Saturday, 20 October 2018

part 2 : Closet Fun(arsh mini)

And she did return..about 20 minutes later.
But she looked restless, as if something was troubling her. Her eyes were searching for him. And she did find him. But when she found him talking with her, she got even more agitated.

Armaan was having a casual chat with Tanyaa. There was no awkwardness between them. It looked as if two good friends having a free flowing conversation. But then, they were also standing pretty close to each other..way too close for Shilpa's liking.

Tanyaa looked really elegant in her royal blue halter neck dress. Shilpa had to admit that she really was pretty as well as a nice girl at heart and that her & Armaan truly did look good together. Too bad that they had broken up.

But then again, she always used to wonder how it would be like to be with Armaan, as his girl.

The very 1st reason as to why she was paying attention to Nihaal's flirtation was Armaan himself.
More specifically - Armaan & Tanyaa.

She was always fascinated by this dimpled Greek God who had held the promise in his voice and words when he had literally intimidated her in the most sensuous way possible that he would kiss her if she took that despicable pet name of his again.

She had been attracted to him ever since he had helped her with certain notes on Sociology.. ever since they had won their 1st debate competition together.. ever since they had danced beautifully in-sync with each other at the annual college fundraiser event.

But she couldn't do anything about her attraction towards him.

He was then in a 'supposedly steady' relationship with Tanyaa.
And she was a 'supposedly good friend' of his.
And she didn't want to complicate things between them but she yearned for more.

And then Nihaal had distracted her with his sweet talks and friendly overtures and she had to admit to this as well that she really did find it cute.
Well, it was only fair since she was really perplexed about her feelings when it came to Armaan.

And she had good reason for being confused.

She had often caught Armaan looking at her wistfully, with a strange longing in his eyes, as if he wanted to convey her some sort of message but just couldn't gather up the courage to talk to her.

And she also did see him sneaking glances at her when he thought she wasn't looking. Oh and how could she forget that blaze in his eyes and how his face contorted and set into a hard mask whenever Nihaal or any other guy flirted or even talked with her. As if he would just punch the guy down for even thinking of getting close to her.

So it would be safe to say that, yes she was really puzzled by his attitude at times.
And then the biggest shock had come in the form of his break up.
But she didn't dare to raise her hopes high.

What if it was just a mere infatuation?
What if the desire & passion that she had seen in his eyes for her was just a passing thing?

She knew that her feelings for him were pretty intense.
She knew she needed to clear her head in order to sort things out, so as to not ruin their friendship as well.

 One reason for wearing this cocktail dress, she had to acknowledge with a wry smile, was to check Armaan's and not Nihaal's reaction.

She had mentally patted herself in the back when she saw that she had actually rendered Armaan speechless when he saw her entering the auditorium.

She had been quite pleased as well with the way he had groomed himself for the evening.

And she just couldn't help but blush hard when he had complimented her.
He said that she looked beautiful, and that had really touched her heart.

Not sexy..not hot..not anything else.
But beautiful.

And she had then made up her mind that she would have to talk with him.

But now the sight of him laughing away with Tanyaa began to cloud her logic.

Where they getting back together again or what??

Just a few minutes ago she had seen Nihaal flirting with a bunch of sissy girls.

So that idiot flirted with everybody!!

And then she had rushed to meet Armaan and here he was with his ex, probably making plans for the future after the possible reconciliation with her.

Shilpa couldn't help but groan in irritation as well burn with jealousy a little.

Before she could ponder over her thoughts anymore, she felt a tap on her shoulder. And she got surprised seeing who it was.

"Hey gorgeous."

"Nihaal!! Wh..what are you doing here?"

"Well..that is not of importance. Am here. You are here. There's the dance floor. And then there's this superbly romantic song playing. So without much ado, shall I have this dance with you, madame?"

Nihaal took Shilpa's hand in his and brought it near his lips when he gave a soft peck on the back of her hand. And in spite of all her confusion and bewilderment, she couldn't help but blush. He then gently led her to the dance-floor and steadied her by wrapping his hands around her waist lightly while she kept her hands on his shoulder. And they started swaying to the soft music.

She decided not to glance towards Armaan's and Tanyaa's direction, she knew she would get distracted so she decided to just savor the moment with Nihaal.

How she wished she could have this dance with Armaan..
But gain all sorts of weird ideas and notions fogged her judgment.

Unknown to her, Armaan was done talking with Tanyaa for quite a while now.

And he was now watching the scene unfold in front of him, slightly registering the fact that he was holding his breath all this while along with a sharp tinge in his chest.

