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part 3 : Silent Love (ss)

With the help of the neighbors, she took him to the nearest hospital and got him admitted there. When he was in the OT getting treated, she filled out all the forms.  When the nurse asked her what was he to her, she glanced towards the OT and said MY HUSBAND.  When the doctor came out, she asked him how was Armaan now.  Doctor said, he was fine now and there was nothing to worry, but he would have to take rest for 1 month as his knee and right arm was fractured.

For the next 1 week he was in the hospital and Riddhima looked after him with great care.  He was discharged and when they returned back to home, he tried to sit on the couch with his knee stretched but could not adjust his leg properly.  She went and helped him.  As she did that he was staring at her, when she lifted her eyes to see if he was ok she got lost in his eyes.  Both were staring for almost 5 mins.  She could see the love for her in his eyes.  He was searching for love in her eyes.  Suddenly they both were brought back with his mobile ringing.  She blushed a little which went unnoticed by him as she turned her back to him to pick the phone and gave it to him and rushed to the kitchen to get him prepare the lunch.

He got the call from the lawyer saying that she was proceeding the case with the reason that both were not happy with this marriage and as it is it was nearing for the third month since they got married and they both still had not accepted each other it was not a big deal to get the divorce soon.  After the call, he was a little upset and rested his head on the pillow and dozed off due to the effect of the medicines.

In the afternoon, Riddhima woke him to have lunch.  He was having difficulty to feed himself as his hand was fractured.  Riddhima smiled looking at his attempts and went and sat in front of him and took the roti piece from his hand and dipped it in the dhal and brought it near his lips, but he rejected saying that he would do it by himself.  Even then she insisted saying he would hurt his hand more.  Then he suddenly blasted saying "jab tum chali jaogi tab toh mujhe hi karna hoga na yeh sab.  Bas mujhe kisi par depend karne ki aadat mat lagne dena.  Jaisa hoon waisa hi rehne do."  She was a little hurt due to his aggressiveness and anger, but she did not want him to hurt himself more and stopped her tears from flowing and said, "fine, main toh chali jaungi, lekin jab tak hoon tab tak mujhe ye karna hoga, jab aap theek hojayenge tab aap khud ye sab karlijiye and again she gave the roti bite to him, when he did not open his mouth she forcefully made him eat that and after that he did not make any scene and ate his lunch silently.

She was hurt due to his behavior from past few days, he never spoke to her, she would just do all the household chores and his work to certain limit and cook food.  This was her daily ADL(activities of daily living.  This had become a routine for her.

One day, when she was in the kitchen preparing breakfast she heard the door bell ringing, she went and opened the door to see her parents standing there.  She was surprised and elated to see them.  She hugged her mom and dad with both her arms at a time and squealed in joy.  She took them in and spoke to them for some time and ran upstairs to call Armaan.  She went in his room and saw him struggling to wear his shirt.  She walked to him and fixed all his buttons.  He watched her doing that and saying to him that "Armaan mumma and papa have come, I am so happy. They just surprised me.  They have come to see you pls come down and meet them."  He immediately turned back and in a loud voice told her "when they have already come here I have to meet them right.  I will come down in a little while, you go."  Riddhima was stunned to see this side of Armaan and immediately said, "Armaan dheere baat karo, they will listen."  Armaan "let them listen, I don't care" saying that he walked out downstairs.  He saw them both sitting in the living room, he felt bad seeing their glum faces and wished them and took their blessings.  They just had a formal talk and was about to leave the house for office, Riddhima came and asked him, "aap office jaa rahe hai, aap toh abhi tak theek bhi nahi hue. Aapko rest ki zaroorat hai." He did not budge to her saying and kept walking out.  When she knew he would not answer back to her, she said, "ok fine, at least breakfast toh karke jaiye."

Armaan:  mujhe bhook nahi hai, aap sab khalo.

Riddhima:  sabke liye bani hai, aap bhi karlijiye.

