Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Part 11 A : Sab Mera Tu (season 2)


"Come on Shilpa.. Itni toh himmat kar ki tu isse maafi maang sake.. Come on.." encouraging herself mentally she made her mind to apologise so holding her breath she looked down "I am sorry Armaan.. I am sorry for everything.. I know sorry bahoot chota word hai.. Par main kya karoon samajh nehi aa raha hai.. Haan main galat thi jo tumhe nehi samajh paayi.. Par tum kabhi bhi mere liye clear nehi the.. Bachpan mein jab tak main tumhe samajhti tum jaa chuke tha.. Aur jab wapas aaye tum tab tak haalaat ne tumhe badal diya tha jo main uswaqt toh nehi samjhi thi kyunki mujhe laga tha tumhaare andar uswaqt bhi vo bachpana hoga isiliye tumhe phirse samajh nehi paayi aur galti par galti karti chali gayi" wdout looking at him she confessed in broken tone while his eyes were fixed on his phone wd earphones put on his ears which she didn't noticed "Aur jab kho diya tab samajh mein aaya ki tumpar kya guzri hogi.. Isiliye khudko aaj tak maaf nehi kar paayi.. Tum nehi jaante jab mujhe yaad aaya tha us raat ke baare mein.. Khud par sirf gussa aaya tha ki kaise main bhool gayi.. Uswaqt mujhe tumse milna tha baate karni thi puchna tha.. Par der ho chuki thi, meri wajah se tum apne dad aur apni family se dur ho gayye.. Mujhse dur ho gayye" she sniffed staring down on floor "Aur ab jab phir wapas aaye ho main tumhe samajh nehi paa rahi hoon phirse.. Pata nehi kyun tum har baar mere liye confusing ban jaate ho.. Shayad isiliye bachpan se sirf tumhaare baare mein socha nehi chaahte huye yaah chaahte huye sirf tumhi mere dil aur dimaag mein ho.. Main kya karoon mujhe nehi samajh raha..
Tumne sahin kaha tha main tumhe samajh nehi paayi isiliye toh pyaar ka rishta bhi thik se nehi nibha paayi.. I am really sorry Armaan par meri zindagi" wiping her tears she looked at him wistfully when he said something which broke her heart
"Tum ab tak kyun khadi ho yaar.. Baarish tez hai agar bheeg gayi.. Toh bemaar padogi.. Phir kal school nehi jaa paaogi.." wdout looking up at her he again said in calm tone which made her confused when removing his earphones he looked up which made her realised that he didn't heard anything
"Tttumne.. Kuch nehi sunna.. Jo maine kaha.." hearing her hurtful voice he frowned and he saw she stepped back wd tears he stood up concernedly but before he could take a step she cried while turning to go when gripped her wrist
"Aree.. Shilpa kya huaa..??" he asked worriedly while holding her arms who was trying to free herself still crying
"Hatto tum.. Baat mat karo mujhse.." she miffed while hitting his chest wd her fists
"Aree par bolo toh kya huaa..??" trying to stop her he asked in worried tone on which she cried still wriggling under his hold who got annoyed now so caging her wd him and one of a pillar he looked at her "Aakhir baat kya hai Shilpa..?" he asked in confused tone which made her annoyed
"Kuch nehi main hi pagal hoon.. Jo tumse kuch kehti hoon" trying to push him she said hurtfully which calmed him down coz its her real self "Tum toh anjaan aur mahaan bankar baithe rehte ho.. Aur ek main bechaari.." she sniffed which made him to press his lips to control his smile "See tumhe toh hassi bhi aa rahi hai.. Tum bahoot bure ho humesha yehi karte ho.. Meri kabhi nehi sunte.. Accha huaa main tumhe maarti hoon.. Kyunki tum yehi deserve karte ho." her cute anger made him smiled who bending his face's level to her stared deep on her eyes who was staring down tearfully
"Maine sunna.. Tumne kya kaha tha thodi der pehle.." as he whispered in soft tone her head lifted up shockingly which made him smiled who siding her wet flicks from her cheek gave a nod in Yes coz of her questioning eyes (Haan maine suni thi uski baatein bas isliye chup tha dekhna chaahta tha ki Shilpa Khatra banke react karegi.. Yaah yeh chup ho jaaygi.. But yes i won she reacted as Khatra..) "Sab sunna maine.. Aisa kabhi ho sakta hai tum bolo aur main naa sunoon.." a relief ran inside her as she heard his words who stared deep in her eyes
"Toh phir jawaab kyun nehi diya..??" her innocent question made him smiled
"Hmm.. Kyunki main sunna chaahta tha.. Ki aakhir tumhaare andar chal kya raha tha" his slow reply made her pout wd cute sad face "Main.. Tumhaari har ek baat ki respect karta hoon.. Par yeh bhi kahunga jis tarah tumhe mujhe samajhne mein time gaya ussi tarah mujhe tumse pyaar karne mein time gaya.. Toh galti dono ki taraf se hui naa..??" as he whispered in soft voice a tear ran down from her cheek "Aur jab galti dono ki taraf se hui, punishment bhi dono ko mili.. Toh phir ab dur bhaag kar kya karna.. Haina" she couldn't believed her ears that he is saying this to her "Jo hogaya so hogaya Shilpa.. Ab un sab baato se koi farq nehi padta.. Agar padta bhi hai toh humaare aaj se.. Jinse tum bhaag rahi ho.. Uswaqt pyaar hote huye bhi majboori thi tumse dur rehna.. Par aaj jab koi majboori nehi tab kyun mujhe dur kar rahi ho.. Us raat hi kaha tha.. Tum mere liye bani ho aur main tumhaare kiye phir kyun sab kuch mushkil kar rahi ho" he confessed his heart out which only made her realised That he still wants them together so she opened her mouth to say his name but he put his index finger on her trembling lips who shivered by his skin contact "Ssshh.. Mujhe sirf itna batao kya chaahti ho tum Shilpa ab??" his question made her heart confused coz she herself didn't had any idea what to say but one thing she want is To be wd him forever.. So thinking this she decided to share this
