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part 51 : To Err is Human

The Shart: Well, a number of you guessed it right. Riddhima did ask Armaan to perform a special 'strip tease' dance for her on their suhaag raat as compensation for the kiss he planted on Ruksana. One can only guess how Armaan is planning to fulfill her wish.

The wedding: The wedding was held with pomp and flair on the grounds of the Sanjeevani campus. Shashank felt vindicated, and to everyone's surprise, played the perfect host to all his guests. He spared Abhimanyu a hug or a warm handshake; instead a gentle nod in acknowledgement of their kid's alliance is all he could bestow on his 'samdhi.'

Riddhima looked heavenly in a red lehnga; Armaan was the perfect prince in a maroon and white sherwani. They were indeed a match made in heaven- the tall, slender, dusky beauty with expressive eyes and the well built, fair, blue-eyed Punjabi boy with a killer smile. The guests conferred the couple with their blessings and best wishes for a happily married life with 'lots of kids.'

Armaan loved the 'lots of kids' blessing and teased Riddhima while the priest performed the rituals, "I think aaj se hi rehearsal karni shuru kar deni chaahiye."

"Rehearsal?" Riddhima lifted her chin and peered through her ghunghat.

"Haan…sab keh rahe hain na hamare bahut se bachche hone chaahiye." He winked as the others around them chuckled at his comment. Riddhima turned red and hid herself in her ghunghat, too embarrassed to face anyone. Armaan kept passing mischievous and impatient remarks as the priest continued with the rituals, but out of respect for her elders and the priest, Riddhima remained silent under her veil.

The couple was showered with flowers and more blessings as the ceremonies concluded and made way for more celebrations, photograph sessions with family and friends, and a four course dinner.

BIDAI: Shashank and Padma bid a tearful farewell to their only child. Shashank could not hold his tears and as he held his sobbing daughter close to his chest, he whispered, "khush raho beti….main jaanta hoon Armaan tumhein hamesha khush rakhega…..wo tumhein bahut chaata hai."

"Papa….I will miss you….aap se zyaada mujhey koi pyaar nahin kar sakta," Riddhima bawled on her dad's chest. A tearful Padma hugged her daughter and caressed her back, 'beti….aaj se Armaan ka ghar hi tera apna ghar hai….apne ghar par kabhie kisi tarah ki aanch na aane dena."

A somber Armaan, overheard their conversation. He came forward and folded his hands in front of Riddhima's parents, "mama…papa….main aap se vaada karta hoon ki aapki beti ko sar aankhon par rakhoonga….aur uske daman par kabhie koi aanch nahin aane doonga." Shashank smiled and embraced Armaan, "beta….mujhey meri galtiyon ke liye maaf karna….main sharminda hoon ki tum dono ke pyaar ko theek se samajh nahin paaya…..aaj se mere ghar ka chaand ab tumhare ghar ko roshan karega….usey sambhaal kar rakhna."

The Mallik's headed home with their new bride. In order to fill the void left by Riddhima's bidai, a tearful Kripa and her parents decided to keep the Gupta's company that night, while Angad left for his home.

Suhaag Raat: Armaan's strip tease and dance was the highlight of their first night as newlyweds.

The details of the suhaag raat are left to the reader's imagination along with this song:

Aye udi udi from "saathiya'



Two days after their wedding, they were off to Venice, Italy for a week long honeymoon after which Riddhima would go back to the US to complete her training, while Armaan would return back to India.

"Armaan….bags check kar diye?" Riddhima asked.

"Bags? What bags? Why do we need bags? Yaar….apne honeymoon par jaa rahe hain…teerth yatra par nahin……bags ki kya zaroorat hai?" he asked.

"Very funny!" she pouted, "theek hai tum kuch mat pehen na….mujhey tho apni saari nayi saris aur suits pehen ne hain."

"Sari? Suit?" He was aghast, "jaaneman hum Venice….yaani Italy jaa rahe hain…Vaishno devi ke mandir nahin!"

"Main tho apni saris hi pehenoongi…..after all Kripa and I spent so much time selecting them!" Riddhima said adamantly. As soon as she had made that statement, the twinkle in Armaan's eyes told her that he was thinking of some mischief again.

"Armaan? Kya soch rahe ho? Kya khurafat chal rahi hai tumhare dimaag mein?"

"Bataa doon?" he came closer and gazed into her eyes.

Even though they were very much married now, her heart still skipped a beat each time his magnetic gaze captured hers. His warm breaths bathed her face as he whispered softly, "pehen ne kaam tumhara….lekin utaarne ke mera…..manzoor?" She turned a crimson red and hid her face in her palm, "Armaan….tum bhi na…kahin bhi shuru ho jaate ho."

"Kya karoon….khubsoorat patni hone ki saza jo bhugat raha hoon." His fingers brushed against her bare waist as she turned various shades of pink and red.

"Hey guys! Shall we get a bedroom at the airport too?" Angad's voice interrupted their little romantic moment in the airport lobby.

