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part 6 B : Unknown Truth

I ran, ran, ran and jumped on him, making him fall on the ground with me on top of him. I felt his hands around my waist, making my anger reach the boiling point. "how dare he." I told myself as I felt his grip on my waist getting tighter. But it was no time for shouting or screaming so I quickly moved my face near his ear and whispered

"JP ke bacche, don't you dare tell anyone about the secret admirer or get ready to see your head chopping off from your body. This restaurant has all kinds of knives and I won't be ashamed changing my profession to a butcher…  Samjha" I said which sounded more like giving an ultimatum to him. How dare he tried to be my secret admirer and on top of that he had the guts to hold me this tightly. Just coz I chose him over armaan that doesn't give him the freedom to hold me. How I wished armaan to be in his place but I knew I couldn't. Armaan is way above my league and choosing him meant telling him about the secret admirer which in turn meant, I had to be ready to be the laughing material once again.

"ahem…ahem.." I heard Armaan coughing which wasn't a cough in the first place. He was just trying to get some attention from me. Attention-seeker and then people say that I do things to get attention. Keeping both my hands on JP shoulder, I poked my  long Dracula style nails on his shoulder as I wanted him to feel the pain that I was going through at that time; the only difference was mine was a mental pain while I was giving him a physical pain. He opened his mouth to scream but words didn't come out of his mouth as I looked at him angrily, narrowing my eyes, making him gulp the words back down to his throat that were ready to be out any moment.

"riddhi get up from him beta, everyone is looking at you" aunt carol said. I got up from him after making sure I had given him a good amount of pain.

"good evening sir..what are you doing here" I asked acting surprisingly. I can't tell him that I saw him the moment he entered the restaurant coz that would have meant telling me the whole history, geography and anatomy in the first place. 

"you know her" aunt carol asked as she looked at Armaan suspiciously. She must have thought that he is 'the one'. Aunt knows how much I hate JP , so thinking him as the one wouldn't have even crossed her mind.

"he is my boss" I replied and then I introduced Armaan to everyone- aunt carol, sumu and off course JP telling them his qualities "What a wonderful boss I have and he makes the working environment so peaceful and enjoyable."

"Why were you running riddhima?" armaan asked pulling my leg, looking at JP who was still in his dream world, dreaming about me and him running around the trees…dancing…eew..

"I didn't sir, my leg slipped so I fell on him." I replied confidently. 

"oh okay, I thought you jumped on him" he said smirking as I looked at him angrily. He doesn't leave a single chance in front of my family also. You'll pay for this soon Mr. Malik, I pledged narrowing my eyes.

"no sir, I slipped..Hai na JP" I said pinching him making him come out of his dream world. "Absolutely…haiiii" he said going back to his dream world as I saw him smiling looking at me.

"okay sir, I think we should take a leave.." I said as hiding facts was going way above my head, holding Aunt Carol and sumu by both hands and signaling JP through eyes to move.

"arey riddhima… aise kaise, finally I got the chance to meet your aunt and you are going. You talk so much about your aunt and I won't let you leave like this, at least have a cup of coffee" Armaan said turning his attention towards aunt and before I could say something he took her to the table as I followed them.

"armaan beta, you are so sweet." Aunt carol said, kissing his forehead as I was sitting besides her listening to their talks, supporting my cheeks with my hands as this was slowly getting onto my nerves. Sweet aur yeh, aunty what's wrong with your eyesight. That's it, tomorrow we are going to the doc to test your eye-sight.

"aunt carol is right are very sweet." Sumu you too. Tomorrow you are coming with me too. What's wrong with every one? Armaan and sweet is like comparing me with a donkey. Okay so bad example. He is not sweet; in fact he is tasteless, having no taste just like water. Yes he is water- no taste, no color and the most essential thing for survival. Oh god, even my hatred towards him makes me compliments him.

"but beta, I have a complain"  inhe dekho, aunty you don't know him properly and you have started complaining also.

