Saturday, 27 October 2018

part 12 A :Sab Mera Tu (season 2)


"Laxman Wahid David aur sab log" Shilpa's eyes landed on Armaan's bodyguards and a happy smile came on her lovely face who wdout caring about Armaan went to meet them who were equally happy, she asked about their where abouts also teased Wahid how she always made him loose the chess game on which he laughed coz it was always her who looses the game, Armaan was calmly staring them smilingly coz he was genuinely happy that finally he got Shilpa back in his life also how she mingles wd every person who is related to him 
"I know tum meri family ka bhi dil jeet hi logi Shilpa kyunki tumhaara meri zindagi me hona bahoot zaruri hai" he thought staring her calmly who was non stop talking wd Laxman.. After few minutes they reached on her home leading Arsh to move out from car, Armaan decided to walk wd her till her gate but yes there was complete silence b/w them coz both of them don't want to let go each other but due to few hasitation she can't show that "Toh kal subhe yaad haina tumhe Deep se patch up karna hai.. Kyunki main chaahta hoon kal tum unki engagement mein raho" putting his hands on his pant's pockets he reminded her as they stopped near Shilpa's house while hearing this she gave a nod in Yes nervously "Thik hai ab jaao" as he said this she smiled sweetly and turned to go after wishing him Good Night which made him to give a calm nod smilingly 
"Shilpa.. Tujhe usse gale lagaakar wish karna hai toh kar de naa kyun dar rahi hai?? Aree kyuna darun ek toh maine bola hai ki main sab kuch slow le chalungi aur agar mere kisi stupid move se Armaan phir dur ho gaya toh isse acha main thoda patience rakhun" playing wd her duppata's hem she thought wd cute pout while walking towards the house where as Armaan was calmly staring her back wd the thought to hug her or not "Aree Shilpa tu pagal hai.. Tu uski girlfriend hai ab aur tujhe pura haq hai usse hug karne ka, at least usse ehsaans toh dila ki tu bhi hai uski life me and most important vo toh raha kuch karne se Sadu ki tarah sochta hi reh jaayga toh tujhe hi karna hoga" thinking this she stopped in her tracks which made Armaan frowned who moved ahead to ask when she herself turned at him and wdout saying anything pulled him in a tight hug whispering I love you Armaan which was surprise for him but yes he was happy that what he wished she herself gave so parting her slowly he whispered back I love you too Shilpa who wd a smile gave a lingering kiss on his cheek "Kal subhe milte hain" pinching his nose tip lovingly she giggled and before he could react she ran towards her house where she disappeared making Armaan flushed while moving his one hand on his back of head and mumbling 'I love her' he left the place for the new morning & bright future of them!
After One week @Shilpa's house
"Hmm not bad Mr Rockstar Malik.. Dress toh bahoot acch di hai aapne" looking at herself on mirror a happy Shilpa thanked her one n only boyfriend who is not present here "Par uska toh black favourite hai toh buddhu ne mujhe White dress kyun gift ki aaj ke liye" she whispered frowningly while wearing the white pearl earings (She have wore a white colour flary dress till her knees while her hairs are opened wd curls and her make up was done in minimum amount just the way Armaan likes) "Hmm puchna padega" wd a cute smile she decided and doing her last touch ups she wore her white high heels then giving a flying kiss to herself she moved out of her room "Bye girls" hearing her cheerful voice Surbhi Sukirti & Dhrashti three of them looked at her 
"Super Hot!!" Surbhi's teasing voice made her giggle "I am sure.. Armaan ke aaj tu hosh udaaygi" closing her laptop she teased which made Shilpa to smack her head lightly (In this one year Surbhi have became a little mature wd her looks & mind, now she have short hairs wd specks on her eyes and from mind she have grown a lot) 
"Vaise tu date par hi jaa rahi haina.. I mean shaadi waadi toh nehi karne waali hai usse??" Sukirti pulled her leg teasingly 
"Oh hello.. Jis din Shilpa Malhotra shaadi karegi Armaan Malik se vo aise nehi.. Dhoom dhadaake ke saath karegi apni family aur friends ke saath" opening her arms she said in happy tone which made three of them giggled 
"Vaise Surbhi tujhe yaad hai.. School me yeh ladki kitna Armaan ke naam se chidti thi.. Har pal sirf uske liye plans ki kaise usse haraana hai girana hai badla lena hai etc.. Par ab toh sirf isse Armaan chaahiye har waqt har pal.. Kahin aisa toh nehi tu bachpan se usse pyaar karti thi isiliye humesha uske baare mein hi baat karti thi??" Dhrashti's teasing question made her to roll her eyes while putting her hand bag on her one shoulder
"Haan tabhi toh yeh mana karti thi usse Rakhi bandhane ke liye aur bhool gaye vo Aarti ko jhoot kehna ki Armaan gay hai so that vo uske peeche time na waste kare, kahin yeh sab tera plan toh nehi tha Armaan ko sab ladkiyo se bachaane ka" Sitting beside Surbhi Sukirti spoke smilingly which made her smiled too
"Aisa kuch nehi hai.. Vo sab coincident hi tha.. Main seriously usse nafrat karti thi aur chidti thi.. Kyunki sab usse pyaar karte the mujhse nehi.. Lekin ab jab main bhi usse pyaar karti hoon tab lagta hai ki sab kyun usse pyaar karte hain" as she took his side three of them teased 'Oyyee Hoyyee' which made her blush who shaking her head sat beside Dhrashti
"Sahin hai.. Kabhi socha nehi tha ki tu us Kamine.. I mean tere Armaan ke pyaar me giregi.." Dhrashti was saying this smilingly but at the word 'Kamine' Shilpa glared wd a smack on her arm 
"Hmm vo toh hai.. Actually naa in dono ki jodi bachpan se hi bani thi bas humne serious nehi liya.. Vo canteen mein jhagadana, ek dusre ki complain karna, pareshaan karna, Armaan ka tujhe padhana, tum dono ki dosti aur phir ladaayi.. Yaani subhe shaam tum dono sirf ek dusre mein busy the aur hum tum dono ke jhagde mein" Sukirti said in an unbelievable tone which made Shilpa giggle while others two smiled even Dhrashti also spoke 'Haan toh kitna pareshaan karta tha Armaan hume iski wajah se aur aaj dekho kitna masoom saa pyaara par thoda egoist hai vo sirf iske liye not to forget aaj vo sirf iski sunta hai' and at this they all giggled
"Par jo bhi ho main toh bahoot khush hoon tum dono ke liye.. At last itna kuch karne ke baad finally tum dono saath aaye.. Ab toh bas intezaar hai ki Armaan tere birthday par deta kya hai gift" removing her specks Surbhi said in happy tone which made Shilpa to shook her head smilingly
"Sach bolun.. Mujhe kuch nehi chaahiye usse vo saath hai yehi bahoot hai.. Par haan ek chiz hai jo usse main zaroor maangungi" as she replied delightedly three of them got curious asking 'What?' on which she smiled "Umm hmm.. Pehle Armaan ko bataaungi baad me tum logo ko" at her cheerful reply three of them shook their heads
