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part 2 : Sealed with Kiss (ss)

"Armaan?" wiping his tears he lifted his head and looked over at his parents enter the hospital room ?.as Sapna lay asleep while he held the new family member in his arms.

"Mum?.he so small!" he whisper looking over at the small button nose as he slept in his arms?.

"Where Amit?" she asked taking in her grandson?

"He arrived just in time and he gone home to get a few things Di needs and to get his parents?" he whispered looking over at his father standing over him looking at him with a questioning look in his eyes?

"Ok let me hold him Beta?" Asha said picking up the baby as Armaan stretched his legs and yawned?feeling so exhausted over the last 18 hours?was non stop and him and Amit where shattered ?. Di was sleeping while they both took turns with Junior ?

"So Son when are you giving me so news??.I want to see your kids some time soon?" Armaan looked over at his father surprised as he looked over at his mother looking at him as Sapna opened her eyes to look over at all of them hearing the commotion..

"Dad? Don't ask me??. These two where supposed to find someone?" Armaan said getting up knowing where the conversation was heading as always?.they all gang up on him as when ever mum and di set him up he have an excuse?.

"Huh liar?. Dad he so picking and choose?" Sapna looked over at him frown as he stepped near the door.

"I think I have to take matter in my own hand?. I'll register him on Shaadi.com or the other one Aunty something?" Sapna looked over at her father taken back and looked over at Armaan frowning.

"Dad?" ??Armaan moaned as Sapna grinned..

"Sure Dad ?.i have my hands full so you can sort this one out?" she said sticking her tongue at him as he looked over at them all?

"No problem Beta ?.trust your father? I get you a nice girl from Punjab?." Sapna giggled looking at him mumbling as he looked over at her making puppy face?

"Dad? I was thinking?." Armaan looked over at his father.

"What? ?Whats wrong with girl from back home? ?.Is there anything wrong with your mother?" Ranvir looked over at his son and was not having none of it? Armaan need to settle down with someone and he need to be told that his sister can not be there for him now she had her own family  who need her?

"Huh Dad?it not that? What I mean is?"

"Ranvir? don't be hard on him?. Beta! Papa ?he only wants to see you happy settle down and raising your own family?. Before you wanted to be financially independent ?.and we never pushed you?. Now you're turning 32 years old bacha?you have your own home?and good business?.it time beta? We all want to see you happy and this beta?." Armaan looked over at her in tears as she looked down at the baby?

"Sapna has fulfilled one part of my dream?she married and in a loving family?and now she a mother? I want the second part of my dream Ammy?You settled and happy?" Armaan stepped closer to her and placed his arm around her?

"I know mum? just select someone guys?I can never say no to you!" he said looking at them


John looked over at him stepping into the restaurant as he smiled and headed over to the bar?.

"Larry pour a tray of Champagne for the staff before we open this evening ?.Di and Parin are both doing fine?" he said smiling broadly as John walked over?

"Chef congrats?" John hugged him as he smiled releasing him?

"He sweet? how was the evening? Friday night must have been manic?" Armaan asked looking over at everyone heading to the bar for a glass?

"You know Fridays?. But we have a lot of Christmas party booking this evening so it will be loud tonight?" Armaan nodded as they both headed for the kitchen.

"By the way?. Table 21 ?that lady?? she written you something?" Armaan pushed open the door and chuckled?

"Yeah an apology I bet?after she tasted that food she must have been surprised?" John looked over at him as he stepped into the kitchen and stopped in his tracks?

"She never ate a thing?. Requested a glass of water? and then a paper and pen?." John looked over at him frowning? Picking up the sliver covers over the plates and staring at his creations?.

"What a time waster? I mean I made the food and she left it? where the letter?" he asked frowning picking up the plate and throwing it angrily in the bin?. Goddame cheek?he mumbled as John took out the letter.

Dr Chef Malik

I did not seem to think it was polite to eat your food without you actually here to get my opinion regard it? I was told you have a family emergency and had left. Hope all goes well for your sister. As I will be leaving your country tomorrow ?I guess I will carry with me some regret of not sampling your menu.

I don't think you remember me at all?. I stayed at the Hilton 3 years ago here attending a medical conference and make a special request to eat a proper Indian meal as I was home sick and you where a trainee Chef at the time and created me some wonderful dishes?I then left you a letter? expressing my gratitude and advised you should open your own restaurant?.. I track you down when i attended London again and was disappointed, as your dishes did not display that same passion?  I had tasted back then.

If I do get to travel back to London will be expecting you to change my mind.