"tell me aunty" he sounded so polite. No body could have guessed that he was faking. What a faku he is.

"you make my bacchi work so much, see how much weight she has lost" she said as I made a poor face nodding my head. Go on aunty, I love you for this. mwaah..mwaah..mwaah..

"aunty, I can understand but we have this new project to submit and the last minute work and everything.." oh gosh, look at him, no you just look at him, telling lie to aunt. 'Last minute deadline-Jhootha' there isn't any project to submit…Haww..shame..shame.

"I know beta and even though I don't like her being out for this long, atleast this late night has taught her the importance of food" that's it. Aunty we are going now. the moment she said 'food', I knew where she was heading.

"Aunt, I think we should leave now…"I interrupted their lovey-dovey conversation, looking at aunt with pleading eyes as she glared at me for my behavior. I had no other option. If I hadn't stopped her, the set-up would have been out in front of him. I mean, about the food and I have no intentions of increasing my punishment from 4 to god knows how many months.

"we should take a leave now, I think riddhima is not feeling well" aunt carol said as a sense of relief rushed through my body. Finally thank you bhagwanji.

"After knowing you, I have no problems with her working late" she said getting up from the chair as I stood behind not knowing what was coming next "armaan beta today we are having a family dinner and you are coming for dinner at our house today and I don't want to hear anything. You are coming and that's final." aunt carol said and he nodded his head, smiling. Don't worry aunty, he won't say no, aakhir free ka khana jo mil raha hai.

 It was evening and we were waiting for our guests to show up. I am saying guests coz along with armaan , JP was invited too. Aunt invited armaan in front of him so even he was invited. Otherwise it wouldn't have good looked. I was looking forward to meet JP as I had few unsettled scores to settle and what a co-incidence armaan and JP came together as I opened the door and saw them standing there with armaan's hand on his shoulder with a smirk on his face.

"good evening Riddhima" armaan voice was so sugar coated making me believe that what I was thinking was correct. 'Oh god did JP told him..' I looked at JP and saw him looking at the ground. Holding JP's hand I took him inside my room as armaan followed us.

"Where do you think you are going?" I asked turning around as I saw an increase in his smirk and I looked at JP who was looking at the ground. Please..tell me what I am thinking is not …please..please..please..

"I was just following you…. MY LOVE.." he said stressing on the last two words as I felt my jaw dropping. That was the end of my life. Somebody dig my grave, I am coming with my bags to live there for the rest of my life. Narrowing my eyes I looked at JP and holding his arm took him to my room as I heard armaan laughing behind my back.

Crossing my arms, tapping my feet I was waiting for him to speak as he stood in front of me like a statue.

"JP I am waiting" I said controlling my temper. I so wished to kill him there but before that I had to know how armaan found about this.

"riddhima, it just slipped out from my mouth and then…"  he stopped as I waited for him to continue.

"How come it slipped out.  Even I have so many secrets in my stomach, ready to come out but I control it. To tu nahin kar sakta tha." I said. I know hiding secrets is not an easy thing to do. But it's not like it's impossible. 

"riddhima I was practicing outside your house and he heard it"

"and what were you practicing.." I asked.

"I was practicing 'I am sorry' and when I stood up and turned around, he was standing behind me, smiling and then he said that if I don't tell him everything, he'll arrest me for harassing you. Main darr gaya tha."

"JP what have you done? usne bola and you agreed. You were harassing me, not him. He can't do anything without my consent……ARGH  You are fat not just physically but mentally too. ab mujhe hi kucch karma padega.." I said. Oh god why am I surrounded with people who are either smart or over smart.

"Now listen to this carefully, don't you dare open your mouth and say anything. Even if you want to otherwise you know what I can do" I said as I picked up the paper cutter from my table and brought it under his neck to see him nodding his head.