"Tu kabhi nehi sudhregi" Surbhi shook her head smilingly making her giggle but as Sukku spoke 'Sudhre yaah naa sudhre bas ab kisiki nazar naa lage tum dono ko aur specially tujhe.. Jo alag hi ho jaati hai Armaan ke bina' Surbhi also said "Main toh dubaara dekhna naa chaahun us Shilpa ko.. Aur agar ab Armaan chodkar gaya tujhe toh taange tod dungi main uski" on which Dhrashti agreed at this coz she don't want to see her sad self and seeing their love Shilpa pulled them in a group hug when Wahid knocked on their house's door "Jaa tera bulaava aa gaya hai.. Advance mein birthday girl" as she joked they giggled and hugging them she left wd Wahid not before taking three of them's wishes for her birthday which will soon start after 12 'O' clock.. Sitting inside the car she looked out of the window to calm her nervous heart 
"I don't know kaise react karega meri wish sunke" looking out of the window she thought nervously while the cool breeze touched her skin who shivered a little staring the streets of Goa (Armaan Malik ki Girlfriend Shilpa Malhotra sunane mein kitna accha lag raha haina.. Haaye kabhi socha nehi tha ki jis ladke se nafrat karungi usse pyaar ho jaayga aur phir usse pataane ke liye dhero tarike try karungi aur jab sab kuch khudke haatho karaab kar chuke ho, khudse nafrat ho jaaye tab wahi ladka wapas aa jaaye aapki life mein suddenly aur phir gira de apne pyaar mein.. Kuch aisa hi huaa mere aur mere Armaan ke saath, Itna kuch hone ke baad finally hum dono ne confess kiya aur short out bhi.. Aur aaj dekho humaare is ek hafte ke secret relationship ke saath, Sorry secret abhi tak toh nehi hai bas baaki sab se hai except our friends.. Hmm toh iss ek hafte ke relationship me mujhe bahoot kuch pata chala mere Armaan ke baare mein aur saath mein mere nayye friends bhi bane.. Mujhe nehi pata tha ki mera Gumsum Armaan itna mastikhor hai aur Romantic bhi haan itna nehi hai par hai, I think usse time jaayga ek dum romantic banane me lekin don't worry jab Shilpa Malhotra jaisi Pyaar ki Devi saamne hai toh kaise vo romantic nehi banega.. Khair vo sab hata ke agar last week revind karun toh sirf happiness aur new things se bhari thi vo.. After our confession jab Armaan mujhe ghar tak chodkar gaya tha mujhe toh yakeen hi nehi ho raha tha ki finally Maine Armaan Malik ko Pata hi liya.. Haayyee yeh to dream come true moment hai.. Khair jab main ghar me pahuchi toh dekha Surbhi mera gusse mein wait kar rahi hai, aur chillaane lagi ki subhe ke 4 baje tak main thi kahan? Lekin jab mujhe usne haste huye dekha toh confuse ho gayi aur itne mein Sukku bhi aa gayi.. Phir kya tha usne puchna shuru kar diya jise Surbhi sunkar shock thi aur jaise hi maine puri baat bataayi Surbhi toh almost behosh hi hone waali thi yeh sunkar ki itna kuch ho gaya aur usse pata bhi nehi chala, Haan vo gussa thi par jab usnein suna kaise Armaan aaya meri zindagi me wapas aur hum kaise saath aaye toh vo sabse zyada khush thi even Sukirti ne toh mujhe vo tight waali hug bhi di, aur hum teeno puri raat bas baate kar rahe the.. Mujhe sachme accha laga unse share karke, hum teeno subhe 8 baje soye..Jab main soyi toh mere mann mein aaya pata nehi Armaan ne kya kiya hoga ghar jaakar lekin jitna Armaan ne mujhe bataaya tha ki jab vo ghar gaya Rati aur Deep lad rahe the engagement ke topic par aur Shaad unko shaant karne ki koshish kar raha tha par jaise hi Armaan ko dekha unhone questions puchne shuru kar diye the, jispe Armaan ne unko bola ki 'Tum teeno ke liye kal subhe ek surprise hai toh.. Ready rehna' jispar vo log confuse the par Mere BOYFRIEND ARMAAN ne unhe clear karte huye kaha 'Dekho jo bhi hai main kal hi bataaunga.. Aur haan main nehi jaa raha hoon Goa chod kar' aur vo log toh pure shock the par Armaan ne unka mind divert kar diya aur chala gaya sone.. Hehee funny naa.. Khair next morning mera toh bilkul uthne ka mann nehi tha par Armaan ke itne phone calls ne mujhe sone hi nehi diya phir Sukku ne mujhe uthaaya aur kaha ki Armaan mera kabse mall mein wait kar raha hai vo bhi apne friends ke saath aur yeh bhi kaha ki main jaldi se jaaun vo bhi apne friends ke saath, jo mujhe confusing laga par ek dum speed mein main ready hui aur bahar aayi toh dekha Ritvik Surbhi aur Sukirti ready hokar baate kar rahen the, mujhe dekhte hi Ritvik ne haath pakada aur mujhe jald se jald neeche car me bitha diya yeh kehkar 'Koi itna wait karwata hai apne boyfriend ko.. Phichle do ghante se Armaan tera wait kar raha hai' mere toh totte udd gayye sunkar ki yeh dekho relationship ke pehle hi din maine mere Armaan ko intezaar karvaaya.. Sheyyy stupid me.. Khair uswaqt hum chaaro mall pahuche jahan Surbhi Sukirti chali gayi shopping ke liye, Bolo bhala uswaqt bhi unko shopping sujh rahi thi aur ek main pareshaan thi kyunki Armaan mera phone nehi utha raha tha aur usse bhi important mujhe Deep se milna tha jiske liye main toh bahoot nervous thi par Ritvik ne mujhe cheer kiya) 
"Aree pagal itna kyun soch rahi hai Deep hi toh hai" putting his hand around her shoulder Ritvik cheered her who looked up at him cutely 
"Haan Deep hai.. Par main usse kya kahungi.. I mean pehle ki baat alag thi aur ab vo mere Armaan ka best friend hai in fact uski aadhi jaan hai vo jo mujhse gussa hai.. Pata nehi usse samjha bhi paaungi main apna point of view" walking wd Ritvik till Cafe she shared her nervousness on which he chuckled 
"Tujhe zyada kuch karne ki zarurat nehi hai.. Tu bas apne self me rehkar usse samjhaana vo zarur samjhega.. And most important Jhallii bhool kaise gayi tu.. Tu humaari sabse badhi Khatra Soldier hai" pulling her closer by her neck he said in loving voice which made her giggle (Gadha baat toh sahin bol raha tha ki aise kaise main weak pad sakti hoon main Shilpa hoon jisne aadhi duniya aise hi jeet li hai bas aadhi reh gayi hai)
"Hmm.. Mujhe aisa lagta hai tu sudhar gaya hai thoda" gripping his arm she teased which made him chuckled
"Dekh common si baat hai.. Ab tujh jaisi musibat se mahino bhar dur rahunga kuch toh asar hoga naa.. Thoda toh smart banunga hi" her mouth hung opened as she heard his words which made her to smack his arm "Aaaww.. Jangli Africa ki Billi.." she smacked again as he teased "Accha.. Kya baat hai aaj bahoot beautiful lag rahi hai" he tried to change her mood who showed her angry glare but seriously she was looking preety in her red pink floral dress below her knees wd high heels while her hairs are opened straight "Ek dum LallanTop.." automatically both of them chuckled at his Bhojpuri and like this wd their cute banter they reached inside the cafe which was made on Mall's big opened terrece while on other side Armaan & Deep were sitting on one of a table where Armaan shared the news wd him who was stunned at it first
"Tabhi main kahun ki kal raat tu late kyun aaya tha" Armaan rolled his eyes at Deep's teasing voice "Aur tera surprise yehi haina??" as he asked in serious tone Armaan gave a cute nod in Yes which made Deep happy somewhere but yes he was also worried what if again something happen and Shilpa live him again??
