Monday, 8 October 2018

part 2 : Silent Love (ss)

Next day morning Riddhima was having coffee and Armaan came and sat on the dining table reading the paper.  Riddhima out of courtesy made coffee for him and placed it on the table, but Armaan made himself another cup and walked out from there.  Riddhima kept looking at his retreating figure.  Then later in the day, they met a lawyer to file the case.  When the lawyer asked them since when they were married, Armaan answered a week.  She told them that it was not possible to file a divorce case for at least a year from their marriage.  They both returned home and decided that they would live the same way and file the case after a year.  But as soon as they returned home, Rahul with other friends of Armaan were there as they had not met Riddhima.  One of his friend's wife noticed that Riddhima's maang was bare and told Armaan to fill it.  Muskaan took the sindoor and brought it to Armaan and Armaan unwillingly took a pinch of it and filled her hair with it.  Riddhima stood there silently not knowing what to do.  They had a small party, Muskaan and Riddhima shared sometime talking about their life and late in the night all left.  Muskaan told Riddhima that she and Rahul were going to UK due to Rahul's work there and would not be back till 6 months.

For the next 15 to 20 days they both were living in the same place but did not speak to each other.  Armaan had a hard time in the office dealing with the leader of the labourers.  Riddhima felt bore sitting at home idle.  She had made some kids as her friends.  One day Armaan returned back a little early and he saw her playing in the garden with some of the kids.  He saw her laughing to her hearts content playing with them.  He smiled seeing her laughing.  He thought how much he loved her and walked away shifting his gaze as he saw her turning towards him.

In the night while preparing the dinner he burnt his hand and dropped the hot plate.  Due to the noise, Riddhima ran inside the kitchen to see what had happened.  When he saw her there, "don't worry kuch nahi hua, wo bas dhyaan kahi aur tha, aur hot plate ke upar haath daldiya".  She felt bad for him.  she though from the day they came to Delhi, he was the one who cooked food all the time and he didn't complain about that.  Then they had the dinner and retired to their rooms.

Next day morning, as Armaan was about to leave, she called him, "Armaan".  "haan" he turned back.  "vo mujhe aapse kuch baat karni thi,"

Haan bolo, kuch chahiye kya.

Nahi, vo main soch rai thi ki, kya aap aaj jaldi aasakte hai.

Kyu, kahi jana hai.

Nahi, vo…….. mera yaha aye hue 1 mahina hogaya.  jabse main yaha ayi hoon bas aapki banayi hui khana kha rahi hoon, maine socha aaj main kuch cook karun, toh bas isliye puch rai thi.

Its ok Riddhima don't worry main aakar bana lunga, but he was cut in the middle.

Nahi mujhe banana hai, toh pls aap jaldi ane ki koshish karenge.

He smiled at her and said, "ok main ajaunga" and left to the office.

Riddhima had prepared all the dishes whatever she knew and was waiting for him.  It was 9 in the night, she was sitting on the couch and was watching tv waiting for him.  After sometime she saw the clock it was 10:30 but Armaan had not come back.  She did not know when she fell asleep.  Armaan returned back at 12 and came in with his spare keys.  He saw the house dcor was changed.  It had a homely look.  Then he saw Riddhima sleeping on the couch and then it flashed to him that he had promised her that he would return soon.  He felt bad seeing her sleeping there waiting for him, he saw all the dishes on the table not touched.  He did not want to wake her so he covered her with a shawl and went to his room.

Riddhima woke up the next day and saw it was already 7 and when she checked Armaan's room, she saw him sleeping.  She felt bad that he had not come for the dinner and left from there.  She took a shower and came down, sat outside with her coffee looking at the paper.  Armaan came and sat next to her.  She saw him looking at her and turned to other side angrily.  He smiled at her antics.  He took the coffee mug that was on the table which she had prepared for herself and took a sip of that.  As soon as he tasted it, he said, "hmmmmmmm, good coffee."  She saw him drinking her coffee.  She felt something in her body to see him drinking the coffee which she had already tasted but brushed the thought away saying, "no need to manaofy me.  main hi buddhu hoon, mujhe pehle hi samajhlena chahiye tha, ki jo insaan mera banaya hua coffee hi nahi pita ho toh mera banaya hua khana thodi khayega.  I am sorry, ainda se main aapko disturb nahi karungi."

"Riddhima aisa nai hai, kal office mein kuch problem hogayi thi, ek leader to terminate karna tha, aur who zyada problem kar raha tha, aur mera dhyaan se nikalgaya ke maine tumhe promise kiya ki main jaldi vapas aunga."

