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Part 12 : pyar ke mod pe….

3-4 months arman’s exam was finished and he had to stay there only for some times. In those days he was very busy in preparing his exam and riddhima was busy with the new case on which she got to apply her medicine. That was a young girl,married only sometimes before but after marry she and his husband got to know that they both were carrier of Batten bone disease and it was sure that their child would get the disease but before they could think and try to take any step ,the girl understood that she got pregnant. They came in hospital to know the further step to save the baby from this disease, the
doctors sent them to riddhima. Riddhima was very happy getting the case and assured the couple that she will do everything to save their child. She gave 3 doses to the girl till now and in next week she had to give her the booster dose which was very important to remove the disease from the baby who was growing in girl’s womb so riddhima was Very excited and a bit scared too. she didn’t know how would the mother’s body react so she was very nervous but arman always assured her…’all will be fine riddhima..itna socho mat.”

Arman knew riddhima had no time to think about their relationship right now so he was waiting for the right moment when he could express his feelings or to propose her but he knew very well that riddhima would accept him after achieving the success on that disease and he had to wait for it.
One day when riddhima back from work, got to know that arman was going india to attend his friend’s marriage. She came hurriedly in arman’s room and saw he was packing his stuffs. Seeing riddhima,arman uttered smilingly : “thank god tum aa gayi,mujhe toh laga tha tumse miley bina hi jana padega.”

Riddhima uttered annoyedly : “toh mujhse miley bina hi jane wale the tum?”

Arman uttered with a sigh smile : “kya karta,tumhe toh time hi nahi milta.”

Riddhima uttered in same tone : “haan,isliye bhag rahe ho na?”

Arman : “mai bhag nahi raha,rahul-muskan ki shadi hai aur mai nahi gaya toh wo mujhse kabhi baat nahi karenge.”

Riddhima uttered in a worried tone : “par arman,you know na next week I have to give the main medicine to lucy and I need you that time..mujhe bahut dar lag raha hai.”

Arman nodded and uttered : “I know riddhima, but you know na rahul-muski mere childhood friends hain..nahi gaya toh wo shadi hi cancel kar denge..waise bhi rahul ke parents badi mushkil se agree hue hain muskan ke liye kyonki unhe koi aur ladki jyada pasand thi jo rahul ke papa ke business partner ki beti hai. Aur mai nahi chahta ab kuch problem aaye.”

Riddhima uttered helplessly : “par arman,mai akele..i mean you know na,how you are a support for me…”

Arman uttered smilingly : “no riddhima..i know tumhe kisi support ki jarurat nahi..aur mai phone karta rahunga..aur jaldi wapas aa jaunga.”

Riddhima went from his room without looking at him and arman understood she got angry on him but he was also helpless in this matter.he mumbled : “don’t worry riddhima,tum mere bina darogi nahi aur sab kuch manage kar logi I know it. Aur after your sucees, we will be together aur phir mai tumse kabhi alag nahi hounga…”
Arman came india and got busy in rahul-muski’s wedding preparation.his friends were very happy to see him and atul asked him constantly: “yaar arman,tu kab wapas aa raha hai yahan,permanently..tere bina kuch achcha nahi lagta hum sabko.

Muski : “haan yaar..tu gaya toh lagta hai humari sari khushi,sari masti chali gayi.”

But arman kept quiet.

Anjali teased : “kahi koi American toh pasand nahi aa gayi ? usse shadi karke wahi rahne ka irada hai kya?”
Arman didn’t reply but rahul uttered : “American toh nahi hai but she hates india.”

Muski uttered : “haw!yeh kab hua!kab hua!kaise hua!”

Atul sang…..
“ye..kya hua..kab hua..kaise hua…
Kyon hua..jab hua...

Anjali uttered annoying : “achcha!toh arman ab humse chupane bhi laga hai?”

Arman replied immediately : “no anji,aisi koi baat nahi..actually I like her.”

Muskan uttered rounding eyes : “and ye “her’ koun hai humey bhi pata chale…

Arman : “riddhima gupta…shshank uncle ki beti hai..”

Atul asked surprisingly : “then she is not American..ya tere shshank uncle ne kisi American se shadi ki thi kya?”