"I know bahoot kuch huaa tha aur bahoot kuch kiya bhi usnein.. Main gussa bhi tha lekin.. Main yeh bhi jaanta tha ki vo mujhse pyaar karti hai bas koi baat zarur hai.. Aur isiliye jab mujhe laga hum dono hi nehi reh paayenge ek dusre se dur toh sab thik kar diya.. Isliye nehi ki main usse pyaar karta hoon balki isliye ki vo bhi mujhse pyaar karti hai.. So" but before he could explain him more Deep stopped him annoyingly
"Tu mujhe yeh sab kyun bata raha hai.. Main acche se jaanta hoon Armaan ki jitna distance tum dono ne face kiya hai vo hardly kisine kiya hoga.. Haan main kehta zarur hoon ki tum dono ek dusre ke liye nehi bane ho par main yeh bhi jaanta hoon naa tu uske bina reh paayga aur naa vo.. Haan thodi crazy hai par tere liye perfect hai, toh yehi kahunga kisike kehne yaah koi musibat aane se ek dusre ko mat chodna..Aur agar tujhe lag raha hai main khilaaf hoon toh.." Deep's understanding made him smiled who was tapping his fingers on table but hearing his last line he interrupted
"Bakwaas nehi.. Yeh main bhi jaanta hoon tu koi gussa nehi hai usse.. Bas tujhe laga usse thoda lesson dena zaruri hai.. Haina??" Deep smirked coz Armaan correctly understood his intention 
"Haan.. Par yeh bhi sach hai ki uswaqt mujhe sachme gussa aaya tha ki aise kaise vo haath utha sakti hai tujhpar.. Isilye main tujhe yehi suggest karunga ki is Ishq ki raah par chalte waqt zara uske haath ko control rakhna baaki vo tujhe toh handle kar hi legi.." wd a wink he teased which made Armaan chuckled 
"Tu fikar mat kar Shilpa ko kaise control karte hain mujhe pata hai.. Bas tum dono apne bich sab thik karo" at his warning words Deep shook his head smilingly
"Haan vo toh ho jaayga par tujhe mera ek saath dena padega" bending a little ahead he spoke in an excited voice which made Armaan frowned "Sunn toh main sirf thodi der ke liye uske saath prank karna chaahta hoon jisme main usse gussa hone ka natak karunga.. Actually mujhe dekhna hai ki vo kaise react karegi" his excited voice made Armaan to shook his head smilingly saying 'Mujhe nehi pata yeh tum dono ka matter hai jaise mann aaye vaise solve karo par ek saath dikhne chaahiye dono' Deep giggled at his uninterested voice when his eyes landed on Shilpa who entered inside cafe wd Ritvik "Dekh vo aa gayi.. Plan shuru thik hai" saying this in low voice he made a strict face which only make Armaan to hide his smile but as he spotted Shilpa his heart jumped excitedly (Maine jaise hi Deep ko dekha turant Ritvik ka haath pakada yeh sochke ki pata nehi kaise react karega.. Aur jab Armaan ko dekha toh apne aap ek himmat mili mujhe aur main khadi ho gayi Deep ke saamne jisne mujhe dekh kar ignore kiya par Ritvik se gale mila mamujhe bura laga ki mujhe toh usne hii tak nehi kaha aur Armaan ne shayad notice kiya mera vo look tabhi toh jaise hi maine uski taraf dekha usne apni vo sweet waali smile pass ki.. Tab laga vo jo kar raha hai mere liye kar raha hai aur jo main karungi uske liye karungi.. Khair mujhe Deep ke saamne bitha kar pata nehi kyun Armaan khada ho gaya aur kaha)
"See.. Main nehi jaanta tum dono kya karoge par yeh zarur kahunga ki ab finally end karo apne apne gusse ka.. Sirf isliye nehi ki main chaahta hoon.. Genuinely karna apna patch up thik hai ab main jaa raha hoon tum log baate karo.." saying this in warning tone he stood up which made Ritvik giggle coz of Shilpa's scared face and coincidently Deep & Shilpa said something in unionism which made both the boys chuckled, actually Deep spoke 'Thik hai tu aaraam se jaa' in very strict voice and what Shilpa spoke while holding Armaan's wrist only made him adored her who spoke 'Please mat jaao' it was an adorable moment for three of boys where as keeping his on hand above her Armaan smiled wd an assurance "Tum dono baate karo main aata hoon.. Chal Ritvik tujhe Rati se bhi milna tha naa.." saying to her sweetly he looked back at Ritvik while Shilpa lowered her hand from his wrist understanding the meaning of his gesture (Main samajh gayi thi ki vo yehi chaahta tha main har cheez ka saamna himmat se karun unse bhagun nehi.. Haan humne usdin zyada baat nehi ki thi par ek pillar ki tarah mere saath khada tha vo uswaqt bhi.. That's why I love my boyfriend.. Vaise vo dono toh hawa ke jhoke ki tarah chale gayye Rati se milne aur mujhe chod gayye ek angry Deep ke saath.. At least pure do minute tak hum dono mein se koi nehi bola toh maine socha lagta hai mujhe hi baat shuru karni hogi toh khudko cheer kiya aur baat shuru kardi as if main Armaan ka rishta maangane aayi hoon apne liye uske father se.. Funny naa kyunki Deep jaise coolest person se main dar rahi thi.. Gadhi Main)
"Dekho Deep.. I know maine bahoot si galtiya ki hain Armaan ko lekar.. Haan past me maine bina soche samjhe faisle liye Armaan ko paane ke liye.. Par ab mujhe realise ho gaya hai ki main waqai mein uske bina nehi reh sakti.. Haan kuch dino pehle jo maine kiya vo nehi karna chaahiye tha lekin mujhe uswaqt aisa lag raha tha ki jo Armaan ka status level hai aur jo mera hai vo bahoot alag hai.. I mean kahan vo ek rockstar aur kahan main ek ordinary ladki par jaise hi Armaan dur gaya mujhe laga main nehi reh sakti uske bina chaahe kuch bhi ho.." Deep was calmly hearing her and at her last words he connected the same scene wd Rati whom in past when he propsed she refused saying their lives are different and at that time Armaan Stephen & Deep made her understand, he thought 'Waqai me dono same to same hai.. Tabhi Rati Shilpa ko kabhi galat nehi samajhti kyunki vo samajh gayi hai Shilpa ussi ki tarah sochti hai.. Coool!!' a smile reached his lips thinking this and again he concentrated on Shilpa "Haan main usse tum logo jaisa nehi samajhti par main koshish karungi usse samajhne ki in fact main apni jaan laga dungi usse samajne me.. Aur i can assure you main kabhi tum logo ke bich nehi aaungi, may be mujhe time jaaye tum sabse judne me par dilse main khush hoon ki tum uswaqt the Armaan ke saath jiswaqt koi nehi tha,Aur sorry tumhaari baat nehi samajhne ke liye.. But i seriously love him" in very careful fast way she explained everything confidently making Deep impressed also sure that She is perfect for Armaan but how can he left a chance to prank on her so hiding his smile he sipped his coffee calmly (Uswaqt mann kiya ki uski coffee chin ke uske face par phek doon kyunki main vahan serious baat kar rahi thi aur badtameez coffee pee raha tha jaise main koi daily soap ki bahu hoon jo khudko explain kar rahi hai aur serial ki Vamp coffee ke maze le rahi hai.. Huh!)