"Hey guys!" Armaan's eyes lit up at the sight of Angad and Kripa, "what a surprise? I thought you had a doctor's appointment for Kripa."

"Doctor's appointment tho postpone ho sakta hai….lekin mere dono dost aaj jaa rahe hain…..how could I miss saying goodbye to them," Kripa smiled and pulled out a box from her bag.

Riddhima was thrilled to see her friends. Since their wedding, they had not seen Angad and Kripa, and it felt really odd being without them for a few days especially after spending so much time together just prior to the wedding.

"I am so happy you guys could come," Riddhima hugged Kripa.

"You look great!" Kripa kissed Riddhima's cheek, "lagta hai bhai zyaada sataa nahin raha tujhey."

"Sataa tho yeh rahi hai mujhey," Armaan placed his arm around his wife, "honeymoon ke baad mujhey chhod kar wapas America jaa rahi hai….socho mera kya haal hoga?"

"Armaan," Riddhima looked up at him and smiled, 'six months will go by in a jiffy…..pataa bhi nahin chalega tumhein."

With a deep sigh, Armaan touched his heart and exhaled, "aisi dil thodne waali baat mat kar kudiye….ek ek din tere bina ek ek saal jaisa lagega."

Riddhima and Kripa chuckled at Armaan's histrionics.

"Hey buddy….enjoy your honeymoon….abhi se kyun shok manaa raha hai," Angad interjected.

"Aur jaane se pehle ek aur adhoora kaam poora karna hai," Kripa opened her box and took out a beautiful rakhi.

"Rakhi?" Armaan was touched, "arre aaj tho raksha bandhan hai….ab samajh mein aaya tumney apna appointment kyun postpone kar diya."

Without replying, Kripa pulled Armaan's hand and tied the beautiful golden and red string around his wrist, "some things can't wait," she took out some teeka, rice and a sweet to complete the mini ceremony of raksha bandhan at the airport. Armaan was overwhelmed by her gesture; being the only son and not very close to his cousins thanks to his parents super busy schedule, her sisterly love rendered him speechless.

With moist eyes, Armaan reached for his wallet, but then decided against it, "nahin….paise nahin…..apni behen ke liye kuch special karoonga."

"Mujhey kuch nahin chaahiye…bas meri saheli ka dhyaan rakhna….aur kisi Ruksana ke chakkar mein mat padh jaana ab," Kripa chuckled and tactfully hid her tears.

"Kripa…apna dhyaan rakhna,' an emotional Riddhima hugged her friend, "I know I will be gone for 6 months….par jab bhi meri zaroorat ho….mujhey bula lena….I will leave everything and come back."

"Don't worry….I know I will not get my match till you are back…..mere operation ke baad meri dekh baal tujhey hi tho karni hai," Kripa hugged her back.

Angad protested at Kripa's prophecy, "Kripa! Yeh kya keh rahi ho? Six months is a long time….Riddhima keh tho rahi hai ki wo jaldi bhi wapas aa sakti hai."

Armaan sensed the pain in Angad's voice and reassured him, "yaar Kripa jo kehti hai wo hamesha sach nahin nikalta….I am sure we will find a match in the next few days….tu fikr na kar."

Kripa realized that her little prediction had upset all her friends, "come on guys….I am not an astrologer….jo hoga dekha jaayega….ab jao tum logon ki flight na miss ho jaaye."

Armaan and Riddhima bid goodbyes to their friends and boarded their flight to Rome, Italy.


Armaan and Riddhima spent a luxurious and dreamy week in the 'Queen of the Adriatic' or as some people say, 'the most beautiful city in the world.' A city where light and water create restless magic is haven for hopeless romantics. A city with no roads, just canals and alleys, where getting lost, adds to the mystery and intrigue of this ancient city, was the perfect retreat for the newlyweds. Sleepless but active nights, late night romantic gondola rides with soothing opera-warbling gondoliers on the canal, candle light dinners by the water and lazy mornings in bed filled their days.

By the end of the week, they had not only explored each alley and canal of this mysterious city, but had also discovered and explored each other like never before. While Armaan was a perfect lover, Riddhima proved to be the perfect partner to match his passion and zeal for romance and love-making.  Venice, known for it's art and artists inspired Armaan to sketch various aspects of the city and people while idling around near the water.

And yes, he did fulfill his promise of the portrait too! Riddhima proved to be a perfect sport and did not mind posing for him in the seclusion of their hotel room.

On their last night in Venice, they took an extra long Gondola ride.

"Riddhima," he whispered in her ear.

"Hmm?" she replied dreamily.

"Jaanti ho log khuda aur bhagwan ki puja kyun karte hain?"

"Kyun?" she moaned and snuggled against his chest as the cool breeze over the water felt a bit nippy that evening.

"Jannat ya swarg paane ke liye…..aur mujhey apna khuda aur jaanat dono mil gaye hain."

"Achcha?" she looked confused and gazed into his deep blue eyes.

