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last part : Unknown Truth

Here I am

This is me

I am waiting for my husband

To come to me

Pardon me all the Bryan Adams lovers *I love his songs too, he is a rockstar* for spoiling his song, first by changing the lyrics and now singing but this is the last time, I'll singing for you guys to chalta hai na. Btw did you heard the third line..NO..okay let me repeat myself

I am waiting for my husband

To come to me

"yes..yes..yes.."I got married today and the excitement in my voice must have told you who my husband is.  NO it's not JP. At least now stop pulling my leg.  He is none other than my dream man, my hero, my Husband.. my Armaan. Yeahhhhhhh... My Armaan, it sounds so romantic, isn't? Even if it doesn't, I don't care coz mujhe to karta hai.

I guess you all must be excited to know how it all happened; it's time for the flashback. So here it goes.


Slowly turning around I smiled nervously that vanished at the speed it came on my lips as I looked at his face. I couldn't believe it at first. Standing few feet away from him, I saw him smiling at me.

"Enough Riddhima, stop day dreaming, he is actually mad" I mentally told myself. Armaan and laughing- especially after what I did- NO WAY.

When he continued passing a genuine smile, I couldn't control myself to go and hug him. But, then I remembered, the reason behind this smile of his. He was waiting for me to do something stupid, so he can get his daily dose of laughter. I knew the moment I'll go and hug him he'll say "GOTCHA" and who knows, in anger he will increase my jail term.

So I came up with another unique idea and talking about uniqueness, you all must have known by now that my unique ideas have a history of getting failed.

As the saying goes "History repeats itself", I don't know about other's but in my case, it's so true. Maybe the creator of the phrase knew that one day, a fool like me will follow it UNINTENTIONALY.

I was staring at him without blinking and then I closed my eyes, took a deep sigh, counted from 1 to 10 in my mind, and opened my eyes and then- you really want to know? Okay so I opened my eyes, stared at him for a minute and started walking like a Zombie. Actually I was pretending to be a sleep walker but it looked more like a Zombie.  Don't just start laughing people, there is still more. He was laughing exactly like you guys are laughing right now and I couldn't even stop myself or he would have known that I was pretending. The more I walked, the more he laughed.

"Stop is Riddhima, I can't take it anymore" he finally said God knows after how long.  And then came the biggest problem- Should I stop or not? Stopping meant, him knowing about my whole act and continuing walking like a Zombie meant, hearing this infectious laugh which to be honest were music to my ears. So after mentally choosing the second option using the "eene meene minee moe", I continued walking but then- Came another blow. Along with Armaan, I heard few more laughs, two were too easy to guess-  Sumu and Jp but there were more.

"Not Again" I muttered as the lights were switched on and I looked at the source of laugh. Dad, Aunt Carol, JP and Sumu were laughing holding their tummy at my stupid act as Armaan was standing beside me giving them company. It was so embarrassing for me. I just wanted to go back to the jail and think of this as one of my bad dream. 

 But then my eyes caught the attention of the surrounding, there were balloons all around, glitters and a big "HAPPY BIRTHDAY RIDDHIMA" banner was tied just above the huge cake. Yes there was this huge cake and looking at it I felt water in my mouth. It was the first time, my birthday was celebrated. The embarrassing moment left my mind as I ran towards the cake and looked at it from every angle- up, down, right left and centre.

"Dad is this..for me?." I asked looking at the cake and he nodded.

"I love you dad" hugging him, I thanked him for this surprise, my eyes fixed on the cake.

I was so excited and why shouldn't I? After all it was the first time I was celebrating it, the day I was born as in my real birthday.  Aunt carol gave the knife to me and told me to cut the cake. I took the knife and the next moment my hands started shaking- yeah man literally shaking.  I really don't know what got into me but I got nervous and the knife was about to go out of my hand when Armaan came to my rescue and placed his hand on mine. Bas itna hi hona tha his touch made me shiver and he knew that as I saw the cheeky smile on his face.

"it's okay Riddhima, i have this effect on women" he whispered brushing his lips on my cheek. He stood behind me, his hand holding my hand tightly and that was it. I could feel my ears, cheeks, my whole face turning red. He was so close to me and only I know how I was holding myself from falling.

"Riddhima beta are you okay?" my dad asked looking at my flushed face.

