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part 3 : Closet Fun(arsh mini)

At some point of time, Armaan had disposed off his blazer..and Shilpa just couldn't care less as to where.
Because she was all too delighted to see that he had rolled up his shirt sleeves which showed off his toned arms..and God-damn-it-to-hell if she saw any other guy carry off that pale-pink colour with such elan and ease as he did. The way his shirt delineated his physique, it was proof enough of how fit he actually was. The top two buttons had been undone by him as well and she thanked the Lord for the eyeful of taut, tanned skin she got a glimpse of because of that.

And all she wanted to do, at that moment, was to just rip his shirt off into shreds and let her eyes just feast over the hunk - this man standing in front of her, had turned out to be.

It wasn't that she didn't really know how good looking and charming he really was. But tonight, out of all the nights, her senses had been heightened, all of a sudden.

And she swore to God and herself that she hadn't ever been so very aware of Armaan as she was now, when she walked up to stand beside him.
And the minute she arrived, she felt her pulse and nerves, erratically racing.

But the moment she looked up at him, she saw him looking ahead with a wistful smile.

And she immediately felt a sharp stab of envy shoot through her.

 She thought that maybe he was reminiscing the moments he had shared with Tanyaa!!

Was he still in to her?? Hadn't he gotten over her, yet!!

All this while that she was thinking, Armaan glanced down at her only to find her lost in some thought.

And just like her, he felt jealousy and anger scourging in his veins.

Maybe, she was sad that the trance between me and her ruined her dance with Nihaal..he thought.

Does she really like him or what!!

Unfortunately for them, they both had been thinking about confessing to the other what they really felt for each other, when misunderstandings took center stage.

Before animosity and bitterness could do further damage, one of them had to speak up.

Hesitantly, turning towards him but not looking up at him, Shilpa began -

"I..well, I was thinking..that.."

Oh lord, Armaan thought worriedly, here it goes..she's definitely gonna talk about Nihaal!!

Before Shilpa could continue, he jumped in by saying -


A little puzzled, she faced him quickly and -

"Please don't tell me you were thinking as well as wondering the same thing as me..!!!"

Well, yeah..he was thinking about Nihaal but probably not on the same lines as she was..!

Quite irritated now, he snapped at her -

"Oh for the love of am I supposed to know what goes on in that head of yours, Shilpa."

And the minute he said that, he cursed himself for losing his cool like that.

"Okay..okay fine..there was no need of snapping at me like that!!", she sulked and pouted.

Racked with guilt, he smiled sheepishly at her as he ran a hand through his hair -

"Am sorry..I didn't mean it that way..its just that..this whole damn situation..urghh!! Its all so bloody exasperating..everything's a brain's muddled..nothing seems to be working for me .and am soo totally confused..!"

Good Lord, what was he talking about, Shilpa mused..was he that hung over Tanyaa!!

Not wanting to back out now, she said -

"Am sorry too..but to be honest, even I am confused as well."

Knowing very well that she was going to say Nihaal's name. he prepared himself for a heartbreak, but gaining some courage, he still managed to utter with difficulty -

"About what, Shilpa..!!"

"!".. - there, she finally said it.

 The cat was out of the bag. And she needn't spell it out for him as to who'him' and 'her' really were. But then she had also added the 'US' part. Lets see if the dumbass could figure it out or not!!

Armaan was sure that his heart would leap right out of his chest and fall right before her..he could feel it thrumming so furiously.
She didn't need to take names, he could understand quite well, but then she had gone ahead and stumped him by mentioning 'them' too.

His heart whooped in joy and he could feel it doing tango, bhangra, salsa, kathak..almost anything and everything.

Because along came the realization, that she did think about them as a possibility too.

He managed to murmur a little "same here" as a reply, but then she went ahead and stunned him a little more -

"So that is why, I have been thinking..lets just get lost from here..and..and..we..!!"

As if she was propose to go on a dangerous mission, he didn't trust himself to continue with the way things were going. Because, he clearly had no idea what she was suggesting. He didn't know what point she wanted to prove and to whom but all that he knew and was damn sure about was that did want to get lost from her..and just be her..with her..!

And the next moment he blurted out this wild fantasy of his -

"Yeah lets do that..get ourselves locked up in a closet space or something and return all mussed up and then let people's imagination run wild..."

Shilpa's eyes widened comically so much so that Armaan had to stifle a loud laugh. She immediately interrupted him before he could go on -

"Woaaah woaaah!! I didn't think this that far..I was just thinking..that..maybe.."

"What exactly, Shilpa..", he prodded, nearing her side.

"Uhh..well, I was thinking that..maybe..well maybe you and me could..could just..go know, some place private..and let me smudge..your face..a teeny bit with my gloss..and could do the same to me, you know..and then we can let their imagination run wild..", she finished stuttering, all the while thanking her stars and the auditorium for the dim lighting so that he couldn't notice her flaming cheeks.