"Haan….tum mil gayi ho tho samjho khuda mila gaya hai….aur yeh pal jo hum saath bita rahe hain, yeh jannat nahin tho aur kya hai?" He asked.

" Kya sab aashiq hamare jaise deewane hote hain Armaan?" she mumbled against his chest.

"Maaloom nahin….aur na maaloom karna chaahta hoon….mujhey tho sirf apne khuda se matlab hai," he leaned back against the cushion on the boat and shut his eyes.

The gentle waves, the moonlit sky and the cool breeze were the perfect ambience for the two lovers. Lost in each other's arms, they hummed this song together…..

"khuda jaane' from 'BAH'

Khuda jaane VM: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aaebnlEV8R0&feature=related

(thanks TrishalovesDMG)


A lot happened in the six months after Armaan and Riddhima's wedding.

Riddhima: After their wonderful honeymoon in Venice, Riddhima was back in the US to complete her training at John's Hopkins. The last six months of her training went by in a breeze, thanks to regular and lengthy conversations with her husband, Kripa, Padma and Gauri. Yes, Gauri and she became the best phone buddies. The one common man in their lives, Armaan was always their topic of discussion. Riddhima loved hearing about his childhood pranks, and wondered if one day they would have a son as bratty as her husband was in his childhood. She could not wait for the day she would be back amongst her own people, in her own country. Sanjeevani had offered her a position as an attending physician in Oncology when she returned from the US.

Armaan: After saying goodbye to his lovely wife at Rome airport, a surly but refreshed man had returned to Mumbai. Even though he was back in India, his heart and soul were thousands of miles away in a distant continent making rounds in the cancer wards of a prestigious hospital. As he had promised a special rakshabandhan gift to his sister, Armaan managed to get a transfer from Kasauli to Sanjeevani to complete his six months of Psychiatry training. The department was thrilled as they knew he would be joining them soon as an attending. Kripa was moved by Armaan's decision to stay back in Mumbai for her sake.

Kripa: With both Angad and Armaan watching her as a hawk, Kripa had no worries about her health. She had decided to enjoy her life and had let the men take care of her and pamper her. She had joined the newborn care center at Sanjeevani on a part time basis. She loved working with the tiny little ones, and her work was a good distraction from her illness. Angad and Armaan made sure she kept her appointments with Dr Mani and they regulated her dialysis cycles at home. Her parents still lived with them and were a big source of moral support for both of them. In her spare time, Kripa took care of Angad's needs from his meals, his laundry, his files, his schedule and his home. She was essentially his wife without the formal tag or the suhaag raat.

Angad: His worries over Kripa's illness and inability to find the right match compounded his fears day by day. He never let his stress interfere with his relationship with her or her parents. Having Armaan in the same town and hospital was his biggest moral support. There were nights, the two men would stay up late and talk for hours about their lives. At the end of each session, Armaan managed to cheer his best friend and dig him out of his melancholic phases. Angad worked on completing his training at Sanjeevani during this time. Sanjeevani had offered him a job as a consultant Obstetrician after his training was over. Gauri was eager that he join her after his training was over. At this point, he was not sure what he wanted to do, as getting a match for Kripa was his first priority.  He had become so dependent on her that he could not even fathom a life without her at this point. She was the one reason he was willing to fight all odds against their happy lives together.

Shubhankar & Keerti: They finally married in a quiet ceremony and were now expecting their first child together.

Shashank & Abhimanyu: The less said the better about their rivalry. They were still at loggerheads and like a saas-bahu or devrani-jethani pair bickered about the most trivial of issues, the latest being how many times did Riddhima call Shashank and Abhimanyu in the past week! Every issue was a contest, a battle, a competition that their respective wives and children had decided to stay out of.


Angad was almost off duty after a grueling 36 hour duty on the Obstetrics ward. After having taken care of multiple sick and normal pregnant women all night and day, he was ready to go home and spend some time with his sweetheart before his duty resumed the next day.

As he hung his coat, a nurse rushed to him, "sir….ek car accident case aaya hai…husbad…and wife ….head on collision with a truck."

"Mujhey kyun bataa rahi ho sister?" he asked irately, "trauma team ko bulao."

"Sir lekin….wo lady pregnant hai…..and she has been hit right on the womb! She looks like she is full term….bachcha deliver karna padhega sir."

Angad sensed the urgency of the situation. This was a question of two lives; only he could help them with the mother and child situation. The trauma team would probably handle her husband, but not her and the unborn child.

He put his lab coat on, pulled his stethoscope from the rack and hurried behind the nurse, 'kya naam hai patient ka?"

"Shabbir aur Aaliyah Aggarwal!"

Angad froze in his footsteps, "Shabbir Aggarwal? Kahin yeh Dr Dilip Aggarwal ka beta tho nahin?" Bitter memories of his childhood rivalry with Damini's only spoilt and bratty son, Shabbir fogged Angad's conscience. He stood still for a few moments, unsure of whether he should keep walking or let destiny determine Shabbir and his wife's course.

…to be contd…..


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