We went downstairs, where aunt, armaan and sumu were sitting on the dining table waiting for us. We came and sat silently as aunt served the food. We started having the food and as soon as I put the morsel in my food, I realized what mess I am going to be. As I was chewing the food, I slowly turned right and looked at armaan who was looking at me angrily. I gulped my food without chewing further and grinned.

"how's the food armaan. You know it's all riddhima's favorite. She loves my cooking" aunt said as I slowly took the glass of water in my hand and emptied it in one shot.

"Delicious aunty.." he said looking at me. "you know aunty, I have tasted your food, she brought it for me last week and I couldn't stop complimenting..right riddhima" he said as I nodded weakly. I knew I was caught and I just wanted to run from there. All the facts that I had so successfully tried to hide from him, came out in front of him and I couldn't do anything to save myself. There was no point denying but I could run, so excusing myself I stood up without finishing the food and ran to my room.

I didn't know whether to laugh or cry at my misery, the look on his face when he came to know about the food, it was horrible. I could see the smoke coming out from his ears and nose as he was ready to pounce on me. I was pacing around the room as I heard the knob of the door moving.

"Where should I hide now?" I asked myself and as I was running around to hide myself, my leg slipped and I landed on the floor and hid myself under the bed as that was the only place left. I saw the pair of legs entering the room, locking the door.

"riddhima , I know you are here, so stop playing games with me and come out" I heard his voice and acting on impulse I behaved so stupidly that I even replied "no armaan I am not coming out, do whatever you want to" I said and quickly kept my hand on my mouth but it was too late and I saw him bending down and looking at me. 

"Oh so you are here" he said looking at me as I saw something shining in his hand and as I narrowed my eyes, I saw the knife in his hand.

 "Noooo.."I shook my head and the next moment, he held my hand and dragged me out from under the bed making me stand in front of him.

 "armaan, please I beg you, don't kill me, I'll do anything, anything, if you want I'll cook food for you for the rest of your life, free of cost. You can give me any punishment you want but please don't kill me" I pleaded in front of him and see what he was doing. He was laughing looking at me begging for my life. I so wanted to punch his face and break his front two upper teeth, making a window and laugh at him.

 "you won't have to cook anymore coz I am shifting to your house. Isn't it great" the fear on my face was replaced with a shock as his words were ringing in my head. I felt my head spinning and the next moment I saw everything black in front of me.

 Next day when I opened my eyes, I saw the guest room getting cleaned and the last night event of him saying "I am shifting to your house" flashed in front of me and that's when I realized that it was not a dream but he actually gonna shift to my house.

I entered the guest room which btw is just opposite to my room and saw aunt carol changing the bed sheet and guess what, she was putting my favorite bed-sheet on soon to be his bed.

sau dard hain,
sau rahateinsab mila dilnashin
ek tuhi nahieeeeee

In the background, the sad music scored started playing as I saw all my favorite things either shifted to his room or given to him and the best part was that I was helping her in doing this by keeping stone on my heart. Finally after the cleaning and re arranging the room, we sat on the couch to relax. Armaan came after half an hour with so many bags as if he is shifting permanently, the smirk not leaving his face for a single moment.

By afternoon all his stuff was neatly placed in his room which was only possible coz of me as I was the one helping him. Even in my house he was ordering me like he does in the office "Riddhima keep this here, not here but there , no in the third shelf, riddhima third self 'right side, not yours right, dumbo my right..oh ho my right is your left riddhima,.. tum kya kar rahi ho, you can't do a single work properly.." his behavior was slowly getting on to my nerves and aunt carol , don't even ask about her. She was behaving as if I am the guest in the house. She was agreeing to whatever he was saying or asking. For example- I, Riddhima who never entered the kitchen to do anything except eat had to actually make breakfast for him- almost every day. I, Riddhima who always took months to clean my whole room, had to clean it after every alternate day. I, Riddhima who cannot live without 8 hours sleep and hate doing early morning exercising was sleeping for just 7 hours every night as every morning he made us go for morning walk. An important point to be taken into consideration ' when I talk about 'us', it's not me and aunt but me and JP. Can you believe this? He made us go for walk together with him following us. I can understand JP really needs some exercising but me why?  I am not even that fat and when I asked him about this, his reply was "this is your punishment for hiding facts from me and telling lies."  Okay so I agree to the first part of hiding facts but wasn't he responsible as much as I was, he never asked me so I never told him and me telling lies. What lies did I told him? Nothing, just coz I hide some facts from him that doesn't put me in the category of liars. Any ways I didn't argue with him as I got to spend my quality time with my new friend JP. Yes, we are now good friends and that's coz we share a common interest which is plotting and scheming about our only enemy 'Armaan'.