"Mujhe aisa lagta hai ki.. Meri wajah se tumhaare life mein bahoot problems aayi hain aur shayad aayegi.." lowering her lashes she whispered softly which made him to stare her wd serious look (Mujhe uswaqt laga yaah toh yeh ladki pagal ho chuki hai yaah.. Mujhe karna chaahti hai.. Kyunki jo main sunna chaahta tha usse chodkar sab bol rahi thi.. Toh maine socha isse proove toh dena hi hoga) "Par phir bhi main chaahti hoon ki main tu..." but before she could confess that she wants to stay wd him, his lips took the hold of her lips leading them in a soulful kiss which was a complete shock for her whose eyes widen as he was kissing her passionatly,She tried to push him lightly but due to his passionate lips and her melting heart, closing her eyes she responded giving a hint to him that Yes she too missed him this badly, his one hand moved inside her transparent kurti to feel her bare waist who shivered by this while his lips were only feeling her skin, Shilpa's hand moved inside his head to caress which increased his passion but getting out if breath he broke the kiss wd their foreheads touched and heavy breaths, both of them has closed eyes wd mixed feelings when Shilpa felt a soft kiss on her forehead
"Yeh tumhe is baat ka ehsaans dilaane ke liye kiya.. Ki tum mere liye aaj bhi utni important ho jitni pehle thi.. Haan maine kabhi express nehi kiya.. Kyunki tab pyaar se dar lagta tha.. Par aaj mujhe wahi pyaar chaahiye tumse.. Main sapne nehi dekhta tha par tumne dikhaaya mujhe.. Humaari shaadi ka Honeymoon ka baccho ka aur phir honeymoon ka.. Main jeena chaahta hoon Shilpa is sapne ke saath" still wd heavy breaths and closed eyes he whispered in soft voice while cupping her face whose hold on his shirt tightened as if not want to let him go "Main har baar tumse kehna chaahta tha.. Chaahe humaare first kiss ke baad ho yaah tum jab mandap mein aayi thi mere saath.. Aur yaah phir tumhaare bridge se kudne se pehle.. Yaah us din lift mein.. Har baar kehna chaaha.. Par tum mujhe bolne hi nehi deti" as he said this she opened her moist eyes coz this is the most awaiting moment for her yaah once they had confessed but at that time they were unconsious but now they both are fully consious, her heart was waiting for his three magical words excitedly while the small butterflies were dancing inside her stomach who looked at his face
"Kya??" she whispered in soft tone which made his eyes opened who stared deeply at her crimson red face, the rain's loud rythematic music was creating a romatic atmoshpere while the cold breeze was touching her shivering body which got the wramth from his presence
"Yehi.. Ki main tumse pyaar karta hoon.. Bahoot karta hoon.. Main apna future tumhaare saath dekhta hoon Shilpa.. Main apni zindagi ki har ek choti badi khushi yaah gam dono tumhaare saath share karna chaahta hoon.." how depth of his words creating a happiness inside her heart she can't explain but she knows his confession means a lot for her who don't need anything else other than his love "Yes.. I.. Love.. You.. Shilpa.." giving a soft kiss on her cheek he whispered wd love which made her eyes closed in satisfaction coz how long she waited for this moment she only knows, since the time he left school's hostel she was thinking about him and was wondering how he will propose her again?? "Shaadi karogi mujhse.." holding her both hands he whispered expectedly which made her numb for seconds "See koi zabardasti nehi hai.. Tumhe maine yeh pure teen din diye sochne ke liye jab tak main hoon is ghar mein.. Agar uske baad bhi koi faisla nehi le paayi.. Main chala jaaunga.." At this she looked at his hopeful face lovingly coz her answer was clearly a 'Yes' no need of anything just him she thought when Armaan's phone rang which he ignored but she noticed
"Armaan.. Ppphone.. Baj raha hai.. Tttuumhaara.." wd thudding heartbeat she managed to say this which made him realise that he was gripping her hand tightly so mumbling a sorry he stepped back and took out his phone which was from Deep
"Bina jawaab diye mat jaana.." saying this to her he attended the call from Deep who started complaining about Rati and turning his back at her he got busy to solve their problem but Shilpa, she was only thinking about his proposal which was best than anything and imagining him wd her, an automatic blush came on her face who wd shyness ran from there to jump excitedly coz she needs time to absorb this happiness inside her heart (Main toh Deep aur Rati ka jhagda solve karte karte thak gaya tha..Toh dono ko aapas mein hi busy kar diya aur jab peeche muda dekha.. Ms Shilpa Malhotra gayab thi.. Gosshh!! Kitni mushkil se mooh khola tha usnein par phone ki wajah se chali gayi.. Lekin mujhe bura nehi laga infact mujhe toh khushi thi ki chalo apni baat toh kehdi usse.. Ab dekhna tha Shilpa kya faisla legi.. Isliye main neeche gaya hi nehi aur sochta raha aakhir kya faisla le sakti hai vo.. Aur kar kya rahi hogi vo neeche)