Armaan:  nahi mujhe zaroori kaam hai main chalta hun, after that he did not give her any chance to talk back and moved out taking Shashank and Padma's leave.

All the three had their breakfast silently, none spoke anything about Armaan's behavior.  They spoke about other things. Riddhima tried hard to avoid Armaan's topic in the conversation.  She did not want her parents to worry about her.  Shashank had to meet his friend so he left in the afternoon saying that he would be back by in 2 hours.

Riddhima and Padma were talking about other things for sometime.  Then Padma asked Riddhima "beta, tumhare aur Armaan ke beech sab theek haina."

Riddhima:  she was startled with this question, but covered her fear and answered, "ji maa, sab theek hai.  Vo aaj subah unki mood kuch theek nahi tha isliye mujhpar gussa the."

Padma:  main aaj ki baat nahi kar rahi Riddhima.  Ye toh kar kisi ki ghar main hoti hai, pati patni ke beech jhagda hona normal hai, lekin bistar alag rehna normal nahi hai.

Riddhima did not know what to say, she felt guilty to see all of them love her so much and she was hurting them all due to her own reasons.  She looked at her mom and could not hold her tears and cried in her arms.  After sometime Padma consoled her and said to rectify the mistake if it was her fault and to adjust with Armaan.  She told her that she knew Armaan was a very good person and if there was anything difference in between them, then she should be the person who should take the initiative and try to correct it before the matter goes out of the hand.

After 3 hours, Shashank returned back and said Padma to pack their things as he had already booked the return tickets for the next morning.  When Riddhima asked them to stay for some more days he said he had very urgent meetings and promised her that they would be visiting her again.  When they were having the dinner, Armaan came back.  Riddhima got up and served him the dinner and Shashank informed him that they were leaving the next day morning.  When Armaan looked at Shashank, he saw the sadness in his eyes and it hurt him.  He could not act any more and offered them saying that he would drop them to the airport, but Shashank refused saying that he had already booked a car and there was no need to take the difficulty to drop them.  Armaan felt bad, but he could not do anything as he himself was confused where his life was leading him.

Next day morning Shashank and Padma were ready to leave, Armaan and Riddhima stood in the door to bid them bye.  Shashank walked back to Armaan and said, "Armaan, beta I don't know what mistake Riddhima has committed or we have committed, but if there is anything pls let us know and we would rectify it.  Riddhima is very innocent and nave, I know she has some bad qualities, but she is not bad by heart.  Pls forgive her mistakes and take care of her.  Then one more thing, I have transferred all of my property in Riddhima's name.  Here are the documents, saying that he kept the documents in his hands.  We are staying in the house we live till our death, and after that u can do what ever you want with that, saying that he walked back to the car and the both drove back to the airport.

As soon as Shashank and Padma left, Riddhima in an angry tone blasted him, "aapko pata hai mere papa heart patient hai, if anything happens to him what will my mom do, how will we live without him in our lives.  Agar aapko mujhse gussa hai toh, mujhpar chillaiye, unpar chillane ki koi hak nahi hai.  Agar aapko unhe saas sasur ki hisab se baat nahi karni toh kam se kam unka umar ka toh respect diya hota."

Main bhi unse pyaar se baat karna chahta hoon, mere mom dad ki tarah unhe respect doon.  Lekin main aisa nahi karsakta, kyunki jab tum divorce ke baad vapas jaoge toh unhe kya reason bataogi.  Ab jab unlogon ne ye dekhliya hai ki main tumhe kaise treat karta hoon, toh vo log samjhenge ki unki beti us narak mein jeene se behtar hai ki vo unki paas rahe, toh vo log tumhe bina koi reason puche apna lenge.  Saying this he went inside.

Riddhima was dumb founded to learn the reason behind his cold behavior towards her parents.  By now she understood how much he loved her.  She saw him walking down with his things to leave for the office.  She wanted to talk to him, but no words came out of her mouth.  She wanted to stop him, but did not know the reason.  While all these thoughts were going on inside her, he left to office telling her that he would be back in 2 or 3 hours.

