Friday, 26 October 2018

Part 13 : pyar ke mod pe….

Recap :
Arman peeped in her big almond eyes taking her both hands into him…their eyes met and they felt that the world stopped that moment…arman caressed her locks and whispered like a breathe….”marry me riddhima…phir kabhi tumse dur nahi jaunga…”


Riddhima’s trance broke getting a soft touch.she saw sonu was sitting in her lap and trying to wipe her tears with his tiny palms.she squeezed him in chest and kissed his cheek and asked slowly : “aap mere sath india jaoge?”
Sonu thought a while keeping his little finger in mouth then asked in his kiddish voice : “india me dad hain na?”
Riddhima nodded and uttered : “par hum wahan se wapas aa jayenge,wahan nahi rukenge. Aap apni mumma ke sath aa jaoge na?zid toh nahi karoge?”
Sonu nodded in na and uttered : “I am a good boy mumma..mai aapki baat manta hun na?”
Riddhima nodded and kissed his cheeks and said : “nana-nanu ko jakar bata do hum india jayenge.”
Sonu jumped with joy and about to run but suddenly stopped and asked : “why u crying mumma?”
Riddhima didn’t replied but sonu replied immediately : “I know mumma..aap dar gayi ho mai agar bad boy banker dad ke paas rahne ki zid karne laga toh…par mai toh aapke paas rahunga..kabhi aapko chodkar nahi jaunga..promise..”
Riddhima smiled a little and nodded.sonu kept his little arms around her neck and uttered : “pinky promise mumma..
Riddhima looked at sonu ,who was the carbon copy of arman. His smile, talking style and even food habits also like arman…once arman promised not to leave her but he was helpless to do that but he had gifted her the most precious thing who was and will be always with her.
Riddhima remembered how they got married in a short time. Arman talked to his parents and they said him not to leave riddhima in that situation. Dadi said : “beta,riddhima insecure aur helpless feel kar rahi hai aur aap hi usey phir se himmat de sakte ho. Aur jab tak aap usse kisi rishte se nahi judoge,wo insecure hi rahegi.”
Billy uttered smilingly : “aaplog court marriage kar lo wahan aur jab riddhima sambhal jayegi,aaplog yahan aa jao..phir traditional marriage yahan hogi aur mai sabko dikhaunga mere bête ne kitni khubsurat aur talented ladki choose kiya hai.”
Arman uttered in a sad voice : “but papa jab tak wo successful na ho jaye,mai usey india loutne ko nahi keh sakta.”
Billy : “its ok beta..hum wait karenge. Hum yeh soch lenge ki aap job kar rahe ho wahan.”
Shashank and padma also discussed with billy and dadi about it in phone and after getting assurance from them, they also agreed happily and arman riddhima tied in the nuptial knot. Slowly riddhima started recovery from the trauma of lucy’s death and started behaving normal. After some times arman persuaded her to start her research again and that time arman was also with her which was a big support for her.
6 months passed …riddhima was getting success slowly..dr. stepheson and dr. yusuf inspected there and explained her what about she could bring change in her experiment. In between AR didn’t know when they came close and became one by heart and soul.
But riddhima’s fate liked to play game with her always. One day arman got call from india that balvinder got a major heart attack and admitted in hospital. Arman informed riddhima and went to india.shshank and padma asked riddhima to go with him but arman said : “nahi riddhima,tum apne kaam me concentrate karo,mai sambhal lunga sab kuch.”
Shashan was adamant to go with him so they came india. Billy’s left side was paralysed and he had to stay in hospital.arman and shshank stayed there 1 month and balvinder also started recovering but he was unable to stand or walk. Dr. kulkarni assured arman billy will recover surely but very slowly and that time arman should stay with him. arman nodded but now he was confused totally. He knew riddhima would n’t back india that time leaving her research incomplete and arman didn’t stay America leaving his dad in this situation. After 1 month arman took billy in home and asked his friends what should he do now. His friends suggested him to go America and talk with riddhima openly. Riddhima will definitely understand arman’s problem.
Riddhima,who was already understood the situation ,was worried what to do now. She tried to find a solution and suggested arman to stay india for some time more and after dad’s recovering..arman could back America with dad and dadi but arman refused totally.he said…. “no toh aaj se 6 months baad bhi itni long journey nahi kar sakte aur dadi toh aayegi hi nahi yahan.”
At first they tried to convince each other..then their argument started on that topic and after sometime they started blaming each other…..they started fight like cat and dog….
““toh yahi tumhara pyar tha riddhima? Log toh pyar me sabkuch chodne ki bhi himmat rakhte hain aur tum America nahi chod sakti?” arman shouted in anger..
Riddhima uttered calmly : “yeh sirf America chodne ki baat nahi hai arman..yeh mere research chodne ki baat hai..i know india me mujhe apna reaserch continue rakhne ka koi mouka nahi milega..kyonki...
But arman cut her shorts and mocked : “haan haan kaho na,kyonki tumhe mere parents ka khyal rakhna padega ..
Riddhima uttered angrily: “har baat ko limit se aage badhana tumhara shouk ban gaya hai lagta hai...aur agar tumhe aisa lagta hai toh yahi sahi...haan,mai tumhare parents ke liye apna research nahi chod sakti..aur pyar ke
Vade tumne bhi toh kiye the,pyar me insaan sabkuch chod sakta hai toh tum bhi apne parents ko chod do....
“Shut up!!” arman yelled angrily....”
And the result is separation. Arman decided to take divorce as he was not in that mental situation to keep patience and to think about a solution calmly as he was restless to go back india. When he sent divorce paper to riddhima,she broke totally and signed on it silently. their lawers completed all paper worka and they met in the court last time..after that arman went back india,riddhima engrossed herself fully in research work…she wanted to forget everything..she wanted to forget those moments which she had spent with arman..she wanted to forget that she loved someone who had promised her to be with her for whole she started working day and day she informed her parents that she bought a new house and they had to live there only. Shshank and padma understood she wanted to forget arman anyhow and this house was also full of arman’s memories. They were also puzzled and shocked which happened in their life and now only wanted to keep their daughter happy so they shifted in new house….
But the proverb is right always…’man proposes ,god disposes’ ..tere man kachu aur hai karta ke kachu aur….one day riddhima discovered whatever she could do to forget arman,it was not possible as arman had left ‘his sign of love’ in her womb…

Love u all

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