"ye...yes..Dad I am fine" I shuttered as I was trying to release myself from his hold. Armaan was holding my hand and nobody noticed it- I was surprised but when I looked at their faces. JP and Sumu were giving me those "continue and go on" looks as their eyes were fixed on our hands, Aunt was standing with a smile on her face looking at our hands and DAD- he was standing as if it's not a big deal.

HELLO, what's wrong with everyone, Armaan was holding my hand and dad had no problem with it.

It would be wrong to say that I didn't like it. Off course I was par sab ke saamne. It wasn't right. So bringing my feet on top of his, I stomped really hard. He left my hand and moved back giving me those murderous looks.

"are you okay Armaan." I asked innocently as i heard him muttering something looking at me.

"yes Riddhima, I am FINE, why don't you cut the cake" he replied as i tried to hide the grin on my face.

In my excitement i completely forgot that first we have to blow the candle and make a wish. With the knife in my hand, I cut the cake without blowing off the candle.

"Riddhima..before cutting we blow the candles " Armaan got another chance to mock me as now he had the stupid grin on his face.

"I know Armaan, I was just trying to be different" I replied which was a horrible excuse as everyone had the stupid grin on their faces.

"Yeah Right" he chuckled and all I could think of was to smash the cake on his face.  But my cake is too precious to be wasted on him. In reply, I just gave him a forced smile and turned my face the other way. 


I was chatting with JP and Sumu as my eyes were fixed on Armaan. He was talking to dad and the next moment, I saw my dad patting his back. He walked towards me and before I could say something he grabbed my hand and took me out.

"Armaan, where are we going?" I asked as I was walking after him, his hand holding mine.

"shhh.." he turned around and kept his finger on my lips. "kitna bolti ho tum" he said. I looked at his finger and slowly shifted my gaze up and gulped looking at his face as his face was almost touching mine.

"I need to tell you something" he whispered coming closer to me. I closed my eyes as I felt his breath on my face. "I am in love" he whispered in my ears. I snapped open my eyes and looked at him. He was looking at me with a genuine smile as I had a forced smile on my face.

"Armaan loves someone and I thought we were meant to be together. Main bhi kitni stupid hoon. Armaan mujhse kyun pyaar karega. I behave immaturely and childishly all the time and coz of me his life was in danger. I am not even that beautiful. He deserves better, someone much better than me and I know I can never be that 'someone'." I stared at him and saw an excitement in his voice. His eyes were sparkling coz of the happiness.  "Stop crying Riddhima, you should be happy for him. At least he'll get the love of his life" I thought and quickly wiped my tears before he could see it.

"So who is the lucky girl" I asked putting up a fake smile which was too hard for me. I am sure if it wasn't for night, he would have seen my teary eyes.

"hai someone special . My dream girl. The girl I was waiting to spend the rest of my life with. And to make her mine I need your help. You will help me na?"

"Help?" I asked.

"I am thinking of proposing her tonight as today is a very special day for her. So I need your help" he told me. For one second I thought I am the one. But it can never be possible. He won't take my help to propose me. Aur waise bhi I don't know much about his personal life. So I simply asked him 

"And what can I do?"

"I want you to be there with me, when I propose to her" he told me and before I could even say something we were sitting in his car, going to someplace.

We reached some cliff and getting out of the car I looked around. This was exactly like I have dreamed of, standing at the cliff from where you can see the whole city, with stars gazing on us and just the two of us standing under the moonlight. It was my dream which was soon turning out to be a reality for someone. But I was happy as he was happy.

"Armaan where is she?" I asked as I saw only the two of us standing there.

"She'll be here any minute." I nodded followed by a complete silence.

"Riddhima" i turned and looked at him "actually I am feeling a bit nervous so do you mind" he gave a paper to me.  I opened it and looked at him.

"Armaan you..." I asked to see him nodding his head.

"I don't know whether she'll like it or not. So do you mind practising it with me? He asked.  I couldn't say no to him so I simply nodded.

"okay so you say those lines to me. I want to know how it is sounding" he said. Here i was thinking that even if not in reality, I'll get to hear him proposing, so what if it's not for me but he wanted me to say those lines. his happiness was making me angry.

Bending down on one knee, I looked at him and the next moment i saw him searching for something in his pocket. He took out the ring and gave it to me.

I took the ring and looked at him surprisingly.