"Par tum mujhe yeh sab explain hi kyun kar rahi ho.. Kyunki jaisa maine kaha tha ki ab tumhaari love story main hi todunga aur uska villian bhi main hi rahunga toh yeh sab mat karo.. Kyunki agar maine Armaan ko keh diya ki mujhe tum dono ke relationship se problem hai toh vo ek minute bhi nehi lega tumse rishta todne mein.. So tumhaare liye yehi accha hoga ki khud hi side ho jaao varna aage bahoot rona padega" he tried to sound strict just to check her expression whose heart fell hearing this (Uswaqt main dar gayi ki kahin phirse naa kho doon usse par andar se ek awaaz aayi ki mujhe ladna toh hoga Armaan ke liye toh koshish kiya usse samjhaane ka)
"Mujhe agar puri zindagi akela bhi rehna pada naa toh bhi main reh lungi.. Par tabhi ki agar mere Armaan ki life se jaane se uska acha hoga aur koi aisi ladki uske life me aaygi jo usse puri zindagi khush rakkhegi mujhse zyada pyaar karegi tab main tumse promise kar sakti hoon ki main uske life me nehi rahungi.. Aur iska matlab yeh nehi ki main dar gayi yaah usse kam pyaar karti hoon.. Main yeh sab uski khushi ke liye karungi jo tum mujhe assure karoge ki vo mere bina khush rahega" keeping her both hands on table she said in confident tone which not only convinced Deep that she can take care of Armaan in every way and she can also stand like pillar for Armaan but also he was happy that finally in true means Arsh reunited
"Haan reh lega vo tumhaare bina khush.. Bas tum chali jaao uske life se" masking a villian face he said in serious tone which made her hurt coz she wasn't expecting this from Deep (Mujhe Deep uswaqt kisi Bollywood ki Dramatic movie me jo ladki ka baap hota haina jo apni beti ko uske Hero se dur rakhne ke liye dhamki deta hai Hero ko wahi lag raha tha vo uswaqt.. Deep meri tarah hi draamebaaz hai.. Aur yeh bhi sach hai ki vo aur main Armaan ke liye kuch bhi kar sakte hain..Sometimes i feel jealous of him) "Aur haan hai ek ladki jo usse tumse zyada khush rakhegi.. Aur vo yeh hai.. Oh sorry yeh waali hai" taking out his phone he showed Rati's pic(whom Shilpa never saw) which made her eyes moist but when siding her pic he Showed Shilpa's pic whose eyes shimmered wd a ting of happiness and she glanced up at him emotionally "Yehi hai vo ladki jo usse khush rakh sakti hai puri zindagi.. Haan thodi pagal hai par mujhe pata hai vo mere dost ke liye kisi se bhi lad sakti hai..Aur usko utna pyaar de sakti hai jitna mera dost deserve karta hai.." in very smart way he said which not only made her giggle wd eyes wet but also she was smitten by his gesture 
"Tumna.. Kisiki jaan bhi le lo.. Almost attack diya tumne pata bhi hai" throwing a tissue paper on him she said while clearing her eyes which made him laughed who standing up took a seat beside her
"Ab kya karun.. Test toh lena tha toh le liya.. And guess what tum paas bhi ho gayi" as he said coolly she smacked his arm in fun way "Acha haan.. Us raat ke liye sorry.. Gusse me tha toh bol diya.." he apologised smilingly which made her smiled too
"Nehi Deep tumne jo kiya ek sacche dost ki tarah kiya.. Aur main maanti hoon main kabhi kabhi over react karti hoon.. Aur haath bhi utha deti hoon jo main abse control karungi.. So aajse main promise karti hoon ki uska saath nehi chodungi aur koshish karungi uska dhyaan rakhne ki.." as she assured he smiled heartly
"Vo sab tum kar logi mujhe pata hai.. Bas ek cheez suggest karunga vaise toh vo sabme perfect hai par romance ka kuch keh nehi sakte toh uspe tumhe zyada focus karna hoga" at his suggestion she giggle
"Hmm.. Uski chinta tum mat karo main hoona.. Trust me main handle kar lungi usse" whispering this cutely she smiled which made him chuckled at her confidence and just like this both of them got involved in cute talks about Armaan & Rati (Vo moment ab tak ka best moment tha mera aur Deep ka kyunki usmein humne dher saari baate ki jisme Deep ne mujhe detail me bataaya ki actually me, mere aur Armaan ki love story kaise bigdi aur bani in fact yeh bhi ki Armaan ki halat kya thi mere bina.. Main jitna sunn rahi thi mujhe bas yeh mann kar raha tha ki Armaan ko ek tight hug doon aur usse vo sab kuch doon jo vo chaahta hai.. Khair hum dono toh gupshup kar rahen the aur wahin dusre side Armaan Ritvik, Surbhi ko pareshaan kar rahe the usse jhoot bolkar ki Shaad ne cheh mahine pehle shaadi karli hai aur uski wife pregnant hai abhi)
"Aree aise kaise shaadi karli usnein??" correcting her specks she questioned in her serious tone which made Sukirti smiled coz she already know they are making her fun and shaking her head she concentrated on clothes which she was checking in clothe's section where four of them standing now
"Kaise matlab.. Aree pyaar huaa iqraar huaa aur shaadi ho gayi.. In fact kitna khush hai aaj Shaad" saying this normally Armaan looked at Ritvik who was trying hard to control his laugh seeing Surbhi's shock look
"Haan main toh gaya bhi tha unki shaadi me.. Kasam se kya shaadi thi aur khaana vo toh.. Aammmazing yaar.. Ki abhi bhi mooh me paani aa raha hai" keeping his hand on Armaan's shoulder Ritvik made a blissful face which became very hard for Sukirti to control her laugh
"Tu khaane ki baat kar raha hai.. Arrangements yaad kar, Kya tha yaar Surbhi.. Aur Shaad ka apni wife ke liye performance bhool gaya kya.. Mindblowing performance tha main fan ho gaya uska" Armaan's fake tone made Sukirti laugh while Surbhi was hurt hearing this (Surbhi jitna Shaad se pyaar karti hai shayad hi koi karta ho bas uski nafrat ladko ke liye thodi zyada hai.. Aur isiliye shayad Ritvik ne pehle hi Armaan ko bata diya tha ki Surbhi ne apne aapko kaam me duba liya hai tabhi toh mere Hero ne turant us problem ko solve karne ki sochi) 
"Haww Ritvik tu shaadi me gaya aur hume bataaya bhi nehi.. Very bad" smacking lightly his arm Sukirti too participated wd them