"I don't believe this.. I really don't believe this" keeping her back against her room's door she whispered to herself wd thudding heartbeat "Kya sachme Armaan ne kaha.." her crimson cheeks turned more dark remembering his words 'Yes.. I.. Love.. You.. Shilpa.. Shaadi karogi mujhse' she giggled happily and walking in middle of her room she twirlled happily "Yes.. I love you Armaan.. Bachpan se humesha se" she said happily in loud voice and wd opened arms slumped on bed wd inmense happiness inside her heart who closing her eyes remembered everything b/w them, it was a dream come true for her coz since she fell for him she had only dreamt this which finally got real, Yaah they had already confessed on cruise but this is something which she never thought "Ab tu kya jawab degi Shilpa.. Armaan ko..??" She questioned to herself excitedly staring up at the cieling "Aree Shilpa itna sochna kya, haan hai aur kya.. Par abhi mujhe samajhna bhi toh hai Armaan ko.." sitting up she started calculating to say Yes or No "Toh usse samajhne ke liye uske saath bhi toh hona padega.. Lekin buddhu ko sabak bhi toh sikhaana padega mujhe itna wait karwaane ke liye.. Toh kya karun..?? Hmm ek kaam karti hoon main.. Agle do dino tak usko sabak sikhaati hoon aur phir keh dungi Yes.. Aakhir usse bhi toh pata chale ki intezaar kya hota hai.. Vaise bhi buddhu teen din mein jaayga.. Usse pehle hi rok lungi.." she giggled at her thought and wd wide smile hugged her pillow tightly, the happiness which she is feeling right now she can't explain but yes she is ready to accept everything "Par un sabse pehle mujhe Armaan aur uncle Ronit ke bich ki distance khatam karni hogi.. Aakhir jo problem unke rishte mein aayi hai vo meri wajah se hi toh hai.. Isiliye unki problem bhi main hi slove karungi aur Armaan ko humaari family se bhi milwaungi.. Haan.. Aur abhi Armaan se yeh bhi toh kahun ki mujhe punishment de mere itne saare thappad ke badle..Ufff stupid me.." she thought wd serious look "Aahh.. I love him" saying this delightly she layed back on bed wd longest happiness inside her heart and whole night she tusle & busle on bed coz happiness & excitement not letting her sleep but when her eyes got heavy she slept peacefully waiting for their new beginning (Morning ka main kya kahun.. Kyunki chaar baje jab main ghar mein aaya toh dekha Shilpa ka room lock hai andar se so main bhi so gaya aur History mein pehli baar main subhe ke 9 baje utha.. Aur jab ready hokar bahar aaya toh dekha Sukirti breakfast table par so rahi thi aur Shilpa vo shayad school gayi thi.. Toh Sukirti ko maine jagaya jo uthate hi so bhi gayi.. Funny naa i know that par kaam ka pressure bahoot hota hai toh yehi hota hai.. Khair usko bye bolkar main toh bahar chala gaya Rati ke saath ghoomne.. Par jab shaam ko ghar pahucha toh dekha Dhrashti Pankit aur Sukirti mujhe bade hi khush waale expression se dekh rahe the.. Main toh dar gaya ki actual mein inhe huaa kya hai.. Par jab vo meri taraf daudke kehne lage ki unhe bhi mere concert mein aana hai.. Vo bhi VIP level ka.. Mujhe toh bahoot hassi aa rahi thi par phir bhi maine unko samjhaane ki koshish ki.. Yeh kehke ki main kisi bhi relative ko yaah friends ko apne concert mein nehi le jaata kyunki mujhe pasand nehi.. Jo ki sach bhi hai.. Lekin nehi meri sunte toh naa..)
"Aree maine bola naa main nehi le jaaunga.. Matlab nehi.. Bas" saying this calmly he sat on the sofa post while Sukku & Dhrashti sat down on sofa holding his leg where as Pankit was standing behind
"Oyye sunna.. Dekh jab bachpan mein tu humaare school ke taraf se football khelne jaata tha.. Tab hum hi tujhe cheer karte the.. Bhool gaya.. Aur aaj jab hume tera concert saamne se dekhna hai.. Tu itna nehi kar sakta hai" making a cute face Dhrashti requested which made him to roll his eyes
"Haan Armaan.. Hum tumhaare kitne acche dost hai.. Aur tum humaare liye itna toh kar hi sakte ho.." Sukku too requested cutely
"Armaan aur bhool gaya hum school se saath hai.. Aur ek acche dost ki tarah tu mujhe toh chance de hi sakta hai.." keeping his hand on his shoulder Pankit said which made him to sigh wd bored look when Dhrashti nudge him again which made him annoyed
"Dekh.. Main ladkiyo ki bahoot respect karta hoon.. Aur vo bahoot kam ladkiyaan hoti hain jinse main badtameezi se baat karta hoon.. Toh please tu us category mein mat aa.." as he said this wd folded hand to Dhrashti Sukirti & Pankit laughed while making an angry face Dhrashti smacked his thight lightly saying 'Kamine itna bada bhi nehi maanga hai kuch' and they got involved to make him ready for free passes when Shilpa came out from her room wd happy mood also talking to someone on phone which grabbed Armaan's interest whose heartbeat increased seeing her (Last night ke baad usse tab dekha tha aur meri toh dhadkane hi nehi ruk rahi thi usko khush dekh kar.. Kyunki vo bahoot khush lag rahi thi kissi se phone par baat karte huye.. Main yehi soch raha tha ki pata nehi kya faisla liya hoga is ladki ne ki tabhi un teeno ne mujhe phir irritate karna shuru kiya jisse main busy ho gaya.. Lekin kuch hi seconds baad Shilpa ne mujhe vo khushi di.. Jisse main bayaan nehi kar sakta words mein.. Aur dene ka andaaz bhi naya tha uska)
"Accha suno.. Idhar aao zara" turning at him she said sweetly which made four of them stopped while Armaan looked at her frowningly coz he knows this words for him only