Rahul : “arey yaar,tum sab arman ko pareshan mat karo.i am telling you guys the whole thing…riddhima gupta is shshank and padma’s daughter..uske bhai ko ek rare disease ke wajah se mout ho gayi thi aur usey lagta hai india me rahne ke wajah se uske bhai ki treatment nahi hui so she hates india and now researching on that disease. Now her only one aim to be success on that disease aur uske liye usey America me hi rehna hai .”

Anjali : “that means after succeeding ,she can come india.”
Arman nodded and uttered : “and I am waiting for that day.”

Muski : “achcha sun arman,agar usey success aaj se 20 saal baad mile?

Arman uttered smilingly : “I will wait for that day..waise bhi yahan meri shadi hone se rahi.”
Muski uttered annoyingly : “kuch bhi?..kahe toh line laga dun girls ki.”
Arman teased : “tune bhi toh rahul ko chuna mujhe chodkar.”
Muskan replied immediately : “kya karti,tu toh America bhag gaya,but rahul promised me..mujhse puche bina hilega bhi nahi.”
Rahul smacked on muski’s head and uttered : “kuch bhi bolti hai tu..achcha chod,ab soch arman ke love story ka kya karein?”
Atul : “arman,tu kahe toh hum sab America jakar usey manayein.”
Arman uttered smilingly : “no need champ..i know she likes me..or jis din wo successful hogi..usi din mai propose karunga..i know wo mana nahi kar payegi.”
Arman knew riddhima was angry on him so didn’t come out when arman left their home and after coming india.arman was constantly massaging her first she didn’t reply but now she started sending emoticons of angry faces which arman enjoyed and sent her sorry emoticons but in reply riddhima sent him more angry faces. Arman narrated everything about riddhima to his best friend,his dadi and she also enjoying all these. but she was worried if riddhima wouldn’t want to come india but arman assured her he will make her agree for it surely.
From 3 days arman was very busy in rahul-muski’s wedding so didn’t call riddhima. When muskan’s bidai completed and arman got time to check his phone,shocked to see missed calls from padma and shshank. He checked the message ... “arman..friends ke shadi ke baad jitni jaldi wapas aa sako aa jana..please. riddhima needs you.”

Arman immediately called to padma but padma only said : “beta,thoda jaldi aa jana.”

Arman understood something was wrong happened so he immediately booked ticket and informed dadi about it. Dadi blessed him and uttered worriedly : “beta,yahan ka tension mat le ..aur kuch bhi ho bas tu riddhima ke sath rehna.”
Arman called many times riddhima on the way but she didn’t receive his call and its made arman more tensed. As soon as he reached,ran to riddhima’s room but it was closed from outside. Arman came downstairs and gulped hard seeing that padma and shshank also not at home.

Mac informed him that riddhima ma’m was admitted at hospital so sir and ma’m were there. Arman ran to the hospital without hearing more. He asked the attender the cabin of riddhima and came there running and saw padma and shshank sitting beside riddhima where riddhima was lying on the bed closing eyes.her face looking pale and IV was inserted in her hand. 

Seeing arman,shashank got up immediately and gestured him to come out . arman came out and asked worriedly : “kya hua riddhima ko uncle? Wo hospital me kyon hai? wo hosh me nahi hai kya? Kya hua usey? Please uncle kuch boliye na...mai ..mai doctor se baat karta hun...”he turned to go to the doctor but again turned to riddhima’s cabin and uttered : “nahi...mujhe..mujhe riddhima ke paas rehna chahiye..usey mai kuch nahi hone dunga...mai ..mai uske paas jata hun..”

Shshank caught arman’s hand and uttered : “arman beta,aap shant ho jao.please baith jao .riddhima thik hai abhi,doctor gave her sleeping injection so she was sleeping.”

Arman asked in a teary voice : “par usey kya hua uncle?”
Shashank uttered in a wet voice : ‘her patient lucy was died 3 days back...and riddhima thought it was her fault so she attempted suicide.”

Arman was numb hearing it! How could it be possible!Lucy was good last month and riddhima’s medicine was working nicely.