"Aree nehi bataana pada yaar.. Uswaqt tum sab busy the gussa the ek dusre se toh mujhe akele hi jaakar shaadi attened karni padi" he replied thoughtfully which only increased Surbhi's anger which Armaan noticed 
"Haan karli toh karli thik haina.. Ab isme itna khush hone waali baat kya hai.. Mera question yeh hai ki kuch zyada jaldi nehi kardi usnein" Keeping a straight face she asked to Armaan who smiled immediately coz he already guessed she will react like this only
"Jaldi kahan.. Bechaara hurt tha jab tumne usse choda tha vo toh accha huaa ki Bhabhi aa gayi uske life me varna uska kya hota bhagwaan hi jaane" Armaan's serious words made Surbhi guilty but it became very hard for Sukirti & Ritvik to control their laugh at his word 'Bhabhi'
"Toh tum bhi kar lete aakhir tumhaara bhi toh dil toota tha" crossing her arms she backfired which made him chuckled
"Nehi yaar bahoot busy ho gaya tha kaam me.. Varna maine bhi socha tha ki ab toh shaadi kar hi loon.. Kyunki tumhaari dost ne takleef hi itni badi di thi.. Haina Ritvik" saying this in fake emotional tone he kept his head on Ritvik's shoulder who giving a nod in Yes emotionally kept his hands on his back while saying 'Rulaayga kya pagle' watching this scene Sukirti laughed where as Surbhi rolled her eyes when she spotted Shaad wd Rati on a little distance away from them 
"Di tu koi cheez sunti kyun nehi yaar" Shaad tried to make Rati understand who have planned to shop everything from this mall and hearing this she eyed saying 'By god chup chap chal.. Abhi mujhe bahoot kuch kharidna hai aur Armaan se bhi toh milna hai' she was blabbering continously which only made Shaad to held his head and watching this scene Surbhi thought Rati is his wife (Us din mall mein itna kuch huaa tha kya kya yaad karoon.. Jaise jab Surbhi aur Shaad mile tab Shaad toh khush tha lekin Surbhi ko misunderstanding thi ki Rati aur vo married hain jo jald hi dur bhi hui Shaad ki wajah se jisnein un dono ko introduce karvaaya, Rati ne toh pehle class li uski ki aise kaise vo Shaad ke pyaar ko thukra sakti hai jispar Surbhi ne argue bhi kiya vo toh Shaad ne un dono ko sambhaala aur dosti karwaayi lekin jab Surbhi ko click huaa ki Armaan aur Ritvik ne uska mazaak banaaya vo un dono se jhagadne lagi.. Aur pura mahual masti se bhar gaya.. Sab kuch perfect tha bas reh gaya tha mera aur Rati ka introduction jo aise huaa jaisa kisine nehi socha tha..Actually huaa yeh ki main aur Deep baat karke nikale Rati se milne aur wahin Armaan Rati ko lekar nikla mujhse milaane, Par Deep ko call aaya Armaan ka toh vo dono side ho gayye aur main khud aage badhne lagi jaise Rati, coincidently hum aas paas hi khade huye ki tabhi kuch huaa)
"Dekh tere saamne hoon main" hearing Deep's voice Armaan looked in front and automatically a smile reached his lips who hanging up the phone walked towards him, hugging each other they asked in unionism 'Shilpa/Rati kahan hain??' which only made both of them chuckled
"Aree vo abhi peeche hi toh thi.. Vo toh rahi.. Aur" looking around he replied calmly when he spotted Rati who was searching something inside her shopping bags but as both the boys saw Shilpa beside her both of them's eyes widen where as Shilpa was texting something on her phone so her head was also bowed and seeing this Deep moved to introduce them but Armaan stopped him "I think inhe milaane ki Zaroorat nehi hai khud hi mil lengi" Putting his hand on his shoulder he said in calm tone which made Deep grinned when something happened (Main jaise hi Armaan ko text karne waali thi ki 'Thank you sab kuch thik karwaane ke liye?' tabhi maine ek aadmi ko dekha jo dheere se apna haat Rati ki kamar par rakhne waala tha mujhe itna gussa aaya ki kya kahoon aur Rati ne bhi feel kar liya tha)
"Iski toh.." Deep's anger rosed as he saw the scene even Armaan also but before they could take any step ahead both the girls looked at the man in same time and gave a tight hard slap on man's both the cheeks making Armaan-Deep stunned (Vo pura scene coincident tha even hum dono khud ek dusre ko dhyaan se dekh bhi rahe the)
"By god! Mann toh hai pura mooh tod doon" slapping again Rati shouted angrily which made the man scared
"Aise logo ka mooh nehi haath aur pair dono todte hain" saying this angrily Shilpa kick his feet then scratched the man's arm who winced in pain while shouting for help and in a minute everyone sorrounded them which leaded that man beaten by crowed until the man was taken away from security 
"By god thank you very.." but Rati couldn't complete her sentence coz she recognised Shilpa whom she always saw in pictures on Armaan Deep Shaad & Vrushika's phone in fact she also saw her that day in pub when she slapped on Armaan's cheek
"Its okay yaar.. You know aise logo ko naa aise hi maarna chaahiye" Shilpa never saw Rati only heard about her from others so that's why she was normal wd her 
"Omg.. Tum Shilpa hona??" Rati's excited question made her frowned that how did she knows her name but she managed to nod in Yes "By god yeh toh kamaal ho gaya.. Hum bina milaaye kisi ke khud mil gayye.. Main Rati.. Deep aur Armaan ki besty" hearing this Shilpa became surprised at their coincident (Main sach bolun mujhe bahoot khushi hui thi usse dekh kar.. Ki finally itna sunane ke baad dusro se hum uswaqt mile vo bhi anjaane mein dhamaaka ke saath) 
"Wow.. Hi" saying this wd a giggle she forwarded her hand to shake which Rati shook smilingly coz it clicked inside her head that she broke Armaan's heart unaware of their relationship "Tumhe pata hai..Main kalse excited hoon tumse milne ke" saying this happily she immediately hugged her who got confused that Why she is excited to meet wd her? Where as Armaan & Deep were only staring at them astonishingly 
"Maine kaha tha naa tujhse jab dono milengi tab koi naa koi hungama zarur hoga.. Aur dekh ho bhi gaya" shaking his head Deep said in an amused tone which made Armaan to glance at him calmly
