Thursday, 11 October 2018

part 5: Silent Love (ss)

Armaan was waiting for her from past 10 mins and his heart was thudding badly as he had planned something for today.  He saw towards the stairs and was left dazed to see her in a pure white sari.

 When he saw her descending the stairs he was left speechless.  He was in a daze looking at the beauty in front of him.  He thought was he so lucky to have this beautiful beside him for his whole life.  His thoughts were snapped out when he heard his name being called.  He saw that Riddhima was standing in front of him with a nervous smile.  He gave a small smile and leaned down to her ear, "you look beautiful in this saree."  she blushed and lowered her eyes down while biting her lower lip.  He saw her blushing and her cheeks turned to the exact colour of her sindoor.  Then they both drove away after few minutes of recovering their heart beat to normal.  While driving Riddhima queried him as to where they were going, but he did not give her even a clue as to where they were heading to.  After 30 mins drive, the car came to halt in front of a temple.  He got down and opened her side door and forwarded his hand in front of her.  she glanced at his hand and his face and when he gave a small nod she smiled at him and stepped outside with the support of his hand.

 After taking the Pooja thali from the shop, they both started climbing the steps which were about 50 to 75.  both had their fingers intertwined while climbing it.  Once when they reached on the top, Riddhima tried to put the pallu on her head but struggled due to the thali in her one hand.  Armaan helped her to cover her head and both went inside.  They offered their prayers.  Riddhima opened her eyes after praying for the new start her life with Armaan, she saw Armaan staring at her.  When she asked him what from her eyes, he moved back a step and gave a gift wrapped box to her.  She was confused and when he gestured her to open it, she was surprised to see the mangalsutra in that box with a pair of beautiful earrings with that.

She saw him smiling at her.  "Armaan ye, aap ise kab,……." She could not complete her sentence as he kept his finger on her lips "shhhh".  "Maine ye payal ke saath hi liya tha.  Maine socha ki agar tum apne ateet ko bhulakar mere saath aage badhogi to main tumhe ye pehnadunga, par…… and he left his sentence in the middle.  She could see the pain on his face and had slight tears in her eyes.  She placed her hand on his cheek and made him to look at her and gave the box to him.  he was confused as to why she had returned it back to him at first, but when he saw her turning her back and pulling all her hair to her one side, he understood she wanted him to make her wear it.  He felt happy about that and took the mangalsutra in his hand and placed it around her neck and hooked it.  She turned back and bent down to take his blessings, Armaan was taken back with this gesture and said, "arre Riddhima kya karrahi ho, pls get up."  "Armaan mujhe ashirwaad nahi denge.  Apni nai zindagi ki shuruwat karne jaa rahi hoon."  He made her stand up holding both her arms and took her in a side hug.  Then the priest came and gave them the prasad.  He took a pinch of sindoor from the plate and swiped it on her hair.  Both had a graceful smile on their face and sat down for sometime and returned back to the car.  They both had their dinner in a restaurant and shared some small things of their life and returned back to their nest.

Once they were at home, when they both were in the corridor walking to their respective rooms, they both had a wild silent between them.  They didn't know how to approach the other person to share a single room from now onwards as the things were all going right between them.  As none dared to speak both went inside their rooms after giving a long look to each other.


Later that night, Riddhima crossed the kitchen and walked into her dark room. When she turned from closing the door, she found herself pushed against it, Armaan holding her tightly. Then, his mouth was against her, violently. She recognized demand, passion, need, hunger, greed, and the longing love. His lips moved to her neck and stayed there, his finger held her waist and probed her to respond.

"I've waited too long, Riddhima." He looked up at her and saw her shining eyes, kissed her again, lightly. "Not any more.  I've longed to hold you in my arms and now, I need you. Please."

"I love you, Armaan."  He pressed his lips to her forehead and then around her entire face. His kisses were slow and lingered her skin for seconds before leaving. "I love you," he repeated pressing his lips finally to hers, and walking her back to the bed both fell on it and shared a long passionate kiss.  His hands searched for the access to touch her skin.  He traced her throat with deep kisses.  He pushed her thin straps aside as they disturbed him from sucking his favorite spot.  She shuddered seeing his passion.  He pulled her night gown down very slowly.  She felt shy to show her body to him in such a way that only her undergarments covered her body so turned her back to him and buried her face in the pillow.  When he saw her back, he traced her spine with his tip of the fingers slowly up and down.  She shivered due to his touch.  Slowly he picked up his pace and snapped opened the hook of her bra.  Both the ends that held her bra tight in its place were let loose and his mouth started to wander whole of her back.  He didn't leave a single place untouched.  Though she had turned her back to him, she enjoyed the moment from her heart.  She wanted him to take their relation to the next level where they could become one forever where nothing could separate them.  He left wet kisses all over her body and bit her waist from the side.  She could not hold back her desire anymore and turned back to face him and pulled him down for a deep kiss.  All the while throughout the kiss he caressed her curves and pushed his tongue deep in to her throat allowing his saliva flow down her mouth.  He fiercely pulled out of the kiss and looked at her face.  She had her eyes closed and was breathing heavily due to the passion rising in her body.  The heat had produced and there was no way going back now.  They had to let their heat pass through their bodies and he came out of his clothes and pulled her remaining clothes and caught hold of both her hands on either side of her face, fingers clasped together.  She opened her eyes to see his eyes turned red and his face hardened with seriousness due to passion, but was waiting for some answer from her.  Now, she wanted to be his, only his forever and with a small nod closed her eyes waiting for the pain to cover her body that would turn out to be the pleasure later on.  After seeing her nodding, he no longer held back his greed, and entered her with a hard push.  When she felt something breaking inside her with the sudden invasion, she left a loud scream.  Her legs became numb and he didn't move a little after that for few minutes until the pain subsided.  Later on when he thought she was ready for him, he moved in a rhythm, but the pain never subsided as it was her first time and was very tight, he could hear her screams the whole night.  He had no other way to calm her pains.  He had no control on his body today.  She wasn't looking for patience and gentleness, he knew that himself.  Yet he gave her just that, he took her through the night slowly, loved her the way he wanted to from the day they had got married.  And, she accepted, him and his love. He was her, mind, soul, and body. And in everyway she could think of, he was hers.

