Tuesday, 2 October 2018

part 1 : Silent Love (ss)

Armaan, 26 years old, has his own business, resides in Delhi.  Lives alone, an orphan.  His mom and dad had passed away 4 years ago in a plane crash.  Quite a rich person, not very greedy and is satisfied with what he gets through his business.

Riddhima, 25 years old, living in Mumbai, working in a office as a PA.  Very reserved, doesn't allow anyone near to get close.  Has locked her heart after the death of her love which the family has no knowledge of her love affair.

Armaan was in Mumbai to attend his friend, Rahul's wedding with Muskaan who happened to be Riddhima's best friend.  Riddhima was also present there.  Throughout the wedding, Armaan's gaze was on Riddhima.  He found her very pretty, beautiful, gorgeous and what not.  Rahul noticed this and asked Armaan if he was interested in her.  Armaan expressed his liking to Rahul and asked him if he could talk to her.  Rahul spoke about this to Muskaan.  Muskaan, not knowing about Riddhima's past told Rahul that she would only marry the person whom her parents decided for her.  This was the reason Riddhima had given to all of them as whenever her parents selected a person she would give any fake reason about that person and would slide away from the marriage.  So Armaan thought of talking to her parents and asked Muskaan if she could take him to her house.  Muskaan promised that she would make him meet her parents now and took him to Shashank and Padma.

After sometime when Muskaan and Rahul told about Armaan and his good nature.  Rahul being a very good friend of Armaan, Rahul's parents knew him from a long time and even they told Shashank that he was a gem and they could not find a better person than him for Riddhima.  When Shashank got to know about Armaan's background and his parents, he came to know that Armaan's dad and Shashank were neighbors in their childhood and they both were good friends.  When Shashank was convinced he told Armaan to come to his house the next day to meet Riddhima.

Muskaan had not told her anything about Armaan's proposal.  Padma had requested her not to reveal anything as Riddhima would somehow manage to cancel this also as now everyone had come to know that Riddhima was doing this intentionally.

Next day, Padma had said Riddhima to come home a little early as she had a proposal for the marriage.  Riddhima being Riddhima came home late purposely thinking that he would have gone by that time after waiting for such a long time.  As soon as she reached home, Padma scolded her for being late.  Riddhima came in singing a song and playing like a kid and as soon as she entered the living room, she saw her dad sitting there along with a person next to him.  She stood like a statue not knowing what to do.

Armaan stared at her and in his mind made a decision that he would like to spend the rest of his life with this pure, innocent angel.  Padma pulled her inside her room and told her to get ready and picked a sari and some jewels and washed her face herself as Riddhima was in a daze and did not know how to react.

When Riddhima came out of the room and sat next to her dad, Armaan saw her and was mesmerized by her beauty.  He said that he wanted to talk to her for 5 mins.  When Shashank left from there along with Padma, before he could speak, Riddhima herself started the conversation.  "isse pehle aap kuch kahe, main aapse kuch kehna chati hoon.  Mujhe pata hai, mere papa ne aapse mere bare mein bahut kuch kaha hoga.  Lekin wo sab jhoot hain.  Mujhme bohot saare buraiyan hain, main short tempered hoon, mujhe khana banana nahi aata, main kisi ki care nahi karti, I don't let any one to dominate me aur bhi bohot hain.  Mujhe lagta hai aap ko aur bhi achi ladki miljayegi.  Pls aap mujhse shaadi karne se pehle sochlijiye" by that time Shashank had come back.  Padma called Riddhima inside to take the snacks outside.  When she walked out with the tray, she heard Armaan saying Shashank that he liked Riddhima very much.  He liked her straightforwardness and honesty and would like to marry her.  Riddhima stood rooted in her place thinking that her plan had backfired.  Shashank and Padma were very happy listening to Armaan's decision.  Now Riddhima had no reason to reject this wedding.

Their marriage was fixed after 2 days as and they had a court marriage due to lack of time.  Shashank got the registration in the court very easily due to his influence and finally Armaan and Riddhima were married.