Truth was that, there wasn't any point-proving here. She just wanted to go with the flow. And she wanted him..all for herself..and she was sure that she had seen the same need in his eyes too, for her..!

And without even giving it a second thought, her mind had sprung up with this idea of removing themselves from the crowd so that they could just talk. But she had absolutely no clue that her brain would give her such mixed and wild signals where she would bring in the topic of them being even a little physical with each other.

But she didn't mind. Why would she..!! She knew now where she stood regarding her feelings for him.

But then again, if she had to bring in the topic of Nihaal and Tanyaa without naming them just to get a reaction from Armaan, so be it!

And if here, Armaan had altogether stopped breathing, then it wouldn't have made a difference. The moment she had come up with her innocently twisted plan of getting lost and letting people's imagination run wild, he knew that he was a goner.

Plan or not but he was pretty sure that he would take her, anyway..anyhow .
 And then God Almighty, she had gone ahead and talked about smudging and lip-gloss and stuff and he had almost lost his sanity.
Well, almost.

He was clueless as to who really was saying this..the ever-shy-sometimes-feisty-and-yet-ever-blushing-Shilpa or her alter ego. And so to tease her a little, he started, with a smirk, which she failed to notice because she was so busy looking down to avoid his avid gaze  -

"But Shilpa..actually, there's a problem..!!"

Alarmed as to what the problem was , she immediately looked up at him to find him with his finger on his chin, wondering something -

"Uhh..what exactly.." , she added uncertainly.

" forgot a crucial not wearing any gloss naa!!", and with that he burst out laughing.

Fuming with embarrassment, she stomped her foot and whined, her brows knitted together in annoyance -

"Seriously Armaan..!! You know what, to hell with just know how to ruin it all, don't you!! Am leaving..!!! "

Here she was , literally wearing her heart on her sleeve, trying to be as bold as she could get, just for him, to be with him and there he was, ridiculing and making fun of her.

She was about to whirl away from him, when her grabbed her arm and slammed her right back to him with such a force that surprised both of them.

There was practically no space between them now, the crowd seemed to fade in oblivion. They didn't bother if they were being ogled at by curious eyes..but all that mattered was close..this moment..together..with each other.

Their breaths fanning each other's face, and their hearts beating together in a  tandem, he held her gaze with his own, not wanting her to look away when he spoke in a mere whisper, loud enough for her to hear -

"Heyy..hey look, am sorry..that just came out all wrong. " Her gaze softened at his apology but then he went ahead with a smirk lingering on his face -

"But on a serious note, I get the part of you smearing your lip gloss all over me..but then, how am I supposed to do the same to you." He added with a twinkle in his eyes and mischief in his voice.

Her whole face went red and she looked down shyly as her fingers clutched his shirt-encased shoulders while his grip tightened on her waist where he held her.

And all of a sudden, emboldened by some divine force, she held her chin up and looked him straight in the eye and whispered, a little huskily -

" are always free to try something different now, you know..!!"

For a moment there, his eyes darkened with something so primal that the intensity scared as well as excited Shilpa. He momentarily crushed her to him and then suddenly, he let her go and turned away from her.

 And for a minute there, Shilpa was hurt.

Maybe, just maybe, she shouldn't have been so forward with him and maybe that is what ticked him off so that he had to loosen his hold on her. She thought that maybe he was mad at her for being direct.
But a second later, she could hear him muttering soft curses and his fists clenching-un clenching

"Holy Shit!!"

Totally scared out of her wits as to what went wrong with him all of a sudden, she placed her hands on his shoulder and asked him -

"What's wrong Armaan, what happened!!"

He then faced her again and gave her an inscrutable glance which had her nerves racing, when he grasped hold of her hands and started surging ahead, amidst the crowd who were still busy partying.

He didn't speak a word. He didn't say anything but he kept a tight hold on her hand and intertwined his fingers with her and he kept on moving ahead.

" are really scaring me now..will you please tell me what's wrong with you..what happened..!", she vented  out.

She noticed that he had dragged her along to a remotely empty, dimly lit corridor of the auditorium.

When abruptly, he backed her against a wall, standing in front of her, he said -

"Ssshhh..You asked for it..and now you are gonna get it."

Immensely unnerved by their proximity, she blurted -


To which, he leaned back a little and looked at her with an impish grin -

"Let's go and have some closet fun ;) ."


Shilpa couldn't remember a moment when she had moved so fast in her life.

 But tonight, out of all nights, she felt something in her come loose as Armaan dragged her down the stairs, they both laughing like crazy, clutching her hand with his and making sure she didn't get hurt with her stilettos or anything else, as he rushed her through the corridors and stairs.