A week passed but there was no limit to his cruelty. He made me work like a donkey in the office and at home. He was continuously sitting on my head 24*7. not that I mind, I mean watching him the whole day who would say no but his behavior of treating me like a machine didn't went down well with me. So one day I made up my mind that today I am gonna teach him a lesson but how? None of my ideas were successful and I had no intentions of taking help from sumu any more. Her ideas were getting flopped one by one and I had no interest of being labeled as "failure", so this time I came up with a brilliant idea.

It was Sunday morning and we were alone as aunt had gone to church. I quietly without making any noise walked down the stairs and made my way into the kitchen and prepared his morning juice and taking the glass walked upstairs. I was about to reach his room when my leg slipped and I heard something break.


The doc was sitting in front of me with the stethoscope in his hand checking as I was lying on the bed crying in pain. Armaan and Aunt were standing behind him watching him do his work. He gave me some tablets to eat and injected me and coz of the tiredness and weakness within no time I fell into a deep slumber.

I opened my eyes and looked at the clock; it was 6: 00 in the evening. "I slept for so long" I said and slowly got up from the bed. The pain wasn't there anymore and I was feeling much better. I made my way to the bathroom to freshen myself. Sundays are meant for long bubble bath as on working days I hardly get time to have a relaxing bubble bath. So I was enjoying my bubble bath closing my eyes, listening to the I-Pod shaking my head, singing one of my favorite songs.

Ole Ole, Ole Ole
Ole Ole, Ole Ole
Sab doondho
Sab doondho
Feeling hot hot hot
Feeling hot hot hot

How you feeling ?
Hot hot hot

I stopped hearing the last line, it wasn't me for sure coz I didn't sing the last line and it was definitely not the I-pod coz I heard a manly voice which sounded very familiar.

Clearing my ears and believing it as my dream, I sung the line one more time

How you feeling
hot hot hot

Again I heard the voice and this time I was sure that it wasn't my imagination.
"Armaan is that you" I asked without turning to look at the door. I never wanted this to be a part of reality. I was hoping this to be my dreams like all my other's dream.

"Bulls eye" I heard his voice. I gulped and slowly turning my head found him standing at the door, looking at me cheekily. " Yo, what's up..riddhima you are looking sooo'  hot and sexy'" he said and winked.

"Aahhhhhhhhhh'." I screamed looking at him in horror and closed my eyes "This is a dream, He is not here. This is a dream, he is not here. This is a dream, he is not here.'" I was chanting and not hearing his voice; I slowly opened my one eye and looked at the door. No one was at the door and even the door was closed. "oh gosh, I have started day-dreaming also, I need to see a psychiatrist. This dream didn't look like a dream at all. It was so real as if he was standing there but thank you bhagwanji for making this a dream" I sighed and quickly took a shower; my eyes fixed on the door. I was scared to even think of what can happen What if he enters the bathroom room, waise bhi aaj kal my dreams are so real that it's hard to differentiate between the reality and dream.  Changing into PJ's, I opened the bathroom door and the sight in front of me was no less then shocking.