Dr  Gupta.

"DR Gupta!" John looked over at him as he sighed?

"Gupta?" Armaan looked over at John smiling at him

"There me thinking that ?.it was a bloke and she turned out to be a stunning female Dr ?." Armaan shook his head and placed the letter in his pocket.

"I guess if she ever comes back I have to change her mind ?.back then I was learning allsorts of recipes and how a kitchen should be run?.and I remember the request and loved making the order?and when Management showed me the letter ?.it got me thinking my own place? I thought it was a man? Dr Gupta?and even when to say thank you?. but advised the Dr had left? maybe she like right my food sucks?" John looked over at him looking depressed and looked at him.

"I guess you goin to have to prove her wrong when she comes back? Now Chef?we got a business to run so I guess we get started?" Armaan nodded at John and headed towards his office?to get changed?.


"You're kidding me?" Armaan looked over at his father

"No I'm getting some good responses on the Internet?. All professional girl from all over the world?" Ranvir looked over at Armaan as it had been 5 months now and he came over to see them.

"Dad! I think I like someone!" Ranvir looked over at him shocked as he looked over at Armaan placing his hand threw his hair?

"OMG really?. I call her family arrange the whole thing?she apne right? Indian?" Ranvir looked over at him nodding but   Armaan did not look happy.

"What her name? Family?? town? Tell me beta I sort it all out?" Armaan closed his eyes and placed his head on the back of the armchair rest.
"She came into the restaurant 5 months ago?. And complained about the food, so I like make a new seven course meal?.she so beautiful Dad? I just looked at her taking her beauty in ?not speaking! I bet she thinks I am a fool? ?anyway I was meant to dine with her and Di call?. I was in the hospital and she flew back to India? I cant get her out of my head! I close my eyes she there Dad? I hear a song and think of her?I think im going crazy?" Armaan looked over at his father who smiled at him?..

Armaan was stunned hearing his father laughter echo around the room?.

"You got it bad!?.so do you have a name?" Ranvir looked at him nodding

"Dr Gupta!" he said sighing ?.there was no use?.India was a big place and Gupta a common name like smith? it was pointless?

"Dr Gupta?. Ok anything else?" Ranvir looked over at him shaking his head.

"She from India and staying with family or?."

"Last time she stayed at the Hilton and?" Armaan stopped talking and smiled looking over at his father?

"Thanks dad!" Ranvir laugh see Armaan running out of the house?

"Ammy!" Asha called out looking at Ranvir smiling?


"Ishq!" Ranvir said winking at her as she looked over at him puzzled?


"This is crazy?. You goin to India?. Mumbai to find Dr Gupta!" Sapna looked over at him as he packed his bag. She called the restaurant and John had advised her and she drove straight over to his apartment with Parin.

"Di! I have to do this ?.it feels right!" Armaan looked over at her ?.He himself did not know what he was doing?all he got was an hospital name and address? Sanjeevni Mumbai?. He was going to start there and find her?. what he was goin to say and do ?.he had no idea but wanted to do something?.

"Ammy?. Don't Go! We find someone else?" Armaan stopped and looked at her.

"Di when you saw Amit for the first ever time ?you knew right! This gut feeling he the one?" Sapna looked over at him as he seriously looked at her.

"I used to tease you like?.In one meeting how could you make such a decision?.and you like you'll know Armaan trust me?. Well that day as she complained ?.I knew?there was something?she felt it too ?.I know I just have to do this?. If she not the one ?.I will be back? but Di?"

"OK but you are calling me everyday?.i mean it!" Sapna wiped her lone tear?they never parted ever?. When she married Amit?thou they lived there own lives she was there for him and he for her? a day did not go by with out them talking to each other...

"Di don't cry?. I be back in a week?I promise?and how my Champion?" he said looking at Parin fast asleep in the portable car seat?. With not a care in the world as he leaned his head to the side asleep.

"He goin to miss his mamu?" Armaan looked over at her and hugged her.

"You never been aboard and India? well its not like going to Southall?."

"Di don't stress?. Remember Rahul?.that guy I meet in Hilton?he came on a year exchange program from India to learn hotel management? I am staying at his resort ?John fixed it up?as he a friend?"  Sapna nodded as he zipped up the suitcase?

"Armaan take John with you?" Sapna said looking at him opening up the draw and getting his documents out?

 "Di no-one will run the place ?.and I be back in 10day?" Sapna nodded as he looked over at her?and smiled?he knew she was goin to freak out more then there parents?as she knew him well enough? but he need to do this?.


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