It was their first night and Riddhima was in the room that was decorated very beautifully with roses and candles.  Armaan came in and locked the door and sat in front of her.  He took out her veil and gazed at her.  He lightly held her hand, she winced a little and pulled it back.  He smiled at her and moved a little towards her, she moved back.  When he lifted her face holding her chin, he could see some tears in her eyes.  He was shocked to see her crying, he held her face in his hand "hey, kya hua.  Tum ro kyun rai ho."  She looked at him and lowering her eyes "mujhe neend aari hai."  Armaan smiled hearing her reason "bas, itni si baat, iske liye koi rota hai kya.  Its okay so jao.  Come."  He held her hand and made her sleep on one side and covered her with a duvet.  Then he went to the other side and he slept after sliding in the same duvet.

Next day afternoon they were leaving to Delhi as Armaan had to return back.  Armaan and Riddhima took blessings from Shashank and Padma and left from Mumbai.  By they time they reached there it was night and decided to have dinner outside. After reaching his house, Rddhima looked at the house and stood near the door.  Armaan told her that there was no one in the house to welcome her.  She herself stepped inside with her bag.  Unknowingly both Armaan and Riddhima had stepped inside the house at a time with their right foot stepping inside first.

Armaan took her to his room and told her to freshen up first.  As soon as she came out after changing into a plain salwar, Armaan went inside to freshen up.  By the time he came out she was asleep or pretended to sleep to avoid him.  He saw her curled up like a ball, he smiled and covered her properly and laid down next to her.

Next day Armaan had to go to office as there was some labor problem going on in the office, so he woke up a little early, he saw her sleeping still.  He took a shower, made breakfast as he knew she did not know how to cook.  Prepared coffee and was reading the paper.  Then after sometime he saw her coming down the stairs, she looked pale and could see that she had cried.  He thought she was missing her parents and did not want to probe her further.  They both had their breakfast and coffee silently and he left saying that he would be back soon.  She nodded her head and walked inside.

This went on for another week and he had not forced her for anything.  He wanted her to adjust to this atmosphere first.

One morning she called her parents to wish them as it was their anniversary that day.  Armaan heard her wishing her parents.  After he wished them and cut the call he asked her why she did not tell him that it was her parent's anniversary.  Then he asked her he wanted to buy some gifts for them so told her to get ready so that they would go out for shopping.  She refused to go, but he insisted.  She did not like to go out anywhere.  He found it weird as girls liked shopping the most and here she was not willing to go out.  Then he said, "I want to buy you a gift so please come with me.  I don't know what is your taste so I would like to buy what ever u ask for." Again she refused saying she did not want anything.  When Armaan once again forced her what she wanted, she got angry and said, "I want a divorce. Pls give me that as a gift."  Saying that she went away from there angrily leaving a shocked Armaan behind.

After sometime, Armaan walked inside the room to see her crying sitting in a corner.  He went near her and sat in front of her.  When she looked at him, she thought she had to tell him the truth and said, "I am sorry, I can't give u what a wife gives to her husband.  I can't love u.  I love someone else."  Armaan, "theN why did not you marry him," he asked her patiently.  "he is dead" she said.  Armaan could not utter a word except for a small whisper "I am sorry".  then again she continued "he died in a car accident 2 years ago, we loved each other.  He was coming to talk to papa, when the accident happened.  No one knows about him.  I didn't want to marry you, that is why I told all bad things about me to you, but u liked them the most.  I can't be your wife, Armaan, pls let me go, pls give me a divorce, saying that she kept her head on her knees and sobbed.

Armaan went out without any further talks.  He came back late in the night and when he opened the room door, he saw her sitting in the same place.  He went near her and placed a packet in front of her.  She saw a gift wrapped packet and looked at him.  He smiled a bit and said, "I am sorry, I didn't know that you had a past.  I don't want to force you in this marriage.  This is the first thing u asked me after the marriage and I don't want to disappoint you, so here are the divorce papers, but I have something else also with that, he kept a pair of payals on the packet and said, "there are two things, divorce papers and my this in front of you.  If you think that you can move on in your life and accept me as your partner then pls take these payals. Otherwise if you think that "main tumhare layak nahi hoon, toh phir ye divorce papers par sign kardena.

She looked at him for a mere second and after thinking for sometime, she with the shivering hands took the payals in her hand that was on the packet and kept it aside and took a pen from the bedside table and signed the papers.  Wiping her tears, she got up and walked out of the room and slept in the guest room.  Armaan was left shattered seeing her signing the papers and the night went away with the two lives in separate rooms thinking about where their life was taking them neither of them had slept the whole night.


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