Armaan was sitting on my bed, whistling, his one head behind his head and the other one holding something.  So that means it wasn't my dream. He was actually standing at the door. 'Shameless creature' Doesn't he have any manners? I was still in my thoughts looking at him angrily and I heard him saying "Armaan is an animal and I hate him. He is a cheap person and what is this'..yeah..Armaan is a combination of loser + Hitler= HitLose" he was reading my personal diary without my permission.

"Armaan how dare you" I yelled looking at him and threw the towel on his face which landed on the other side of the bed. He turned his face towards me and keeping the diary on the side-table got up from the bed.

"you scoundrel, don't you have any manners left. You..shameless creature. How could you just enter the bathroom and.. argh..don't you have any respect. You entered my room without even my permission and then you even read my personal diary. How could you?"  Keeping my hands on my waist, I threw my volley of questions on him. "He better come up with sensible answers else I am gonna kill him today" I muttered under my breath.

"first of all, you should have closed the door when going for a bath. I am not a psychic who knows when riddhima madam goes for a walk, when she takes her bath, when she eats. I just came to ask you about your health and I heard you singing and the door was opened so I just peeped inside and then'" I saw his cheeks turning red. OMG Armaan was blushing, day-dreaming. I so wanted to kill him there. He saw the anger on my face making him come back to earth as he continued "I didn't see anything. You know it yourself coz you were.." saying he again went back to his dream-world.

"ARMAAN'" I yelled his name hitting him on his arm. His dreaming was making me mad.

 "okay..okay..okay..i didn't see anything and about the personal diary. Arey, I was getting bored waiting for you to come out. Riddhima you take hell lot of time bathing. And this diary was kept on the table. Ab mujhe kya pata tha that it's your personal diary. btw what wonderful thoughts you have about your boss..huh.." he said crossing his arms.

"oh Shut Up Armaan, I know you very well. It wasn't an accident; it was all pre-planned.  You were just wanting for something like this to come up so you can make fun of me .You shameless creature" I replied. He thinks I am so stupid that I'll believe to whatever he'll say. Who was he kidding?

"You !  Calling me shameless? Should I remind you about the morning incident, I case you have a weak memory. If I am shameless then you are not less than me" he replied and it was now my turn to keep mum.     


Few hours ago

I prepared his juice and took it upstairs. I was about to knock on the door when my leg slipped and I landed on the floor. The juice glass was still in my hand and then' mere to hosh hi udd gaye'..Hai Rabba'what actually happened was as I landed on the floor, my eyes caught the attention of the key hole and I know this is wrong but I couldn't control myself. Bringing myself closer to the door, I pepped inside the room through the hole and the sight in front of me blew me away.

Armaan had just come out of the shower with just the towel wrapped around his waist and water dripping down his muscular body. He was rubbing his wet hair with another towel, standing in front of the mirror. He was looking at himself, whistling and I was looking at him. His well built muscular toned body was enough to make anyone go weak. He turned and my eyes caught the abs. I started counting the abs and by the time I finished which turned out to be 8 pack abs, I saw his hand on the towel which was wrapped on his waist. I felt my throat turning dry imaging what's gonna happen next, so I sipped the juice that I had especially made for him. He threw the towel on the bed and I saw him in his boxers. I sighed as I found my breath back and sipped the remaining juice in one go. I was sitting in the same position, enjoying the once in a life-time view when an unwanted voice caught my attention. I heard rumbling of the stomach and looked around but no-one was there and that's when I realized that it was coming from my own stomach. I saw the empty glass in my end and the first word that came out of the mouth was "Noooooooo.." which I said a bit a little louder as the next moment the door opened and he first looked at me confusingly which was followed by the angry man look as saw the position I was in and with the empty juice glass in my hand he must have guessed what I was doing.