"Hungama toh hoga hi dono.. Do dhaari talwaar jo thairi" putting his hands on his pant's pockets he said in calm tone which made Deep chuckled "Chal dono ko milwaate hain varna na jaane kitno ko peetengi" as he said smilingly both of them high fived and approached towards them to give official introduction of both (Rati kuch der tak chup hi khadi thi kyunki usse nehi pata tha Armaan aur mere baare me ki tabhi Deep Armaan aa gaye.. Tab jaakar humaara thik se introduction huaa aur jaise hi Armaan ne mera haath pakad kar kaha ki 'Mere aur Shilpa ke bich kal raat hi sab thik ho gaya and now we are together' meri dhadkane khushi ke maare badh gayi uska vo side dekh kar.. Par haan Rati zarur gussa hui thi thodi der ke liye ki kyun usse itne der tak chupaaya lekin Deep Armaan aur mere samjhaane par vo maan bhi gayyi infact mujhe gale bhi lagaaya.. Aur phir kya tha hum sab ek Cafe me baithe aur bahoot saari baate bhi ki, Ritvik Surbhi Sukirti aur Shaad hum sab the bahoot maza aaya tha us din, Rati toh non stop bole jaa rahi thi in fact main khud usse gappe lada rahi thi.. Par sabse funny tha Armaan aur Ritvik ka Surbhi ko tease karna, mujhe uswaqt laga Armaan aaj bhi vaisa hai jaisa school me tha bas ek timing hoti hai uske mood ki, To be frank main usse samajhna shuru kar chuki thi.. Thodi der baad hum aise hi walk kar rahe the mall me ki tabhi maine notice kiya ki Armaan toh mere saath hi chal raha hai aur jaise usnein mera haath pakada mann kiya usse hug karun tightly.. Kyunki subhe se ek bhi moment hume nehi mila tha akele)
"Tum khush hona??" clasping their hands he whispered on her ear who was still in surprising mode by their locked hands but when she felt a light blew on her ear she immediately looked at him who showed his dimples 
"Haan bahoot khush hoon itna ki mann kar raha hai tumhe.." wd an excited face she whispered back but stopped coz she was about to say 'Kiss kar loon' and seeing her embarrassed he raised his bows amusingly "I mean tumhe dher saara thank you kahun aur tight waali huggy doon" hearing her sweet tone he smiled while whispering this 'Toh de do maine kab roka hai' which only made her blush and leaving his hand she started walking smilingly when a thought came inside her head that she should apologised for not picking up his phone calls "Acha Armaan subhe ke liye sorry.. Tumhaara phone nehi pick kiya naa toh sorry vo kya haina main subhe 8 baje soyi toh late uthi" she apologised cutely while holding her ears which made Armaan to show a calm smile 
"Vaise main samajh gaya tha ki tum so rahi hogi isiliye kuch bola nehi.. Par abhi, yehi kahunga ki jaldi ghar jaao aur so jaao kyunki raat ko engagement hai Deep Rati ki.. Toh main nehi chaahta tum late aao" her heart filled wd pride at his understanding gesture who was looking at the clothes direction to buy something for her but he freezed as she did something unexpected (Mujhe kabse mann kar raha tha ki usse tightwaali kissy doon jo maine kar bhi diya tha kyunki vo Duniya ka best Boyfriend hai.. Aur vo toh aur bhi cute lag raha tha jab vo mujhe shockingly dekh raha tha even usne toh mujhe gesture bhi kiya ki yahaan sab hai aur mujhe hassi aa gayi usse dekh kar.. Hum aise hi walk kar rahe the ki usnein pucha 'Shilpa tumne kuch kharida aaj ki engagement ke liye.. I mean pata haina theme blue hai?' aur maine usse bola 'Nehi abhi tak mujhe kuch accha nehi laga.. Soch rahin hoon ki online shopping kar loon' pata nehi kyun vo hasne laga jab maine yeh kaha tha.. Main puchti kuch usse ki tabhi Surbhi ne mujhe bula liya aur hum sabko ghar ke liye jaldi nikalna pada kyunki raatko engagement ke liye jaldi jaana tha.. Main so nehi paayi kyunki mera pura time chala gaya dresses choice karne me mujhe ek dress acchi lagi thi online waali jo zyada nehi par thik thi, main dekh hi rahi thi ki Wahid ne knock kiya mere room door par, main kuch kehti ki usne mujhe handle kiya ek shopping bag yeh kehte huye ki 'Sir ne diya hai aapke liye' aur vo chala gaya.. Main toh fully impressed ho gayi vo gift dekh kar jo actually ek Dark blue & Black mix saari thi jo mujhe acchi hi nehi bahoot acchi lagi itni ki mann kar raha tha kahin se Armaan ko bulaaun aur dher saara pyaar doon par vo uswaqt impossible tha kyunki hum door the lekin haan us bag me ek note bhi tha jisme usne apne pyaare se handwritting mein likha tha 'I know tumne koi dress select ki hogi apne choice se.. Par agar kuch nehi mila hoga toh yeh zarur pehna.. Tumhaara Armaan')
"Mila hoga?? Buddhu! Pehnna toh yehi hai ab.. I love you" kissing the note happily she hugged the saari imagining him (Main bahoot khush thi itni ki bas raat ka wait tha ki kab usse milungi.. Haan yeh bhi yaad aaya us pure din Dhrashti busy thi engagement ke preparations me isiliye usnein sab miss kar diya tha.. Khair engagement ki raat jab main ready ho rahi thi tab mere Hero ka phone aaya) "Hello!" in her sweet voice she picked up his call while wearing her earings, she was standing in front of the mirror wearing that same Saari where as Armaan was making his tie's knot same standing like her in front of the mirror but yes he have put a bluetooth on his ear
"Ready hui..??" his question made her smiled coz she knew what he wanted to ask but she was in mood to tease him so she replied 'Ho rahin hoon' making him sigh "Really? vaise kya pehen rahi ho aaj" after knoting his black tie on his black shirt he looked up in front of the mirror but when she knowingly replied 'A blue dress' he frowned coz he was waiting to hear Saari which he have gifted her for today's function "Dress?? Kyun maine Wahid ke haatho.. Tumhaare liye ek saari bhijwaayi thi vo kyun nehi peheni?? Acchi nehi lagi kya?" gelling up his hairs he asked wd a frown which made her to hide her giggle
