Wednesday, 10 October 2018

part 4 : Silent Love (ss)

Riddhima sat in her room for him to come back for the breakfast, when he did not appear again for the 15 mins she herself walked down what was taking him so long.  She saw him sitting on the chair near the dining table with an envelope on the table.  She went near him, he saw her and got up and placed the envelope in her hand walked away from there.  She was left confused what was it, she opened it and saw that it was the flight ticket that he had booked for her.

She felt like someone had pierced her heart with a sharp knife.  She ran back to his room, and stood near the door and saw him getting ready.

She asked "main kya karun" and thought "pls mujhe roklo"

He said "tumhari marzi" and thought "pls don't go"

"Aapki marzi janna hai mujhe."

"Pata nahi tum kya chahti ho, jo tumhe theek lage vo karna"  he picked his laptop bag and walked out with a heavy heart and left for his office.

Riddhima was stuck in her thoughts and did not know what to decide now.  She knew she loved him, she even knew that he loved her, but why was he not telling her to stay back.  She wanted him to stop her.  She wanted him to imply his rights on her.  She wanted him to dominate her and say her to stay back and this is where she belonged to.  But he was not that person to force anyone in any relation and throw his decisions on them.  He wanted to give her own freedom and her part of happiness, but thought that he had failed in doing so and would lose her forever once she left him and his house now.

After an hour he came back and saw her waiting for him sitting on the stairs.  As soon as she saw him, she got up.  He went near her and gave her some papers.  She opened them and saw that it was the divorce papers and they had been granted the divorce from the court.  She stared at him with a questioning look.  He told her, "tumne mujhse pehli baar kuch manga tha aur main ye bhi tumhe diye bagair jane nahi desakta, toh aaj jab office jaraha tha toh mujhe lawyer ka phone aya ki your divorce has been granted so socha tumhari gift dedun."

"Kya aap khush hai is divorce se"  she spoke angrily.

I don't know, I just thought that I wanted to give you what u had asked for that's it.

This was it, she has lost her temper and she was boiling with anger now and the volcano had erupted.

What's wrong with u Armaan, why don't you yell at me, aap mujhpar apna haq kyu nahi jatathe.  Main aapki biwi hoon, kyu kuch nahi kehte mujhse.  Agar maine aapse divorce manga tha toh kya aap bhi vahi chahte hai, aapka koi haq nahi hai mujhper, She held his collar and shook him asking all these questions.

Mujhe kisi par apna haq jamana nahi aata Riddhima, mujhe sirf pyaar karna aata hai, main sabko pyaar main bandhkar rakhna chahta hun.

"toh keh kyun nahi dete aapko mujhse pyaar hai" she said with her raising anger on his answer.

He stared at her when she said this.