"Oyyee yeh kisse bula rahi hai..??" Dhrashti whispered to Sukku who in slow way pointed up on Armaan still staring Shilpa who smiled looking at Armaan's face
"Armaan.. Ab aao bhi.. Kuch kaam hai.." as she said in polite tone while calling him by her hand he looked at her in disbrlief (Mere liye vo kisi shock se kam nehi tha par phir bhi maine jump kiya sofe se aur calmly uski taraf badha) "Hmm.. Tumhaare liye ek surprise hai.. Lo" as he stood in front of her she whispered in low voice while handling him her phone which made him narrowed his bows "Thank you baad mein kehna bye.." saying this smilingly she went from there leaving him confused there while others where staring him suspiciously when shaking his head wd confused look he uttered 'Hello' and hearing other person's voice he got emotional
"Hello.. Armaan??" Gautmi tried to confirm it as she heard his hello while hearing her voice his eyes got moist "Armaan hi hona??" and that made him smiled wd moist eyes (After soo long maine unki awaaz sunni thi jisse sunkar main kitna kush tha main bata nehi sakta.. Aur i think unki bhi emotion same thi uswaqt kyunki unko bhi Shilpa ne surprise diya tha.. Agle paanch minute hum dono confirm karne ki koshish kar rahe the ki kya sachme hum baat kar rahe the.. Aur unse baat karne ke liye mujhe akele rehna tha toh main apne room mein aa gaya aur vahaan aakar hum dono ne dher saari baate ki.. Vo mujhpar chillaayi ki main kahan tha kyum unse baat nehi kar raha tha etc.. In fact yeh bhi ki main Shilpa ke saath kya kar raha hoon aur unse main jhoot nehi keh sakta toh bata diya sab kuch.. Aur vo itni khush thi naa phone par ki main imagine kar sakta tha unka vo hasta huaa chehra, unhone mujhse confidently kaha ki is baar Shilpa tumhe jaane nehi degi dekh lena.. Aur tum toh bilkul jaane mat dena.. Unki baate sunkar mujhe laga ki main jo kar raha hoon sahin kar raha hoon.. Aur hum aise hi baat karne lage aur jab rakkha i felt complete.. Shilpa ne jo khushi di thi uswaqt main uska return kabhi nehi de paaunga shayad.. Main aise hi room mein baitha tha khushi ke maare.. Ki tabhi Shilpa aa gayi aur poochne lagi kya baat hui humaare bich) "Kya baat hui maa se Armaan??" as she asked excitedly he stood up from bed wd calm look which made her frowned "Aree bolo bhi.." wd her index finger she nudged him who hide his smile
"Isse tumhe kya yeh mere aur unke bich ka matter hai tumhe isse kya.." forwarding her phone he replied in calm tone which made her pout
"Armaan.. Ab bolo bhi.." smacking his arm cutely she insisted which made him smiled
"Sorryy.. Main tumhe nehi bata sakta.. Kyunki vo humaara personal matter hai.." crossing his arms he refused in calm tone which made her grumpy
"Fine mat bataao.. Main maa se puch lungi.. Huh!!" saying this wd cute anger she showed the thumb to him then turned to go but he immediately stopped her by her wrist who looked at him wd a frown
"Puch lena unse jo puchna hai par usse pehle.." pulling her closer to him he whispered in calm tone which made her to look at him expectedly "Thank you.. Thank you very much Shilpa.. Aunty se meri baat karaane ke liye.. Tum nehi jaanti vo mere liye kya hain.. Thanks for sharing your mother wd me" playing wd her fingers he whispered softly looking down on her hands who smiled emotionally
"Share nehi Armaan.. Vo tumhaari hi maa hain.. Meri toh sirf naam ki hain.. Kyunki vo mujhse zyada tumhaari side leti hain.. Aur mujhe toh koi problem nehi hai unhe tumhe dene mein.. Infact vo toh khushi khushi chali bhi jaayengi.." holding his hands she corrected in cute complaining tone which made him smiled heartly (An Unexpected Meri Waali Shilpa.. Yehi toh thi jisse main dhoondh raha tha kabse) "Aur raha sawaal mere nehi jaanne ka.. Toh.. Main ache se jaanti hoon ki vo tumhaare liye kya hain.. Aur tum unke liye kya ho.. I know vo tumhe bahoot acche se samajhti hain.. I know vo tumse kitna pyaar karti hain.. Isiliye mujhe laga ki yeh duri kam kar doon thodi tum dono ki" saying this smilingly she looked down at their joint hands which only increased her heartbeat while he was only staring her wd love filled look (Uswaqt laga ki kisne kaha meri Shilpa mujhe nehi samajh sakti.. Kisne kaha vo nehi jaanti mujhe.. Us ek pal ko usnein yun important bana diya tha ki main aur kuch nehi maang sakta.. Except hum dono ke bich sab thik ho jaaye)
"Aur humaari..??" as he asked lovingly still holding her hand a light ting of blush formed on her cheeks who controlling it pulled her hand back which only lived him disappointed
"Mujhe aisa lagta hai.. Mujhe Dhrashti bula rahi hai.." saying this hurriedly she immediately ran to go
"Par mujhe toh koi awaaz nehi aayi.. Accha yeh toh bata do.. Tumhaara jawab kya hai.." following her he spoke in loud voice which made her giggle who instantly left his room but as she came out bumped wd Pankit
"Aree aree Shilpa kya huaa..?" Pankit asked in worried tone as she corrected herself
"Nehi kkkuch bhi toh nehi.." giving a nod in No she made a serious face which made Sukku & Dhrashti to looked at her suspiciously
