Friday, 19 October 2018

part 1 : Closet Fun (Arsh mini)

They were standing, quite close to each other, nursing a drink in their hands.

Their college mates were going absolutely berserk in the dance floor with the crazy music and their equally crazy dance moves. But both of them were not interested in being a part of all that revelry. They both were lost in their own world. It would seem that they were oblivious to their surroundings. But no. It wasn't so. They were just too aware. Way too much aware of their close proximity. The college auditorium was totally jam-packed. They had no option other than standing in a cramped space with each other as the others went wild and their sense ran haywire.

It was the farewell party of their seniors.
Shilpa Malhotra was a year junior to Armaan Mallik. And even though he was a senior, they both were pretty good friends with each other. What with him being the Student's body vice-president and her being a council member along with being part of the college debate team.

Instead of joining his batch-mates for partying, he chose to be with her, by her side. The others might have been thinking that he was nursing a broken heart as he had recently been out of a relationship. But they had absolutely no idea that he was more than relieved to be out from that commitment'.

And what about Shilpa, you may ask! Well she had this crazy idea that Armaan's classmate and close friend - Nihaal Singhania - the ultimate Casanova - had a crush on her. And so she was thinking of ways to get his attention.

Nihaal had flirted with her openly quite a few times in the past. But it wasn't serious. And this irked Armaan to no end. Even when he was in a brief relationship with Tanyaa Agnihotri, his ex-girlfriend, he was always agitated if he saw any guy getting close to Shilpa.

It was as if she was his responsibility.
He could feel the murderous fury building inside him whenever he saw any guy getting up-close & personal with her for his liking.
It was as if no other guy had the right to be near her..let alone touch her or even look at her.
They weren't the best of friends.
And yet he was attracted to her like he had never been before.
Her vivacious personality, her bold and yet so shy attitude. Her insecurities. Her ability to laugh at her own self. Her innocence. Her charm. Her beauty.
She was just like a delicate doll. She might seem fragile but she was most definitely not weak.
She was a fighter.
Everything about her fascinated him.
And yet he couldn't approach her.

Tanyaa and him were pretty happy with each other.
It wasn't as if Tanyaa was a mean-girl or super bitchy. She was a really nice girl.
It just was that Armaan himself was confused regarding his feelings.
He liked Tanyaa, no doubt.
But he liked Shilpa better.
And it was Tanyaa who made him realize that he should sort out his feelings first.

He knew that what he felt for Shilpa was pretty deep and that there would probably be nobody for whom he would feel that way again.
But he needed to clear out the mess that his heart and mind was in. And he also needed to know where they stood with each other. He needed to know how about her feelings as well.

And so, here he was, dressed to perfection in a grey blazer, pale-pink-button-down shirt and dark denims teamed with a pair of moccasins-looking as handsome as ever, even wearing his favorite woodsy cologne to impress, trying to calm himself down.

And he tried. For the love of God he really tried to control his bubbling emotions. But when he saw her entering the hall in that gorgeous cocktail dress, he couldn't help but gape at her like a salivating dog.

Shilpa was dressed in a stunning knee-length dress, the colour of champagne that enveloped all her curves oh-so-snugly. The sleeves barely covered her arms. The neckline was just a tad bit plunging but it looked decent, dotted with pretty sequins. She wore black stilettos and had a clutch and her accessories included glittering chandelier earrings, a bracelet on one hand and a ring on the other. Her dark glossy hair was tied in a side-swept chignon held together with a sparkly flower-clip. Her eyes, the shade of emerald, were lined deeply with kohl and mascara, her cheeks were glowing with a bronze hue and her delectable lips were painted in the shade of ripe peaches.

And he absolutely loved peaches.

He could just imagine the way her lips would feel like on him, on his body.
He just wanted to drag her to a secluded corner and pin her to the wall and stake his claim on her, caveman style.

He could only imagine how horrified she would be if she got know what was going on in his mind.

Getting a hold on himself, he moved towards her, as he found her looking a little lost amidst the crowd and probably a little nervous considering the way people were looking at her, as if they were gonna eat her alive.

His heart swelled with pride when she spotted him and rewarded him with that dazzling smile of hers.
It felt like coming home.
That one smile of hers comforted his agitated nerves. It was full of warmth, recognition with a tinge of shyness and affection.

And he just melted seeing her bronzed cheeks acquire that rosy hue when he complimented her that she was looking really beautiful & then she shyly clasped her hand with his extended hand and he just died with the overwhelming feels.

 He led her towards the bar where they were serving punch in a bowl and other refreshments. He filled a glass for her and handed it to her while taking one for him.

She thanked him with a smile and then turned a little to talk with a friend of her and it was then that he noticed.

And what he saw made his eyes widen in shock and his mouth form an 'O' shape, so much so that he had to stifle a gasp.

The back of her dress was scintillatingly scandalous.

No one could have imagined that the dress that looked so cutesy and decent from the front had such a sexy detailing in the back.
It was partially backless, held on the top by a beaded-button and then the fabric split into a wide circle that ended just above her lower back. The sides were speckled with sparkled beads and glitter that made her smooth, glistening back a treat to watch for the hungry eyes.

