted my proposal to be my wife and I could not ask for anything more..." how she wanted to kiss him there and then but she just hugged him feeling shy herself.

 Moving her hair to once side ....Armaan looked over at her from behind as she stood before her...closing her eyes she felt his fingers on her her heart raced.

Her skin was so soft and he gentle looked down at the necklace and stepped forward as he felt her body so close to he took of the necklace of and turned her around....

"Riddhima ...." He whispered and moved forward.

"Can I ...." Moving his fingers forward he lifted her chin and looked at her trembling lips....slowly closing his eyes he leaned forward feeling her lips....Sealing the bond forever with a Kiss.....


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