Friday, 12 October 2018

part 54 : To Err is Human

What makes the world go around?

What makes us happy?
  When these dreams….hopes….desires get fulfilled……

Aankhon Mein Jis Ke Koi Toh Khwaaab Hai
Khush hai Wahi Jo Thoda Betaab Hai
Zindagi Mein Koi Arzoo Keejiye
Phir Dekhiye ……

Hoton Pe Jis Ke Koi To Geet Hai
Woh Haar Bhi To Us Ki Hi Jeet Hai
Dil Mein Jo.. Geet Hai Gun Guna.. Leejiye
Phir Dekhiye……


Shabbir & Aaliyah:

Shabbir had recovered completely after his surgery, just in time to receive his lovely wife, Aaliyah back home. Isha was now a two and half month old infant with an endearing smile. Except for a slight limp, Aaliyah was hale and hearty as before, thanks to the excellent care at Sanjeevani and it's nationally renowned rehabilitation center. Shabbir had managed to get a job in the finance department of Sanjeevani and was eligible for staff quarters for ancillary staff on the campus itself. Aaliyah had as if woken up to a dream-come-true. Shabbir had a family- a brother, a sister-in-law-to-be, a secure job, a decent home and their precious little Isha!

"Agar mujhey pata hota ki mere accident ki wajah se tum itne badal jaaoge, tho main 5 saal pehle hi accident kar leti," she teased Shabbir.

"Please accident ka naam bhi mat lo!" He had scolded her.

"I am very proud of you Shabbir…..I am so happy Angad and you have resolved your differences…..and by donating your kidney to Kripa, you have won my respect and love forever."

"Thanks Aaliyah…..that means a lot to me," he hugged her as they walked into their new home.



After Kripa's successful surgery and recovery, Armaan and Riddhima resumed their life as a newlywed, very much-in-love couple. Riddhima had joined the staff at Sanjeevani as a Cancer specialist under Dr Shubhankar. Armaan, although a Psychiatrist at the hospital, found novel and unique ways to spend most of his hours on the Cancer ward. Secretly, his presence was welcomed by Riddhima, but on the outside she reprimanded him for distracting her- "khud tho deewane ho hi, mujhey bhi pagal banaa rakha hai! Hamesha peeche padhe rehte ho…na raat ko chain aur na din ko chain!"

"Armaan….tum yahan kya kar rahe ho?" Riddhima caught him wandering around in the Cancer ward one afternoon, "Can't you see I am trying to do some work here!"

"Kamaal hai!" He scoffed, "tum soch ti ho main poonch ki tarah sirf tumhare peeche peeche hi ghoomta rehta hoon? How presumptuous Dr Riddhima!"

"Then what are you doing on my ward?" she asked.

"Dr Riddhima Mallik….you think your husband has nothing better to do than to haunt you day and night?" He stood inches away from her, making her heart skip a few beats and facial color change from pink to crimson red and back to pink as he gazed into her wide-eyed expression.

"Armaaan!" she replied softly; memories of their passionate nights making her defense- less as he came closer.

"Then you are wrrrong Dr Riddhima Mallik!" He hissed and then smiled mischievously, "YOU haunt me day and night….I don't!"

"Hey Armaan! Thanks for seeing that Mrs Kohli with terminal breast cancer," Shubhankar interrupted their passionate interlude in the middle of the cancer ward. He smiled at them, "sorry…if  I interrupted a domestic conversation……but Armaan you did a great job in convincing Mrs Kohli……she is ready for the final stage of her treatment now."

"My pleasure Dr Shubhankar," Armaan returned his smile and then looked at Riddhima, "well Dr Riddhima Mallik …..if you will excuse me…..I have work to do."

A sheepish Riddhima stepped away and felt silly and a little disappointed for assuming that Armaan was hanging out in the cancer ward for her. Armaan sensed her disappointment and walked behind her, "waise Mrs Kohli ka case doosre staff Psychiatrist ko mila tha…..I requested him to give the consult to me… I can be with you…."

Riddhima blushed at his comment and then turned her head as she walked away smiling victoriously, "ek betaab….badmaash….deewane pati se aur kya ummeed ho sakti hai?"