Then she said the most awaiting thing that he was waiting for such a long time which he thought would never hear in his life. She said, "ok agar aapko kehne mein sharam aati hai toh suniye, main kehti hun, main aapse pyaar karti hun, behad pyaar, apni jaan se bhi zyada pyaar, apni sharam aur haya ko chod kar kehti hun ki I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU ARMAAN MALIK and I am not just saying this, I really do mean it, aur main ye bhi janti hun ki aap bhi mujhse pyaar karte hain, par nahi keh parahe.  Its ok I will wait for you for my whole life and until then keep this as my gift", she tore the divorce papers into pieces and thumped them in his hands.  He was dazed to hear to her confession and kept looking at his hands filled with torn bits of divorce papers when suddenly she pulled him with his collar he looked up to see her eyes full of tears and her face very near to his face and heard her saying "aur ye mera pyaar" saying this she smacked her lips hard on his and gave a hard kiss.  Armaan gasped loud due to the sudden kiss and was shocked to know that Riddhima had actually kissed him and his first kiss was like this which happened without his knowledge.  He was left in a daze and saw her going upstairs blabbering to herself that she would not return back until he wants her in his life.  He stood there without any movement in his body.  He came back to his senses when he heard the room door shut.  It was then he recalled all her words, and her confession and was determined to stop her.  He threw the torn papers on the floor and ran to her room.  He barged into her room and saw her packing her things.  He went near her, "Riddhima meri baat suno, pls"  "mujhe aapse koi baat nahi karni, main jaa rahi hoon, jab aapko realize hojayegi ki aap mujhse pyaar karte hai tab ajana mujhe lenekeliye. Tab tak main aapko disturb nahi karungi."  She again walked back to her wardrobe to pick her clothes.  He strolled behind her and kept on trying to talk to her.  When she did not listen to any of his pleas, now he had had it, he suddenly hugged her from behind to stop her packing her things.  She was taken in to a sudden hug which she had not expected.  She stopped in her tracks and stood there silently.  Then when things sunk in her brain that he was only stopping her but not confessing his feelings for her she kept throwing tantrums and struggled to get out of his hold.  When all his attempts failed to stop her struggling to get out of his hold, he only had one last weapon and he suddenly turned her to face him and caught some of her hair behind her back and crushed his lips on hers and kissed her.  Her eyes were wide open drowning in his eyes.  They both were staring in each others eyes. Her hands were in the air due to sudden attack and his one hand was in her hair and the other on her back.  He kept on probing her lips, he wanted to confess his feelings for her, he wanted her to stay back with him, he did not have that much courage to lose his life again after his parents had left him, he did not want to be alone.  If this time she left him, then he would be left to be alone for whole of his life as he would never love someone else beside Riddhima in his life.  He kissed her with all his love.  His eyes started shedding tears.  When tears started flowing from his eyes, she slowly brought both her hands near his cheeks and cupped his face and wiped his tears and with a steady pace started responding to his kiss.  He licked her lips roughly, showing how much he had yearned for this.  She could feel his hands caressing her back and her hair.  His one hand never left her hair and the other one wandered all over her body.  She felt blissful to be touched by him.  both closed their eyes as they were dazed by the moment.  They wanted to stay there like that in the never ending kiss for their whole life.  He felt her responding to his kiss and his caresses.  He lightly brought his tongue to her lips and penetrated through her closed mouth, when she opened it a little he plunged in to her mouth.  She gripped his nape and fingered his hair thoroughly pressing all his sensitive buttons and giving all the positive signals to go on.  He tasted her saliva and sucked all of it in his mouth.  Her throat dried due to passion and her knees gave away as the passion started building on both the sides.  She felt her strength reducing in her knees and began sliding down along with him.  they both ended up laying on the bed with Armaan on top of her.  once he felt satisfied with the mouth watering kiss, he parted away from her a little and started placing fervent kisses on her face.  His kisses were very swift, he wanted to kiss her whole body senselessly in one go.  He had lost all his senses by now, and Riddhima had no intentions of stopping him.  She wanted to give him whatever he asked for.  He kissed her long throat and she kept ruffling his hair adding fuel to his deeds.  Both chanted each others names,



This went on for god knows how long, both were not in their senses, he only kissed her till now he had taken as many kisses from her on his lips and neck and chest and so on.  With a high temperature heat running in his body, he bit her neck near her beauty bone, like a vampire attacking his prey, not able to control his rising demons in him.  She screamed his name ARMAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!! when he bit her hard there and that is when came back to his senses and left her skin and got up a bit to see her face and looked at the place that he had bit.  It had teeth marks on it.  He felt bad and licked the same spot to stop it from bleeding.  He sucked her skin and gave many kisses on the same spot and kept licking it.  She felt his act childish and giggled at him.  as he could not see her face, he thought she was crying due to pain and buried his face in her neck and said "sorry, sorry, sorry, I am so sorry, Riddhima I just got carried away. I am very sorry, I will not repeat it again, sorry."  when she giggled more and the giggling turned out to be a huge laughter, he got up and saw her laughing.  He was confused why she was laughing, what if she was in a shock.  When she saw his confused face, she controlled her laughter and said, "your licking reminded me of something else."  He had a doubt that may be his passion had brought back the old memories of hers with her boyfriend, but his thoughts were proven wrong when she told him that "the puppy in the neighbor's house also licked her like that and again she burst laughing on his face.  He saw her laughing on him and chuckled at her reason.

"tum bhi na, you spoilt such a nice session, I don't know why do you have to think about that puppy when u r romancing with your husband."  They both laughed at their silly jokes and both got up and sat beside each other.  Now they felt a little awkward to face each other.  She adjusted her sari a little as he had misplaced it while making out.  When nobody spoke, he thought to stop this embarrassment and told her to get ready as he wanted to take her to some place and left for his room.  As she was about to close the door, he came back suddenly and told her to wear a white sari.  She smiled and nodded her head and went in to get ready.


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