"Jhoot.. Aaj subhe se dekh rahi hoon.. Kuch weird hi behave kar rahi hai.. Aakhir baat kya hai..??" as Sukku asked suspiciously she smiled and was about to lie but Armaan's arrival in lounge made her quiet when Dhrashti's eyes landed on him who was trying to understand that why they are circling Shilpa (Main puchta kuch isse pehle.. Un teeno ne mujhe dekh liya aur phirse shuru hui unki binti jisse nehi chaahte huye bhi mujhe accept karni padi.. Aur un teeno ko allow kiya maine concert mein aane ke liye jo itne kush the ki kya kahoon..Khair us puri raat vo teen concert ke baare mein hi discuss kar rahe the dinning table par jahan meri nazre Shilpa se jawaab sunna chaahti thi vo pata nehi kaunsi duniya mein khoi thi ki kissi ke paas dekh hi nehi rahi thi sirf mann hi mann khaate huye smile kar rahi thi.. Aakhir chal kya raha tha uske dimaag mein pata nehi..?? Next morning jab utha Shaad ka call aaya ki mujhe aaj shaam ke concert ki taiyaariya karni hain.. Toh phir kya tha main busy ho gaya practice mein.. Ki tabhi Shilpa aayi juice ke saath, Main sachmein bahoot surprised tha usse dekh kar)
"Hmm.. Breakfast kar lena.. Varna pata chala rockstar bemaar pad gaya.." taunting him teasingly she kept the breakfast on table, Armaan was practising on his balcony sitting on a table in his gray vest & olive green joggers
"Yeh.. Rockstar itna weak nehi hai ki bemaar pad jaayga.." his retort made her smile who shaking her head turned to go when he gripped her wrist "Aise kaise jaa sakti ho.. Tumne abhi tak jawaab nehi diya" making her sat beside him he said in calm voice which made her to gulped "Toh bolo.." still holding her hand he asked in slow voice hiding his curiousness while she was controlling not to get shy coz her heart was beating at its fullest speed wd his grip on her wrist
"Vo.. Aa.." she started slowly making his heartbeat increased wd excitment which made him to hold her hand tightly "Mujhe aisa lagta hai ki.." looking up at him she said in slow voice on which he gave a nod in Yes patiently "Ab mujhe jaana chaahiye..Varna mujhe late hoga school ke liye.. So bye.." pulling her hand back she replied wd teasing voice which made him disappoint who looked at her in disbelief and before he could say something she ran from there while holding her giggle (Uswaqt mann mein sirf ek hi word aaya uske liye 'Unbelievable' i mean chaahti kya thi yeh ladki pata nehi.. Khair jab main bahar aaya dekha vo jaa chuki thi toh main bhi ready hokar nikal gaya concert ke location ko check karne ke liye.. Not to forget maine concert ke chaar passes wahin table par rakkhe the.. Chaar isliye kyunki main chaahta tha vo aaye mere concert mein.. Lekin aisa huaa nehi..Kyunki shaam ko pure concert mein vo nehi aayi haan Dhrashti Sukirti aur Pankit aaye the bas mere close ones ko chod ke.. Concert ke baad maine Wahid ko phone kiya jo Shilpa ke peeche humesha se tha actually usse maine hi lagaaya tha uske peeche for safety, main jaldi mein vahan se nikla kyunki mujhe kisi bhi tarah jaanna tha ki Shilpa chaahti kya hai aur Wahid ne mujhe bataaya vo beach par hai that too wd Leo.. Jo shocking hi nehi bahoot shocking tha.. Isiliye toh main turant us location par pahucha toh dekha Shilpa beach par aadhi raat Leo ke saath frisbee khel rahi thi..Vo hass rahi thi Leo ke saath.. I mean seriously.. It was dream come true moment for me.. Phir pata nehi kya huaa usse vo baith kar Leo se kuch keh rahi thi)
"Dekho.. Leo.. As per our deal.. Yaad haina.. Hum dono hi Armaan se pyaar karte hain toh hume milkar rehna hai bhulna mat..toh aaj se tum mujhe darana mat aur main tumse darungi nehi.. Thik hai.." kneeling in front of him she said in sweet tone on which Leo rubbed his face on her arms making her giggle who have wore a gray tank top wd white opened jacket and knee length jeans wd white shoes, her hairs were opened straight making the breeze to touch it smoothly while a smile reached on his lips who immediately reached near her
"Woohoo.. Shilpa Malhotra Armaan Malik ke Leo ke saath.. That's new.." hearing Armaan's teasing voice she got surprised which made her look up at him who waved smilingly when Leo jumped on him, he chuckled at Leo's excitement while Shilpa gave an appreciating look coz he was really looking handsome on his white jacket wd black t-shirt underneath and white pant wd white snickers
"Tum yahaan kya kar rahe ho..??" standing up she asked confusedly coz according to her he was attending his concert interview
"Bas aise hi socha tumse mil lun.." parting Leo he stood up which made her smiled at his reply
"Aur tumhe kaise pata chala main yahan hoon..??" she asked in calm voice but yes she was curious to hear his reply who smiled while Leo ran to play wd frisbee
"In hawaaon ne bataaya.." at his reply she gave a cute glare which made him chuckled while shaking her head she started walking slowly which he also followed "Okay to be frank.. Wahid ne bataaya tum yahan ho.. Vo kya haina maine usse tumhaare peeche jaasoosi ke liye lagaaya hai.." bending his head on her ear he whispered wd grin which made her smiled
"Acha.. Vo kyun.. Main kahin bhaag jaati isliye ki.. Kahin main tumhe ghar se nikaal naa doon isliye" as she retorted teasingly he chuckled still walking wd her in this midnight of Goa's beach