Sitting in the same position, I smiled nervously looking at him then looked at the glass which I was holding in one hand and held my stomach with the other hand as the pain was slowly getting unbearable for me. Not able to control any longer, I stood from the ground, the glass dropped from my hand shattering into pieces as I ran into my room. My whole morning got wasted spending time in loo. Aunt came to my room asking about my health, even he came with aunt and the concerned look on his face melted my heart. But when they asked me the reason, I had no answer.  How could I tell them, especially armaan that I mixed 'stomach cleaner' in his juice just to get revenge that accidentally I went down my stomach. Aunt would have left me easily, the worst case being- me getting grounded for an entire week. I was more concerned about armaan. What else is he gonna do to get back to me, so I hid the facts from them by telling them.. "I don't knw" and when the home remedy wasn't giving my relief, the doc was called in the afternoon.


"Okay fine, I admit it was  my mistake ..happy now" I said in frustration turning my face the other way. This was just one of my techniques of making him say sorry to me. you know how this goes- the girl say sorry first making an angry-frustrated face, the boy heart melts and he apologizes too. But how can I forget that it's 'armaan' we are talking about.

"apology accepted..riddhima" he said and turned to go out of the room as I saw the smile on his face.-making me go from mad to madder. I don't know if that's even a word or not. He reached the door and turning around said "btw riddhima, you left the stomach cleaner at the kitchen counter" He winked showing his cute dimples and I picked up the pillow on from the bed and threw it at him.   

And today is the day, two weeks since he shifted to this house and one week since the incident happened.  Now we just have professional relationship between us. Even at home, I try avoiding him. I have stopped planning any more revenges ideas coz it's always me who pays in the end. He tries things to irritate me to get the old riddhima back but I control it using my anger management techniques. I simply don't react to his actions. I have transformed myself completely, surprising aunt, sumu and JP also.  Even they think that something is wrong with me.

Okay so I am sounding so serious ..right. but this is my way of getting revenge. Mwahaaa .If you are wondering how? Well it's simple. I stay away from him, without reacting or replying to him and he does things to get my attention. This is known as 'silent revenge'. The tables are slowly turning aur voh din door nahin when armaan gonna say sorry to me and he'll say "I'll do anything but I want the old riddhima back" I am just waiting for that day and I'll be back to my old self.  Cool idea, I know. But this should be between me and you, our little secret. 

Picking up my cell phone and looking at the caller, I move out of the dinner table and close myself in my room. "no..not again" this guy is been bothering me from the past one week. Just saying one thing "leave your job, if you want to know the truth" I guess, I should give him a piece of my mind. It's been so long since I have taken my frustration on someone and this is a perfect opportunity that I can't afford to miss.

 Pressing the answering button "listen dude, I am not gonna leave the job. I know your intentions very well now. You want me to leave this job, so you get to spend time with Armaan. I know he is hot and too irresistible but he is not like you 'Okay..he is straight, he likes women not men. Go find someone else and stop bothering me"

"Boss that woman is crazy. She is talking nonsense" I hear on the opposite side.

"you freak how dare you call me crazy" i reply. how dare he say those words me. i know sometimes truth is bitter but that doesn't mean he can say whatever he want to.

"listen lady, just leave this job or we'll have to kill you" I guess it's his boss as I hear someone else voice. He is challenging me.  Me , Riddhima the fighter.

"try killing me, if you have the guts. I'll make sure that my haunted spirit won't let you live in peace and die in peace''.Ridiculous people."

"you are right, she is a psycho" I hear the boss . I can't believe even his boss is in love with Armaan. I'll have to warn him before its too late. Poor Armaan, I am sure he doesn't have the slight idea about how men are going crazy over him.

Thinking over it the whole day i have come to the conclusion "i have to talk to him, either he control his enchanting personality or find a girl for himself" and who can be better then me. Standing in front of his room i am about to knock on the door as i hear him speak.

"this means Armaan'." Quickly tracing my steps back, I run out of my house bumping into JP who was coming to meet me.

"run JP..we need to get out of have to inform the police." holding his hand I run out but we are late as I see the black van waiting for us.  Before we can scream or shout for help, our hands are tied with ropes and we are thrown into the car.


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