 He did notice the blush creeping up on her face when Nihaal had kissed her hand.

And he had to admit that he was quite amused and not perplexed when he realized that blushing was like second nature to her. And he absolutely adored the sight of her cheeks acquiring that rosy hue.

And then he felt like daggering Nihaal right then and there, even willing to forget that he was a pretty close friend of his.
Seeing them, quite literally, wrapped & enveloped around each other, swaying sensually to the music, made him twinge and cringe with frustration and jealousy.
How he wished to snatch her right back from Nihaal's hold.
How he wished to cage her petite frame in his arms, as if she belonged there.
As if no one..absolutely no one had the right to hold her apart from him.
How he wished to dance the night away with her, with no disruptions, no muddled feelings, no tug-of-war between their hearts and minds.
No Tanyaa..No Nihaal.

Just them-together, right with each other!!

Seething with exasperation now, he somehow controlled himself while every pore of his being was literally yelling to just walk up to them and pull Shilpa, quite roughly, back to him and crush her luscious lips with his.

He wanted to..needed to..HAD to kiss her peach-glossed lips. STAT.

He wanted to stake claim on her very being, in the most primal way.
On every single part..every single inch of her
So that she would remember it all her life, that she only..and ONLY belonged to him.
Not that he would let her forget it ever, now that he knew what he really felt for her.

He was also pretty sure that even if he wanted to confront her now and just straightaway pour out all his feelings for her..he won't be able to do that in the most gentlemanly and subtle way.

The blood was pounding in his veins and the need was so urgent in him to make her his..that he was almost sure that he was quite close to going insane.
It was as if all reasoning had fled.

He JUST wanted her.
And he knew she did too.

All that was left for him to do now was just wipe away the very crazy idea from her mind that she and Nihaal could be an item.
The very thought of them being together made him wince inwardly again.

And his facial expressions gave that away, as he was now literally huffing and puffing with rage, clenching his fingers in an effort to not do something rash.

He managed to cast a fleeting look towards them only to find Shilpa staring back at him with her pretty doe-like eyes with a worried and if he might say, quite a fearful look.

And she just couldn't tear her gaze away.
So did he.
They stood rooted there, not willing to blink, not bothering to look anywhere else.
They both held on to each other, as if by some sort of a magical magnetic pull.

The way he was staring right back at her..his facial muscles hardened, no dimples at sight, eyebrows knitted together..and yet..she could NOT just miss the passionate gleam in his eyes, as if they were willing her to acknowledge this unsaid-attraction between them.

As if on cue, she immediately let go of Nihaal, who was also staring right back at her quite amused.

Is there some sort of a staring-competition going on around here??
She muttered, irritated.
She also hadn't realized as of yet that they had stopped dancing for quite sometime now.

"Nihaal" she spoke, with a nervous smile "am sorry but I have to go now, for a enjoy your evening, alright." And she quickly moved away from the dance floor.

She spared another glance towards Armaan and again found him looking quite intently at her, with that sexy searing gaze of his.
She knew that he had seen her walking away from Nihaal.
She just didn't know how very pleased he was to see that.
She thought, for a moment, to just run away and hide in some corner for the rest of the evening. that..that's real brave Shilpa.
Her snarkier inner voice reared its head again.

But she finally concluded that she was a goner.
One look at him and she would be willing to drown in the river Thames if he just said the word go'.

Slowly and hesitantly, she made her way to him, biding her time..nervous and yet so very excited as hell.
She now saw him leaning against the bar counter, much relaxed than before.
She didn't know why she just couldn't help it but move towards him.
As if that was the most natural thing to do.

She didn't want this to turn into a cat and mouse game.
Although that would be pretty exhilarating as well.

She could see, even from a distance, that the glint in his eye was blatantly  screaming it out to her that he owned her and that she wouldn't want it to be anyway else.

She just wanted to walk upto him and hold his collar, look him straight in the eye and demand it right from him as to why he was messing up with her mind and heart and as to why was he luring her in this sensual trap and as to why all she wanted for him to do was devour her, and she would let him, quite willingly too. It was as if she was just at his mercy and he hadn't even done anything to her. YET.

And Armaan couldn't just help but do a victory dance inwardly when he saw her approaching him.
As if she was the prey and he the predator.

His stance was like -

"Damn right babe..I own this..and I own you. Try running away from me, but in the end, you will have to come right back to me, cos I wouldn't have it any other way. By the end of the night, you will know exactly who won all the rounds here."


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