"Haan, haan, aapko kaise pata chalega ki ghar main aapki biwi wait kar rahi hogi, aapko toh hamesha aapki kaam hi sabse important hota hai, right?  She said that in the heat unknowingly and kept on reading the paper, but Armaan was stunned to hear her calling herself as his wife.  He felt happy to hear that.

Chalo kal ke liye maafi mangta hoon, ab uske liye mera punishment ye hai ki main aaj tumhain Delhi ghumaunga theek hai.

Mujhe maska lagane ki koi zaroorat nahi, she said turning her face towards him.

Nahi main sach much tumhain bahar lejana chahta hoon.  Chalo get ready.

Riddhima: Pakka,

Armaan:  haan, pakka.

Phir aapki office.

Armaan: arree mera hi office hai toh main khud decide karunga ki jana hai ki nahi

Riddhima:  Really, aap office nahi jayenge.

Armaan:  nahi, main mere PA ko call karke batadunga, mere saari meetings cancel karne ko.

Riddhima:  wow, toh abhi kariye, chaliye, chaliye, abhi pls, pls.  She literally dragged him out of his chair.

He smiled at her childishness and called the office and informed them that he would not be coming that day.

She jumped happily and ran to her room to get ready and shouted that she would be ready in half an hour.

He shook his head and went to get ready himself.

Soon after that in half an hour, both came out of their respective rooms.  Armaan wore a white T-shirt and a blue jean.  Riddhima wore a knee length black dress which showed all her curves perfectly.  Both stared at each other.  Each one had seen the other person in this costume for the first time.  Then they left the house deciding that they would have their breakfast also outside only.  After the breakfast, they visited some of the places.  Riddhima liked the it very much, she kept on clicking the photos.  She had Armaan's photos clicked and Armaan clicked some of her photos, but most of them he clicked were without her notice when she was busy watching something else.  In the after noon they found a mela going on and she wanted to go there and demanded Armaan to take her.  she had almost let all her reserved character somewhere behind in the thin air and was getting close to him.  He liked this behavior of hers and agreed to all her demands without any complaints.

In the mela, she saw the kids trying to get in all the rides.  She and Armaan also got on some of the rides.  They had the most happy time while they were in the dashing car game.  Then after some time when they were walking around, Armaan pulled her near the giant wheel.  She saw him walking towards it and stopped him.  "Armaan main nahi baitungi is mein.  Hum kisi aur ride pe chalet haina."  "kyun kya hua."  "mujhe darr lagta hain."  Armaan: "comeon Riddhima, tum giant wheel se darti ho, he said that while smirking at her."  she saw him smirking and said, "of course, jab ye giant wheel, GIANT jaisa dikhega toh darungi nahi toh, aur kya karungi, she snapped at him."

Armaan:  dekho kuch nahi hoga, main hoon na, chalo, he pulled her and both sat in one compartment.

Riddhima half willingly sat in there.  As it started to move she slowly moved near him and held his arms.  At first, she only wanted to hold on to him, but as and when the wheel went up, she closed her eyes and gripped his arms tightly.  He saw her sitting very close to him, her hair covered her face due to the blowing wind. He wanted to pull her strands out from her face, but suppressed his urge to touch her.  she looked angelic with that fear on her face.  He slightly tapped her shoulder.  When she looked at him, he gestured her to see towards her left, she absentmindedly just as a reflex turned her head to the left and saw and gasped and again closed her eyes in fear.  They had reached to the utmost top and then as the wheel started moving a bit faster, she could not take it and immediately covered her face with one hand and rested her face on his back of the shoulder in between his back and the compartment.  Throughout the ride, Armaan kept looking at her hand and she only stayed in that position.

When they got out of the ride and were walking she saw him laughing turning to the other side, she hit him on his arm, "aap bahot bure ho, I told you I am scared to go on it, even then u pushed me saying that nothing will happen and now here u are laughing at me."  at this he just burst out laughing more which was soon joined by Riddhima.

By the time they got out of the mela, it was almost 10, they went and had dinner and were heading home.  Riddhima was very tired after the long day which was full of masti, she had slipped in her dear sleep and was in a deep slumber.

When they reached home, as Armaan went to open the gate, some 2 to 3 men came around him and when Armaan saw that it was the same leader who had created problems in his office, Armaan fought back with them.  When Riddhima felt some thing jerking she got up but was horrified to see Armaan fighting with someone as she was about to open the door she saw one of the person heading towards Armaan with a knife in his hand and suddenly that person stabbed him in his abdomen.  Riddhima was shocked to see him falling down.  When Armaan fell down on the ground, they all started hitting him.  Riddhima not knowing what to do, she pressed the horn and due to the honking of the horn, some of the neighbors came out, and after that the men ran away.


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