"That's not fair!" his jaw dropped, "as if I am the only one who chases you….well if that's the case…..I will not follow you or talk to you… do the chasing for a change Dr Mrs Mallik!" He stomped away towards the elevator mumbling to himself, "women….I tell you…..they think they are priceless….as if we men have nothing better to do! Now the ball is in your court madam! Agar tumhein bhaav dikhaana aata hai tho mujhey bhi aata hai!" He pressed the elevator button fiercely to let out his frustration.

That evening, Riddhima returned home to find Armaan nowhere. She was surprised that he did not wait for her at the hospital either. When she had enquired about him at the hospital, she was told, "Dr Armaan tho pehle hi ghar chale gaye." She was frustrated and upset with Armaan as he had left without informing her, and refused to answer her calls. As they had been going back and forth together in his car every day, she had to take a cab back home.

"Armaan! Armaan!" She searched the whole house, "Armaan ki car tho ghar par hi hai….phir kahan gaya?"

"Mom….have you seen Armaan?" She asked Gauri, who had just returned from her clinic.

"Arre…..Armaan tho sirf ek jagah ho sakta hai," Gauri chuckled.

"Kahan?" Riddhima was perplexed.

"Jab se tum America se wapas aayi ho….sirf tumhare palloo se hi tho bandhaa rehta hai," Gauri teased her daughter-in-law.

Riddhima turned red and lowered her eyes, 'wo….mom…wo….aisi baat nahin hai." She was embarrassed as even her mother-in-law had noticed how Armaan hovered around her all the time.

"Achchi baat hai na," Gauri caressed Riddhima's face, "my son needed someone like you to keep him sane…..jao Outhouse mein dekh lo…..if he is not with you…..he is probably there."

"Yes of course mom," she nodded politely and ran off towards the outhouse.

"Abhi….aren't my son and daughter-in-law adorable together?" Gauri commented as Abhimanyu returned from work.

"Just like you and me," Abhimanyu winked at Gauri and embraced his wife.

"Wow….bahut romantic mood mein ho aaj?"

"Yes darling…..let's go out and celebrate."


"I have been appointed as the President of Indian Society of Surgeons!"

"Oh really? I am sure you are happy." She replied tepidly.

"Of course I am….especially because Shashank Gupta was in the running too….he was appointed the Vice President!"

"Oh come on Abhi!" She rolled her eyes, "grow up," and walked towards her room to change.

"GAURI!" He followed her, "kaisi wife ho? You are not happy that your husband has achieved the biggest title in this country?"

"Yes I am," she relented, "ek kaam karte hain….let's invite the Guptas to celebrate too."

"Great idea!" Abhimanyu smiled gleefully.

Unfortunately, the Gupta's declined the invitation as Shashank was 'busy.' Padma and Gauri knew why Shashank was busy; they just sighed and prayed that one day the four of them could sit down for a meal together like old friends again.

Riddhima found Armaan in front of a canvas in the outhouse. Smeared in freshly mixed paint, hair ruffled, fingers stained with charcoal, he looked like a bona fide artist rather than a doctor. His serious expression told her that either he was too engrossed in his artwork or was upset about something. The latter seemed more plausible after he had walked out from work without informing her.

She was relieved to see him and decided to surprise him by tip toeing behind him. She  blind folded him with her dupatta.

"STOP IT RIDDHIMA! YEK KYA MAZAAK HAI? Can't you see I am trying to do some work here?" He echoed her lines from earlier in the day.

She giggled and tightened the noose around the back of his head, "How did you guess it was me?"

"Itna behudaa mazaak tumhi kar sakti ho! Let me do my work!" He replied angrily.

"Pehle yeh batao mujhey hospital mein akela kyun chhod aaye the?"

"Please don't disturb me Riddhima…..I just did what you want….left you alone!" He pulled the dupatta away from his eyes, and threw it on the floor. Without glancing at her, he resumed his art work.

"Armaan! Mere dupatta ki itni insult? Remember my dupattas drove you nuts before we got married? Kitne badal gaye ho tum!" an offended Riddhima picked up the piece of cloth and dusted it.