Riddhima was in her deep thoughts thinking about Armaan, his good nature, his friendliness, his love, his care, his attitude, his style, his physique, and many more.  Armaan and his thoughts were the only thing that was going on in her mind.

She opened the cupboard and took out the payals that he had bought for her as her first gift.  She admired them.  That day, she didn't even wanted to look at that payal, but she felt as if it was her life.  She savored her hand on them sitting on the bed.  She took it near her lips and kissed them lightly.  She shook them to hear the noise.  She felt very good hearing the sweet music that produced from them.  She pressed it to her heart and sighed a little and thought how her life had changed and how lucky she was to get a husband like Armaan.  Not even once had he forced her into anything and had always respected her.  She remembered their first night when he was close to her for the first time and how he had understood her and gave importance to her priorities first.  She then again recalled their day out and that was the first time she had held his arm and it felt good now to recall those things.  She remembered each and every bit after their marriage and was in deep thoughts when she heard the sound of the door open.  She knew it was Armaan.  She saw him walking to his room.  She wanted to talk to him but not knowing how to start the conversation, she sat there for a while.  Then it clicked to her, she happily got up and sat properly placing her foot on the bed and put on the anklets on her feet.  She saw how beautiful her feet were now after wearing them.  She wanted to show that to him.  She blushed thinking what would she say if he asked her why she had worn them, but thought she would think about that later on when that situation comes, but for now she wanted to show him the anklets that she was wearing.  She lifted her sari a little up and walked through the corridor without making a single noise.  She saw that he was not in his room.  She heard the water running and thought that he was in the washroom and thought to wait for him.  A slow music was playing in his room.  She stood there next to the cabinet waiting for him.  As soon as he came out of the washroom, he saw her there standing, but did not ask her anything.  He kept doing his work.  He picked up a file and sat on the chair and went through the file.  She saw him sitting and made a small face.  She hoped he would talk to her but he did not even greet her, but she thought that she would make the first move and stopped the music.  He saw her as soon as she stopped it.  "mujhe aapse kuch baat karni hai".  He did not pay any attention to her and again switched on the player and looked into the file.  But she stopped it again and said, "mujhe aapko kuch dikhana hai, pls 5 mins."  He gave an irritated look and switched on the player, but when she again switched it off he lost his coolness and blasted her, "STOP IT, MAIN TUMHE KUCH NAHI KEHTA, ISKA MATLAB YE NAHI KI TUM JO CHAHO VO KARSAKTI HO.  TUMHARI BACHPANA JHELNA MERI BAS KI BAAT NAHI, NOW STOP ACTING LIKE A KID AND GET OUT FROM HERE."

She was horrified at his blast and had tears in her eyes, "aap mujhe is room se janeke liye keh rahe hain ya phir is ghar se."  Armaan: "jo tumhe theek samjhe vo."  Agar aapko meri yaha rehne se itni takleef hoti hai to mujhe yaha rakha kisliye." She said with light tears flowing from her eyes.  Armaan: "tumhe yaha rukne keliye kisne kaha hai." He said with his back to her stopping his tears and felt like killing himself for uttering such things to her.  "toh phir mera ticket book karadijiye Mumbai keliye. Main vapas chalijaungi."  He immediately picked his mobile and called the travel agent and booked a ticket for her in the name of RIDDHIMA ARMAAN MALIK.  When he cut the call, he turned back to tell her that the ticket was booked for the next day evening, he did not find her there.  He searched for her in the whole house and did not find her.  H panicked and when he came down he saw that the main door was left open.  He picked the house keys and locked the house and ran in the direction that the neighbor told that he had seen her in the end of the road while driving back from his office.