"Armaan are you sure you are proposing a girl" I asked looking at the ring. "I mean, don't you think it is looking more like a gent's ring." I took the ring out of the box and looked at it from all corners.

"Riddhima this is a gent's ring. She likes these kinds of rings and when she saw this in one of the shop, she couldn't stop praising it so I thought of proposing with this ring only" he said.

I looked at him for a second and "Okay.." was all i could say hearing his long explanation.

With the ring in my hand, i bend down again and after going through the speech, I looked at him. Now this was actually weird.

"Armaan..are you sure about this proposal. It looks like you are proposing a man" i said looking at the paper once more time.

"Riddhima i made a copy for you after changing few words, so you won't feel awkward when you say it. The original copy is in the car. If you want.." he told me.

"no's okay." Came out of my mouth again, hearing his weird reason.

"btw what's her name" i asked him.


"What?" I stood up and looked at him in shock.

  " mean..Riddhima you are wasting the time. She'll be here any minute. You just say my name and finish it. I am getting nervous yaar" he said pushing me down.

Clearing my throat, I looked at him and started with the proposal. "I never knew what love is before I met you.  I still remember the day I first saw you. I was standing at the bus stop waiting for the bus and out of nowhere you came and the only words that came out of mind "my-my a hottie". I was embarrassed but never regretted it. You are the most handsome, intelligent, charming and the only one who brings a smile on my face and all I want to say is Armaan I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you.  I want you to be the father of our kids and I want you beside me......Forever.

 Mr. Armaan Malik will you marry me" I took the ring out of the box and waited for his response.

"Yes.." he said and I slipped the ring on his finger.

"so how was it?" i asked getting up from the ground. I looked at him and the next moment he pulled me into a hug and the next words that I heard " I love you Riddhima Gupta and I'll marry you" my arms which a second back were around him, fell down as I pulled out from the hug and looked at him in shock.

"Armaan..." I whispered. He winked at me with a cheesy smile on his face and all I could do was stood like a statue.

"Riddhima..Riddhima..are you okay?"Holding my arms he shook me a bit bringing me back to earth.

Before I could realize what happened, I heard dad, aunt carol, JP and Sumu voices from behind as I saw him signalling a 'yes' to them.

"Armaan.. you..." i asked not able to digest what happened was a part of my dream or reality.

"I love you Riddhima" he said and pulled into a hug. I had tears of joy as I saw my dream turning into a reality but as the images of what happened a moment ago flashed in front of my eyes, I pulled out of the hug and pushed him really hard.

" spoiled the perfect moment. Aise propose karte hain kya? And when did you even proposed. I was the one proposing you. How could you Armaan?" I was so mad at him. The best moment turned into the worst moment all coz of him. 

 "But Riddhima, I thought this is what you wanted. It was written in your personal diary. I read it myself"

"WHAT? You read my personal diary. How dare you touched my personal diary Armaan and even if you did, maine aise nahin likha tha." I said grabbing his collar.

"Riddhima..tumne yehi likha tha. See" He took out the diary from his coat pocket and showed it to me.

"This is not my personal diary" I said looking at it.

"But JP told me..." his left his sentence incomplete and ran behind JP who was running for his life.   

Armaan came after settlings his scores with JP and proposed me ' the only difference was some change in words and after throwing some tantrums I finally said yes.  Everyone was happy with the news but the happiest person was not me but Armaan. Yeah I know. It was hard to digest but more than me, it was him who had this big smile on the face.

I had never seen him this happy before. He used to come to my house almost every day and just for him I started learning cooking.

The time finally came to do something stupid as it was so long I had made a fool of me and what better than his birthday. Actually it wasn't another unique idea of mine. I saw it in a movie and found it too romantic so thought of doing it for Armaan.

I specially baked a birthday cake for him and reached his house at 12:00 in the night. Now as i was trying to be extra romantic, I thought of surprising him. So instead of going through the front door, i reached the back side of his apartment and started climbing the pipes. It may be sounding stupid to you but that day it was the most romantic thing I could think off. From the time we started going out, it was always him showering me with gifts and surprises, so it was my turn now.