"Yes….because I was a nut! Par ab nahin hoon…..ab main jaag gaya hoon…..leave me alone will you?" He frowned and refused to look at her.

"Armaaan!" She shook him, "itna bhaav kyun dikha rahe ho?"

He jerked his arm away, "bhaav main nahin tum dikhati ho….as if I have nothing better to do than follow you like a smitten lamb."

She smiled at his analogy and circled her arms around his neck, "awww….cho chweet….you and a lamb? I would love that…..but you are wrong darling," she drawled romantically, " tum tho poore sher ho! Baat baat par kaatne ko daudte ho!"

He kept sketching with his pencil and raised his eyebrows, "main sher hoon?" he asked sarcastically and then growled, "you have only seen my love till now…… not seen my bite yet Dr Riddhima… don't provoke me…warna sach much kaat khaaoonga!" He clenched his teeth angrily.

"Tho kaat khao na," she replied mischievously and nibbled at his ear lobe.

Her lips and teeth sent a flutter down his heart. He dropped his pencil and grabbed her in his arms, "badmaash ladki……kya chaahiye tumhein?" and gnawed her neck hungrily.

"AHHH!" she moaned in pleasure and yelled, "BADMAASH! Tum ho badmaash….aur thode naadaan bhi….itna bhi nahin samajhte mujhey kya chaahiye?"

"Itni betaabi?" He nuzzled his face against her neck, "pehle sorry kaho."

"Sorry!" She giggled as his lips played havoc on her body.

Laughing heartily, they rolled down on the floor, one on top of another.

She lifted her face and traced her finger on his jaw line, "lagta hai tumhare outhouse ka bhi inauguration karna padhega."

"Inauguration?" He loved the idea, "Ab betaab kaun hai? But I love it……tumhari betaabi meri sab se badhi khushi hai…."

 Thode badmash ho tum, Thode naadan ho tum
Thode badmash ho tum, Thode naadan ho tum
Hah magar yeh saach hai, hamari jaan ho tum
Thode badmash ho tum, Thode naadan ho tum
Hah magar yeh saach hai, hamari jaan ho tum
Meri saanso ki jhankar ho tum, mera sola singar ho tum
Meri aankho ka intezar ho tum, mera emaan meri shaan mera maan ho tum
Thode beyimaan ho tum. thode shetan ho tum
Thode beyimaan ho tum. thode shetan ho tum
Hah magar yeh saach hai, mere bhagwaan ho tum
Thode ummmm, aaa naadan ho tum.
ha ha Badmaash




"Congratulations Kripa….all your reports and exam indicate that your new kidney is working like a charm!" Dr Mani settled in his chair and placed her file on his desk.

Angad was ecstatic; he shook Dr Mani's hands and asked him, "so it means Kripa is ready to resume all activities?"

"Sure….of course I would not advise mountain climbing or bungee jumping right now but for all practical purposes she is free to do what she wants."

Angad and Kripa exchanged euphoric glances and held each other's hands under the table. Kripa squeezed his hand and smiled at Dr Mani, "we would like to invite you for our wedding Dr Mani."

"Oh congratulations! When is the big day?"

"Next month….we were just waiting for the green signal from you sir," Angad replied, "the wedding will be in Ajmer…Kripa's home town."

"Ajmer? Itni door kyun? Ab tho aap dono Mumbai waale hain."

"Sir….mere parents ki ichcha hai ki unki beti ki bidai unke ghar se hi ho," Kripa replied politely.

"I can understand," Dr Mani stood up and congratulated the happy couple in front of him, "of course I will come…..after all Kripa is my favorite patient."

"Thanks for everything sir," they thanked the esteemed doctor and walked out feeling jubilant and extremely happy.

As they walked out, Angad lifted Kripa in his arms on the street and twirled around with her.

'Angad! Neeche utaaro…kya kar rahe ho? Beech sadak par?" She chuckled.

"Aaj main bahut khush hoon Kripa," he placed her down and then like a young boy ran down the street holding her hand. She kept pace with him as they crossed the road and ran towards what looked like a car and motorbike dealership.