Riddhima kept walking on the pathway until she saw that the road was silent and when she turned her head to the other directions she saw 4 rogues sitting on the bike and chatting.  When she saw them looking towards her, she got scared and started walking back.  The guys followed and came near her and surrounded her and gave her weird looks.  She with fear in her heart, tried to push them to run away, in the process her right hand got hurt with the bike brake and it started bleeding, but she did not pay any attention to it and ran as fast as she could.  When she saw Armaan standing on the other end of the pavement looking here and there, she screamed his name and ran to him.

As soon as he heard his name, he turned back to see Riddhima running towards him and the rogues chasing her.  He ran to her and Riddhima came and crashed in his arms crying very violently.  He enveloped her in his arms tightly and gave a deadly look to those 4 of them and they all went away as they saw some vehicles passing on in the street and thought that would be a danger if they did something at that time.  As soon as the rogues left from there, he saw her still sobbing clutching his collar and her neck buried deep in his bare chest which was open from the top 2 to 3 buttons.  He tried to console her, he hushed her by keeping his hand on her head and rubbing her back but she kept crying, he let her cry and walked back home while hugging her still.  She not even once loosened her grip on him.  She felt that she would lose him forever if she left him.  When they reached the home, he took her straight to her room and made her lie down on the bed and tried to free himself from her hand.  She did not leave him, then he said, "Riddhima pls, main kahi nahi jaa raha ok, main bas tumhare liye pani lekar aata hoon, bas 2 minute."  Then she left him unwillingly.  When Armaan went to get the water he saw that his hands had some blood dots on it and he checked his shirt also had some then he thought that she would have got hurt and took the first aid kit to clean it.  When he came back he saw her already asleep.  He sat next to her on the bed and looked where she had hurt herself.  He looked at her neck, arms, shoulders and then he saw that her right hand had some blood clot on her fingers.  He took her hand very carefully and cleaned the wound and applied some ointment on it and bandaged the fingers slowly without hurting her.  after placing her hand back safely, he saw her face that was covered with dry tears, he took a wet cloth and cleaned her face with softly without disturbing her.  After doing everything, he got up and bent down to cover her with the comforter, it was then he saw that she had those payals that he had gifted her sometime back in her foot.  He looked back at her overwhelmed and touched her feet.  He then recalled that she wanted to say and show him something.  Now he felt bad for yelling at her.  He caressed the payals and sat on his knees near her feet and kissed on them.  He was very happy that she had accepted his gift.  He got up and tucked her in the comforter properly and caressed her cheek once as there was a strand of hair there, he pulled it back.  When he did that, he saw her whimpering in her sleep making her face like a small baby.  He smiled seeing her like that and walked back to his room to call it off a day after the not so pleasing events and very lovely cherishing moments in his heart.

Sun peeped through the curtain disturbing his sleep and he opened his eyes reluctantly as he had slept very late the last night due to the events that took place, but that was not the main reason, he could not sleep even after getting into the bed for a long time as sleep was miles away for him after seeing his love accepting the gift and a new hope rising in his heart like that may be she wanted to move on in her life with him, his thoughts were full of Riddhima and his love for her.

He freshened up and prepared breakfast and coffee for both of them and took the tray to her room.  As soon as he entered the room, he saw her standing near the dressing table already showered with wet hair and trying to apply sindoor in her maang, but she failed every time as her fingers were bandaged.  She did not see him coming inside as she was busy with her work.  She saw a hand dipping in the sindoor box and lifted her head to see Armaan standing there in front of her.  He took a pinch of it in his finger and filled her hair partition.  She closed her eyes when he did that accepting it wholeheartedly.  She had a small smile on her lips and a glow on her face.  He kept admiring watching her face glow like a morning sun, but their love bubble was bursted when they heard the door bell ringing.  Both blushed to themselves and Armaan went to open the door.

Riddhima sat in her room for him to come back for the breakfast, when he did not appear again for the 15 mins she herself walked down what was taking him so long.  She saw him sitting on the chair near the dining table with an envelope on the table.  She went near him, he saw her and got up and placed the envelope in her hand walked away from there.  She was left confused what was it, she opened it and saw that it was the flight ticket that he had booked for her.


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