He heard shshank was saying : “mai is disease ke kaaran bête ko kho chuka hun par ab aur nahi..mai riddhima ko nahi kho sakta..wo thik ho jaye bas ,hum india wapas chale jayenge.”

Arman uttered in a wet voice : “nahi uncle,riddhima ke jeene ka sahara hai yeh research..uska sapna hai yeh.”
Shshank nodded and uttered : “par mujhe lagta hai isme successful hona bahut mushkil hai aur mai apni beti ki zindagi iske peeche barbaad nahi hone de sakta. Anyways,abhi toh bas humey riddhima ko sambhalna hai..chaliye cabin me.”

They came inside .arman felt to sit beside hug cares her pale face and to assure her that everything will be fine but shshank and padma were there so he only stood near the door. after sometime riddhima opened eyes and uttered in a low voice …. “pani..

Padma made her drink water then uttered slowly : “dekh toh beta koun aaya hai..”

Riddhima tried to see but everything was blur in front of her. She mumbled while closing eyes… “lucy…mumma lucy…

Padma uttered caressing her cheeks : “bas beta,ab wo sab batein nahi karte..dekh toh arman aa gaya hai,ab sab thik ho jayega..”

Hearing arman,riddhima got up with a jerk and suddenly started shouting… “kyon aaya hai?uski jarurat nahi mujhe…I hate him mumma..usey jane ko kaho…meri..meri nazron se dur karo usey…”

She started panting heavily where arman got scared and uttered in a terrified voice : “calm down riddhima..please…”

But riddhima burst into anger..she tried to remove her IV line where shouted more angrily… “get out! Jab mai mar jaun,tab aana..i don’t need you..i don’t need anyone…I hate you arman mallik…

In between Her attending doctor came there and seeing she was trying to remove her IV,she caught her hand immediately and uttered : “calm down dr. gupta..its my order to you…and dr. arman,please go from here.”

Arman nodded with wet eyes and went from there. 

riddhima was panting and sweating heavily. Dr. Miller gave riddhima injection and made her lay on the bed…in some minutes,riddhima again sank in deep sleep. dr. Miller uttered looking at shshank : “now tell me,what happened with riddhima.”

Shshank narrated why riddhima was angry on arman.dr. Miller nodded and uttered : “better,he won’t come in front of riddhima for some days.” 

Shshank nodded. Dr. Miller came out and saw arman was standing there quietly.his eyes were red as he cried a lot. dr. Miller uttered : “sorry dr. arman, I am really sorry for my behaviour but this time dr. riddhima was getting hyper seeing you so for some days if you manage not to come in front of will be good for her.”

Arman nodded and mumbled : “sorry riddhima..i know tumhe meri jarurat thi..promise ,mai ab kabhi tumhe chodkar nahi jaunga..chahe kuch bhi ho jaye.
2 weeks passed after riddhima came back home from hospital. Padma and shshank were always with her..they were not leaving her alone for a minute but arman didn’t come in her room for a single moment. Now riddhima was recovering fast…the medical team also visited in their house and they gave the report of Lucy’s death. The report was saying riddhima’s medicine was not responsible for lucy’s death..her post-mortem report said she took high dose antibiotic that night and its reacted with the medicine and took lucy’s life. The medical team assured riddhima that she can continue her research but now she would be more careful and patients had to follow up her advice very carefully. Lucy’s husband also came to meet her and he didn’t blame her for his wife’s death. Riddhima’s colleagues..staffs of the centre ..some friends,shshank and padma’s friends also came to meet her but that guy didn’t come whom her heart wanted…her eyes wanted to see him ..her heart wanted to share her grief..her pain with him.. Sometimes she wanted to ask mumma or papa about him or wanted to hear his name from their mouth but it seemed they were forgetting that guy..riddhima’s heart was taking whom name in each and every beat..she started missing him badly…and now she felt that he left her forever for her misbehave…but she knew she couldn’t survive without him in this painful world.

One night when padma was sitting beside her..riddhima asked slowly : mumma…arman kya india wapas chala gaya?”

Padma looked at her hearing her question but didn’t reply immediately. Riddhima looked at her and uttered in a broken voice : “kya mai itni buri hun mumma jo sab mujhe chodkar chale jate hain?”