"Nehi Armaan Saari toh bahoot acchi lagi.. Lekin Sukku ko laga vo meri saari hai toh usne kaha kya vo pehen le.. Aur uska vo cute saa face dekh kar main mana nehi kar paayi isiliye aaj ki party me Sukku vo saari pehenegi.. I am sorry main tumhaara pehla diya huaa gift nehi sambhaal paayi" wearing few bangles on her hand she spoke in a fake innocent tone which made him to sigh coz how he was dying to see her on that saree he only knows and hearing this he was disappointed when Shilpa noticed his silence "Agar tum kaho toh main maang loon wapas Sukirti se" she knowingly asked in sad tone which made him to shook his head who wore his blue blazer staring at himself on mirror
"Nehi Shilpa rehne do acchi baat nehi hai.. Par tum vo sab chodo yeh bataao tum kab tak aaogi?" spreading some perfume on himself he asked in calm tone which made her smiled at his sweet nature
"Main bas nikal hi rahin hoon.. Tum apna bataao ready huye kya??" glancing herself for the last time on mirror she asked cheerfuly while he wore his shoes and looked at himself coz he is fully ready to leave for the party which was going in downstairs
"Main toh kabka ready hoon bas tumhaara intezaar hai" hearing his teasing voice a shy smile came on her lips who directly demanded 'Acha toh zara dikhaao toh sahi kaise lag rahe ho??' which made him chuckled "Naahh.. Pehle tum dikhao kaisi lag rahi ho.. Tabhi main dikhaaunga" he too demanded on that same tone which made her giggle
"Armaan.. Dekho main jaldi me hoon toh impossible hai tum hi dikha do naa.. At least ek selfy.. Please" her cute request made him to shook his head smilingly and clicking his selfy he sent to her who smiled kissing his pick (Mera handsome hero itna handsome lag raha tha ki kya kahun aur usko tease karne me jo maza hai vo kahin nehi hai.. Actually usne bhi demand ki, ki usse mujhe dekhna hai par agar main usse dikha deti toh uska vo expression nehi dekh paati mujhe saree me dekh kar.. Isiliye toh jaldi se usse baat kar phone rakh diya aur hum sab nikle engagement ke liye.. Aur jab main pahuchi engagement hall mein dekha sab log the except Armaan even main toh Rati aur Deep se bhi mili jo mujhpe gussa karne lage ki main late kyun hui.. Main toh unhe reasons bata rahi thi, par mujhe kya pata tha Armaan ki nazar mujhpar hi tham jaaygi aur usse Shararat sujhegi) 
"Yup.. Its Shilpa.. Write that.. And call me back when it is done" ordering this in his proffessional voice he hung up the phone "I hope ab tak toh Shilpa aa hi gayi hogi??" he mumbled staring down at his wrist watch and shaking his head he immediately moved out from the backyard where he came to talk wd someone, he entered inside the hall which was only filled wd happiness, he looked around for Shilpa when he spotted Sukirti who was giggling on something while talking wd Dhrashti but what made him frowned was her sky blue skirt "Shilpa ne toh kaha tha ki.. Sukirti vo saree pehenegi phir isne yeh kyun pehena..?? Aur agar usnein yeh pehena toh Saree kisne?? Ek minute kahin Shilpa toh?? Par vo hai kahan??" he got puzzled by the scene while his eyes were only searching her who was busy wd the host Couple when his eyes finally saw her and as he saw her gorgeous look on his gifted saree his heartbeat skipped wd excitement, the way she is carrying the saree only made him dazed whose eyes scanned her from head to tie, he had already imagined her look when he first time saw the saree on maniquin in Mall but she is looking beyond his imagination "Ohh.. Toh madam ne jhoot bola mujhe surprise karne ke liye.. Abhi batata hoon" a grin formed on his cheek as something mischivious came inside his head so stepping back he called Laxman inside the hall (Mujhe nehi pata tha itna khura faati idea dhoondhega vo, main baat hi kar rahi thi Rati se ki Laxman ne mujhe bulaaya side me aur yeh kaha ki Armaan sir ko injury ho gayi hai aur vo mujhe bula rahen hain.. Yeh sunne ke baad main ruk sakti thi kya vahan isiliye daudi us side jahan Laxman ne bataaya Armaan hai.. Main itni dari hui thi naa uswaqt ki keh nehi sakti maine yeh bhi nehi notice kiya ki kab Laxman mere peeche se gayab ho gaya, main toh bas uske paas pahuchna chaahti thi kisi bhi haal mein aur jaise hi main corridor ke paas pahuchu ki kisine zor se kheecha mujhe apni taraf aur main dar gayi) 
"Huhh!!" her breath stopped when Armaan pulled her wd such force by her elbow that she directly bumped on his chest who instantly locked her on his arms "Armaaan??" she looked at him wd shock plus surprise look which made him grinned "Ttum.. Aree haan tum thik toh hona vo Laxman ne kaha tum injured ho" at first she was surprised but as it clicked inside her head that he was injured she got worried so stepping back started checking him from head to toe in fact she checked his forehead or cheeks also and seeing her care he was smitten who
wdout saying anything pulled her back on his arms but this time his hold was tight on her back, Shilpa was staring him confusedly wd her hands put on his chest 
"Tumhe sharam nehi aayi Sukirti bechaari se saree chinte huye.. I know maine tumhe gift kiya hai par jab usnein le liya tha toh maangna nehi chaahiye tha.. Very bad" making a fake serious face he scolded which made her at first confused but as it clicked that he got about her lie a giggle escaped from her mouth (Main samajh gayi thi ki vo bahaana tha uska mujhe bulaane ka aur yeh bhi ki vo samajh gaya tha ki main usse surprise dene waali thi.. Isliye maine bhi uske serious mazaak me saath diya)
"Main kya karti Armaan tumne mujhe bahoot pyaar se diya hai.. Toh kaise main yeh kisiko de doon aakhir tumse badhkar thodi koi hai" putting her hands around his neck she said in cute sweet tone which made him to press his lips to hide his smile 
"Maanta hoon par decency naam ki bhi ek chiz hoti hai.. I mean pehle dekar phir wapas nehi lena chaahiye tha.. Kya sochegi Sukirti ki kaisi friend ho tum" making a pity face he said in fake disappoint voice which made her smile at his playful side
