Friday, 12 October 2018

Last Part : Silent Love (ss)

Their life had taken a good shape.  Armaan doted his love on Riddhima.  Riddhima had never felt so blissful before in her life.  They had visited Mumbai once after their union and had cleared all the misunderstandings with Shashank and Padma.  Armaan happily obliged to all her demands.  He gave her everything even before she could ask for.  She was his princess.  All the things whatever she had told him about her before the marriage had become true now.  She was short-tempered she would get angry for the slightest things, and Armaan had a tough time apologizing her.  They had their romantic sessions in the most possible wild terms.  None of them could control their beasts inside them when they were around each other.

They had gone on their honeymoon to Kashmir for 2 weeks on Riddhima's request.  She wanted to see the snowfall and Armaan wanted to have his way with her during the snowfall.  They only could see the falling snow in the beginning but later on they would forget everything around them and got busy with their pampering, moaning, groaning, touching, kissing, and making out in the gallery, when things went out of their hands, they would end up either on the floor of the gallery door or on the couch or any other place for that matter until they could control their emotions.  They roamed around the streets and other watchable places for little time, but spent most of the time in the room doing their most favorite thing.

It had been quite a few days since they had returned back from Kashmir and Armaan had resumed his office work and was working till late compensating for the days he was not there in the office and completing the pending work.  It was 7:30 and still Armaan was in the office indulged in the file.  He was disturbed by a call and saw who it was and smiled to see it was Riddhima's.  He picked up the call and even before he could say hello, he heard Riddhima crying on the other side.  He got worried as he had not heard her crying so bitterly ever before.  "Riddhima ………. Riddhima kya hua, tum ro kyu rai ho.  Pls rona band karo aur mujhe batao hua kya hai."  "Armaan, Armaan pls ghar jaldi ajaona, mujhe bahut dard ho raha hai.  Pls come soon."  "kya hua baby, kaha dard ho raha hai."  He asked her while picking up his keys and phone and running out of his cabin.  "mere stomach mein dard hora hai, Armaan, its very painful.  I can't tolerate the pain, pls come soon." "haan main, aara hoon, tum, tum chinta mat karo, I will be there in 15 mins" saying that he cut the call and drove the car in high speed towards his love.

When he reached home, he saw Riddhima unconscious on the floor and tried to wake her.  he picked her in his arms and took her to the near by hospital.  He paced outside the room where Riddhima was being tested.  After some time, nurse informed him that the doctor wanted to see him in the cabin.  He went there to know the reason of her unconsciousness, but when he came to know the reason, it was his time that he would go unconscious hearing that Riddhima was expecting and was 2 months pregnant.  When he was given all the instructions by the doctor, he literally ran to room to give her the news and take her in his arms.  As soon as he entered the room, he saw that she was sleeping peacefully.  He could still see dried tears on her face.  He sat next to her and took her hand in his hands and kissed it, he had tears in his eyes because of the happiness.  He caressed his face with her hand and watched her sleeping and kept his other hand on her stomach and as if feeling the baby he had a dreamy smile on his lips.

Riddhima woke up after 20 mins.  As soon as she saw Armaan with tears in his eyes she misinterpreted it to be the sad tears and thought she had some disease and she would not live for long and started crying again.  Armaan held her in his arms and pacified her by whispering sweet nothings in her ear and finally when she blurted out the reason for her crying, he laughed at her and gave her the most sweet news of their life.  "Riddhima, stop crying, u r not suffering from any disease, only thing is that", he looked into her eyes and she was waiting for him to continue.  He very sensually, leaned near her ear and whispered "baby, u r expecting and r going to give me another baby just like u."  she could not believe what she had heard and when she saw his smile she was confirmed that he was telling the truth, the truth that they both were going to be mom and dad and would be having a new member in their family very soon.  She hugged him tightly with happiness.

They left the hospital and gave the news to Shashank and Padma and to some of his and hers very near friends.  All had congratulated them and Shashank and Padma were very happy hearing the news.  Riddhima was from then on pampered even more and Armaan was taking care of her each and every craving and mood swings.  She was not let to even do a single chore even after her saying that she was ok and was getting bored due to sitting all the while, but Armaan never paid any attention to her words and did not let her do her things as per her.

One afternoon, in her 9th month, Armaan was preparing her favorite pani puri as she was angry with him for not letting her eat the pani puri outside and she really badly wanted to have something spicy.  When he said no, she angrily stomped her foot and walked away and locked herself inside the room.  Finally Armaan had to do this to make her come out of the room.  he had not seen her from past 2 hours and she had not even had her lunch.

When he was busy giving final touches to the pani puri, he heard the door bell ringing.  When he opened the door, he saw Shashank and Padma there and he invited them inside and gave them water and had a little formality talks.  When they enquired him about Riddhima he told them that he would get her down.  He went upstairs and knocked on the door saying, "Riddhima pls open the door, pls mujhe maaf kardo."  He said this in a low voice as he did not want his in-laws to know about their fight but she could not hear him if he spoke in a low voice so he had to increase his volume.  During that, Shashank and Padma heard him trying to convince their stubborn daughter and thought that Armaan would have finally found all about Riddhima's character and her nature and pitied him.  When even after trying for so long Riddhima did not open the door, he said "Riddhima dekho tumhare mumma papa aye hain, don't u want to talk to them."  She did not believe him, but when Padma called her and she hearing her mother's voice came out running.  As soon as she came out, he gripped her hand and told her to be careful and both walked down in a snail's pace.  She had difficulty even walking now as it was the last month and she could get the pain any time and her bulk was real big now.  She came and greeted her parents and whenever Armaan tried to talk to her, she glared at him.  Shashank and Padma noticed that Armaan was trying to talk to her but she was not paying any attention to him.  Armaan finally walked out from there.  Riddhima felt bad for ignoring him and thought of going behind him, but she saw him coming back with a tray in his hand.  When she saw the pani puri in tray, she felt guilty for torturing him with her mood swings and had a trace of tear in her eyes.  "Riddhima, chalo khalo, dekho tumhari pani puri banaya hai, pls khalo.  Tumne kitni der se kuch nahi khaya hai tumhe bhook lagi hogi na, please thodasa khalo."  Shashank and Padma were astonished to see Armaan pleading Riddhima to eat.  They were happy to see his deep love for her.  Riddhima smiled a little with small tears in her eyes and opened her mouth asking for him to feed.  He felt a little awkward seeing that his in-laws were sitting in front of him, but he had to feed her as he was not in a mood to make her angry again and fed her.  He brought plates for Shashank and Padma also and all had a nice afternoon eating the pani puri and followed by a simple lunch and a mouthwatering hot chocolate ice cream for the dessert as it was Riddhima's favorite.

Riddhima had her labor pains after a few days and had given birth to a baby girl, whom they named as Arunima.  She was the angel for her father and the princess for her mother.  She was most pampered by Armaan.  Armaan was a perfect husband and Riddhima was a loving wife and they both had an adorably beautiful gorgeous daughter and this is their story which is still running on their life's wheels.


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