Padma immediately kept finger on her lips and uttered : “nahi beta,tu toh is duniya ki sabse achchi beti..sabse achchi didi hai..

Riddhima uttered : “par sabse achchi friend nahi hun na? warna mujhe arman ki problem samajhni chahiye thi..maine usey sirf blame kiya..aur ab maine usey kho diya..achcha hi hai..mai hun hi aisi..apni nakamyabi ka dosh dusron par dalti hun..

Padma uttered : “nahi beta,tu nakamyab nahi hai..dekhna tu ekdin successful hokar hi rahegi.”

Riddhima uttered in a teary voice : “ maine shayad bahut jyada hurt kiya tha na arman ko?”

Padma kept quiet for sometime then asked slowly : “tu arman se milna chahti hai?”

Hearing it riddhima’s eyes flashed..she asked impatiently : “kahan hai arman? Wo india wapas nahi gaya?”

Padma uttered smilingly : “nahi riddhima..wo tujhe chodkar kahin nahi ja sakta.par tu gussa na ho isliye yahan nahi aata but everyday in half an hour..he asks about you beta..”

Riddhima face shined hearing it. Padma asked smilingly : “bulaun usey? Wo bas tere bulane ka intzaar kar raha hai.”

Riddhima nodded. Padma uttered smilingly : “ok,kal subah usey bulati hun..aaj bahut raat ho gayi hai..”
Riddhima spent that night restlessly.early morning sleep came in her eyes and she started dreaming…after a long time,she saw riddhan..he was standing and smiling sweetly…just then arman came and held riddhan’s hand…riddhan uttered looking at riddhima … “didi..jane mat dena dr. arman ko..aapko unki jarurat hai..aur mujhe bhi unki jarurat hai..”

Riddhima jerked in sleep and opened eyes and shocked to see arman was standing near the door footstep and smiling. She rubbed her eyes and again looked at that side but it was not dream..arman was standing while a permanent sweet smile was playing on his lips. Seeing her eyes opened..he uttered smilingly : “good morning miss American..”

Riddhima got up on the bed and asked : “tum kab aaye?”

Arman thought a while then uttered seeing the time in mobile…”abhi se thik 44 minutes and 22 seconds pahle..”

Riddhima made face and uttered : “kuch bhi?”
Arman uttered smilingly : “not kuch bhi,aunty se puch lena.”
Riddhima asked with a fake angry tone : “toh ab tak kya kar rahe the? Mujhe jagaya kyon nahi?”

Arman uttered smilingly : “ab tak mai yahan khada ek sleeping beauty ko dekh raha tha…pata nahi tha koi need me itni khubsurat lag sakti hai.”

Riddhima blushed but suddenly remembered she was angry on arman so she uttered with a sulking face : “I hate you..”

Arman nodded in na and uttered : “no..aaj ka ‘hate you’ ka quota pura ho chuka got permission for saying 10 'hate you' in a day .tumne need me exactly 11 times ‘I hate you arman’ kaha hai…now one more…means kal tumhe only 8 ‘hate you arman’ kahne ko sad..”

Riddhima giggled hearing it. Arman came to her and uttered slowly while sitting beside her… “kaisi ho?”

Riddhima replied annoyedly : “ab puch rahe ho? Ab tak kahan the?”

Arman uttered in a soft tone : “dar gaya tha..
Riddhima asked surprisingly : “kyon?”
Arman uttered in a teasing tone : “bachpan se mai ‘kali mata’ se darta hun…

Riddhima frowned and hit him and in a while she whined in pain. Arman caught her hand,caressed it and whispered : “sorry..”

Riddhima’s eyes filled with tears..she uttered in a complaining voice : “chodkar kyon gaye the? You know you are my lucky charm..jab bhi mujhse alag hote ho sab kuch spoil ho jata hai..”

Arman wiped her tears and whispered : “tum hanste hue achchi lagti ho.”

Riddhima pouted : “toh mujhse dur kyon jate ho?mujhe rulate kyon ho?”

Arman peeped in her big almond eyes taking her both hands into him…their eyes met and they felt that the world stopped that moment…arman caressed her locks and whispered like a breathe….”marry me riddhima…phir kabhi tumse dur nahi jaunga…”

Love u all

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