"Nehi.. Isliye.. Ki kahin tum kisiko maar naa do.. Vo kya haina tumhaare hands aur legs kabhi bhi uth sakte hain kisi bhi masoom par.." his teasing taunt made her to press her lips to control her smile coz she knew he hinted about himself and seeing her smiling he understood right now she is in cool mood "Accha yeh batao tumne job kyun chod di apni.. Yeh waali..??" at his out of blue question she looked at him surprisingly (Vo mujhe dekhne lagi dhyaan se ki mujhe kaise pata chala ki usne apni current waali job bhi chod di hai.. Par phir khud hi samajh gayi ki zaroor Wahid ne bataaya hoga.. Jo ki sach bhi tha Wahid ne mujhe shaamko hi bata diya tha ki usnein apni job resign kardi hai aur Surbhi ko bulaaya hai business ke baare mein jaanne ke liye ki abhi tak kya kya huaa hai Malik & Malhotra business mein.. Aur Shilpa ne in sawaalo ke jawaab bhi diye mujhe vo bhi acche se.. Ki usse lagta hai business Sid akele nehi sambhaal paayga kyunki ussi business ki wajah se usne Sukirti se break up kiya tha jisse sunkar main shock tha kyunki yeh baat toh Sukirti ne mujhe bataayi hi nehi thi.. Khair uske is decision se main toh khush tha kyunki business Shilpa se accha koi nehi sambhaal sakta..Not to forget she thanked me for making her realise about her work, in fact sorry bhi kaha usne apne thappad ke liye bhi jispar maine usse show toh nehi kiya ki yes it hurted me.. Par haan yeh zaroor kaha ki agar dobaara uska haath utha mujhpar toh dekhna kaise badle lunga aur is par vo hassi.. Aur hum aise hi beach par walk karte karte baate kar rahe the ki mera concert kaisa gaya n all ki tabhi mujhe yaad aaya ki yehi mauka hai usse pooch loon ki vo kal raat ke mere sawaal ka jawaab kya degi.. Jiske baad toh kya huaa main yaad bhi nehi karna chaahta)
"Accha Shilpa.. Kal shaamko main wapas jaa raha hoon.. Do hafte pure ho gayye naa" he started in very careful way which made her smiled coz she knows what he is trying to say "Toh.. Toh tum.. Kkya soch rahi ho..?" his hasitating voice made her stop in her tracks who looked at him smilingly while wd increasing heartbeat he faced her
"Sach bolun ki jhoot??" wd small smile she asked in soft tone which made him frowned
"Aree yaar Shilpa.. Meri life already bahoot suspense se guzri hai.. Toh mujhe sirf sach he janna hai.." holding her hands he replied impatiently which made her giggle coz she is ready now to make their relationship status Mingle
"Hmm.." giving a nod in Yes she looked down shyly which made his heart more curious coz of her reactions (I can bet.. Vo Haan kehne waali thi) "Haan.." looking up at him she replied softly coz her heart was beating loudly where as his expression was 90% confirmed & 10% doubtful so he wd hopeful & dazed face mumbled 'Haan for what??' stepping closer to her he asked which made her blush "Yes.. I will.. Ma.." but before she could finish her sentence Armaan's few fans recognized him which leaded he was being surrounded by them in fact few of them pushed her also which was a shock for her (Shilpa ki baat puri hone se pehle naa jaane kahan se mere fans aa gaaye aur mujhe gher liya.. Main dhoondhne ki koshish kar raha tha ki kahan hogi woh par itni bheed thi ki mujhe vo deekhi nehi) "Dekh le Shilpa.. Kitni alag hai teri duniya.. Armaan ki duniya se.. Kahan vo sabse gheera huaa.. Bahoot se kogo ki jaan hai vo.. Ek Rockstar hai vo.." her mind said to her who was looking at the crowed which were circling him while his bodyguards were trying to handle them, it was Wahid & David who saved her from crowed coz she was literally pushed by them which hurted her somewhere but what made her stunned was when David made her sat inside the car and she saw the reality of her & Armaan "Jab tune pyaar kiya tha vo sirf tera tha.. Par ab uspar tera haq nehi hai.. Vo ek Rockstar aur tu ek ordinary ladki jisne usse kuch nehi diya ab tak except hurt.. Uski duniya mein usse itna pyaar karne waale dost mile hain jahan teri zaroorat nehi hai.. Aur tu usse samajh kar bhi kya karegi jab tu uske is life style se waaqif nehi hai.. Haan karta hai vo tujhse pyaar aur tu bhi karti hai.. Par pehle uske kaabil toh ban jaa.. Phir pyaar nibhaana.. Pehle usse uski family toh de.. Pehle uski duniya toh samajh tab pyaar nibhaana" Staring from car's window wd moist eyes she thought and cried as her driver drove away the car from beach.. Reaching home the only thing she did was crying which Sukirti saw and when she asked Shilpa told everything that their worlds are very different from each other, and to understand him or his life style she should first become perfect for him then only she can make him happy where as at this point Sukirti was quiet coz somewhere she thought that yes 'Their words are really different' so she only consoled her (Jab main ghar pahucha dekha lights off thi jiska matlab saaf tha ki dono so rahi thi.. Trust me itni bheed se kaise nikla main hi jaanta hoon vo toh bhala ho Laxman ka jo humesha mere peeche rehta hai chaahe main chaahun yaah naa chaahun.. In fact unhi ne toh Leo aur Shilpa ko ghar safely pahuchaaya.. I am so thankful to them.. Par strange cheez yeh hui ki jab main Shilpa ke room mein gaya check karne vo nehi thi vahan kyunki Sukirti ke saath so rahi thi jo maine check kiya tha, So main bhi thak gaya tha toh jaakar so gaya yeh decide karke ki Shilpa ka mooh toh khulwa kar hi rahunga kal subhe.. Lekin kya pata tha subhe kuch aur hi wait kar raha tha.. Actually jab main Shilpa se next morning baat karne gaya uske room mein toh dekha vo ready ho rahi thi, shayad apne school ke last annual function ke liye.. Pehle kuch seconds ke liye main bhool hi gaya tha ki main baat kya karne aaya tha kyunki vo bahoot beautiful lag rahi thi us Blue & white saari mein..Par jab mere dimaag ne mujhe yaad dilaaya ki Armaan tu isse baat karne aaya hai yahan kyunki aaj shaam ko tu chala jaayga tab maine khudko cool kiya aur wahi sawaal pucha jo last night pucha tha par Shilpa usko kya huaa tha wahi jaane.. Direct refuse kae diya ki nehi karti vo mujhse pyaar)