Breathless with all the running and laughing, he made them come to a halt in the passageway, as he stopped in front of what seemed to be a door leading to a small closet office. He let go of her hand for just a second as he delved into his pockets and removed a small, intricate key from his key-case.

Gasping and still out of breath, Shilpa asked, bewildered, thinking they were breaking in or something, even though he had a key..-

"Armaan..where is this..!! Where have you brought us..!!"

He smiled at her addressing of them as 'us'. That she didn't say as to where he had brought her specifically but them both together was reason enough for his heart to flutter.

He didn't say anything then. He turned in the key, twisted the door knob, flung open the door, turned back, gave her that sexy smile of his, seized her hands, pushed her inside, slammed the door back close, and locked them in. And then he spoke lowly -

"Well, being the student's body V.P does have some perks, doesn't it!!", he smirked.

The darkness that enveloped them should have scared the daylights out of her. Even the fact that he had locked the door should have made her jittery.
But all she felt was the anticipation building in.
The air seemed thick with unspoken desire.

Nobody moved.

Even through the partial darkness the pale moonlight and the decorative lights that had been hung outside the building, they both could totally feel their heated gaze on the other.

Getting straight down to business, Shilpa sprung towards him.

She pushed him back at a nearby wall in the cramped space, and looped her arms around his neck, but not before unfastening the top buttons of his shirt.

She brought her face closer, too glad to lay her hands and feast her eyes on the broad expanse of his chiseled chest, she pressed her lips to anywhere she could find space to kiss on his throat.

And then she made her way down, kissing his chest feverishly, moving her hands from around his neck to part his shirt folds away so as to not let them disrupt the activity of her lips.

Her hands made a pass at his diaphragm, his pecs, his flanks, his washboard abs.. they were restless and wanted to explore more.

But all this while, Armaan stood breathless, a non-participant. He was definitely NOT expecting her to go so untamed on him. But he was more than glad. He didn't know what triggered her to do what she was doing but there was no way in hell that he was stopping her. So long his hands were on his side but now, he decided to get in the game.

His hands moved to embrace her waist while she was still busy moving her lips over his muscled pectorals and then he moved them on the sides of her petite frame to settle them on her nape and then higher as his fingers got lost in her thick mane when he encountered the sparkly flower clip which held her hair in a chignon. He un-clipped it and her hair fell like waves over her shoulder but he continued to massage her scalp, sending her into a sensuous tizzy.

She then brought her face closer to his, kissing his stubbled jaw and cheeks, that jutting chin, his sharp-pointed nose, all the while palming his face with her hands when she heard his gravelly, rasping voice -


It was a bid to draw her attention but it seemed as if she couldn't concentrate on anything else other than nipping his strong jaw line with her dainty teeth and pretty lips.

He made another attempt by pushing her face away a little from his, from her sultry onslaught and she looked at him with her doe-like eyes when he rasped, still en-caging her in his arms -

" could have just used your lip gloss from the purse. You didn't have to go straight on me, you know."

Her cheeks scalded as she came to the realization as to what she was really doing. She moved away a little, but he refused to let her go. She licked her lips that had gone dry all of a sudden.

Managing to stammer a bit, inspite of her blush as she saw him smiling at her she said -

"I..I don't know where my clutch is..and gloss too...last I knew it was with you..then..I..I !!"

Sensing her embarrassment, he ushered her closer again and said -

"Ssshh...its alright. This works too..", he whispered smoothly.

But right now, she was all too absorbed about how shamelessly she had lunged at him, and almost devoured him as if he was her prey. Her whole being was on fire and she could feel the heat emanating from him too. But she was way too embarrassed to go any further, thinking that maybe Armaan thought her to be so desperate that she threw herself at him like that.

Taking in her reluctance and hesitance as her unwillingness to do anything else, Armaan swiftly straightened up, jerking her back, moving away from her to maintain some distance.

Mortified that maybe he was forcing himself upon her to do something she was unwilling to, he looked away from her, ashamed and dejected.

Shilpa took this as a sign that maybe he didn't want her. Tears welled up in her eyes and threatened to fall when she heard him say, in a low voice filled with regret -

"Am sorry..I shouldn't have done must be thinking that I must be a devil of some sort..but please, I don't mean you any harm, Shilpa.. I never mean so much to me..I never wanted to hurt you..please don't be mad at sorry..I never should have brought you so so very sorry..", he was a sputtering mess now.

Miraculously her tears dried up, her heart soared with joy as she heard him utter those precious words. He was feeling guilty when it was her who had literally pounced on him, not the other way round. But then, she saw that he was walking towards the door, expecting her to follow.

How could he just walk away from all this!!

There was no way she was going to let him leave. This was her chance and damn it all to hell if she didn't see it to fruition.

Mustering enough courage, she called to him because she knew that it would make him stop in his path, just as she saw him unlocking the door  -



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