His room is on the first floor so it wasn't a big deal for me. Gripping the pipe I slowly made my way upwards. I reached his balcony and held the railing. I was about to cross it when all of a sudden the room door opened, Armaan was standing with a gun in his hand pointed at me. I got so scared looking at the gun that I forgot where I was standing and what I was holding as I put my hands up in the air. The next moment i felt myself in the air and before i could think of what was happening to me, i hit the ground.

"oyi ma.." I moaned in pain. Armaan looked at me and without waiting for a second jumped out from the balcony.

" Oh gosh Riddhima I am so sorry, i thought it was a thief..i am so sorry baby" holding me in my arms, he kissed my forehead as i cried in pain. 

"Armaan my leg.." i told him as the pain was getting unbearable for me. He took me and ran towards his apartment but our bad luck. Ab kisne kaha tha to jump like a hero and show your braveness. As soon as we reached his house, we realized the house is locked from inside.

 Now what? He took me back down and reached my car. Settling me in the back seat without looking at what was there, he started the car. 

"mera cake.." I cried as I felt the whole cake on my back.

"don't cry riddhima. We are almost there " he said looking at me.

"Armaan you idiot. Yeh kya kiya. You spoiled the cake." i screamed, his birthday was turning out to be a nightmare. First my leg and now the cake. kitni mehnat se maine cake bake kiya tha. More than my leg I was feeling sad for the cake that was crushed beneath me.

"Riddhima..maine kya kiya" he asked so innocently that I felt like hugging him. But the pain in my leg brought me back and I started yelling at him for no reason "tumne kya kiya. You spoiled my whole surprise then you pointed the gun on me and if that wasn't enough your birthday cake jo maine itna pyaar se bake kiya tha, is on my back and GOD knows how many bones i have broken."

"you made a cake for me" he asked applying the brakes to the car and looked at me. I nodded but as i was mad at him, I crossed my hands and turned my face the other way.

" that's so sweet of you. Don't worry when we'll reach your home, you can bake another one for me" he said and turning around started the engine. ARGH..abhi bhi isko cake ki tension hai and not me.

"Armaan you are so mean. Tumhe apne cake ki tension hai and what about me? Here i am dying in pain and eat..cake khana hai na..yeh lo" i took some cake on my hand and threw it on his face and like always it didn't hit the target as it hit the window screen "yeh lo..aur khao..come on eat.."

"Riddhima, you don't have any broken bone, it's just you have twisted your leg muscle. Stop creating  Drama all the time. Aur waise bhi maine nahin bola tha to come to my house like a thief" He said raising his voice a bit. I wanted to grab his neck and kill him. Instead of feeling sorry for his acts, he was blaming me but hearing his voice I dropped the idea. He was mad at me as I had hurt myself so the best thing to do- shut the mouth. The whole journey was a silent one. He took me to the hospital first and thank god it wasn't something major.

We reached my home where dad was waiting for me and like typical dad's, he started showering me with his set of questions and anger. Just last week I completed my grounded punishment of one week as I was ill and went out without informing him and now another one was waiting for me.

"Armaan took her in the room" Dad told him as he heard me sniffing, I was about to cry any minute. "and we are going to have a talk in the morning young lady" I nodded looking at the floor. Holding me in his arms he took me to my room. Placing my on the bed in a sitting position, he adjusted the pillows around me and sat in front of me. I was looking at my hands, not even daring to look at him. I knew just like Dad, it's his turn now to yell at me. It's not like they hate me or something, it's just that they care for me too much that even a slight scar tense them and this time, I literally fell from the first floor.

"Armaan, I am sorry, I wanted to surprise you par sab galat ho gaya" I wiped my tears roughly from the cheeks, my eyes fixed on the pillow on my lap. "It's always my fault. I don't know how but whenever I try to do something for you, kuch na kuch problem ho jati hai. Today is your birthday and instead of enjoying, you are sitting here all coz of me. You never say anything that doesn't mean I don't know anything. Mujhe pata hai, I am the cause of your embarrassment majority of the time. Tumhe meri wajah se kitni bar embarrassed hona pada hai and instead of learning from my mistake, I do something more stupid. Dad bhi kuch nahin bolte. But now I have understood, I am not worthy to the two most important persons in my life." I told him and the tears that I was so trying to hold back came out of my eyes more rapidly as I started crying.

"Riddhima.." I heard him say and as I looked at him, I saw this big grin on his face. "very heavy dialogues baby, raaste mein kitni baar practice ki" he asked innocently.