"Jhoot mat bolo tum.. I know you love me.. Kal tum yehi kehne waali thi naa ki tum mujhse shaadi karne ke liye ready ho.." making her look at him he asked wd serious look while she was controlling herself not to make her self loose in front of him
"Maine kaha naa Armaan.. Main tumse pyaar nehi karti.. Vo jo kuch bhi tha vo infatuation tha mera.. May be isliye ki tumne mera pyaar thukraaya.. Bas aur kuch nehi.." making a confident look she lied which directly shoot his patient wall "Aur ho toh yeh bhi sakta hai tumhe bhi yehi huaa hai.. Infatuation.." as she knowingly triggered his anger he jerked her angrily towards him by her shoulders which made her scared from inside
"Infatuation.. Tumhe yeh infatuation lagta hai.." piercing his teeth he showed his one of a worst side which was his angry side "Tumhe mera pyaar infatuation lag raha hai.." diging his nails on her arms he whispered angrily but as he saw a light ting of fear on her face he softened "Kaise tumhe infatuation lag sakta hai Shilpa.. Kya tumhe nehi dikhta ki main tumse kitna pyaar karta hoon.. Tumhe nehi dikh raha ki main yahan agar aaya hoon toh tumhaare liye.. Varna mujhe koi shauq nehi hai kisi ke ghar aane ka.. Sirf tumhaare liye main yahaan hoon.. Tumhe sachme nehi lagta ki main aaj tak tumse pyaar karta hoon.. Aree itna karta hoon jitna kisi se nehi kiya.." hearing his soft voice her heart melted coz she can't hurt him more but then again last night's incident flashed in front of her eyes which made her realise again that he deserves much more better than her
"Par zaruri thodi ki jab tumhe pyaar hai toh mujhe bhi ho.." at her heart shattering words his eyes got moist while his hold loosed on her shoulders "Humaari duniya ek dusre se bahoot alag hai.. Aur meri duniya mein tumhaare liye koi jagah nehi.." stepping back wd heavy heart she hurt him more who became numb hearing this and she can't see his hurtful face so she turned her back at him "Aur vaise bhi jab pyaar hi nehi hai meri taraf se toh main jhoota dikhawa kyun karun.." fisting her saari's edge she said in strong voice making his heart broke who wdout saying anything left from there coz he can hurt her anytime in fact can also slap her "Aur tum.." but as she turned back left bewildered not finding him there which made her worried who thought to go after him but thinking of his betterment she stopped herself and cursed their destiny for this situation (Mujhe uswaqt bahoot hurt huaa tha shayad isse pehle koi bhi baat buri nehi lagi thi uski jitni usdin lagi thi.. Isiliye toh kisiko bina bataaye usdin main pure time ek sunsaan park mein tha jahan koi nehi tha mujhe disturb karne ke liye.. Aur kab shaam ho gayi pata bhi nehi chala phir jab mera dimaag thoda shaant huaa tab laga ek baar aur puchna chaahiye usse.. Isiliye haar nehi maante huye main pahucha ghar jahan subhe se bhi bada kuch huaa)
"Yeh Armaan gaya kahan.. Kahin sachmein toh nehi chala gaya..??" a worried Dhrashti looked at Sukku who was observing Shilpa's expression since afternoon coz since Shilpa came back from her annual function she was very quiet in fact not even uttered a word which Sukku noticed so she guessed may be something went wrong b/w them "Aur uper se dekh toh.. Society ke saare logo ne uske liye kitni cheeze bheji hain.. Pura hall bhara huaa lag raha hai tum logo ka.. Vaise dekha jaaye Sukku tera nehi pata par main zaroor usse roz milungi aakhir parso Deep aur Rati ki engagement jo hai.." Dhrashti's non stop blabber was only making Shilpa annoyed who was arranging the book selfs, she have changed in light pink umbrella dress but her puffy eyes were clearly showing that she had cried "Aur toh aur Leo bhi yehin hai uske bags bhi phir kahan gaya vo.. Shilpa tujhe toh zarur pata hoga kuch?" hearing her teasing words she really got pissed
"Nehi mujhe kuch nehi pata aur behtar hoga tum log bhi bhul jaao usse.. Vo gaya jahan se aaya tha" her annoyed plus hurt voice made both the girls serious while Armaan entered inside the house at this time only and hearing her words he stopped on his tracks blankly "Aur bhulo mat vo Armaan Malik hai.. The rockstar.. Humaara school waala Armaan nehi.." At her these words he only watched her from behind blankly while Dhrashti & Sukku's eyes widen seeing him behind her "So humaari bhalaayi isime hai hum usse bhool jaayen.. Aur aage badhe apni life mein.. Kyunki vo toh wapas nehi aane waala.. Chaahe.. Huuhh.." But before she could say more he an instant jerked at him by her arm who really got an attack finding him wd blank look (Mujhe toh yakeen nehi ho raha tha ki jo maine sunna vo sach tha.. I mean kya sachmein usko lagta hai meri duniya uski duniya se alag hai.. Par phir bhi maine baat ko nehi badhaate huye vo pucha jiska jawaab main aakhiri baar sunna chaahta tha)