He had to suppress the strong need to stroke her flawless skin. He also had to let go of the idea of burying his face on her fragrant-hair and her delicate nape and to teeth open the buckle of her dress so that he could slide it down, taking his own sweet time.

All of a sudden, Armaan felt out of breath. And along with that he felt a powerful urge rise within himself, to fiercely protect her from the a-holes who would dare to eye her with lust.

Discreetly he moved closer to her side, shielding her effectively from the others.
She smelled of fresh citruses and wild roses and he just wanted to immerse himself in her whole being.

She was done talking with her friend and was about to turn back to him when she realized that he was practically hovering upon her. She gave him a quizzical look while he gave a nonchalant shrug. And yet he didn't dare to move from his position.
She kept looking at him, as if hinting him to budge but he just stood there, unmoving. And the way he was glowering at her, it kind of made her feel a bit jittery. But along with the nervousness, she felt a tingle run her spine. His gaze was smoldering, to say the least. She couldn't pin point why..but it filled all her senses with an eager anticipation.

She was about to make another attempt in moving back when his voice, low and seductive, startled her.

"Are you trying to kill us poor guys tonight?"

"Come again."

He inched even more closer to her, leaving no space between them and spoke again in a low voice, enough for her to hear above the loud music -

"Did you really have to wear this sinfully slinky dress tonight!"

He had expected her to gasp in shock and then smack his arm, but what she said back stunned him even more.

"If not tonight then when, Ammy.." , she purred, in that sexy voice of hers that also held mischief, as she blinked naively at him, deliberately mouthing his loathed pet name, just to irritate him a wee bit.

He dint like being called Ammy. He protested every time either his Mum or Dad or even his brat of a sister called him Ammy. Tanyaa had the decency not to call him that.

But this little she-cat here was playing with fire. Firstly with her gullible innocence , then with that dangerously alluring dress of hers, her peachy-pouted lips, her enticing aroma, and then irking him by calling him Ammy.

She felt him jerking away a bit. She thought this to be the perfect opportunity to step back and before she could do that, Armaan, as quick as a whiplash, held her free hand and pulled her towards him. He did that with such a force that Shilpa had no other option other than to find herself pressed so close to him, her front totally aligned with his chiseled chest, and the clutch fell from her hand as Armaan casually linked her nimble fingers with his. And she found it unnerving.

She took a much needed intake of air and she found herself being enveloped with the tang of his cologne and his shower gel along with his own personal masculine scent. And she found her senses swimming. This close to him she could clearly observe his handsome face at her own free will.

His sharply etched features, his piercing gaze, his deliciously thick lips, those high cheekbones of his and that hint of dimples. She liked how he hadn't styled his hair with gel or any other styling-hair product. His silky fringe falling over his forehead, giving him that just-outta-bed-disheveled-look. Her eyes then shifted to his taut neck and collarbone. His pale-pink shirt was unbuttoned from the top which gave her a clear view of his tanned chest that was plying peek-a-boo. Pink had never looked so effing gorgeous on anybody as much as it did on him. She fought back the raging urge to just rip open his shirt and throw it away along with his jacket to some corner and just explore his beauty with her eyes, hands, lips.

The very thought of lips brought her gaze back to his tempting ones. She could only imagine how they would feel all over her..touching her, teasing her, tantalizing her whole being.

She then focused on his eyes. He was staring at her with an amused smile but the deep swirls of his eyes were trying to tell her something. And she felt immobilized. She couldn't..even if her life depended on it..just tear her gaze from him.

He had seen her scrutinizing him, searching his face, moving her eyes on every dip and hollow of his countenance..trying to drink in every detail. He had also noticed how her eyes had lit and flared up with desire and want. And he just couldn't look away. The very look on her face stirred those hidden desires that he was fighting so badly to control. He still couldn't get over the fact that her petite body was so close to his. She felt so soft. And he also noticed how perfectly well she fit in his arms. As if they were molded to be together.

But he still hadn't forgotten that 'Ammy' jab. She was still busy gaping at him with her doe-like eyes and he just wanted to push her against the bar counter and kiss her as if his life depended on it.  So he held her chin up with his long fingers so that she was forced to look right into his eyes and whispered, ever so sensually,

"You dare call me Ammy again, then am gonna kiss you so hard that you will forget your own name."

And he felt her shiver. He did too.

It all was getting pretty intense.

The promise behind those enticing words of his was too deep.
Too passionate.
Too intimate.

She knew he meant it. He meant every single word.

He saw her pretty eyes widening, then sparkling with mirth.
He knew she was staggered. But he also knew that she had not been offended. Infact, going by the look of her, she seemed quite kicked about the whole idea..about him kissing her senseless. And the possibility behind it made it all the more exciting.

Suddenly, she tugged her hands away from him, startling him. She moved a few steps away from his hold, the corner of her lips lifting into a dazzling smile. She waggled her tongue playfully at him and then ran away, not caring about her stilettos or the people around.

Armaan's face broke in to a grin. He raked his hand though his hair, letting out a sigh and then looking down at the floor. He then noticed that she had forgotten her clutch. He picked it up carefully and held it in his hand. He didn't see which direction she ran off to. The party was in full swing. She would have to come back sooner or later to retrieve her bag.

And he just couldn't wait for her to come back to him.

The evening had all but started. The fun was yet to begin.


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