"20 times" I quickly replied and realizing what I did, I glared at him then turning my face the other side crossed my hands.

"awww...look at you. Baby to gussa ho gayi " He said as he tried to make me look at him. I the stubborn one turned my face away from him.

"Don't awww me Armaan, I hate you. Tumhe har time mera joke banana accha lagta hai na. To ban gaya na mera joke so why don't you leave now. Or you are waiting for me to do something more" I looked at him with hurt in my eyes. Yes I was hurt and looking at me, he knew I was. Just coz I am not that expressive that doesn't mean I don't have feelings. I agree I practised those lines but whatever I said was true. And Armaan, he always takes me for granted but no more.

"hey..i was just joking.  You know it. Aur tumhe kya lagta hai, I enjoy making fun of you" he asked as i turned and stared at him. "okay so I do enjoy sometimes but tell me is it me or you who starts it" he asked. Well it's kind of true that whenever something stupid happens, it's all coz of me. But still he shouldn't laugh like this.

 "Now just coz I behave childishly you'll join in the madness and make fun of me. You are my fianc and you have full right to stop me but no, rokna to door ki baat you always encourage me. Why? I know why coz I am just a time pass material for you. "

 "Riddhima.." l saw the hurt in his eyes as I pondered over my words. "Don't you dare say that again" he said as I noticed the pain in his voice. I had hurt him once again.

"I didn't mean that.  It just...I am so sorry Armaan. I am so sorry." Holding my ears I looked at him and the hurt was clearly visible on his face.  He wasn't saying anything but I know I had hurt him.

 "Stupid, Idiot, Moron" I lightly slapped my cheek looking down "hamesha galat time par kyun khulte ho. Aaj Armaan ka birthday hai and you, hurt him. Dekha tumhare wajah se he is not even talking to me. Ab mein na..even i won't talk to you. Main apni koi secrets tumse share nahin karungi" I said looking at him from the corner of my eyes as I saw a faint smile on his lips.

 "it's Okay Riddhima but don't ever say that again" he said looking at me. I nodded and hugged him.

"so am I forgiven?" I asked cutely to see him nodding as the faint smile was replaced by a big smile. 

We stared at each other for a moment, he held my hands and looking at me said "you know why I never stop you and join you in your madness." He asked. I didn't say anything continuing him to go on "I join you in the madness coz with you I can be myself. I don't have to pretend someone I am not. I join you in the madness coz I love to make up with you when you get angry. I join you in the madness coz I love to see the blush on your face when you forgive me. I join you in the madness coz I am madly in love with a girl who never hesitate to do these small little things for me without thinking about herself. I join you in the madness coz..."  he whispered near my lips. I had tears in my eyes hearing him. It was one of the most romantic lines he had ever spoken.

 Leaving my hands he cupped my face in his hands and wiped off the tears using his thumb.  "I LOVE YOU". His lips touched mine. I closed my eyes and wrapping my arms around him, pulled him closer.  With our lips sealed together, it was the most beautiful feeling I have ever experienced.  We parted and without even looking at him I hid my face in his neck, savouring his touch as he took me in his arms. 

 Flashback Ends         

I can never forget that moment, it was my first kiss. Armaan always tells me "it's the best birthday gift he ever got" and every time I blush hearing him. I know me and blushing. Even i had never imagined myself blushing but habits changes and now just a look from him and I turn red like a tomato. He teases me so much but I can't help it. How much I try, the more I try to hide from him, the more he teases me and the more my cheeks turn red.

"Armaan" I can feel my heart beating at the speed of light as I feel his weight on the bed.

Oh gosh Armaan yaha hai. I was so busy telling you about my love story that I completely forgot about my plans. I was planning to seduce him par ab mein kya karoon. I saw it in one movie and I was thinking of using it here. Okay I get one more idea but for that he needs to remove the veil.

Like every Indian bride coz of shyness I am looking at my feet as he removes the veil off my head. Not hearing anything, I slowly lift my gaze and look at him. He was looking at my lips weirdly.

"kya hua Armaan?" I ask. He points his finger at my lips and asks "Riddhima why do you have a white moustache"

Marr gayyi..I quickly wipe my lips but no use as his eyes notices the empty glass on the side table.

"Riddhima" he looks at me in shock "don't tell me you actually" he says as I smile nervously at him.


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