"Mere sirf ek sawaal ka jawaab akhiri baar dena..Baaki mujhe kuch nehi janna.." pulling her firmly closer to him he asked in calm tone which made her only to stare him wd mixed feelings while both the girls were trying to understand their scene "Kya tum mujhse pyaar karti ho..??" her eyes got wet hearing his question while Dhrashti immediately said 'Of course karti hai..' but soon Sukku gripped her wrist indicating to shut her mouth coz she herself wants to hear what Shilpa answer "Iske baad main tumse kuch nehi puchunga kabhi" as he whispered hopefully she was about to blurt out Yes but then again her mind stopped her so she made her mind to make him away from her who stepping back looked at him wd strong look
"Nehi karti main tumse pyaar.. Aur kyun karun jab humaari soch.. Rehen sehen sab alag hain ek dusre se.. And most important jab humaari family is rishte ko accept nehi karegi.. Toh kaisa pyaar kaisi shaadi.. I am sorry ki teen din pehle maine tumhe thappad maara..Yeh soche bina ki tum ek Star ho.. Kitna hurt huaa hoga tumhaare ego ko.. Sorry.. Par mujhe tumhaari zarurat nehi.." she was trying to sound rude but from inside she was only hitting her heart while hearing this Dhrashti felt to slap her coz what she saw on Armaan's eyes was pure love and saying this to him was an insult of his love where as Sukku knew why she is saying this so she only watched this patiently also was cursing herself that why she went to seek help from Armaan coz it only put more distance b/w them
"Bas.. Aur kuch nehi sunna.." stepping back wd blank look he stopped her sentence in middle whose eyes got moist seeing his blank look "Sukirti main Laxman ko bhej dunga apne bags aur Leo ke liye tum bhej dena.. And i am sorry.. Bye" staring at Sukirti he spoke in calm tone which made Sukku to give a nod in Yes immediately while Shilpa was only staring the floor tearfully and wdout looking at her he turned to go when he spot an angry Deep on door step who was here to suprise them but as he saw Shilpa's rude side he only got angry (Shayad mujhe hurt karne ka right bhagwaan ne sirf Shilpa ko diya hai isiliye kuch keh nehi paaya main.. Lekin haan Deep ko jaise hi dekha maine gusse mein itna toh samajh gaya tha ki vo gussa hai.. Par main uswaqt akela rehna chaahta tha toh bina kuch kahe main chala gaya wahan se.. Infact neeche Shaad bhi tha jo shayad car park karne gaya tha par usnein jaise mujhe dekha meri taraf hi aa raha tha par main usse bina kuch kahe nikal bhi gaya.. Aur mere jaane ke baad uper kya huaa vo jab Shaad ne mujhe bataaya tha toh mujhe samajh mein hi nehi aa raha tha kya kahun kyunki main kisiko blame nehi kar sakta..Actually mere jaane ke baad Deep ko bahut gussa aaya tha Shilpa par specially yeh sunne ke baad ki usnein phir mujhpar haath uthaaya tha..Deep ne mujhe ghar aane par bataaya tha sab kuch ki usne Shilpa ko sunaaya jispar maine usse daata bhi par yeh bhi jaanta tha ki vo mujhse pyaar karta hai tabhi usnein yeh sab kiya.. Isliye zyada kuch nehi bola maine usse par Deep ne yehi kaha shayad Shilpa mere liye bani nehi hai.. Jo ki sach bhi lag raha hai ab kyunki kal yeh incident huaa tha aur ab tak is ladki ka ek call yaah messege bhi nehi aaya.. Aur kal toh main jaa bhi raha hoon Deep-Rati ke engagement ke baad)
Back to Present
"Haan Ritvik bas nikal hi raha hoon.." his thoughts were broken by Ritvik's call so getting up he got ready still talking wd Ritvik and in a seconds he was out of his house to meet his one of a closest friend.. After few minutes both of them met in Sea Coast Restuarant of Goa where they talked about their where abouts n all while on the other side Sukirti brought Shilpa in same restuarant
"Yeh Ritvik abhi tak aaya kyun nehi..?" looking around she asked narmally which made Sukirti smiled who taking a deep breath looked beside their glass wall from where she can see Armaan & Ritvik talking
"Hmm.. Toh tujhe Ritvik se milna hai??" as she asked slowly Shilpa frowned "Dekh abhi jo main tujhse kahungi.. Usse soch samajh kar faisla karna.. Kyunki ismein faida tera hi hai.." hearing this she guessed it must be related wd Armaan so she gave a nod in Yes "Actually main kalse bahoot pareshaan thi tere liye aur mujhe samajh nehi raha tha main kya karoon ki tabhi Ritvik ka call aaya jisnein mujhe bataaya ki vo Goa aa raha hai.. Usnein yeh bhi pucha ki kya tu Armaan se mili abhi tak kyunki vo Rati-Deep ki engagement ke liye yahan aa raha hai.. Aur usse dar tha ki pata nehi tujhe dekh kar Armaan kaise react karega.. Uski fikar dekh kar mujhse raha nehi gaya aur maine usse sab bata diya vo shock tha par phir bhi usnein kaha vo aakar dekhega aur jab aaj subhe vo aaya tab maine usse detail mein bataaya.. Aur phir hum dono ko laga ki tum dono ka baat karna kitna zaruri hai.. Isiliye.. Vo yahan Armaan ko laaya hai usse bina bataaye ki tu yahan hai.." Shilpa's head instantly looked behind the glass wall as Sukirti pointed and seeing Armaan smiling wd Ritvik she stood up wd heavy heart making Sukirti followed "Ab yeh faisla hum tujhpar chodte hain.. Ki aakhiri baar tu usse baat karna chaahti hai ki nehi kyunki vo kal engagement ke baad jaa raha hai.. Toh tu chaahe toh usse rok sakti hai jaise last time tune usse airport par roka tha.. Ek baar vo Shilpa bankar sochna.. Agar usse rokna hai toh" but her sentence couldn't got finished as Shilpa kept her palm on the glass wall whispering 'Main milungi usse' and it made Sukku smiled!


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