"Jisse jo sochna hai vo soche.. Mujhe toh sirf tumse matlab hai, haan maanti hoon Sukku ki wajah se aaj hum ek hain, par Armaan main yeh nehi kar paaungi.. I mean kitni mehnat se time nikaalkar soch samajhkar, fursat se mujhe imagine karke tumne yeh kharida hoga aur main.. Nirdayi Paapi aise kaise kar sakti hoon" he couldn't hold back his laugh at her cute angry tone who smiled seeing him laughing (Armaan ki khushi vo chiz hai jiske liye main kisi se bhi lad sakti hoon, Vo mera sab kuch hai, main usse sab dena chaahti hoon jo mera hai aur main jaanti hoon vo bhi yehi sochta hai.. Vo jab hass raha tha mujhe bahoot accha lag raha tha in fact main toh usse sirf dekh rahi thi jo usnein notice ki aur ckhudko control karte huye kaha)
"Acha tarika hai mujhe surprise dene ka.. I am impressed" tucking her strands of hairs behind her shoulder he said smilingly which made her smile too who pulling him closer to her by his tie whispered Thank you on which he sighed "Achi lag rahi ho" kissing her side of head he spoke honestly which made her blush a little
"Sirf acchi??" at her teasing question he thought for seconds then whispered 'Bahoot acchi' which made her pout "Sirf bahoot acchi??" he narrowed his bows at her question but taking a sigh he said 'Okay bahoot se bhi bahoot acchi.. Khush!' she hide her smile at his face's expression and making a cute grumpy face she thought to tease him more "Armaan tumhe toh taarif karni bhi nehi aati.. Pata bhi hai maine kitni mehnat ki ready hone me sirf yeh dekhne ke liye ki tumhara reaction kya hoga.. Aur tum Sadu" he shook his head at her complain and said 'Toh aap hi bata do ki actual me aapko sunana kya hai' which only made her to show fake cute anger "Kuch acha sa" crossing her arms she replied still wd grumpy face making him smiled who making her look at him by her shoulders directly stared into her green big eyes
"You know what aaj tum.. Gorgeous, Stunning, Beautiful, Hot, Sexy, Cute, Mindblowing, Superstar, Mesmerising, Fantastic, Amazing.. Inme se kuch nehi lag rahi ho.." she looked at him amusingly whose Speedful voice only made her amused but hearing his last line her jaw dropped "Bas Perfect lag rahi ho.. Jaisi mujhe pasand ho Khubsoorat" his voice slowed lovingly which only create redness on her face who smacked his chest lightly while glancing up at his face (Armaan ko pata hai mujhe kaise impress karna hai.. Tabhi toh vo har baar kuch aisa karta hai ki main aur gir jaati hoon uske pyaar me.. Haayyee mera Gumsum Armaan ab bada ho raha hai.. Nai?) 
"Jaise tum lag rahe ho.. Perfect aur Handsome" putting properly his tie she said smilingly making his hands to lock her again while thanking her 
"Vaise tumhe pata hai.. Maine tumhaare liye kuch laaya hai" as he said gradually her eyes shinned amusingly asking 'What??' on which he gave a soft kiss on her cheek who smiled shyly "Abhi nehi baad me.. Pehle tum yeh bataao.. Kya tumhe abhi bhi vo Girlfriend Boyfriend waali feeling nehi aati??" his question made her looked at him cutely and she replied 'Thodi thodi' which made him to pull her more closer wd thoughtful look "Hmm.. Toh ab kya kare??" making a cute confused face he asked which made her giggle
"Ab kya kar sakte hain.. Lagta hai aise hi adjust karna padega.. Vaise aisi tumhe koi feeling nehi aati?" hearing her sweet voice he started thinking
"Mujhe humesha se sirf ek hi feeling aayi thi ki.. Tum meri kuch bhi ho sakti ho.. Par ek dost kabhi nehi" his calm voice made her confused who opened her mouth to ask Why?? But a call on Armaan's phone made her stopped (Main kuch puch paati yaah keh paati Deep ka call aa gaya jisne kaha ki engagement shuru hone waali hai aur tease bhi kiya ki party chodke hum dono kahan gayab ho gayye.. Aur hum nikalne hi waale the ki Armaan ko koi important call aa gaya jo vo attened karne laga mujhe kehkar ki main jaaun, main neeche pahuchi jahan Deep aur Rati ki engagement shuru hui bahoot acche se ek dam dream way me, Thodi der me Armaan ne bhi join kiya aur sab kuch ek dam perfect gaya, main Deep ke parents se bhi mili jinse main last time tab mili thi jab main maafi maangne gayi thi shaadi todne ke liye uswaqt toh unhone bahoot pyaar se kaha tha ki vo samajhte hain toh maaf kiya unhone mujhe par jab hum dobara mile unhone mujhe bahoot acche se treat kiya in fact unhone mujhse yeh bhi kaha ki 'Akhir phir bhi tum humaari bahu hi bani kyunki Armaan unke dusre bete jaisa hai' yeh sunke mujhe kitni khushi hui ki main bata nehi sakti even Vrushika ne toh mujhe Bhabhi bhi kaha.. Uswaqt mujhe apne Swayam ki yaad aayi, kitna tease karta tha vo pata nehi kaise react karega jab usse pata chalega ki main sachme uski Bhabhi banungi.. Khair us raat party me sabne itni masti ki itne pics click kiye ki pucho mat in fact maine toh Armaan ke saath selfies bhi click ki videos banvaaye aur is baar naa hi Armaan ne mana kiya, aur naa hi mujhe serious looks diye in fact vo toh willingly pics click kar raha tha.. Haayyee! Sab kuch acha jaa raha tha mere hazaaro sapno me se ek ki tarah.. Lekin yahan bhi maine gadbad kardi actually jab sab dance kar rahe the as in pairs mujhe pata nehi kahan se pyaas lag gayi.. Actually meri naa timing hi galat hoti hai humesha.. Aur haan pairs me dance matlab main aur Armaan nehi, sirf Deep aur Rati baaki hum sab toh alag alag partners ke saath dance kar rahe the kyunki yahaan media bahoot thi aur main Armaan ke saath abhi dikh kar Dad aur Mom ko dhoka nehi dena chaahti thi until main unkp bata naa doon vaise mom ko toh maine next day hi bata diya tha par Dad mere cutee hain unhe main aise phone par shock nehi dena chaahti thi, isiliye jab Armaan ne mujhe dance ke liye pucha maine usse yeh baat samjhaayi bhi jisne agree bhi kiya yeh kehkar 'Sahin bhi hai.. Main tumhe aise sabke saamne introduce nehi karna chaahta.. Vo time bahoot special hoga jab tum mere fans se milogi' itna kehkar vo chala gaya aur main sirf usse smile karte huye dekhti reh gayi)


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