When he finally allowed her to, she slept in the warm circle of his arms. Before falling into that wonderful sleep, she knew she'd finally found home. The feeling made her a different person. She could call herself Mrs. Riddhima Armaan Malik in everyway, emotionally, lawfully, soulfully, and the most important aspect in love.

She awoke the next morning in the center of the bed, with the silky bedding around her, she still felt his arms around her like last night. Turning, she looked at his face. Observed it for a few moments before getting closer again.  She didn't want to wake him up.

"Armaan." She finally called minutes later, shaking him. "Wake-up."

"No." He moaned and gathered her closer, pulling the blanket over them and falling back asleep mumbling, "five more minutes."

She laughed and tilted her head up to look at him, "It's ten already."

"I don't care." He found her forehead and nuzzled there.

"You have to go to office."

He opened his eyes and looked at her with a frown. His eyes closed again, his head lowered to the curve of her shoulder. "Go back to sleep."

She wanted to giggle when she felt his thumb trace her spin, up and down. Again and again. "You're not anywhere near sleeping, Armaan and stop that."

"Stop what?" He whispered into her shoulder, she lifted it to get over the tickling sensation. "I'm not doing anything."

"Then why don't you just let me go? It's been years since I've slept for this long." And, she loved it.

"Good, because you're going to stay here until I let you go." He backed away and looked at her now. "But between everything, did you sleep fine?"

She blushed biting her lip and buried her face into his chest. "If you'd let me."

"Good, I wanted to hear that."

"Now that you have," she was surprised as how quick she'd stopped blushing. "Let me get up." She reached over him for her dress but he pulled her back. "Armaan please."

"No please. Stay here, I'll let you go in a few minutes."

Defeated she fell beside him again and looked at him. "Now what? Do I just stay here and stare at you?"

"No, if you want you can do more than that, I don't mind." He winked at her.

Laughing, she caught his face so he could stop rubbing his stubble over shoulder. "You need a shave." Leaning over she rubbed a hand to his cheek and kissed him. "I love you, Riddhima."

'I love you too.'"

He rolled over her then and looked down at her.  He rubbed his face against her again. She laughed and struggled to stop him, but her hands were in his. She managed to free her hands after a few long moments and turned herself over into the pillow to continue laughing. Her laughing stopped when he pressed his lips to her back, running a hand on her waist. She turned her face out of the pillow and took his hand, kissed it.

"You'll stay with me, forever, right?" She turned around and pulled him into an embrace. "This isn't a dream, right?"

"Of course it's not a dream, Armaan. Don't be silly." She rubbed her hand over his back for comfort to his silly thoughts. "And, even if it is a dream, I can promise I won't stay away from you for too long as I have hopelessly fallen in love with you." 

"Now can we get up from here and take a shower."  "I'll go with you." She sighed and kissed the curve of his shoulder.  "No, Armaan, pls not today."  "No, lets take a shower together today, pls." he pleaded.  "but no shaitani, she warned him.

"Done deal." He got up and lifted her in his arms and took her inside the washroom.  They both had a relaxing shower for one hour, but only after he made mad love to her in there first and then took the shower.

She didn't know how long she had been sitting in his arms, silently in the tub covered with water till her neck and her face resting under his chin.  She had forgotten everything, being so close to him, she couldn't even hear the phone ringing outside in her room.  If she could remember anything it was that she was being escorted into heaven and the rhythmic beats of his heart was the music that welcomed her into the beautiful place.

Even as his arms loosened around her, she stayed close to him. She couldn't go away, not now. The wish he had asked her for to have a quick shower, had taken a long time.  She kept caressing her necklace that he had made her wear the previous day.  She would treasure this gift very carefully, it was another part of her heart.  Both were engrossed in their own thoughts when she felt her stomach grumbling due to hunger.  Sure they had fulfilled their body hunger, but the stomach hunger had to be taken care of now.

"We should get out of this now, Riddhima." She pulled away finally, pushing her hair back from her face. "lets have something, I am famished."  He said while pulling her out of the bath tub and handed her the towel.  She slipped into her robe and walked out with him.  His touch still lingered all over her body.  She could still feel his smell from her body. And, her own heart was beating dramatically in her ears.


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