Panting, she held her hand on her chest, "ka..ha-an…..le….jaa….rahe ho?" She asked as she caught her breath.

"Kripa…..I want us to enjoy the three years of our youth that we lost because of your illness." He walked in and picked his keys to a brand new red motorbike.

"Angad? Motor cycle?" She was amazed.

"You know Kripa," he sat down and revved up the engine, "bachpan se mujhey bike lene ka shauk tha….I had promised myself that the day you are fit enough to ride on it, I will take you for the ride of your time….chalo baitho….and hold me tightly."

She smiled and obliged. Even though, a lot had happened in the three years since they had first met, she was happy that a child like desire was still alive in her Angad. With her arms snugly around him, she gave him the green signal by kissing behind his ear, "I am ready to have the time of my life….jahan le chalna hai le chalo."

They drove around the streets and highways of Mumbai like two teenagers on a thundering bike. The cool breeze and the warmth of his body pressing against her felt liberating. She felt like a free bird in the sky, ready to welcome her new life with open arms.

They stopped at the famous Juhu beach after roaming around aimlessly on his new bike. Angad was pleasantly surprised that Kripa never once complained of fatigue or tiredness and was a sport about his childhood fetish for the motorbike.

They sipped on coconut water, ate ice cream, pani-puri, chaat and vada pav from the famous vendors at the beach. With most restrictions on her diet lifted by now, she really relished the spicy and fiery savories.

After walking on the beach, hand in hand and feet on feet, Angad carried her on his back as they dunked under the sea waves and got drenched from head to toe. They laughed and frolicked on the wet sand like little kids till they collapsed in each other's arms on the shore.

"Oh Kripa," Angad panted and rested his head on her lap. She felt his wet hair through her wet kurta, "Angad…..dekho bilkul geele ho gaye hain hum dono….baalon mein bhi reth aa gayi hai."

He groaned and buried his face in her waist, "aane do," he mumbled, "is reth ki bheeni bheeni khusboo mujhey aur betaab kar deti hai tumhare liye."

"Betaabi tho mujhey bhi hai Angad," she ran her fingers through his hair, "in lehron ko dekh rahe ho? Mera haal bhi in lehron ki tarah hai….kitni bechain hain yeh samudra ke kinaare se milne ke liye……wo hi betaabi mere dil mein bhi hai…..main apna sab kuch tumhein samarpan karna chaahti hoon Angad…..aur hamesha hamesha ke liye tum mein samaa jaana chaahti ho."

"Aisi baatein karogi tho abhi mandir le jaaoonga tumse shaadi karne," his wet fingers crawled up her kurta and traced the curve of her waist.

She felt a familiar sweet twitch inside her as his wet lips worked their way around her waist through her wet kurta.

He looked up and gazed at her, "Kripa…tumhari yahi betaabi meri sabse badhi khushi hai." She bent down and cupped his face in her hands. Gently, she brushed her lips against his lips as they kissed each other facing the beautiful golden sunset into the Arabian Sea.

As they reluctantly parted their lips, Kripa asked softly, "ek geet sunao please."

"Aaj sirf tumhare liye yeh gaana sunaana chaata hoon," he kissed her hands and hummed this beautiful song from 'Rock On'….

 'Tum ho to'

gaata hai dil
tum nahin
toh geet kahan
tum ho toh
hai sab haasil
tum nahin toh kya hai yahan
tum ho toh hai
sapnon ke jaisa haseen ek samaa
jo tum ho toh
ye lagta hai
ki mil gayee har khushi
jo tum na ho
ye lagta hai
ke har khushi mein hai kamee
tum ko hai maangti
ye zindagiii…..
tum ho toh
raahein bhi hain
tum nahin
toh rastey kahan
tum ho toh
yahan sab hi hain
tum nahin
toh kya hai yahan
tum ho toh hai har
ek pal meherbaan ye jahaan
jo tum ho toh
hawa main bhi
mohabbaton ka rang hai
jo tum na ho
toh phir koi
na josh na umang hai
tum mille toh milli
ye zindagiii…..

….to be contd….AK wedding in next….

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