Monday, 29 October 2018

part 1 : The First Kiss 😘


Billy Malik was very pleased to see this change in his son and said to his wife, Ananya " Lagta hai ab Armaan ke liye bhi ladki dekh lete hain….he looks ready to settle down now"

"Pehle ussey tho poonch lo….kahin koyi ladki ho uski nazar mein…" she said

"You are right Ananya… are always right…" he smiled and went to Armaan's room.

Armaan was busy with his laptop trying to catch up with some work. Armaan had recently been hired by a prestigious consulting firm in Mumbai and he wanted to do his best at his new job. He would join the family business after 2-3 years after "real world experience"

"Armaan beta hum soch rahey the ki tumhari shaadi karwa de" Billy sat down on Armaan's bed

"Huh…huhh…kya kaha aapney" Armaan was busy crunching some numbers on his spreadsheet.

"Well beta if you have any girlfriend toh bata dowarna ek acha rishta aaya hai" Billy was direct and did not waste anytime.

Armaan stopped what he was doing, " Dad…jaisa aap theek samjhey….maine ab ladkiyon ko date karna chhod diya hai….koyi dhang ki ladki nahin milti….may be arranged marriage is the way to go…just like bhaiyya and you…" Armaan smiled and resumed his work.


Anjali and Riddhima are going over several biodata and photographs of  prospective grooms.

"Hmm Riddhima yeh dekho naa.... kitna chiknaa hai !…" Anjali showed a photo to Riddhima and they both started laughing.

"Didi…yeh dekho…." Riddhima handed her a biodata and a photograph

"Hmm…dekhney mein tho theek thaak hai…par qualification…zero….mujhsey kabhi zyaada nahin kamaa paayega….and you know…I need someone I can look upto…." Anjali rejected another one.

"Didi shaadi ussi sey karni chahiye jissey aap apna dil de baithe, dimaag se toh aur kaam hote hai" Riddhima said as she was surveying the different photos.

"Riddhima main tumhari tarah nahin hoon…..I use my brain and logic in every decision I make" Anjali replied.

'RIDDHIMA !!" Padma called for Riddhima to help her in the kitchen. She was always willing to help out with chores at home whereas Anjali always had an excuse - earlier it used to be studies and now work. Shashank  always say to anjali not to waste her time in household chores, "naukar kiss liye hain….meri beti tho jahan jaayegi raaj karegi"

Anjali liked the next "proposal"- it was Armaan Malik.... dekhney mein bhi achcha hai…aur A1 qualifications….looks like CEO material….I think he will be a suitable groom…."

Anjali informed her parents and the Gupta's and Malik's decided to set up a meeting at the Gupta's for the boy and girl to meet. Riddhima had not seen the photo and was unaware of the boy's name too.

Next day, everyone at the Gupta's residence was ready to welcome the Malik's. They were aware of the Malik 's status in society and they made sure they went out of their way to do khatirdaari.

Riddhima was ready in a red churidaar and hanging out in the balcony to get a glimpse of her future "jijajee". She spotted a little bird in their front yard-she looked like she was injured and trying her best to fly. Riddhima , tender hearted that she was, went downstairs to the bird's rescue. She picked up the injured bird with both her hands and walked towards the house, holding and talking gently to the bird. She did not notice that the Malik's- Billy, Ananya, Rahul, Muskaan and Armaan were also approaching the house. She kept walking and accidently bumped into a tall figure……they both bumped hard into each other as the tall 6 foot figure, Armaan was also not aware of her coming in. Armaan fell down with Riddhima on top of him and the bird slipped out of her hand, their eyes met and they were locked in that position for a few minutes till Rahul rescued the bird and helped riddhima get up on her feet. Riddhima lfelt embarrassed and did not realize what had happened. She ran inside the house while her mausi and mausa ji welcomed their guests. Riddhima shut the door to her room and ran the events of the past 10 minutes in her mind… "wo kaun tha…..Armaan Malik????…..I don't believe it!! " her face turned red as she remembered her school days…..specially that one special moment ……she could never forget that one moment which changed her life forever…..

Tiya gupta

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